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10 Reasons to go on the World Race

Loved this blog by Matt Snyder.  Too many uninitiated young people working off a poorly formed sense of identity  have never lived in a real community and never developed a real worldview.  And too many of them are destined for a predictable, boring life. They deserve better. Here’…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes
Loved this blog by Matt Snyder.  Too many uninitiated young people working off a poorly formed sense of identity  have never lived in a real community and never developed a real worldview.  And too many of them are destined for a predictable, boring life. They deserve better. Here’s the best thing I’ve ever seen for them:

Maybe you’re sitting behind the computer screen
contemplating reasons why you should go on the World Race.  Here are ten reasons for you:

You learn
who you are.
  Going on the World Race
introduces you to the person that God wants you to be.  You won’t necessarily be the Jack Bauer or
Indiana Jones of missionaries, but you’ll definitely learn what the heart of
God is and how He wants to use that to show you who you need to be in the
Kingdom.  And let’s face it – you’re more
than just another employee slaving away in a cubicle, or a student going
blindly into the ‘real world’ after college.
2.       You get
to see the world.
  Surely somewhere
within you there’s a desire to see the world. 
Most people think it’s only a fantasy or a fairytale, but let’s be
honest, with God anything is possible.  The
World Race takes you to over ten different countries across four different
continents… and God pays the bill, not you. 
Plus you can tell everyone you’ve been to Africa.
3.       You can’t be labeled a boring Christian.  Most people think that Christianity is kind
of a drudge and there’s propaganda everywhere claiming that.  Well, thankfully, you don’t have to be a
boring Christian.  Twenty-four hour bus
rides through the African bush is anything but boring, and feeding orphans and
widows is a lot more adventurous than people give it credit for.  But there’s only one way to find out.
4.       You will
change the world. 
This isn’t meant
as a joke – you really will change the world. 
For each life you touch and empower with the love of God, they in turn
will touch a life.  It’s just like the
pay-it-forward principle, only with Jesus and love.  It’s pretty cool.  This gets engrained into your everyday life
when you go on the World Race.  Maybe
along the way you’ll change the life that’s going to find the cure for AIDS.
5.       You learn to hear God’s voice.  Seriously, God still talks.  There are a lot of rumors going on out there
that He has a British accent and that He even talks in Spanish.  Moses and Jesus weren’t the only ones who had
an ‘in’ with God; you do too.  Going on
the World Race perfects your ear for His voice.
You get to
learn the things you didn’t learn in Sunday school.
  What if, hypothetically speaking, they didn’t teach you something in Sunday
school?  Would you know what is?  Because on the World Race, they know what you
didn’t learn… and they’re willing to teach it to you.
You’ll raise
the dead.
  You really will raise the
dead… literally and figuratively.  There
haven’t been any reported cases of World Racers raising the literally dead yet,
but maybe you will be our first.  It’s been prophesied… are you it?
about the Matrix.
  Maybe the
Wachowski brothers were onto something when they created that infamous movie
back in the late 90’s.  What if you
really are living in a reality that isn’t really reality?  If you’ve ever wondered if there’s something
behind everything you see, you should check out the World Race – swallow the
red pill and see how far the rabbit hole goes.
You learn
what community really is.
  Relationships can only go so far with people
when you’re sharing just a dorm room for nine months.  Community runs a lot deeper than a dorm
room.  Living life with a group of people
united in purpose and Truth changes things – like the world.  Explore the heart of Acts community and see
it come to life through relationships that you’ll maintain even after the World
the dream God’s planted in you.
there are dreams we have in life that get crushed by your typical 9-5
obligations.  The World Race helps awaken
your wildest dreams and plants a picture in how they can fit into the
Kingdom.  Do what you love doing while
seeing God’s Kingdom come to life through your life.

So what’s it going to be? 
You’re sitting on the edge of something great and it’s as easy as
applying.  This is more than a mission trip.  Go on the World Race and
change your life and others’.  There’s
something more out there… are you willing to look for it?

 Interested? I suggest talking to someone who has been on the race to learn more.

Comments (4)

  • Number 4 says it all….”empower with the love of God, they in turn will touch a life” ….this IS the greatest commandment! thanks matt. Irse con Dios!

  • 1. You’ll love it!
    2. You’ll love it!
    3. You’ll love it!
    4. You’ll love it!
    5. You’ll love it!
    6. You get the picture! Don’t fear!

  • That’s a nice list all about “you”. What about for the fame of His name? Or does the development of self eclispe the glory of God?

  • Jo,

    I read your comment today and was a bit taken back. I find it interesting that two people (you and I) can read the same blog entry yet come up with two completely different conclusions!

    I’ve never met the writer Matt Snyder, but I would be so proud if my son wrote the things that Matt does here.

    You mention that the list is “all about you” and say “what about for the fame of His name?” and that “self eclipe(s)the glory of God?”

    I’ve re-read the blog entry numerous times as I have thought through your comments. My friend, please go back and re-read it. Please take another look.

    God is all over this blog entry on why one should go on The World Race. I see much credit given to God and His kingdom here.

    Here is what I see clearly that Matt refers to in relation to being a World Racer:

    #1. To be the person that GOD wants you to be.
    #2. With GOD, all things are possible.
    #3. The feeding of orphans and widows
    #5. Hearing GOD’S voice
    #6. Learning things that can only be learned in that environment – things that were not taught in Sunday School.
    #7. Raising the dead – bringing hope and the life of Jesus to a desperate people.
    #9. Living with brothers and sisters and seeing The Truth change your life and the world in the Acts model.
    #10. Pursuing the dream that GOD put in you and seeing God’s kingdom coming to life in you.

    Jo, I want this to come to fulfillment in your life as well.

    God bless you friend.

    Kenny Sacht
    [email protected]

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