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10th Anniversary of First World Race!

Ten years ago we launched the first World Race squad from Matamoros, Mexico. I knew from the outset that God was going to use it in a powerful way. Here are excerpts from three blogs I wrote as we were launching the squad. The wildest ministry I’ve ever done God has called me to some pr…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes

Ten years ago we launched the first World Race squad from Matamoros, Mexico. I knew from the outset that God was going to use it in a powerful way. Here are excerpts from three blogs I wrote as we were launching the squad.

God has called me to some pretty crazy things in my life, but this one may take the cake. 2006 marks the beginning of one of the freshest, most innovative concepts in missions. AIM is introducing a ministry we’re calling “The World Race.” I fly down to Mexico in a week to kick it off.
25 people will form five teams that will go around the world in a year – 11 countries in 11 months – spending a month ministering in each country.
The purpose of the trip is to mobilize the best and the brightest to missions. 

Teams will impact many lives along the way as they build orphanages, minister to refugees, and pray for the hurting. With a total per person budget of just $650/month (includes living costs and travel), the teams will be asked to live by faith.

We’ve got a week to train them and then we’ll send them off in Matthew 10 style. It’s incredibly inspiring.

They will live out of a backpack and will depend on God in ways that they would never have to back home. In so doing, I believe that they’ll discover their birthrights as disciples. 
We in America have it too easy – we can’t understand God’s power until we have to depend on Him radically. We cannot achieve God’s best for our life until we’ve made this decision to throw caution to the wind and follow our heart. 
This was the path that Jesus asked his twelve disciples to walk. It is the path that he asks those of us who are his modern-day disciples to walk upon as well.

When he first talked to them, each of the twelve disciples felt a deep stirring in their hearts. They knew that they were at a crossroads. They could either continue to follow the conventional path they were on, or they could leave family and friends behind, recklessly abandoning all in order to follow Jesus.

Jesus’ call to disciples everywhere is the same today. He asks us, “Do you trust me?” And when we answer, “Yes,” he responds by saying, “Then jump off this cliff – I’ll catch you.”
That call to jump, to be willing to sacrifice anything to follow Jesus, sounds radical to our sophisticated ears and ever-calculating hearts.

We trained them for a week and then I wrote this report:

Mexican road

Awakening a generation

We saw a generation awakened to their destiny this morning.

The World Race began at 7:44 a.m. central time, the three vehicles accelerating down the road south to Veracruz, Mexico.

For too long this generation has been coddled, distracted, and under-challenged. The World Racers who left today have abandoned everything to go to the nations. They have the fire of God in their hearts. They are unified in spirit and purpose. They are focused on Jesus and his call to go into all the world and make disciples.

We began the day before dawn with a glorious time of worship. The teams have gone through a week of training, knowing that a year of travel and ministry lies ahead, knowing that they are the first of many groups to go out as World Racers.

When it came time to actually get in the vehicles they bought a few days ago, we noticed the brown team’s Suburban’s back door wouldn’t shut and the blue team minivan’s back end was riding low. But once underway, all the onlookers agreed, it was inspiring to see these young warriors full of the Spirit and accelerating into the distance. They all left with the glory of the Lord as their rear guard. We believe that thousands will follow behind them.

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  • Thank you Pioneer Squad!! I’m one of the thousands that followed in your wake and my life has never been the same from leaving five and a half years ago! Love World Race!

  • I feel so honored to be apart of this legacy. My life was changed on the Race and I’ve never looked back. Thank you to everyone who paved the path before me so I could go.

  • The Race for me was a Life Gate moment – everything in my life changed afterward. Proud to have been a part of it.

  • It seems that God has used the World Race in amazing ways. I’m so glad to be a part as a parent of a racer. I was also blessed this past week to be a part of Beauty for Ashes. All I can say is “Wow”.

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