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A conversation with Peter Lord

Peter Lord helped me to first hear God’s voice and has been influential in my life. Jeff Goins and I had a chance to meet with him last year at a Cracker Barrel on the interstate near his home in Titusville, FL. For over an hour, he shared his profound insights on spiritual matters while munching…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes

Peter Lord helped me to first hear God’s voice and has been influential in my life. Jeff Goins and I had a chance to meet with him last year at a Cracker Barrel on the interstate near his home in Titusville, FL.

For over an hour, he shared his profound insights on spiritual matters while munching on our biscuits and jelly. Yet, we saw a man approaching 80 who gets tired and still struggles.

In a world numbed by Christian pop stars and spiritual elites, this was a relief and a surprise. His raw honesty made him believable and attractive to my restless heart that at 50 is still searching for some solid truth to grasp.

We asked Dr. Lord what he thought about the church in America, and he said, “It’s better than nothing.” We all laughed, our spirits tweaked about what he meant. He told us that he thought it could be a lot better and that he wouldn’t recommend having a church of more than 12 people. Once you get larger than that, the weak people don’t speak up, and church, he said, was particularly for the weak.

If he could have done it over again, he wouldn’t have preached so much. “No one remembers what you say, anyway,” he told us with a sigh. He lamented wasting so many words and so much time instead of choosing to disciple like Jesus did by taking a few key players aside and building into their lives.

Despite the fact the he is long since retired, he still meets regularly with a handful of people each week and helps them with the fundamentals of Christian discipleship. It seems that towards the end of his life, Dr. Lord has attained a wonderful focus.

Dr. Lord told us the story of driving past a billboard advertisement for a $60 million lottery jackpot. He sincerely prayed to God, “Lord, give me the numbers, and I’ll give every penny to missions.” He admitted that he really believed God would give him the numbers. He received this answer from the Lord:

“If I thought gold could change the world, I would have sent gold instead of my Son.”

Our hearts leaped at this statement; I was immediately convicted. Wow, I thought. How many of us in ministry grieve the fact that if we only had more funding that we’d quite naturally have more opportunities?

Dr. Lord confirmed a truth that I’d been learning for a few years now: God’s principle means for accomplishing his will on earth is man. There is no Plan B. We are the answer. It’s not an issue of money, but of willingness.

The conversation was refreshing and reminded us of how much wisdom so many of our retired leaders have.

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  • Wanted to let you know that I heard Peter Lord back in the 80s at Montreat, NC and it was amazing to me when he spoke how one could hear from God and how ‘journaling’ was so important. I really joined him in that because I had already began writing letters to the Lord so that I could hear…this was an encouragement…now there was a name to what I had already been doing, however, the greatest thing was that I have continued to journal all of these years only not as often because I truly hear that small still voice and know what it means and how to move forward…bless you in posting this. I located in a search for Peter Lord. I love his saying, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing”.

  • Was fortunate to attend a pastor and staff retreat at Park Ave church back in the early 80’s. Peter Lords teaching and all that went on the entire week changed my life. He’s a man that God has used and continues to use to enrich Christians daily walk. His book Hearing God has meant so much to me over the years, and I’ve used it a number of times to teach from. Peter has recently said that he’s in the 4th. quarter of his life here on this earth. Let me tell you,Peter Lord is one of many MVP’s.
    My God continue to bless what time he has left on this earth.

  • Greetings! I remember reading Hearing God a long time ago & it so confirmed what Jesus had already been teaching me. I am planning on getting a couple more of his books to share w/ others. I love Peter Lord & recently I began watching him on youtube savoring the Spirit of God & Peter’s Spirit-filled words! I was wondering if there would be any way to acquire his tapes. Has anyone that you know of put the tapes onto CD’s? Thank you!

  • I am geaking out about God’s response to him in reference to the lottery. Those thoughts have crossed my mind and it is cool to know that we are plan a.

  • I was excited to find this record of your conversation w/ Dr. Lord. I had the privilege of sitting under his teaching for a week during the summer of 1973 or 74 at Midwest Seminary in Kansas City. He was a guest speaker at a retreat for BSU students from Iowa State, University of Nebraska, Okalahoma and Kansas State. It was there I was introduced to his 2959 Plan, which my husband and I used for some time after our marriage. In fact, I found your blog as a result of Googling “Peter Lord”. I am in the process of organizing a new prayer notebook for myself and was looking for info on the 2959 Plan! Thank you for this report. Dr. Lord was a blessing to me and encouraged my walk with the Lord.

  • Bro Peter was my pastor in the mid seventies. I have read all his books but alas have not taken his wisdom to heart all the time. I have never met a man like him. If I attempted to write about him here there would not be sufficient space.
    But this does need to be passed on; While living in Titusville I decided to tell my wife of two years that I wanted a divorce. She convinced me to go see Peter. After just a minute or two he asked me, “What do you want them to put on your tombstone?”
    Attempting to be as self serving as I could be, I said, “He gave all he had.” This undoubtedly came from my years of playing sports and coaching.
    He said, “Gave all you had to what?”
    After a few more minutes of talking about why I wanted a divorce, he said, “Your problem is not that you don’t love your sweet wife. Your problem is that you don’t love God. You learn to love Him first and He will let you love your wife like you never believed you could.”
    We celebrate our 38th anniversary next April……

  • I was Born Again in 1976 and @ 21 years old I was on FIRE >>FOR<< God, although being raised in church and previously being told I was "saved" because I had believed a set of facts >>ABOUT<< Jesus, I began in my new church wanting to learn about this INDWELLING Lord that had just came to LIVE IN ME! Although I had not yet learned at New Birth I had received ALL I NEED, Christ HIMSELF, I began to look for NEW experiences, after being led astray by all the then new "christian" fads, my home church ( Clayton Community Church in Morrow GA ) was having this speaker, Peter Lord, I remember the Eagle and Turkey story and IT HIT HOME for me because I was walking as a eagle but was being discouraged by the turkeys, one of the series of nights Peter made a statement that jolted me from my spiritual seat, he said something like this, " ANY MAN that preaches salvation without Jesus AS LORD IS a heretic " this was one of the things >> I << needed to hear, because for about three or four years after my conversion I was trying to figure out HOW I could sit in so called Bible teaching churches and never really be Born Again, Peter, by that ONE statement begin my linking up the required elements that has been REMOVED from the 21st century American church that actually leads men to BIBLICAL REPENTANCE ( a actual CHANGE OF MIND ) that places a sinner into the SUBMISSION MODE, which is biblical TRUST in a LIVING LORD, and not me trying to please a dead saviour by MY efforts. THANK GOD, for men as Peter Lord, John MacArthur, and if you like his delivery of a REAL GOSPEL that actually changes lives, I suggest you read Major Ian Thomas book The Indwelling Life of Christ. Christ IN US our ONLY HOPE OF GLORY! GLORY aka Restoration of the IMAGE OF CHRIST IN US!

  • I am in a weekly group with Peter currently and I can certainly echo the comments of all those above. This man is a rare breed and it is such a privelidge to sit under his teaching.

  • Tommy Foster, Jr.

    My wife and I attended a conference at Park Avenue Baptist Church in the mid to late 1980’s. One morning Peter asked “Who would like to hear from God?. I immediately raised my hand and he asked me to the front of the room. As I sat in front of the group and with Peter’s hand on my shoulder, he instructed me to ask God, “Lord, do You love me?” Instantaneouly, I heard God’s voice say, “Yes, my son, I love you”. Peter then instructed me to ask God, “Lord, how much do you love me?” Again, without delay, I heard God’s voice say, “I love you so much that I sent my Son to die for you”. What happened next opened my eyes to how Satan deceives. Peter instructed me to ask God, “Lord, what do you think of me?” I struggled to hear a response, and then I heard, “You have a sinful nature”. Peter asked me what I heard and I told him. He then said, “That was not God, that was Satan” because God always affirms His children in the positive. Those days at Park Avenue with Peter changed my life forever. I can never go back to the way church was. I only wish I had the opportunity to sit and fellowship with Peter one more time. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  • Reading your Blog has so blessed my heart! I just had to share my story, too!
    I first heard Peter Lord in the late 70’s. I was 27 years old. I had grown up in the church, walked the aisle at age 12 and to the world around me, I was living a “good” Christian life–but, I was miserable–constantly struggling in my walk with the Lord–not really living in the World, but getting very little satisfaction in my walk as a Christian.
    When I heard Peter’s series of messages on “REALLY Knowing God”–it was as though I was the only person in the church and he was zooming in on me! I was absolutely fixated by his words, as the Holy Spirit began to reveal all the hidden sins in my heart. I was so lukewarm! And it was ME running my life–not God! For years I had been deceived–listening to the “Turkeys”! But that day, praise the Lord, my life was changed—God so wooed my breaking heart by His Spirit, that I fell on my knees and cried out to Him–“YES LORD”, “I really want to know YOU! I give up my control, come in and take Your rightful place as Lord of my life”.
    That was 32 years ago and since then I can truly say that REALLY KNOWING GOD is the “abundant life” that Jesus spoke about in John 10:10!
    I was preparing my Talk for a Women’s Retreat next weekend and was planning to mention REALLY KNOWING GOD in my Talk–It reminded me of Peter Lord, and I wondered where he might be these days–that’s why I Googled his name and came up with your report. Thanks so much for sharing your account of meeting him–what a blessing his ministry has been to so many!

  • Thank you for adding to Peter Lords legacy. I had the privledge to hear Peter speak twice in my life in a very small town church in Whittington IL in 1999,and agin in 2001.http://www.whittington.org/templates/System/default.asp?id=28408. I was a newly saved the first time, he realy showed me that this was the real deal. His honisty blew me away here was a Baptist preacher admitting there may be a better way to do things than the way they have been done in the past 50 years. He blessed me agin a week ago, I have been going through a low spot in my walk with the LORD and one day I put in a tape from the last time I herd Peter speak ” keep the main thing LOVE THE LORD”. I am putting back on those Eagle’s wings and ready to sore. Thank you LORD for your son Peter Lord, thank you Peter for sharing your life and wisdom with me.

  • I have never met or even heard of Dr Peter Lord before today. But the moment I was introduced to him through this article by Seth, I fell in love with his spirit. I am richer for having met him, and you too Seth. My prayer for young men like these is that each day, they be strengthen with might in their inner man that they may know Christ in the power of His resurection, and in the fellowship of His suffering. May the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the sweet fellowship of the Holy Ghost be wth you always.

  • I just received an e-mail from the Atlantic Coast College of Bible and Seminary of Daytona Beach and Dr. Peter Lord is now Chair of the Department of Spiritual Formation.

    I have been desiring to attend Bible College and now that they are using Peter Lord’s teaching I definitely will be looking into it sooner.

    Having heard God’s voice and the heartfelt direction of the Holy Spirit I crave His presence even more. After reading your blog I realize I need to really dig in to my journaling again.

    Thank you for this blog. I am so glad I found it!

    God Bless you all my brothers and sisters in Christ!! Can’t wait till the whole family is together with Christ. Come Lord Jesus.

  • I just had the pleasure of eating dinner with Peter and so I googled him and found this neat story. My pastor was also there and Peter asked what he was preaching on Sunday He said “cultivating faithfulness”. Peter told us if you have Jesus in your heart then thats what comes out unless you quench the Spirit by disobediance to His leadings. He said ducks like water, so Christians like to be faithful, etc. He also said even good things can be taking to excess. Its not that watching TV is evil or anything else, its what you could be doing besides that. You might be missing out on what God wants you to do.
    Thanks for all the postings and I want to look into getting that Ian Thomas book.

  • Peter Lord came to my Methodist Church in Marietta Georgia around 1984 or so, and had such a significant impact on my life, I can’t even say. As a matter of fact, I was realizing the saying I have posted on my computer “The MAIN thing is to keep the MAIN thing the MAIN thing!” is one I got from Peter Lord!
    I would LOVE to get a copy of the sermons he did at that First United Methodist Church in Marietta! My copies are on tape and unaccessible in a storage unit. If anyone has these on CD, please contact me! You can reach me at dave at davebass dot com.
    Thank you!

  • I Love you uncle Peter and even at 52 years of age and being a Police Officer for almost 25 years,I know that Jesus is alive and well inside me. Thankyou and Aunt Johnnie and your family for all the Love that you have given me. Someday we will all be together in Heaven.

    God Bless.

    Kenny Lord

  • I can’t leave this site without praising God for Peter Lord. Being from Memphis, TN I’ve been raised under the influence of many godly pastors, including Adrian Rogers, Don Milam, Jerry Glisson, and I could name many others. This week we celebrate the home going of Jerry’s wife, Helen. We’re also concerned for Jerry as he’s been feeble for some time and it was Helen who cared for him.
    It was under Dr. GLisson’s pastorate at Leawood Baptist church that Peter preached and I heard him. Ever since, I’ve used his quote “What you do is what you believe; everything else is religious talk” a gazillion times. The latest was in my book on prayer/disciplship that’s about to be published.
    When I referred to him in the book and gave him credit, I wondered if he was still living and that’s what prompted me to search. So glad to find Mr. Lord is still serving the Lord.
    I never met Peter personally and you might say I was a casual observer when his preaching whacked me upside the head. It took many years to affect me, but now reading about him, I wish I’d been discipled by him. As turns out, I might have been, from a far and neither of us knew it.
    Thx for letting me indirectly thank God and him.
    Jim Green, just a sinner saved by grace

  • I was given Dr. Lord’s Hearing God during the legal lost of my grandfather’s land, prostate cancer, lost of my job and divorce all within a three period just a few years ago. I kept reading and “misplacing” the book while on trips – four copies in all. Perhaps is was God’s way of getting some folks a copy. The above comments about Dr. Lord are interesting, inspiring and appreciated. My “dry season” in life moved me into position to hear God. Dr. Lord helped me discern whether it was God or the enemy. I have found that God is constantly speaking to us via any means he allows. FYI: God has blessed me with a loving wife, cancer under control, my own successful business and no worries about property a thousand miles away from me. Yes, God is real for I can feel him in my soul.

  • I had the great privilege of interacting with Peter for about a year when I took a couple of classes from him. I first heard him in Orlando speak at an AG pastors’ meeting [one of them invited me, a CMA pastor] and he spoke on the Eagles and Turkeys – a message I have used on numerous occassions. The things I learned through him and those classes impacted my preaching tremendously through the years – especially Charles Solomon’s book used in one class, “Handbook to Happiness.” Though I have used several devotional plans through the years, the one I’ve used most frequently was Peter’s.

  • Thanks God for the wisdom you’ve shared. My ministry is more on church planting here in an island of Bohol, Philippines. I’m glad to have this access with your ministry too. I’m encouraged and enlightened. God bless you.

  • My parents were missionaries to Taiwan. In the winter of 1973-74 when I was 8 years old, my parents left us with our grandparents to spend a week in Titusville, FL. His work with them brought many great changes to my family and therefore to me. The Holy Spirit used Dr Lord to bless us that was extended to many more people. I had heard much about the man but never met or heard him. Thank you for sharing.

  • Gayla Turner McMichael

    I too was blessed through the teachings of Peter Lord.  Through his books: Our Father Speaks Through Hebrews, Hearing God, Soul Care, Turkeys and Eagles, and the 2959 Plan (with tape),I learned how to recognized the voice of God, and how to communicate with Him (dialog). The knowledge and understanding that I gleaned from Peter Lord’s teachings, changed my life, and brought me into a life of true communion and friendship with God (relationship).  Thank you Dr. Lord, I believe your teachings are an essential foundation for every believer, and purchase copies for others so that they can learn from you as I have.

  • Gayla Turner McMichael

    Many years ago, I too was blessed through the teachings of Peter Lord. Through his books: Our Father Speaks Through Hebrews, Hearing God, Soul Care, Turkeys and Eagles, and the 2959 Plan (with tape),I learned how to recognized the voice of God, and how to communicate with Him (dialog). The knowledge and understanding that I gleaned from Peter Lord’s teachings, changed my life, and brought me into a life of true communion and friendship with God (relationship).  Thank you Dr. Lord, I believe your teachings are an essential foundation for every believer, and continue to purchase copies for others so that they can learn from you as I have.

  • I met Peter Lord back in the 80’s, he visited my church at that time Nortwood Assembly, Charleston, SC. The word he preached that day is still very clear to me “491”, I left amazed at the way he was able to tell the story. Shortly after his visit, my wife and I attended a marriage seminar at his church in FL. What a great weekend. I’m glad to hear that he is still influencing people’s life’s.

  • I heard Bro. Peter speak ,at Oakgrove Baptist in Nacogdoches,Tx as well At 1st Baptist in Center, Texas……the man instill so many things of knowledge to us , I could not remember it all….but a few I do ….the Main one being.. Knowing God…..he said you don’t know god unless he allow’s you to know him . Peter said ..we know; about God, but To know god, you will have to have a intimate relationship with Him as Lord and Savior…not Just doing the usual church routine..that christians do…..but spending time alone, just You and God…!! … I look forward when the kingdom of god rules this earth to sit down and fellowship with this man and thank him for being the vessel in which Jesus used to help me get focus on what god want’s from us ..more than our busy methods,,,was loving god with all our hearts…even if the Lord god just wanted us to be his….. What..not”s that he had set aside to give glory to him for his love and mercy to us….Peter Lord spirit is contagious..and it helped build a fire inside of me to.. worship god….in a whole different ….feeling and understand about out great god…….

  • I remember one sermon Dr. Lord preached 30 some years ago from Romans 5:17: Reigning in life. It greatly influenced my life and still does all of these years later. Thank you Dr. Lord.

  • My husband,Doug andI first heard Peter Lord at our church in Bartlesville OK in the 70’s and 80’s.. These experiences changed our lives forever. We have many of his old tapes. We are using them in our home Bible studies now. We happened to find the tapes of the 80’s made at the University of Oklahoma for the BSU students, and since we will have four grandchildren attending there this fall, we began a Bible study with the grandchildren this summer. They had the rare privilege of hearing one of the greatest preachers ever speaking to students of their age. They were captivated. I thought it was a miracle! Thank you, Peter Lord. Your preaching goes on and on!

  • My husband,Doug andI first heard Peter Lord at our church in Bartlesville OK in the 70’s and 80’s.. These experiences changed our lives forever. We have many of his old tapes. We are using them in our home Bible studies now. We happened to find the tapes of the 80’s made at the University of Oklahoma for the BSU students, and since we will have four grandchildren attending there this fall, we began a Bible study with the grandchildren this summer. They had the rare privilege of hearing one of the greatest preachers ever speaking to students of their age. They were captivated. I thought it was a miracle! Thank you, Peter Lord. Your preaching goes on and on!

  • It is amazing how God works things and to see a little of the canvas in what is happening around me, now. The impact God has had because of this man is awesome. Peter Lord was my pastor in the 80’s. As a teenager we really did not know the full extent of the movement going on around us but we knew The Holy Spirit was working and doing really neat things. I firmly believe that there are no coincidences so the fact that Pastor Lord prayed over me for me to find a Godly husband and I found him 500 miles from home was planned. That we would have children and one would now be on a World Race Adventure across the world is part of that same God Plan. To hear parents, at launch, talk about Pastor Lord and to read about his impact on you, Mr. Barnes, is heartwarming. What an honor it was to hear him every Sunday morning and to be a summer intern at Park Avenue, while he was there. It goes to prove what God will do if you listen and do! In the moment we knew what we had in him as a pastor. I doubt anyone could have imagined the reach!

    • What a wonderful testimony, Christie! Dr. Lord impacted so many people in his life. It inspires me to commit my life to the same purpose and values.

  • AJAO Joseph Olusegun

    I first heard of Peter Lord from Andrew Wommack. He mentioned been blessed by Lord’s sermon, Eagle and Turkeys. And being at the time in a state of confusion about my status as totally righteous as a believer in Christ, and seeking answers I decided to google the name and thank God I found his popular sermon and downloaded the mp3 files. What a blessing that sermon was to me. It’s still is a blessing!
    I remember praying and asking the Lord Jesus to help me understand what Peter Lord meant. And he answered me. Today, I rejoice in this liberating knowledge of my being completely righteous in Christ. I have since learned a lot more about righteousness in Christ, but I know for me it all began to get clear with Peter Lord’s sermon, Eagle and Turkeys.

    God has blessed Peter Lord, and what a blessing he is!

    Please Seth Barnes, I’d love to know if Peter Lord is still alive today. I’d love to let him know he is a blessing to me here in Africa.

    Finally, I’d love to know if he wrote any books on the Christian life and if there’s any e-book version/PDF of such books for free download.


  • If by chance does anyone know where I can find an audio of Peter Lord’s sermon “Turkey’s and Eagles”? I had it on tape but lost it. It may have been the first time he preached it. Please let me know!

  • All of Peter’s writings and books are available through his old church in Titusville Florida – search on “Park Avenue Baptist Church” – get their phone number and speak with one of the ladies in the library. Yes, there are some things available online when you search on his name.

  • I came to know Peter and his inspiring teachings through a former member of Park Avenue who moved to my college town in the early 80’s. I will never forget the first time this friend handed me one of Peter’s tapes and said- “Listen to this and tell me what you think.” Peter’s unique style of teaching profound yet simple truths helped change my life as a young preacher boy. Years later, my wife and I had the privilege of meeting him and Johnnie in person in Jackson, WY. When Peter found out I could not stay for the end of one of his conferences to talk directly to pastors, he invited my wife and me to Jackson to have lunch with him and Johnnie. I took a notebook with questions and wrote down everything he said. It was priceless!! I later had the opportunity to attend one of his pastor retreats in Titusville where Dudley Hall was main speaker. It was the first time I could ever remember NOT wanting the time of worship and teaching to end. Our beloved brother in Christ and dear friend passed into the presence of Jesus this month (March). Even the way he finished his race on earth (pouring himself into others after retirement) provided a godly example on how to keep the main thing the main thing. He will be greatly missed but not forgotten!

  • I’ve left a comment here years ago about how Peter came to the Marietta Methodist Church I was at when I was 15 years old and changed my life. I just want to add, I called Peter about two years ago and left a message thanking him. He called back and left me a beautiful message that I believe I recorded to save it.
    He said ‘May the reality of Jesus become ever more clearer to you in the coming year.” Not long after he said this my life was upended by severe personal crises. But he was right; since things have settled, I feel far more “honed in” than ever before.
    What a Godly man! I can’t think of many other people I would truly say this about. “You worry and fret about so many things but few things are needed, indeed only one, and Mary has taken the better part.” Peter took it too – and showed us all how to take it. Listening.
    Thank you Peter and family!

  • Many thanks for this blog and many of the testimonies. My wife and I moved to Titusville in the late 1960’s and started raising a family. We were so broken but knew enough to ask the Lord to guide us to a church. We were driving on US Highway One our first Sunday morning and my wife, Jenny said, “that family in the car next to us looks like they are going to church, let’s follow them.” We ended up at the First Baptist Church of Titusville. We were intrigued by the all that went on in this fully packed church but mostly by the Jamaican born man, Peter Lord. The church was in a building program on a property off of Park Avenue. We loved the traditional look of the old building but went with the new venture even though I heard comments from one or two aerospace engineers that it didn’t make sense, spending all this money with the space center not having a clear future after the moon launches. I remember as a young man with lots of baggage, standing in the new large auditorium, the congregation singing some great old hymn, with the finest organist, John Shaw, by brother-in-law, yet I was so broken, I would just stand there listening to the words but not having a song in my heart of worship.

    One of the phrases Peter Lord used that struck me was, “If Jesus is not Lord of all, He’s not Lord at all.” This stayed with me until finally as I was driving my family on highway 50, I turned to my wife and declared, “I have just figured out what has been missing in my life and why a lifetime of being a Christian has not worked, I have never made Jesus Lord, boss of my life!”

    From that day forward in the early 1969, everything changed. It was like the Renaissance took place inside me. I began to devour the Bible as if God was speaking, began journaling what He was saying, and music, it became alive in me. I had to purchase a used guitar and begin practicing so that I could sing praise & worship songs to the Lord. The singing began to spread out to our small family life groups. Then I began leading praise & worship in the PABC children’s ministries along with other teachers such as the late Margot Clough. When Margot and Lloyd Clough began a sister church in town, I began to serve as worship leader and held that position for 30 years.

    BTW, my brother-in-law organist, John Shaw, that was playing for the First Methodist Church in 1968, came over to the new work at Park Avenue, intrigued by the new organ and became a committed Christian and went on staff.

    I see this long list of testimonies and am thrilled with the comments and really am in wonder how someone, with Peter’s humble nature that didn’t think anyone would remember anything he said, could in the power of the Holy Spirit, change so many lives. I am motivated by how I might personally end well and what will be on my tombstone. I love the Lord and am so thankful for the freedom God has given me, but it was the result of a down-to-earth, average looking guy that believed the Word of God and spoke it plainly to all. Thank you Lord for how you have used Peter Lord in my life and the lives of all my family members.

  • Betty..Don’t know if you’ll ever see this but I’d love to hear copies of any old messages you may have.

  • What a joy to read these tributes to the “Michael Angelo” of Preachers/Pastors/Ministers! Only once in a lifetime is one blessed to know such a man as this. I was a member of the First Baptist Church in Titusville, FL when Peter was called to minister and I watched in awe as the Spirit of God entered the sanctuary that first Sunday morning. As we left the service that memorable day, we knew that something incredible had happened and were not surprised when Christians from everywhere came running to here the Word as spoken through God’s faithful servant, Peter Lord. It was only a matter of time before the old church could no longer contain the masses of hungry Christians who came to be immersed in the Spirit and the outpouring of love being experienced. It was with deep regret that my family and I left the Titusville area, shortly after the new Park Avenue Church was built but, the memory of those days, the fellowship, the learning and praying have stayed with me all these years. Unfortunately, despite extensive travels and many different residences, I have never found another Peter Lord. – not even a reasonable facsimile thereof! Praise God for his ministry.

  • I heard Dr. Lord preach a sermon in June 1990 from Ezekiel 22:30 about the need for Christians to be gap-fillers; i.e., intercede rather than accuse. I have thought of that sermon on various occasions. It still speaks to me. I have often wondered if he is still alive and well.

  • Ruth Ann Ellis Anders

    Brabara Beck* interviewed Dr. Lord yesterday on her program. Asking him
    If he did hold Bible studies which he affirmed ” small weekly groups” he said he is getting too old (80) for larger groups. His wife,Johnnie, is deceased , so he writes her every day as to what he is doing and what she may be doing.

    Channel 45 centeral Florida “Welcome Home”

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