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A walk thru the thai sex trade

The sex trade in Thailand is appalling. It is so blatant, so in your face. It passes itself off as normal when in fact everything about it is sick and degrading. Here is how it typically works: A young Thai girl is pressured to earn money to support her family. At about 14 years of age, she…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes

The sex trade in Thailand is appalling. It is so blatant, so in your face. It passes itself off as normal when in fact everything about it is sick and degrading. Here is how it typically works:

A young Thai girl is pressured to earn money to support her family.

At about 14 years of age, she travels to a place like Bangkok or Phuket where she is introduced to a brothel (dressed up as a bar).

She’s introduced to her first client.

She’s expected to service three clients a day.

It’s become a a multi-billion dollar business. Two million people work in the Thai sex trade. What boggles the mind is that approximately 40% of them are children. If slavery was the justice issue of 150 years ago, then this is the issue of our times, and some of you need to be involved. AIM is looking for long-term workers to go and fight against it (email me if you’re interested). Jessica Johnson, one of our World Racers took a walk through the bars and back roads of Phuket. Here’s what she saw.

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  • Words and videos, photos and music can’t explain it. When you stand in the streets and stare the Thailand red-light districts in the face nothing else in the world seems to matter other than the need for Jesus and the spread of His Hope in these places.

  • My first exposure to this crisis of the soul came on a layover in Bangkok on my way to India.

    Innocently enough and older Thai woman came up to me holding a sign in the airport and asked, “Would you like a tour of the city tomorrow?”

    The price was right and I said “Sure!”

    The next day I saw temples, markets, canals and all things local.

    Then we turned in at the end of the day for some tea. I sat, laughed and spoke with this 50ish year old woman.

    She then said, “And now the best part”.

    A curtain was pulled back and teenage girls in bathing suits (each with a number) waved at me.

    I was shocked when she said, “Pick out the one you want and we do not need to leave for 30 minutes.”

    I politely declined.

    Then she stunned me with the statement…”If you do not like girls I can get you a boy”.

    I’ll never forget that.

  • I watched this again tonight and the Lord continues to minister to me through this video. In 20 days I take a team to The Philippines and we are going to see how the Holy Spirit will use us in the sex trade.

    My heart is broken for these beautiful girls who are enslaved with nowhere to run. I have a dream of seeing a team of Americans and Filipinos together whose hearts are broken and have come to the realization that God has anointed them to set the captives free!

    “Lord Jesus, please fan this dream into a blazing fire of young men and women who are are in reckless abandon to run this race…”

  • There is a lot of controversy over the topics of sex trafficking, sex slavery, human trafficking and forced prostitution. Regarding what the definition is, the research methods used to find statistics, what the definition of a victim is, the number of child and adult victims involved, forced vs. unforced sex, how the actual prostitutes themselves feel about it, and legal vs. illegal prostitution.

    There is a growing number of well respected researchers, journalists, scientists, professors, that have concluded in their research that the sex trafficking, sex slavery concept is based on emotion, morals, and monetary funding rather than facts, evidence and proof. They state that very few kidnapped, forced against their will, physically abused, raped sex slave prostitutes for profit have been found throughout the world. Their research concludes that women who enter into this type of work do so of their own free will. They also state that there are many anti-prostitution groups who simply do not like the idea of consensual adult prostitution and have distorted the facts in order to push their agenda and receive funding and money into their organizations in the form of donations, grants and to change the laws about prostitution. They state that these anti-prostitution groups use made up child sex trafficking statistics which they have no proof or evidence of in order to gain public acceptance for their cause.

    Here are some good websites about sex trafficking:





  • You lot need to get a grip and mind your own business…. The sex trade is a massive part of the Thai economy hence why they turn a blind eye to it. If you are not interested don’t get involved, but don’t try spoiling the fun for everyone else.

  • Gary, I personally am involved in rescuing these girls trafficked in the sex trade in the Philippines. I hear what you are saying, but unless you have personally spent time with these girls and hearing their pitiful and heart wrenching stories, one just doesn’t quite understand the situation.

    Take Angeles City, Philippines for example. On a 1.5 mile stretch on one street, there are over 15,000 girls. One NGO there has helped 3,500 girls. I asked the director a pointed question: “Do any of these girls enjoy the bars and doing sex…?” To my surprise the answer was “yes”. He went on to explain: “Out of the 3,500 girls that have been in our programs and care, TWO have enjoyed it, and our weekly psychological and mental inventories prove it”!


    I am aware of some girls doing sex for a cup of coffee to suppress their hunger! They are abused, pissed on, defecated on, slapped, punched, and things I cannot mention here.

    Please understand, I am not mad at you here, but I have been up close and my view has changed over the years. Maybe with a closer look at these precious girls’ lives, yours might too!

  • I have to say it is shocking to think one human being can use another human being to bring their own so-called pleasure with total disregard of thier physical, emotional, spiritual well being! Self serving is equal evil to the love of money.

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