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A World Racer talks about real hunger

Last month, World Racer Amanda Dums, who was ministering in a world of hunger in Africa, wrote this: The word of this month for me is “hunger.” God’s been teaching me a lot about it, and surprisingly through many different means. The rea…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes

Last month, World Racer Amanda Dums, who was ministering in a world of hunger in Africa, wrote this:

The word of this month for me is “hunger.” God’s been teaching me a
lot about it, and surprisingly through many different means.

The real smile comes when you realize that you’re surrounded by
hungry people, yes, physically hungry—some probably haven’t eaten much
for days or weeks now. But in their eyes is a hunger not just for food,
but for something much deeper. A hunger I resonate with because I want
more too. I have all the food I could eat because I have the means of
getting to it, but that hunger within is a whole new thing to desire.

I’ve seen fantastic things at these outreaches—things I have only
ever read about before. Healing. Mass salvations. Restoration. The
spiritual realm knocking doors with the natural.

It’s all real. It all
happens. When you see it each day it becomes almost normal. And so it
should be if we truly are to live as spiritual beings. But to me even
all these things couldn’t compare with the hunger I saw. The hunger to
me was something truly extraordinary.

As I held small children at the orphanage in Morrumbala I also saw a
hunger here. Those piercing little eyes that seer right into your soul
and cry for love, for a touch, for affirmation. Am I lovely? Will you
hold me? Will you take time for me? The hunger for them was for
relationship. For something more than a simple monetary donation their

Believe it or not I even found hunger within my team of World
Racers. Maybe it doesn’t shock you as much as it shocked me or maybe
I’ve just been a little jaded out here in the thick of things.

We’ve had some hard talks this
month—really exposing some lies, speaking some truth, and trying to do
all of it in love, even when it doesn’t feel so nice.

We’ve been meeting
as girls in the little round room at World Vision and truly being
intentional and real. It’s good. It hurts. I see now in all of them a
hunger. A hunger for intimacy, for true interdependence and trust in
each other and our Lord. It’s a beautiful thing.

I have this hunger now and I’m not letting go of it.
I’ve learned that hunger isn’t really a bad thing like I’ve so often
thought of it before. God wants more for us and why should we not have
a hunger for the things He desires to give? I long for fulfillment, for
all that God has in my life and I know that my hunger now can only be
fed. How I look forward to all that may entail!

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Comments (2)

  • I believe that the FIRST Thing we have to do is:
    To Educate Women about SEX
    They Most Know that Before to Get Pregnant,

    a. Has to be a Husband To Support Her and their
    innocent Child.

    b. Is there enough Money to Feed Herself, during
    Pregnancy, and After She has the Innocent Baby?

    We have to educate Men and Women, that if they can not Support an Innocent Child, is BETTER Not to Bring Any BABY To Suffer to This Cruel World.

    It makes me Very Sad to See Babies Crying, with Hunger, and Being Raised by a Single Parent.

    And it Makes me Angry for That Stupidity and Ignorance of those Women and Men that Chose to Have A Baby when They Do Not Even Have Food or Money to Support Themselves.

    Babies Never Ask to Come to This World!

    I Highly Recommend:
    Abortion and Sterilization
    if Condoms are Not Available.

    ALLAH Is Great!

    worldlatino50 @ yahoo.com

  • Well I disagree. Sorry!

    The first thing we need to teach them about is JESUS! BTW, Allah is not great! He is DEAD! JESUS IS ALIVE!

    People are not stupid. They know about sex. They know sex causes pregnancy. Most don’t care…. simply put… sex is good. That is anywhere, not just third-world countries. However, how many babies come from rape? Here, about 1% – Africa, countless. What education do we teach them – self defense.

    Now in saying that (and venting a little), purity is another thing I would teach. A woman’s heart of purity is unbeatable. Blessed are the pure at heart, for they shall see God.

    Just a quick note……….. will process more.


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