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Allan’s story: A very happy ending!

This just happened. After I posted my update, Marisa posted her own more detailed update.  You really owe it to yourself to read the other three installments.  What a wonderful Christmas story!   Today is January 3, 2009.  It’s a special day for me because it is my Gran…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes
This just happened. After I posted my update, Marisa posted her own more detailed update.  You really owe it to yourself to read the other three installments.  What a wonderful Christmas story!

Today is January 3, 2009.  It’s a special day for me because it is my
Grandfather’s birthday.  It is also a day that I will remember forever;
it’s the day that I took Allan home.

We contacted Challenge Farm, the organization that David told us
about.  The director, Grace would not be able to talk to us until after
the first of the year.  Time was continuing to tick.  We were leaving
for Uganda on the third, and if this option worked, the orphanage was a
good 2-3 hour drive. How in the world was God going to pull this one

Through a series of miraculous events God made a way for us.  On
January 2nd we finally got a hold of Grace and she said, “Bring the

Driving through the sunrise, we picked up our little guy from Mama’s,
loaded up his stuff and said lump-in-the-throat goodbyes.  I was told
that the Challenge Farm specializes in street kids but sitting in the
back seat, Allan didn’t look like he fit the part.  He was clean,
smiley and he wore a face that I just wanted to kiss up and down. 

Arriving at the farm we met with Grace, the director.  A…Mazing! 
Talk about a woman of God.  “I see all the children on the streets, and
I wish that I could take them all in…if only I had enough beds”  she
said with a look that meant business.  The organization takes kids in
by faith.  They started with 10, and Allan is number 103.  The founders
are an American couple from North Carolina.  The wife, Cheri makes
about 3 trips a year to her farm, and the rest of her time is spent
traveling and raising support.  Her husband who flew helicopter’s for
mission’s purposes passed away a few years ago.

The staff are all spirit-filled people.  Allan now has his very own
Papa who lives in his dorm room.  As we were touring the facility
walking from the dining room to the garden, Allan spotted two boys that
he knew.  His smile lit up as he gave them a signature handshake and
posed for a picture.  Grace said that it is a good thing that he knows
a few of the boys because it will make him feel more welcome.

Living at Challenge Farm, Allan will eat 3 times a day, be able to go
to school which is on location, have lots of individual attention,
RECEIVE MAIL (you can mail him encouraging letters–he has his own
mailbox), learn farming and carpentry skills and live in an environment
that promotes faith, stability, excellence and a whole lot of love.

Standing at the car getting ready to leave, Allan and I looked like an
Oreo.  I kissed his face all over as the men that were with me scolded
me for embarrassing him.  By this time a crowd of kids gathered around
us.  Grace, in a teasing manner said to the children, “This is Allan,
he wants to come live here, should I let him?  In unison the kids
shouted, “Yes!”  Grace responded, “No, I think I will send him back.” 
All at once the kids shouted back, “No, we have more beds!”  With
concerned looks on their faces, they started grabbing Allan’s
belongings in order to make sure that she wouldn’t really send him back.

God came through and not a minute early.  Jake and I actually had to
meet our team en-route to Uganda.  Because you are only reading a
summary of what happened, you unfortunately miss out on all of the
little details of miracles.  God has surprised us almost minute by
minute with encouragement and favor.  The lesson that I have learned:
obey…even when you can’t figure it out in your mind…just obey!  
God really is faithful…even when you jack stuff up!  

Thank you to everyone who gave financial, prayer and encouraging support.  Check out Challenge Farm’s website at www.challenge-kenya.org
They have a sponsorship program that they have just started to
implement due to financial strain.  If you are interested in supporting
Allan or any of the other children monthly you can contact Cheri
Thompson at [email protected] .  Thank you all and Happy New


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  • Seth Thanks for putting this story on your blog. It makes me really excited to see the power of God and how he DOES come through. Also it makes me smile for Africa. I cant believe we are leaving tomorrow. Cant wait to see you and Karen. Love you guys.

  • Oh brilliant. I forgot to check back in to see how things were progressing and had to go back and see. Looking into Challenge Farm. God works things out SO much better than we could on our own.

  • Thanks for posting the update. I read the one above as well. I’ll pass on the good news to the ones I’d shared the original story with.

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