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Another story of raising the dead

Thinking about my friend Caspar’s story made me reflect on the many incidents I’m aware of around the world where God is doing this. Here’s one: One of Heidi Baker’s key leaders is Pastor Rego. In 1998, the wife of the district secretary contracted AIDS and died. Pastor Rego takes …
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes

Thinking about my
friend Caspar’s story made me reflect on the many incidents I’m aware of around
the world where God is doing this. Here’s
one: One of Heidi Baker’s key leaders is
Pastor Rego. In 1998, the wife of the
district secretary contracted AIDS and died.
Pastor Rego takes God at His word, he tells the following story of praying for a coworker’s dead wife in Always
.  When asked how he can do something so radical, he says, “I open the Bible and do what it says.”

Pastor Rego went with the district secretary to his
house. When they got to the house, they
found everyone crying.  Here’s his description:

“His wife’s head was covered already. Suddenly, I felt something touch me. I thought, ‘Oh, God, I need to pray now for
you to give me power to do a miracle.’
So I got up. I started to feel
strength and great power coming into me.

I told everyone to be quiet and not cry anymore, because
this mother who died is a Christian.
Nobody wanted to be quiet. I
asked again, ‘Please be quiet now. Calm down.’ They wanted to keep crying and feel sad, but
eventually they were quiet.

We sang and worshiped the Lord. Then my friend Francisco, one of our
counselors, also started to feel the power of God.

I got next to this dead mother. I took the cover off her head and began to
pray. I prayed for over an hour. She was very cold. The second hour I started to feel warmth
coming into her. I could feel her body
warming up. I prayed all the way down
her body. When I got down to her legs,
the bottom of her legs were still cold.

I picked her up, and then her eyes were open. She began to vomit and vomit. I can’t even explain it.

I told a woman, ‘Sit here and hold her,’ because she could
see everybody now. ‘Let’s keep praying,’
I said. Her legs were beginning to get
warm. We prayed some more. The third hour her whole body had
movement. She was alive!’”


There’s something in
we rational Americans that wants to discount or explain away stories like this,
but today you can travel to Mozambique
and meet the people in this story and verify this account. We serve a powerful God who is in the
business of using humble people to do amazing things. We need to stop
rationalizing and start praying more, following Pastor Rego’s example – just opening the Bible and doing what it

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  • My name is Sharon Cosby and I was looking on the web looking specifically for ppl who have recieved confirmation from God to believe for their husband to be raised from the grave. When God told me to believe for my husband to be raised from the sealed grave for months the devil had me thinking I was hearing things even though God was giving me revelation from the Word. I live in the United States if you would be interested in doing a prayer group via conference call in the states to support each other. I told my in-law(husband side) a year later after my husband went on vacation(heaven) what God was telling me to believe and my husband sibling is a pastor. Teh family memeber totally disagreed with me. The person said that I am adding to the Word. She was looking at the fact that Lazurus was raised on the 4th day. But God revealed to me, Sharon me raising Lazurus on the 4th day versus your husband months or years later is no different b/c there is no time in eternity. At times I can use encouragement at times. So if you interested in doing a prayer conference calls for our love ones such as a husband we can do so. contact me only if you are in the states b/c it would be a free call.

  • Hello,

    My husband died on August 3, 2014 and it is now over 3 months that he has died. I believe that he will be raised from death, YES, GOD WILL RAISE HIM BACK TO LIFE. I am from Papua New Guinea and am praying very hard for my husband to be raised from death. I need your prayers for this please.

  • Thank you so much for these postings. They help my faith tremendously, though they also challenge me. You can check out my blog for further clarification. These challenge me, as well as most Americans, in part, because of the commitment these things take. Look at how long this pastor prayed for this woman before he even saw a hint of change. I (Americans?) don’t want to pray that long. I’m impatient – I want results now, like when Jesus prayed. Jesus never seemed to pray that long, so we don’t want to. I wonder if that’s our microwave culture or simply trying to do what Jesus did in the wrong way, a little of both, or something else. Whatever the reason, I’m reminded that we are in a battle, and some things simply take time in prayer. Am I willing to take the time? Thanks, again, Seth, for reminding us of God’s power, and what He wants to do through us as He leads.

  • Jesus did pray that long as recorded in the garden, “Peter could you not take watch for an hour”
    Man… I have chills with excitement with our God! I do believe, and I do believe I will too see this.

  • I’ve known most all my life that I’d be a part of raising the dead. Thanks for posting this story. I love hearing how God is working. This will soon be something we’ll be seeing in America on a continual basis. God has a world vision for us to break through that fear of death and begin standing on His Word in areas that seem impossible. Sadly, I think the secular world could come near accepting it before most chrisitians. But, I know God is working in the hearts of christians all over the world to begin expecting the ‘even greater things’ that Jesus said we would do through His precious name! This so excites me to press on with the dream that God placed in my heart!

  • The same Holy Spirit that was in Jesus Christ when he did his miracles is in us also. That means that we can do the same things that Jesus Christ did.Heal the dead, the sick, and even walk on water.

  • i had a dream last night that i prayed for my mom she was dead in the dream i said god you said in jesus name i shall cast out demoms and raise the dead.It was amazing.

  • I had a dream where i prayed for a dead man and he was brought back to life.What a moment of joy and glory that was. i would like to know what this means.

  • My six children and I have been praying for a few weeks now to raise their father from the dead. It all started with my 4 year old and her faith saying that God would raise daddy up. She believed. God then asked me one day in my prayer time if I believed he was the God of the impossible or just the IMPROBABLE. I said, impossible. He said why don’t you pray like your daughter! I said well God that’s impossi….oh. I see.

    I have only told one person that I trust that my family is praying and believing for a miracle because we don’t need to be told we’re in denial or miracles ended with the apostles, etc.

    We would appreciate prayers from others who take Jesus at his word that we are sent to preach the kingdom of heaven is near, heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the leper and cast out demons. Why is it we skip over that third item? Many churches still believe in casting out demons but very few will believe for a ressurection miracle.

    We are. Please pray with us.

  • Many years ago when I was a young christian my grandad was dying from lung cancer. As he death approached I wanted to go to his house and pray for him and talk to him about Jesus but my family wouldnt let me (they are not christians) So I went to my bedroom and began praying, and praying. I was so annoyed for being stopped from visiting my Grandad that I told the enemy that if my grandad died without being given the oportunity to except Jesus as his Lord ans Saviour then I would raise him from the dead and Jesus would get even more glory!

    That night my grandad died.

    I found out where they had laid his body to rest and I set out specifically to do what I said I would. I entered the chapel of rest and found my grandad. I had never seen or touched a dead body before but this did not deter me from the mission I was on.

    As I began to pray the presence of God filled the room and the Lord said to me “what are you doing?” I said “Lord, I have come to raise him from the dead so you can recieve even more glory!” and He replied “But this is not actually my will!”

    I learnt a very important scripture that day Proverbs 19 v 2 “It is not good to have zeal without knowledge, nor to be hasty and miss the way”

    Raising the dead is no different from casting out demons or healing the sick. It is a combination of the 2. In Jesus we have authority over the spirit of death and we have power in the Holy Spirit to heal the body that contains the spirit we have just set free from death.See it in “logical” spiritual realms and your faith will grow. NOTHING is impossible with God but just make sure you are being obedient to His will. Jesus didnt heal every one in every town, He only did what He saw His Father doing.He didnt raise everyone from the dead either.

    Obedience is the key to all we do. If He asks you to raise the dead then be sure that if you step out in faith He will not let you down!

  • The Lord stirred me to continue what I was saying before, so here goes:-

    “Are you an obedient servant? When The Holy Spirit calls you to pray and spend time with the Lord in the middle of your favourite TV programme do you leave it and pray?

    When the Holy Spirit prompts you to go and pray for someone standing on the other side of the street do you do it?

    When God asks you to do a task in church do you put it off?

    Now imagine f you had a servant who behaved as you did? Would you be pleased with them that they drop everything when you ask or do they put their own lives first and tell you they will fit you in later?

    Would you be happy with a servant like that?

    Paul called himself “A slave to Christ”

    If God knows you will be obedient in the small things he calls you to do, (and sometimes they are things He asks JUST to see if you will obey, there is never an outcome,)Then He will also know you will be obedient in the “big” things.

    To God, the one who spoke and the world came into being there is no “big” or “small” miracle. It is all the same to Him. For us it is all about seeing things His way and laying our lives down to Him.Raising the dead will then become as easy as boiling an egg!

  • Thanks for your comment Seth, you have no idea how much it is appreciated. Most people look at me as though I have 2 heads or something when I talk! Thanks for making me feel normal!

  • My baby in my womb has been declared dead (no heart beat/ no growth)before the first trimester is over. I am prayin in the Spirit for God to breathe life back in my baby. I will not terminate. I believe God is the giver of life. Pl pray with me and for my baby to come back to life. I have conceived after 6 y and believe tht all this is happening to bring many luke warm souls closer to God. Please lift my baby to God.

  • Thank you,Seth, for communicating this story. I truly believe that the body of Christ should be operating in the anointing of raising the dead. This past summer my brother, a missionary, passed away unexpectedly. I was positive that the LORD wanted me to pray for his raising. I was even bold enough to ask a few believing friends to join me in that assignmentand they did. At this time, he still has not been raised, and I do not believe that the LORD has relieved me of that assignment. Just yesterday our only son died unexpectedly. His dad and I are standing for his miracle raising because we KNOW that God wants us to do so. He is a believer and has a wonderfully glorious earthly future ahead of him. Please join me in prayer for his raising, as well as my brother.
    Thank you for sharing this website with all of us and with me in particular. Pray for Tom and Dru. God is a miracle working God.

  • What an encouragement!! My wife died Easter morning last year. My pastor had me bring her body to the Church. He had gathered about 20 people, elders and intercessors, and we prayed fervently for 12 hours. We then broke into shifts of 3 or 4 people and continued for another 10 hours. We only stopped because someone called the police and reported we had a dead body at the church. It was time to shift gears because she had been dead 30 hours at that point. We continued to pray the week leading up to the funeral. I had them open the casket one last time at the grave side so I could pray again. She did not revive.
    Several people commented to me they did not feel it was over. I now have 50 plus pages of dreams visions and words from folks confirming that God is going to raise her. Several from people who don’t know what is going on. The last was just a week ago. So we continue on.

  • Thanks for your encouragement. We are also trusting the LORD for a similar miracle here in London. GOD is still raising the dead through HIS children who would believe!

  • i was just telling someone about heidi baker the other day, or rather about jesus. they decided to look her up. they seemed to be dumbfounded that this wouldnt be on every major network of television telling these stories of raising the dead.

    but most the christian world doesnt even want to hear or believe this at times. why pray for the dead? isn’t that opposing God’s will for this person to die?


    God is about life. He about restoration.

    what’s easier for us to believe? that we have a God that is mighty to save and can raise people from the dead or that he wants to actively use his children to participate in bringing healing to this world? I think when we start to ask those questions, we have no choice but to believe the answer is yes to both of those questions.

    i want it on the action!

    p.s. i like that this story relates that they spent hours in prayer. sometimes we haven’t learned how to fully fight for one another. thanks for posting this seth.

  • I Saw pastorbennyhin in a Dream raisin my husband Daniel from died my husband died in jan 3,2012. I just know and have faith that God will used a man of God to raise my husband from died for the Glory to God.

  • last year on 21 september 2011 my 3 years old baby girl died and after three months of her death,her dad also passed away,so right now ive got this feeling that if i can fast and pray God will bring them back to life,im very confident and have a strong feeling that i can bring them back to life.please pray for me

  • Please Lord i knw lord you can do miracles my husband also died all of a sudden its almost two months i am just praying that he must raise from grave i will be praying till my husband raises raises from grave i know god will raise him up . please everyone pray for him. i know he will him it god will i will be doing miracles through mankind. please pray for him . please i wanted to see a miracle and you i am till will be praying i have total and complete trust in God that he will raise my husband from grave. Amen.God said anything you ask in my name that will be given and done unto you so od will give back my husband to me.

  • Please Lord i knw lord you can do miracles my husband also died all of a sudden its almost two months i am just praying that he must raise from grave i will be praying till my husband raises raises from grave i know god will raise him up . please everyone pray for him. i know he will him it god will i will be doing miracles through mankind. please pray for him . please i wanted to see a miracle and you i am till will be praying i have total and complete trust in God that he will raise my husband from grave. Amen.God said anything you ask in my name that will be given and done unto you so od will give back my husband to me.

  • I tell you with no doubt all this is surely true. I came in search of the meaning of my dream which was so amazing, naturally i’m a dreamer and all my dreams come true. Either living a clean life or living in sin, all my greams come to pass and this surely shall come to pass. Atimes i even dream 7times in a week and all come to pass, making me very current because i know all that is infront of me, including those who even gossip about me.

    Today, my dream was amazed than any of my dreams. I have killed in a dream before, seen so many things i sometimes wonder who am i. But last nite i was told in a dream that the Christ is in me and i saw myself raisng the dead. Previously in a dream, i was given a message to the Pope, then the world leaders, muslims and the world in General for we shall all worship Christ with one accordance. i’ve been weeping for three days now during prayers.

  • My MOM passed away on Nov 12th 2011 . Am praying for my MOM to be raise alive from Grave . Our Jesus is a god of impossibilities . All we need to do is trust and believe Jesus that he is a god of impossibilities. We need to pray fervently
    and with patiently. Jesus can do miracles beyond nature .
    All we need to do is to believe JESUS .
    Luke 17 : 6 , Hebrews 11: 35 ; 1 john 5 : 14,15 ; Matt 10: 8;
    Ezekiel 37 : 1 – 14 ;1 Solo 2 :6

  • Kindly uphold my MOM Helena Thompson in your prayer who entered into glory on Nov 12th 2011.

    Thank you so much.

    Am so encouraged to continue my prayers and stand in faith for the glory of JESUS.

    Praise be to God.

    God Bless ….

  • Man Resurrects 7 days after the burial


  • Have been reading the stories on this site with great interest and I just would like to know if any one has as yet had a loved one returned to them.This week I lost my beautiful and much loved and much missed companion-my adorable little cat. I believe Jesus loves our animal friends as much as he loves our human ones. I pray continuosly for him to awake her from her sleep and help her to return home safely. Am I pushing the Lord and expecting too much.? I am so lost and heartbroken. I cannot bear to go home from work as there such a huge,empty void in the house. I know the Bible teaches us that Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead but has anyone on this site been blessed with a loved-one’s return. I am desperately seeking enlightenment.

  • I am believing to that GOD will raise by husband back to life to show the people that don’t trust who THE LORD OUR SAVOIR JESUS CHRIST is that he can raise the dead back to life no matter how long ago it was, by husband been gone, for six months and I am believing that GOD can raise him from the dead and the Gospel will go forward with,( THE LORD JESUS CHRIST CAN RAISE THE DEAD), I’m believing with you sister that GOD will raise your husband and and my husband back to life for this TWENTY FIRST CENTURY GOSPEL to show this world that he is in control and has ALMIGHTY POWER IN HIS HANDS!!!! LOVE YOU JO

  • Hello Sister Cosby,
    Yes I would love to get with you and pray for your husband as well as my husband coming back to this life to show this world that GOD is still in the business of raising the dead!!!! My husband just died six months ago and I’m still believing that GOD will and can do it for such a time as these!!! Please call me at 832-535-8680 and we can pray for The Dead can be raised again for to live a many more years after THE LORD RAISE THEM UP TO LIVE FOR A HUNDRED MORE YEARS!!!! LOVE YOU MUCH JO!!!

  • Hello Wendy,
    I’m believe that GOD will bring your love one back to life!!! Just keep knowing that with GOD, all things are possible because you believe! Amen.

    Love you,

  • Keep Believing that with GOD all things are possible and I will stand with you for your mother SIster Helena Thompson that she did make it to Glory Amen!!!

    Love Jo

  • Hello Sister Hazel,
    Praise GOD for your faith in knowing that GOD can raise the dead!!!! You can’t bring them back but with your faith, GOD can do the impossible things, and I’m praying with you that GOD can do this for your family just keep your faith and release it to The LORD, that you are believing for these miracles!!! Amen

    Love Jo

  • Hello Catherine,
    With GOD all things are possible, just keep believing that GOD can raise your love one up back to life, to show this unbelieving world that he is still that JESUS who was raised from the dead and can still raise others from the grave, AMEN!!!

    Love You,

  • Jesus said where two or three are in agreement he will be in the mist watching over his word to perform it. Lord Jesus in your name raise this father back to his family as you did for mary and martha your will be done glory to your name.

  • I was shocked as i listened to a minister say that God doesnt raise the dead it was only in the time of the apostles and to prove it he said has anyone seen anyone raised which in my mind is not proof.So i have checked the scriptures and are writing a letter that i will give him tonight as to why i believe what he preachs as it is unbelief.Jesus said greater things shall we do in his name that includes raising the dead its not that hard to believe when we know jesus was raised from the dead and also that one day we also will be raised from the dead in the rapture.Thank you for sharing the truth that God is still the same yesterday today and forever.brentnz

  • You don’t know how inspired and encouraged I am by reading your stories. They are indeed very powerful. In fact our God is still interested in the miracle business. I believe something;a great miracle must happen in our dispensation for people to know that our God is a living God and a God of impossibilities. I’m in Ghana, the youth in my church are praying for God to raise our Music Director, Aaron from death. He died last week Wednesday at 10:00pm. He will be buried tomorrow (Thursday) but the body will be brought home on the eve of his burial. We will gather at his place to pray for God’s resurrection power. Everything is possible for him who believes (Mark 9:23). Plz join us in Prayer and I believe strongly that a miraculous testimony is on it’s way. Just as Jesus raised the widow’s son at Nain. All for His glory. Bless You Jesus!

  • Clara-

    Amen! Our God is alive and eager to answer our prayers if we have the faith to pray them. Asking our Lord and Savior to restore Aaron’s life as a testimony to his power and goodness.


  • Hey Clara,

    Will be praying for your music director. Please keep us updated.

    Father, I ask that you raise this man that is sleeping right now.


  • This reminds me of the story in Luke 5 where the paralytics friend lowered him through the roof. It takes a faith to reach far and wide to ask for help where you believe in faith it can happen.

  • Sue i agree with you. Unless it is Gods will nothing will happen i prayed for a girl that was crippled God told me he wanted to heal the girl and pray for her.My thinking was is this God speaking or just me feeling compassion for her..I repled to the Lord if its your will bring the girl to sit on the end of the row i am sitting within 5 minutes she sat down.I spoke to another brother and we approached her guardians to pray for her and as we prayed the bones broke and healed i heard them breaking and felt them move.God instantly healed.her she wasnt lame any more God does miracles havent seen many but it was incredible.If God speaks and he is in it then it will be done i dont believe it was anything to do with my faith.The outcome was incredible also because of that little girls healing 30 children gave there lives to the Lord that was the greatest miracle.of all God is good brentnz

  • Clara,

    Still praying for your Music Director, Aaron! The faith you and your youth show is a testimony to all who have read this. Please keep us updated with how the Lord moves.

  • My son Josh died 5 1/2 weeks ago. He died suddenly just stopped breathing. I feel that his death was not supposed to happen. That his life was cut short and he has much more to do on this earth. I have faith that Jesus will bring my son back. His death is unbearable and I know Jesus the resurrection and the life will return him to me.I pray for everyone on this site that god raise your loved one and ask that everyone prays for my son Josh

  • Its so nice to see that someone is believing along the same lines as me. Lost my dad 3 months ago and I and members of my family started having recurring dreams where he was lying down and suddenly his eyes opened. I also had a dream where I walked into the mortuary and touched him, he just got up and walked out of the room. I think we just need to keep holding onto God he is the God of impossibilites and nothing is too hard for him. He only has to will it. The issue is how do we know he wills it. For me, the dreams are a sign that he wants to do it. I am still waiting, time is nothing to God. My father was an influential figure and I believe his coming back will bring a lot of people to Christ.

  • My fiance died and has been buried 3 months ago but I have this strong feelings and believe that Jesus is going to open the grave and raise him back to life.
    Jesus did it for Lazarus who died and has been laid in the tomb for 4 good days, our God is not limited by time and season’s. It doesn’t matter my fiance, the only son of his mother has been in the grave for 3 months. God can still do it for thousand years is like a day for Him. Jesus is the same forever and with Him, all things are possible. Please all believers here should join me pray for my fiance to be raise back to life

  • After 4 years of marriage, my husband died of cancer. Before his death, during prayers for healing, god many times shown us John 11:4(lazarus). My father dreamed that my husband will die and then after he healed n raised from death. I kept more faith on god that he will never make me widow, but…now it happened. In our bible, faith will never fail…but why this happened. 9 months gone…now god is remembering me many times about Lazarus. Is really my husband is going to rise from tomb? Is there anyone in this world rise after months in Jesus name? anyone reply me plz….

  • I lost my dad 3 months ago and know that dead will be rasied to life and this will bring glory to god ,people don’t believe that with god all things are possible Mathew 19:26

  • I lost my dad 3 months ago and know that dead will be rasied to life and this will bring glory to god ,people don’t believe that with god all things are possible Mathew 19:26

  • Pray for my baby who died a month ago I have faith and I know God of Lazurus will bring him back to life I met God in my dream standing on my child’s grave yard washing atable he told me i should not worry about my child’s dead th he is working on it after cleaning the table for me.

  • I will pray that God returns your baby to you! Please add my son Josh to your prayers that God will resurrect him soon. Thank You

  • praying for my 15year old daughter to be raised from the grave,she was taken dec.15,2016,heart related .she was a born again believer,the day she was taken was spent getting ready to play music in church that Sunday .she was a talented musician.after her passing I was outside praying and I ask God was it to late to raise her,give me a sign and I walked in needed to write something down and just grabbed a notebook ,on the bottom left side it said revived-to bring back to life,it was her notebook,didn’t know it at the time,been having dreams and in all of them I’m telling her I’m so glad she’s back with us,in my dreams she has been raised from the grave.been praying that God reveal to me how to go about this.i want back what the enemy stole from me!

  • A year ago on the 27th of August 2016 my passed away.
    I am praying fr a miracle that my mom to be raised from the grave. please pray with me.

  • I am from South Africa. My mom passed away on 27 August 2016. She was a believer. i am a born again christian. I am believing and praying for my mom to be raised from the dead. She was attack by cancer and and within a year she was taken from us. please pray with me.
    thank you
    God Bless.

  • My brother and his girlfriend Nelly both died in a car accident and I know they will come back to us by the power of the holy Spirit God bless.

  • Hi everyone. I’m a 22 year old Nigerian whose dad has just been buried (last week) at the age of 59, after a sudden sickness. I strongly believe that God wants to raise him up, and we have both words of encouragement from believers indicating that “death is not now”, and that God is more willing to raise him up than we are.
    We have in fact had at least 5 dreams from four different people (myself inclusive) about him being alive alive again, physically (the last of those came earlier this week).
    I’ve gone through experiences shared here, and am highly encouraged in my faith and expectation.
    However, I often worry about whether or not I’m supposed to “do something” like go to the grave, have it opened and pray myself, or whether to go with a more mature believer who also believes for a miracle, or whether to just pray and expect an entirely supernatural manifestation of God’s power without any human help.
    I would really appreciate counsel in this regard. Thank you all very much, and I do pray and believe GOD that our expectations come to pass to God’s glory in Jesus name. Amen!
    However I often

  • Raising the Dead, Healing the Sick and Cast ouf Demons is ALWAYS GODS WILL. Its the devil who gives sickness and kills lifes. If you are born again, you have autherity of the devil and his work.

    The Devil will start telling you lies thats not Gods Will dont believe it.

    PLEASE look this video for help

    (Curry Blake daughter fall out of the window and was instant dead. He started praying over the her body “in Jesus Name you will life and not die” and kept speaking louder till he yelled it for about 45 minutes, till something happend.

    Look for

    Jglm.org (curry r. Blake is legal successor of John G. Lake)

  • My nephew passed away last week 15th Oct 2017, his death was tragic due to a car accident.After the funeral my husband felt that if we pray in faith quoting scriptures he would surely arise , he spoke to his brother and religiously we have been praying for him to be resurrected. This morning I woke up with a question in my head if it is Gods will for him to be resurrected I do not want to have any doubt because I know his resurrection would save many souls as he was a young man adored by many.I humbly ask that you keep us in prayer as we continue faithfully praying fasting and believing that he will rise not for the glorification of man but of Jesus Christ our saviour.

  • I also lost my son on the 25 September 2017. I am also believing God to raise him up. I will also believe with you for your nephew. Please believe with me for my son.

  • I will add your nephew and Deborah’s son to my prayers.please add my daughter blakelynn to yours.i keep having dreams and visions.today for the second time I’m praying and asking God for my miracle and I grabbed a notebook to move while painting and it flipped to revive-to bring back to life again.a miracle is a miracle,raising the dead,growing limbs,healing diseases etc…..I want my precious little 15 year old daughter back!satan stole her from us,we were a family gospel band,she was a major part of the band ,ushering in the Holy Spirit with her amazing talent on piano and bass.so Satan tried to stop that move of God thank you all for the prayers!

  • praying for you today Deborah ,we in the same boat .my daughter turns 16 today in heaven,I want her back so bad.the pain is so bad,hurting with hope still hurts.

  • Good day. i am praying for your your son to be raised from the death. i believe in a miracle for my mom to return to us on Christmas day in the name of Jesus.

  • One day I was in my room and the scripture Hebrews 11:35 Through faith ….Women received back their dead, raised to life again.
    I thought it was strange because my brother was dead 7 yrs. I said if this is really you, then I believe. After some months, i lost my second brother, prayed nothing happened, lost my last and only brother- i still pray for them, that God’s will will prevail. As of the scripture, i donot know what it Mwangi and Why it was so specific, like some spoke and laid it in my heart. It is a scripture that has trouble me a lot. Last week I lost a good friend, like my brothers death it was sudden. I have asked God if He wills, He can restore this persons life. The person was buried today – but God is not limited by anything- if He wills, it will come to pass. So I have prayed and tested the case in His hands. After all – It takes just one Word from Him. For all those people who have faith as small as mustard seeds. Pray that God will Reveal to me his plan.

  • Thought I would check back, it has been 10 years, 9 years since I posted the above and we still continue on. So many confirmations and answers over the years. I’ll give a couple..

    3 years ago one of my sons expressed his displeasure that I won’t go out of town or do anything that interferes with me going out to the grave side nightly as I believed I had been instructed to do. So that evening when I visited I prayed and asked the Lord if I had heard correctly. Was I supposed to go out there every night to the exclusion of all else? I told him I was in no way stepping away from His promise, I just needed to know if I was doing what He wanted.
    The next evening when I went out there “someone” had trimmed the circular path that has been worn from walking it every night. This was the first time that had happened, it has been seven years since this journey started.
    When I saw that I called a friend that has been believing with me and he said he immediately got the impression that was God’s way of letting me know I am on the right path. That was three years ago and no one has trimmed the path since. It only happened one time in 10 years and that was the day after I asked it I was doing what I was told to.
    On another occasion I had begun to sense a friend that was standing with me from the beginning had become uncomfortable with the topic when it came up. I called a mutual friend and asked and he confirmed that my friend had come to a point where he thought if it was going to happen it would have already. It had been a couple of years at that point.
    That evening at the cemetery I prayed and asked the Lord to speak to my friend about the truth of the situation.
    This was on a Tuesday, the following Sunday evening while out at the cemetery I commented to the Lord that I used to ride a word of encouragement for a couple of months, but lately it was days and sometimes just hours or minutes. I then said “Lord I could really use some encouragement”
    When I got home the friend I had asked him to speak to called. We hadn’t spoken in a couple of months. He mentioned he was driving home and found himself thinking about me and decided to call.
    Knowing his position I did all I could to steer the conversation anywhere but the direction of the resurrection. After a few minutes he asked what I had been doing that day. I mentioned I had just gotten home from the cemetery and he said “oh”.
    He then said “I was not going to say anything about this but as your friend I should probably tell you. I am not saying this is from the Lord because I know how he speaks to me and this did not come that way.”. He then told me of a dream he had where we were all gathered at a house on the beach. He was upstairs looking out a back window at the ocean and he glanced down and saw my wife lying on a patio recliner with her eyes closed. While he was looking at her she opened her eyes and got up. He said to the Lord (in the dream) “that is all we were wanting” referring back to when we gathered at the church to pray over her to resurrect. He said he then heard me calling everyone to gather downstairs because we were going to reconfirm our wedding vows since she had resurrected. He then said “I am not saying this is from the Lord, all I am saying is that is the dream I had and it is the only dream I have had about you guys.”
    Over the course of that week I tried several times to call him to find out when he had that dream. Could not connect so that Friday I emailed and asked. He said he had that dream about a week or week and a half previous which corresponds to when I asked the Lord to speak to him.

    So there a just a couple of things that happened that represent how this has gone for the past 10 years.


  • Will pray that God can perform many miracles and raise your daughter and others as well. After my son passed away on 25th September 2017 my daughter passed away six months later on 28th March 2018. I pray that God can raise both of them. Whilst praying I got the scripture in Jeremiah 3: 16-17. What does this scripture mean?

  • Seth can you please tell me what Jeremiah 31: 16 and 17 means as I got this scripture while I was praying for my children to be raised from the dead.

  • Still praying for son to come back. Praying that God will raise him and bring him home! My son died on Oct.4, 2015 and I have never stopped praying and believing!

  • My mom had 2 1/5 weeks ago my mom had passed away from pneumonia caused by Covid 19. I decided to pray for her resurrection for the rest of my life. The worst thing that can happen is nothing. However, I feel immense peace everytime I pray for her. It’s hard to go back to grieving when your heart is stirred to pray and expect. Secondly, it will piss off the enemy

  • I have been praying for over 7 months for my husband to be raised from the dead. He passed from a fall at the end of July. He went to the hospital they said he was going to be fine non life threatening. I said thank god but he later passed from his injuries. They let him bleed to death. I have forgiven them because I know god says you must forgive everyone to have your miracle come. I pray everyday sometimes hours at a time. I’m trying to listen to hear from god but haven’t heard from him. I know my husband would never want to leave me and our 2 sons. I truly believe he wants to come back. Please pray for us as I have been praying for everyone who has lost a loved one before their time. I keep begging my husband to come back but I don’t know if I’m being selfish asking this. It wasn’t his time to go. I’ll keep praying and not give up. I know god can do the impossible and hoping it’s soon because it’s so hard to keep the faith after so long. Does anyone know of anyone who has had their loved ones come back after months? I have thought maybe when we receive our miracles god will make us forget this tragedy ever happened. Just a thought out of desperation.

  • I am believing that God, Jesus is going to raise my brother Todd from the dead. All things are possible with God. When two or more agree it will happen. When you ask anything in Jesus Christ name it shall be done. I am just believing for Todd to be raised from the dead in our mom’s house. He committed suicide (died before his time) over past due bills and his first DWI. I know God will raise him from the dead before Christmas. Pray and believe with me for this mistake to be corrected. For Todd to be raised from the dead and well.

  • I am believing that God, Jesus is going to raise my brother Todd from the dead. All things are possible with God. When two or more agree it will happen. When you ask anything in Jesus Christ name it shall be done. I am just believing for Todd to be raised from the dead in our mom’s house. He committed suicide (died before his time) over past due bills and his first DWI. I know God will raise him from the dead before Christmas. Pray and believe with me for this mistake to be corrected. For Todd to be raised from the dead and well.

  • Pray for my brother Todd to be raised from the dead. He died before his time(suicide). He was upset about bills and his first DUI. He had gone to hog happening and was riding his motorcycle. The state patrol was waiting on people to give them tickets. He was about an eighth of a mile from home. The cop could have given him a warning. Anyway, he did not deserve to die this way. He was going to paint for my mom and sell his motor cycle the next day. I am believing God, Jesus is going to correct this mistake and raise my brother Todd from the dead. He did not mean to do this.

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