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Are you asleep, but not dreaming?

This blog by World Racer Kim Daniels sums up my dreams for a generation: Before I came on The World Race, I often found myself in my brown cushiony swirly chair, browsing around on the website, reading the blogs, the FAQ’s page, and studying the story-telling pictures. I remember reading thi…
By Seth Barnes
This blog by World Racer Kim Daniels sums up my dreams for a generation:

I came on The World Race, I often found myself in my brown cushiony
swirly chair, browsing around on the website, reading the blogs, the
FAQ’s page, and studying the story-telling pictures. I remember reading
this statement by one of the former Racers: “I found out that The World Race really isn’t about saving the world. It’s more about saving me.”

…Interesting… At the time, it honestly sounded a little
self-focused, but intriguing. Still, I knew I needed saving, and I also
knew that Jesus is pretty clear that in order to find your life, you
have to loose it.
I had an aching in my core to do more than I was
doing, and be more than I was being. College was done, and I had a full
time job waiting for me; I thought I was on the road to marriage and
though there was a lot of love, there was little peace. I was planning
my next steps, but still felt like a giant part of ME was missing.

I had no interest in a white
picket fence at the time. I knew I had very little idea about who I
was, and though there were a lot of options on the table, I had even
less of an idea of what to REALLY do with my life. And if I didn’t
purposefully figure it out, then I would default into something that I
could very well do, probably even be successful at, have a nice,
comfortable life and attain all the elements of the American dream…
but would it be because that’s what I was MADE for? Or would it be
because I defaulted into it because it was “the next step”?

I came on The World Race for many, many reasons. I wanted to lose my life to find it. I wanted to be Love to people who had never known Him. I wanted to do the greater things Jesus said I’d do. I wanted to get it through my thick skull that the world does not revolve around me. I wanted to get wrecked, and live the clich√©: there is more to life than this. I wanted to go and make disciples of ALL nations, not just converts of all nations. I wanted to understand these abstract terms, like faith, hope, love, truth, community, and The Holy Spirit.

And here I am in month 9 of my Race, thinking back to the day when I
used to think it seemed a tad bit selfish… that this Race might be
more about saving me than it is about saving the world… but that was at first glance and before I actually got out here. Then you take a closer look into the thing, and it looks like this:

A generation is asleep. They are
breathing. But few are dreaming. And even fewer are moving. Their eyes
are closed, and they don’t know themselves in an awaken state. They
don’t know who they are, or who they aren’t.

A generation of Christians don’t operate in their God-given authority. They don’t know they have it. They don’t know what “IT
is. Living in the Kingdom of God is something distant and far off,
attainable only on the day that we meet St. Peter at the pearly gates.

But then,
one by one, theycatch wind of a chance to do something out of the box,
something that might act as a vehicle to drive them from their slumber.
They abandon everything comfortable. They sell their stuff, they leave
their jobs indefinitely, they kiss their moms and dads goodbye, and
they move their lives away from their friends and malls and movie
theaters and they show up in Gainesville, Georgia (of all places) for
training on how to effectively live the next 11 months of their lives.
And as one of my dearest friends said, “Life now changes”…..

They launch out of foreign countries, living with language barriers
and cultural hurdles, surviving off of only what they can carry on
their backs. They are dropped into a community, forced to get outside
of themselves, to serve something other than their own agenda, pride,
or fear, and after 11 months, they have rubbed off the sleep from their
eyes and are beginning to ask the tough questions. The ones that matter.
They are saved of the things that defined them before, and for once,
they see life through eyes that believe they can actually change the

But before they change the world, they have to be the first to change.
Before they can invade the world with Kingdom, Kingdom has to invade them.

…and then, one by one, they come back. Radicalized. None of this
“nice young man” or “nice young lady” mess.They impregnate their
communities with the truth they learned. They invade their states with
Kingdom. They invite other people into this thing, and then those
invite others, and those invite others…. And before we know it, this
generation has woken up their own generation.

People begin to taste
something that activates every single one of their taste buds, and the
dullness they inhaled before is just plain boring and won’t cut it
anymore. They find something that is more vibrant than they thought
possible, and once they live in it, they are willing to give their
lives up for it. Except, it’s for more than a cause, and for more than
a feeling. It’s actually for the One who came up with the whole
thing… because we are living in the manifestation of His sheer genius.

This year isn’t about 11 countries in 11 months. It’s not about
stamps on a passport. It’s not about seeing the world and doing some
good deeds along the way. This is not the Peace Corps. It’s not about
doing humanitarian stuff.

Its about intentionally planting Kingdom all over the world.
It’s about His will being done on earth as it is in Heaven.
It’s about raising up people who will stop at nothing to be agents of change, truth and love.
It is about saving me. And saving the 25 others who are here, too.
And then, with 26 wrecked people who will come back to the states
in November, its about each of them influencing the next to take one
step of faith that could change their lives for forever.

This is a movement.

A movement that will launch over 250 more potential agents of change next year.

Is this God’s call for everyone? No, probably not. But I’ve become
really, stinking passionate about expanding this thing, so that those
who may be called to it will know that it exists, that it is a vehicle
to change, and it is intended to spur a generation to become all they
are intended to be.
I want to go where God is manifest and moving….
And from my seat, God is moving this way: Sometimes He takes us out in order to bring us in.

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