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Are you living your dream?

How’s your life? Are you living your dream or just getting by?   The opportunities we’ve got are so vast, I think the dream is probably a lot closer than you realize. Take Billy and Katie Swann for example. They are having a blast. They love to see people experience the kingdom of …
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes
How’s your life? Are you living your dream or just getting by?
The opportunities we’ve got are so vast, I think the dream is probably a lot closer than you realize.
Take Billy and Katie Swann for example. They are having a blast. They love to see people experience the kingdom of God. They love to see folks healed. Watching young people being discipled is a normal part of their day.
As Billy reported, “We’ve seen incredible changes in these sons and daughters of God, and we’ve seen Him at work in and through them.”
While traveling from Ecuador to Peru, our squad stopped at a border town called Tumbes.  While walking through the city center, some of our participants came across a woman who was sick, physically disabled and begging.  She had an abdominal tumor and was in pretty rough shape. 
Our teams decided to pray for her and ask God to heal her broken body.  As they were speaking words of life over her she stood up, her back straightened and she began dancing around-something she had not done in years.  Her tumor (visibly) went away and instantly she began praising God. 
This quickly drew a crowd, as many of the locals had seen this deformed woman begging day after day.  People started bringing children, friends and family to our squad pleading with them to pray over them as well.  They knew the power of God was at work here and they wanted to be a part of it.

Later they reported, “There are many more stories of physical, emotional and spiritual healing that have happened. There is absolutely nothing else I’d rather be doing with my life right now.”
We have been given all authority to bring healing and good news to those in despair. We’ve got the full backing of a God who promised to give us an “abundant life.”
I pray that you’re not settling. I pray that you’re going for it and living your dream. How is your life going?

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  • I have been reading your blog for a while now and God has been teaching and encouraging me so much through your words! Lately God has been awakening and fanning the flames of some of the desires/dreams He has set in my heart! Thank you for encouraging dreaming and sharing the testimony of people as they live out their dreams!

  • Some good friends of mine got news last week that their nephew was killed in a farming accident. They flew to Canada to be with the family, and to pray for the child to be brought back.

    As a church, we spent last week in focused intercession agreeing with our friends for this little boy to come back to life. It was some of the most intense prayer time I’ve ever had, and I really felt God’s presense with us.

    They really had faith and believed that God was giving them words and dreams showing the boy alive. They prayed for many days, but the boy was buried on Wednesday.

    Now we are all faced with the question of why God didn’t bring him back. My friends are really struggling with faith right now, wondering why God allows us to have hope and even seemed to confirm what they were praying, only to leave them broken and dissapointed.

    I don’t doubt God’s goodness, and I know that people are raised from the dead all over the world. But I can certainly relate to my friend with the question of why we are not seeing the evidence of the Kingdom we believe in. Why are we not seeing the power of God break through when we pray. For that, I have no answer.

    I feel like my faith is stronger just for having made the decision to be bold and ask and press for a miracle. But I also long to see God’s power here and now, and I don’t understand why we’re not seeing it.

  • Psalm 68:6a:
    “God sets the solitary in families…”

    That has been my life-long dream.
    To be in a family.

    A real family.
    A loving, nurturing, there-for-you family.

    Not true of my birth family.

    Which is why I searched far and wide.
    Until at 26 I married and started my own family.

    Believing this family would last.
    This family would be all that my dreams pictured.
    This family would remain unbroken “until death do us part.”

    When this family, of my “creation,” fell apart.
    Broken in what seemed like a million pieces, never to be restored…
    I was devastated.

    I believed my dreams of “family” were floating dead…in the water rushing under too many bridges of the past.

    And then…and then…out of nowhere.
    God gave me The Dragonfly House.
    My grand, vintage home with seven bedrooms.
    And planted the idea of renting out rooms.

    It was a seed of an idea that I gladly planted:
    Owning the property three days after I first saw it.
    Three days!

    And then, my “family” started to come.
    “Build it and they will come.”
    And they did.

    This is my dream come true:
    Seven years of sharing my home with many young people.
    Of diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and persuasions.

    He set the solitary, lonely woman who had yearned and longed for family… since a young girl…into a family.

    Praise His Holy Name!


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