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Breaking the chains off women

Last week a group of ladies got together in Sarasota to brainstorm how to build their new ministry to women seeking freedom from past issues – many from shame and abuse. I asked them to file a report  for us. Here it is: He pulled her down out of the bed onto the floor.  SHH…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes
Last week a group of ladies got together in Sarasota to brainstorm how to build their new ministry to women seeking freedom from past issues – many from shame and abuse. I asked them to file a report  for us. Here it is:
He pulled her down out of the bed onto the floor. 
SHHHH – he motioned.
Her little 7-year old heart pounded.  This was her special cousin!  Twice her age, he was still the one who always took an interest in what she was doing and told her how cute she was.  He would wink at her from across the room, take her for special bike rides and even kiss her like she saw the couples on TV doing.
Now he began to do it again and her heart raced with both fear and delight as he stretched out on top of her – even while her other two cousins slept heavily just a few feet away.  She knew there was something wrong about it, but it seemed exciting – and the attention.  She loved the attention!  What happened the rest of that night is not fit to print, but you get the picture.  It’s a story that is repeated every night of the week for millions of young girls and teenagers around the world, in the families of believers and nonbelievers alike.
For many, there is no shameful “delight” about it at all.  It’s painful, forcible, cruel – with every moment etched on their memories forever.  For others, they’ve been sold as prostitutes and this is simply what they do every night to exist.  All kinds of coping mechanisms surface – from disassociation to rage. 
But worst of all is what happens to a woman’s soul when love and desire is awakened before its time . . . when choices are stolen . . . and when tender hearts made in the image of God are betrayed and rejected, bought and sold.
The consequences are tragic.  Many alcohol and drug addictions – and nearly all sex/love addictions have their root in sexual abuse.  Often, disorders like anorexia and bulimia develop.  Depression.  Promiscuity.  Willing prostitution.  Broken relationships on every side.  Our enemy knows this and seems to be working overtime trying to steal the power and destiny of an entire generation of women (and men). He knows that what you “teach” a child in experience will stay with them forever. 
Apart from the supernatural work of God to heal and deliver!
This is why the six of us gathered together in Sarasota last week. We want to see women around the world restored to wholeness – spiritually, emotionally, sexually, psychologically and physically – through Jesus Christ.  How can they break free of the shame and lies brought on by abuse and deep emotional woundedness?  How can women who have many more types of secrets and insecurity find their true selves?  How much has the world taken from each of us in our way?  How hard to we all fight to be our true selves and not what the world expects us to be?  And how can other women come alongside to nurture, disciple and empower them to live in the full freedom of God’s truth and destiny? 
We believe the first step is to create a safe place to share your story. We’re only as sick as the secrets we keep.  Getting it all out in a safe environment where there is no shame, no judgment, no preaching – and where powerful, listening, healing prayer is applied and is essential.
We’ve seen breakthroughs happen here – emotionally and spiritually, deliverance from the bondage of years of strongholds, lose, questions, false self, and need for love and self-awareness.  This may be enough for some woundedness.  For others, it may take a much deeper renewal of the mind and heart. We are coming together to serve on many different levels and journey paths.
But we are committed to come together and create communities across the U.S. and around the world, pouring out the ashes of our lives so God can re-create a work of redeemed and restored beauty. We’re going to begin doing so this fall at several venues on the east coast.

If you have questions, suggestions, or you’d like more information on volunteering with this ministry, please email [email protected] The seeds God has planted will begin to grow and spread to all of those dear to his heart.

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  • Thanks, Seth.

    I’ll pray this new venture finds success in the path God has defined for it.

    Healing and health are always His plan.


  • Lillian Easterly-Smith

    It sounds like we have a similar vision – check out our web site. I have been involved in this area of ministry for over 21 years and believe our organization can help you and we could possibly work together to set the captives free by creating safe places around the world in our churches and organizations. Let’s talk… contact me.. God bless you as you reach out to the many who are hurting.

  • This is very close to my heart and my wife’s heart. We have dealt with this in our ministry over and over. It is so devastating for women and men as well on so many levels. I am excited to see these efforts across the globe and excited about God’s work of healing and restoration and ask that you pray for us as we continue to ministry to men and women around the states who have been through this..

  • I am a part of my church’s Wounded Hearts program an excellent resource for this…by Dan Allender…it truly is proving to be a great tool on this journey…praying for you and your women…

  • We send people out to plant the kingdom – to shore up the broken walls in communities, to set the captives free. It requires the kind of long-term commitment that this generation of young people doesn’t like to make.

  • Thank you Seth, it is hard to make the leep of faith to start the retreat. It takes trust in God to open up your heart and spill/share the pain. It brings tears and then the fear begins to go away. Just like a butterfly coming out of the cocoon, it takes time to heal. However the first step is reach out and want to find the joy in true healing by His loving hands.

  • I hear what you’re saying. It makes me think of the book titled: The Book that Transforms Nations
    It’s a great book about the Bible and how it has changed nations for the better in their history. The truth sets us free!

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