I have learned a bunch of deep things on the race already… but instead of
blowing you up with those… I’m gonna let you in on some more shallow funny
things I have learned…

I am absolutely addicted to chai tea.
Our contacts blow us up with it twice
a day…
but somehow…just somehow that is not enough
for us girls. Street
venders? yes please. In India
we got it for 3 rupees.. here in Nepal it is
like 10 rupees.. equivalent to about 6 cents our
currency. That beats
starbucks anyday!

It is absolutely not necessary to shower every single day.
I have been set
free from that corrupt idea! Every five days to a week? sounds like perfection.
We have embraced the idea of a baby wipe bath. It is BRILLIANT. We love hats.
Ruth is apparently not an easy name for people to say
around the world…
who would have thought. I introduce myself and they scrunch their noses and say
drrrrroooo..? no. its Ruth. So in India I introduced myself and the contact changed it to Ruthema. Cool they can say that very easily. It was then changed
to Ruthemaka…
aka in Telugu is sister. I introduce myself as Ruthema in
Nepal… Sister in Nepali is deedee…
so go figure it immediately gets changed
to Ruthemadeedee… Ill take it.
Sleeping is very important on the world race.

Here in
Nepal, Every

Friday basically the whole town fasts. Its so awesome that they
are so devoted but yet
again ALL NIGHT in the room over they are belting out
songs a
lllll night. We love those
I have learneNepal001 1d what all a bucket can accomplish. 
A bucket washes your
A bucket is your shower.
A bucket is equivalent to a “flush” in a squatty potty.
A bucket washes your dishes.
A bucket is a chair.
A bucket is a ladder. A bucket
puts out fire.
A bucket carries groceries. It carries rocks.
A bucket can
soak your feet after a long day.
A bucket feeds the animals.
A bucket is no longer just a bucket in my eyes.
It is
a way of life. What gets me is that sometimes the same
bucket does all of these
 Driving is even more psychotic than Houston traffic! In America if you honk it us usually in a hateful way and typically
get a harsh remark. Turns out in India and Nepal the h
orn is basically saying
“HERE I COME AND I’M NOT SLOWING DOWN” There is no hesitation in
driving. I have seen
2 dogs killed. I have seen someone slammed off their
motorcycle because they apparently didn’t m
ove quick enough. Not funny but the
driving is quite funny. On that note, in India the auto
(a mix of a taxi and
a golf cart) fits 5 people comfortably. Three in the back a
nd 1 in the front
with the
driver. No no, we had 19 people in one at one point. 
Electricity is never promised.

We have become fans of candle light dinners.
Personal space is a negative.
There is no such thing. If nepal007someone is
interested in whats going they just walk up and look. Eve
n as I type this blog
there is a creeper watching. hellooo there. Another exa
mple, chilling in the
market wa
iting for our ride there was a crowd drawn within 5 minutes.. just
wondering what was up. Our motto is to take up every opportunity so we
bringing the word of Jesus what upp!
Personal space is also a no go when it comes to living spaces…

Nepal%20001 1

iNDIA198 Meat is most likely going to be a no go when I return home…
I have seen
some disgusting things already. In India the boys were craving some beef. We
went to the market with our conta
ct and we ended up taking us back into the
alley t
o this secret room. SKETCHY. We walked in and I busted out laughing
immediately. There was
a man with a tarp on the ground chopping a freshly dead
cow with an ax! WHAT. I looked around there were peop
le with hoods on looking
down holding little bags… like they were ashamed of their addiction
to beef!
A oh India how I miss you. At that point I convinced myself I will just be
done with beef but chicken is still okay… until three days ago. We were
innocently waiting for a bus and I heard a screaming chicken. We peered into a
room and there was a man with a huge pot of water with a skinless chicken STILL
ALIVE being dunked into it! I will take tofu thank you <3
Living in community….
I will say is that living in
legit community is the scariest, hardest, most out of control, beautiful thing
I have ever been through in my life and I would not have it any other way.