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Demonic attacks like computer viruses

People sometimes ask me about if I ever expected AIM to grow as it has and how did it happen? On a practical level, one of the keys has been the brilliant web programmers we have on staff. Our I.T. dept is amazing. Mike Price and Duane Shippy were at the top of their profession before they joined…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes

People sometimes ask me about if I ever expected AIM to grow as it has and how did it happen? On a practical level, one of the keys has been the brilliant web programmers we have on staff. Our I.T. dept is amazing. Mike Price and Duane Shippy were at the top of their profession before they joined AIM staff. They are our secret weapons and have a server farm that hosts many sites other than AIM’s.

Mike just wrote me the following email about the spam & viruses coming at us over the web:
We are CONSTANTLY under attack from hackers in every country: China, Russia, Pakistan, Philippines, etc. The latest was from Argentina. These guys are constantly trying to find ways to attack our sites. We paid $20K+ for an “intrusion prevention device” from IBM/ISS that
came with a $2K/year maintenance fee. This is a “state of the art”
intrusion prevention device. The not-so-funny thing is: 95% of our attacks are against AIM sites. I don’t think this is a coincidence. These are spiritual attacks.
Of course, in the land of techno-ignorance that I live, I’m oblivious to bad guys and their viral schemes. Thanks to Mike and Duane, I almost never get spammed. And it made me think about the parallel to our spiritual lives. So many of us are bombarded by the enemy of our souls all the time. We walk around depressed, fearful, and stressed, saying to ourselves, “Oh well, I guess this is normal.” 
The irony is that we’ve been given all the spiritual protection we need. We’ve been given the authority to flip a switch and experience love, peace, patience, gentleness and self-control among other fruits of the spirit. We have the most amazing viral protection system, but we have to deploy it.
Many Christians are woefully ignorant about the way in which they’ve been targeted. If we could see in the spirit, we might see sulfur-smelling demonic shrapnel flying by us. This Present Darkness was a book that helped open the eyes of my heart to what we’re up against. Nobody trained me in this stuff, but being a missionary, you see it more frequently. The African believers can’t understand why we would stick our heads in the sand.
So just a reminder today: That anxiety or fear you’re living with may be more than just your own negative thoughts. We’d do well to pay attention to spiritual reality.

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  • The North American Church better get this – and soon – or we will become irrelevant.

  • If I could see sulfer-smelling demonic shrapnel fly by me… I might wet myself. I’m glad that I know what’s going on and don’t have to see it… yet.

  • Wow. That is so true. My dad works with juvenile delinquents and there are plenty of weekends when us staff are frusterated with eachother or a situation arises and we all stop and look at eachother and think… “This is the devil working against us.” I remember being in the DR and waking up one morning just feeling HEAVY and almost sad, and Miguel coming and telling us it was some sort of a Voodoo holiday. The heaviness was felt by all of us, it’s creepy.

  • I see it Seth, I see demons moving around, I see the strategies in place. I have days where I wish I didnt, ignorance realy is bliss.

    I see demons in people, I see how the enemy uses people, I see how the enemy decieves, ever so subtle, far beyond what people think he can do.

    ONLY walking with Jesus on a daily basis, listening to His voice, doing what He asks will lead you through this spiritual war, there is no other way to defeat the enemy.

    Satan is so clever and no one should EVER under estimate him.Your attacks on your website will NEVER let up as long as you follow God. Satan only leaves people alone who has been decieved already and cant do his kingdom much damage.

    If you wake up every day with the full force of hell on your tail then you know you are doing somethig right!


  • Seth, This is so right on. I’ve certainly been experiencing it in so many ways. I also appreciated what Sue said in those last two paragraphs. I just finished a series on Ephesians with our students, and they are so apathetic about this, in part because the rest of the volunteers are, too. They simply don’t accept/believe that the supernatural is reality, and this world we live in is temporal. None-the-less, our youth ministry has a Facebook page, and I’ve put a link to this post on our page. It’s a great analogy that I’m sure Paul would have used in Ephesians had he lived in the 21st century.

  • Does that explain why I can surf the net for hours but my computer will always crash within 5 minutes of loading this site?


  • Hi,
    Check out my blog friend. I find it comforting when a fellow Christian says that we must be doing something right when we’re being attacked daily.

    Because I’m being attacked hardcore. It comes in waves. But the last few weeks have been so bad it has been hard to form a simple thought at times.

    God bless

  • I understand what you say about being attacked, but never thought it was normal, because I am a Christian and thought that if I pray and ask God to remove the attacker that it would all go away, but this isn’t so all the time. Sometimes I think it may have been a door that I opened and need to ask forgiveness from and other times I wounder if I’m being attacked because I am doing the right thing and demons are trying to stop me. Right now I’m honestly scared to make one move or another for fear of consequences. Like for instance I wanted to help this one family I know- Mom in jail and her 4 kids are living hard right now- I get in a car accident on the way after I discover my refrigerator broke and thawed all the food in it. So I try harder, fight back spiritually. I open my bible and start reading and praying and all the while I’m doing this I can feel poking in my left side as if someone or something was actually poking me with something. The more spiritually intent I am the worse it seems. When I close my eyes at night I see the most alful things you can imagine. I don’t know what is going on or why its happening to me, but if anyone out there in cyber space has any info. I could use it. Maybe I’m going crazy. I would feel better knowing I was going crazy. I want to be brave enough to venture into the world of goodness and not have anything explode, dismantle, or better yet I’d like to be at peace. Peace?

  • Thasha from South Africa

    Hi Guys! I feel blessed to have found this site where I can comment about my supernatural attacks and how God delivered me and is still delivering me.

    I would also like to thank Seth for setting up this site for his motivational stories, they are a blessing, empowering and much more eye opening.

    My first encounter with demons started last year 2014, when I employed a friend of mine to my business. She started out as a loyal employee, who arrive on time and would even cover for me when I am absent from work, but then that I was her deceiving mode, underneath her were layers of jealously. Cutting the story short. She be-witched me, at night an unseen man was doing sex with me, my body was needles and pains. Cutlery in the kitchen would fly up and dishes would move without being touched.I just knew I will die and told my relatived my life is over. My business deteriorated as I was unable to attend to it, employees left, customers left too, very few remained. When my good friend remained behind as someone to help me when all employees left. I told my good friend I will close down and during my last day of opening, a customer came to me crying and told me that she won’t be buying from my friends shop as she doesn’t like her and I asked the customer which friend and
    which shop?

    Fortunately my good friend was next to me when the customer said this, she denied that she has a shop and she walked away and left me like that, talking to the crying customer. In an instant as I wad talking to the crying customer, I maade up my mind that I am NOT closing my shop. In my sickness I ask God to heal me, customers returned one by one and this time they told me that my friend persuaded them to leave my shop, told them all the faults in and told my customers leave my shop and buy in her new shop at low prices and promised to offer better services than mine and some were promised jobs.

    Through church prayers, fasting and mid night prayers I regained my strength and continued my shop as customers kept on coming back one by one. In the end I was totally healed, my shop expanded and my friends shop had closed.

    Please note my good friend stole customers, employees, shop equipment and be-witched me to die as her close friends told me…but GOD alive, Jesus is alive he still in his mission of healing people as he has healed. Its 2015 now my business is racking hips of profits, the last time I saw my friend she looked mentally disturbed am not sure if she is still alive by now. God is worthy to be praised I am alive and my business is expanding by hips and bounds

    • Thanks for writing this, Thasha. I have forwarded your comment on to a demonized man I know in the UK. He would like to write you and get your help. Would that be OK?

  • Thasha from South Africa

    Hi Janette I would to give you an advise based on my demonic attacks and my deliverance, but then your post was written back in 2009 which is 6 years from now. May be by now you are healed but then let me know your status so that I can offer my advise from my experience.

  • Thasha from South Africa

    Hi G! You are so right when you experience its because you are doing something right but them even so we need deliverance to be out of the situation. Yes G there is help and ways to pray to stop the attacks, remember we were not born with those attacks and most importantly they are not from God.

  • Thasha from South Africa

    The devil is a liar, pray and find solutions for your computer not to crush like putting Anti-virus…for instance basic computer virus protection from AVG is free.

  • Thasha from South Africa

    From my experience black magic, vodoo attacks and all satanic activities take advantage of sad situations and of course they weigh you down with out of now where stress and a low spirit so in times like this tell your father to pray at work, dance to some positive lifting songs, share jokes and that evil spirit will go away.

  • Thasha from South Africa

    Hi Sue had just bumped to this wonderful site and so everyone’s comment dated back in 2009 including yours so am a new kid on the block but then having experienced de,ionic attacks in my life I know what you mean, let me know if you are still experiencing these attacks so that I can share my story of deliveranvce in details…may be it will help you I don’t know.

  • Hi Seth!

    Definitely Yes, it will be ok. I am more than willing to share in details my story and what actually helped me when I was demonized and how survived the ordeal. I almost died and Yes I survived and surely he will survive too.

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