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Finding Donzula in a sea of pain

6.25.07 Chris Telfer writes from Swaziland: Three weeks ago while we were finishing up our time in Dondo, Mozambique I opened up an email from my friend Cassie Morgan. She was finishing up her time in Sw…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes


Chris Telfer

writes from Swaziland:

Three weeks ago while we were finishing up our time in Dondo,
Mozambique I opened up an email from my friend Cassie Morgan. She was
finishing up her time in Swaziland, Africa and was about to head back
to the States. She shared what the Lord had been doing in her heart and
how he had broken her for a little orphan girl named Donzula.

It just so happened that my team was going to be in Swaziland in a few
days, and although I would not be able to see her, she invited me to
share a piece of the Lord’s heart with her. In the email Cassie
explained she had found this little girl who needed Love. When Cassie
met Donzula, she found her living in a ditch, bleeding in places where
she should not be bleeding, completely orphaned. She had been caring
for little Donzula for a while now and, now that she was leaving, she
wanted me to find this little orphan and care for her. Something in me
was touched and I was determined to find her.

Praying as I closed the email, thinking our time in Swaziland would be
short, I said, “If you want this Lord, then make it happen.” Within
three days of our debrief we were told for the next five weeks to find
our own ministry and walk by faith. The Lord had now given us the time
and freedom to find her. Since then we have talked to a bunch of
different people, found a place to stay about five minutes from the
community we think she was at and are ready to find the Lord’s child. I
love how our God searches us out one by one and captures our hearts;
how he loving takes us into his hand, looks us in the eyes and breathes

After three weeks of asking people, and three days out in the bush, I
showed her picture to a go-go, and she said, “I know where she is.” One
of the local pastors took our team from homestead to homestead,
searching desperately for this child of God.

As we
were showing her picture, a young boy just took off running. I watched
him as he ran over the hill and then disappeared. Five minutes later,
out in the distance, I saw him running towards us with someone on his
back; my heart started beating, my spirit started singing, and I knew
this little girl was our little girl.


Erin McKenna picks up where Telfer left off:

In the past two weeks my heart has fallen in love with a little girl
named Donzula. I don’t know how the Lord set my team up to find her in
a country full of orphans. I do know that the Lord has taken precise
measures to be certain that her story and mine are intricately woven
together in a way that maximizes His glory and reminds me that He is
concerned with every detail of my life…no matter how great or how

This precious girl has completely stolen my heart. I spent several days
in tears before the Lord, unable to understand why He would allow my
heart to break so much for this little girl and not allow me to take
her home with me. I was like a kid begging her daddy for a puppy. It
hurt me to think that when I left her that she might not be held and
loved. That she might not know safety…I was torn.

So desperately I wanted something to change, and not just my prayers. I
wanted to physically see the needs of this little girl met. I wanted to
meet them. I wanted heaven to be torn in the same way that my heart was
– even more so. In order that the complete measure of the fullness of
Christ would be released over this girl and over this country.

I’m ready for my Christianity to become more than just noble intentions and hopes of changing the world.

I want more than just a broken heart for the lost, the orphan, and the
widow. I understand at a deeper level what it means to hate evil; to
hate how sin has distorted this world and how things truly aren’t as
they should be. I desire so strongly to see the Lord restore that which
has been marred by the ugliness of sin.

Yesterday my heart found peace. Running up to Donzi’s house, my sweet
little girl came flying at me and wrapped her arms around my neck as I
swung her into my arms. She smiled shyly as she whispered to me, “I
love you so much!” We went back in forth in an “I love you so much!”
battle before my tears spilled over in joy.

She doesn’t speak much English. She doesn’t understand the prayers I
pray over her while we spin in the fields worshiping the Lord until we
can’t walk straight. She won’t know how deeply my heart longs to see
her rise up and change this nation. She can’t understand how much her
smile has taught me or how much it means to me when she puts her head
on my shoulder and rests with me. I can’t understand how much more the
Father’s heart loves her and longs for her. My heart loves her so much!

One child. One Savior. Only grace, changing everything.

Chris Telfer


Erin McKenna

have been traveling the world doing ministry with The World Race since January. Chris is from Colorado and likes to play Frisbee Golf. Read his blog here.
Erin enjoys reading, running, making cookies, going on family
vacations, taking Sunday afternoon naps, and quick-witted humor. Read
her blog here.

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Comments (7)

  • What an awesome story!! Praise God for people who are willing to do as He commands.
    It is true apart from our Lord we cannot do anything, but when we do the will of the Father, He is pleased and we are so blessed, Amen!!

    In His love,

    James 1:27

  • OK, that just makes my heart swell with joy and my eyes flood with happy tears…..Praise God!!!!!!!!

  • Although I have not experienced anything of such yet, this (what has been written here), is absolutely and completely what I am living for. To be so involved in the works of the LORD and HIS PEOPLE and to be used BY HIM to accomplish those works. Its beautiful. It fills me with emotions that just cannot be explained. I am at peace, safety, and filled with love because of how much spiritual confirmation of the phsyical presence the LORD brings to us by power of the HS that this story shows, and how it is used in us BY HIM to accomplish these amazing and wonderful works!

    This story is so inspirational. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  • It is always amazing how God works through us. He doesn’t do it all. He gives direction and does what He does, then expects us to do our part, and, Voila! miracles happen. God is so awesome.
    What I don’t understand is what exactly has happened to Donzula now. Is she at an orphanage in Swazi, or home with Jessie? Could you fill me in?

  • Praise be to God!

    It truly is wonderful to see how God chooses to use His (willing) children to show His love. I pray that Donzula forever remembers the unchanging Love of Christ shown to her through y’all.


  • I cried when I heard this story… My emotions could not contain themselves…I am about to leave for a mission trip to mexico and hearing this makes me filled with joy and gladness to know that Jesus is still working today!

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