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Finding the right pace for your life

Summers mean a change of pace around the Barnes home. We do things slower. I came home from work yesterday and Karen, Emily, and Seth Jr. had an intense game of Dominion going on.    Although our five kids are in their 20’s now, we love to get together and hang out. Wednesday’s are fa…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes
Summers mean a change of pace around the Barnes home. We do things slower. I came home from work yesterday and Karen, Emily, and Seth Jr. had an intense game of Dominion going on. 
Although our five kids are in their 20’s now, we love to get together and hang out. Wednesday’s are family dinner day. Vegetables from our garden are usually a feature. Last night Karen tried out a new recipe – barbacoa (a Mexican meat dish). It was a hit. We focus on a different kid each week. This week we talked about our memories of Seth Jr. as a kid growing up.
We like the slower pace. Many evenings we have friends over and we sit out on the porch talking while the frogs and crickets fill the forest with noise.
These days we go to bed later – about 1:30. Karen has a bunch of sewing projects and I work on my book. The dogs lay around munching on their bones.
It wasn’t always this way. When the kids were younger and I was more hands-on at AIM, the schedule seemed to own us. We seemed to be exhausted and pouring out all the time. Some years we could have used a turnstile for all the guests staying with us.
Ecclesiastes talks about seasons in life. They’re essential for balance. Run your engines too hard and you can feel used up – a chronic fatigue victim who wonders, “Will it always be this way?”
What season are you in? How are you managing it? What advice do you have for people who are struggling to find the right pace?

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  • It’s called, “Season of trial, faith testing and going unhealthily way to fast” I’m ready to just get away and try to find out what God wants this season to be like. Your description of your summer sounds like heaven. I pray I can find some time for that

  • Seth,on one of your links you gave me the name of a “wise” young person and after reading his blog, it was a call to do more, better and faster. We will rest one day but not now, here was our wake up call…I’m terrified of the possibility of crawling through life only to arrive at death safely. Scott Taylor. Those that know me well, this is my new motto borrowed from an A.I.M. Missionary (Adventures in Mission).

  • I’m starting to find the beauty in only doing what “I see the Father doing”. It’s often a lot less that what I think I need to accomplish.

    I’m in a season now of relationship building which takes a lot of focused time in conversation – not production.

    I think it’s helpful to acknowledge what season you are in so that you can focus on doing it and becoming skilled at it. It makes it easier to let the other stuff go.

  • Dear Seth,
    I am realizing in this season of “twilight”, that my body seems be dictating to me, how I am to spend the remaining years of my life upon this earth….instead of the frantic pace of “having more to do than a 24 hour a day allotted me”, I have time to reflect upon and share how ” goodness and mercy have followed me all the days of my life” and that the God of the promises, is absolutely trustworthy and His faithfulness is to all the generations that come after me….I believe that the greatest gift we can give anyone (apart from loving them) is to encourage…we so often find ourselves “correcting” but lacking in the affirmation so many hearts are longing for….In the writing of the epistles, Paul began all but one, with words of encouragement, then followed with challenge and/or correction…So, in this “season of my life” I embrace the calling to encourage and challenge the generation coming up upon the scene…they need to hear our stories where God showed Himself faithful…what a privilege!! And you, Seth, along with your supportive wife, are doing just that…your “fruit” is remaining and lives of substance are being produced….I thank God for you both…be encouraged this day…and know that this senior citizen is so proud of you both…

  • Joyce,

    You’ve always been a great encourager. You’ve had so many hard things to overcome, but your testimony of praying through them and lifting others up in the process has been wonderful.

    thanks for praying for and encouraging us. I pray grace for you in this season of life.

  • Um, yeah we’re pretty much in the chaotic season of having 4 young children. People keep telling me if I blink it will be over. Hasn’t worked yet. 😉

  • we have a season of “abiding” every august at our church where as staff we are encouraged to work just half days and spend the rest of time resting, praying, reading…just intentionally hanging out with God more. It’s harder to do in the season of life we are in with 3 young children but I still think it’s possible, and really important, to make time for rest and refreshment.
    It’s great to start the busyness of September from that place of rest and abiding- it brings a whole different perspective for the rest of the year.

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