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Everyone who follows Jesus needs to figure out how to make disciples. It’s the last thing he asked us to do and disciples do what the Lord asks them to do. 1 John 2:6 makes it clear: Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did. I’ve spent much of my life trying to better understand how …
By Seth Barnes

Everyone who follows Jesus needs to figure out how to make disciples. It’s the last thing he asked us to do and disciples do what the Lord asks them to do. 1 John 2:6 makes it clear: Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did.

I’ve spent much of my life trying to better understand how to do that and I’ve tried to pass on anything I’ve learned to you for free (something about “freely you have received, freely give” – I don’t understand the “suggested donation” thing). Most of it I arrived at by studying how Jesus did it and the process of trial and error. I use the following six categories: Discipling, Fathering, How to Disciple, Identity issues, Spiritual Coaching, and Spiritual Formation. I invite you to check it out and hope it helps:


A conversation with Peter Lord (4/24/2008)
A prayer I prayed for a few disciples (1/26/2007)
Authority is often a bad word (11/26/2006)
Authority used to be a bad word, but it’s gotten better (6/30/2006)
Chinese chicken and learning to abandon (3/23/2006)
Cyber-discipling: round 2 (5/9/2006)
Debriefing those we love most (6/22/2006)
Disciples reporting in after a decade (part 2) (4/10/2006)
Discipleship in the marketplace (8/18/2006)
Discipleship is imitation (3/27/2006)
Discipleship is tough (12/1/2005)
Discipleship off to a roaring start (4/1/2008)
Discipling people can take a lifetime! (5/30/2006)
Everybody follows somebody, who do you follow? (10/17/2007)
Floyd McClung on discipleship (12/24/2006)
Get yourself a guide (7/2/2006)
How do you debrief someone who has witnessed atrocities? (8/25/2007)
I’ll disciple you: Two month trial! (3/27/2008)
I’ll disciple you (1/29/2006)
Imparting spiritual gifts (6/25/2007)
Is written curriculum a waste of time? (3/26/2008)
Jesus’ Discipleship pillar #2: Immersion (3/23/2006)
Jesus’ Discipleship pillar #3: Dependence (3/24/2006)
Jesus’ Discipleship pillar #4: Body Life (3/25/2006)
Jesus’ Model of Discipleship (3/22/2006)
Lessons learned while trying to save the world (part 2) (6/18/2007)
Lessons learned while trying to save the world (part 3) (6/19/2007)
My criteria for discipling others (2/22/2008)
My cyber-discipling experiment: an interim report (5/5/2006)
My miserable experience with discipleship (3/1/2006)
One-to-one discipleship is a dying art form (3/28/2006)
Organic Disciple Making by Dennis McCallum (5/12/2008)
Our call to make disciples (4/6/2006)
Pseudo discipleship (7/16/2006)
Rocky and Jesus (8/17/2007)
Some Q & A about knuckleheads (8/15/2007)
Ten best discipling decisions I’ve made (1/18/2006)
The magic of incremental affection (11/16/2007)
The result of too many sermons (4/1/2006)
Time to ditch a broken discipleship model (12/29/2007)
Top 10 Discipling Decisions (cont.) (1/20/2006)
What is your “one thing”? (7/29/2006)
Why discipling in the marketplace is so hard (8/19/2006)
Why discipling is so hard (5/29/2006)
Why is it so hard to disciple adults? (5/16/2006)
Why Jesus keeps us off balance (4/20/2007)
Why making disciples is so awesome (6/2/2006)
Why one-on-ones? (3/4/2006)
Young men wrestling with pain (10/6/2007)
Young people deserve better (8/9/2007)


A dad’s role with his daughter’s suitors (7/13/2007)
A source of hope in a land of starvation (3/8/2007)
Becoming a spiritual warrior (1/24/2007)
Confronting the father who abandoned you (8/18/2007)
Fathers and warriors (1/20/2007)
Fathers exasperating their children (4/23/2008)
Fathers saying the sacred “Yes” (1/29/2007)
Fathers, bless your children (3/9/2006)
Fathers, call out your children (part 2) (3/27/2007)
Fathers, here’s how to date your children (4/29/2008)
Finding a spiritual father named Andrew Shearman (3/3/2006)
Five promises of a spiritual father (3/6/2008)
From Africa – one orphan’s story (3/5/2007)
Job description for a father (3/26/2007)
Learning to be a spiritual father (5/11/2006)
Missing my national debut (9/1/2007)
Not many fathers (9/2/2007)
Saying goodbye to my daughter for a year (12/31/2006)
Saying goodbye to my only son (9/17/2007)
Scaring your daughter’s suitors (1/30/2006)
We are becoming old wineskins (6/5/2007)
Wearing the father-protector hat (1/26/2006)
What adoption feels like (5/27/2007)
Where are our spiritual fathers? (3/11/2008)
Whimsy vs. the dreadful tick (10/14/2007)
Yearning for a perfect father (part 3) (3/28/2007)

How to Disciple

Discipleship basics: Three things Jesus did that we don’t (6/11/2007)
Discipleship in the marketplace (part 2) (8/19/2006)
Finding a place to have deep conversations (6/9/2006)
Finding people to coach (recruiting disciples) (4/17/2006)
Finding people to disciple (3/13/2006)
How do I choose someone to disciple? (3/14/2006)
How do I find someone to disciple? (3/20/2008)
How do you wake up to spiritual reality? (7/26/2006)
How Jesus teaches for life change (4/8/2006)
How to be a disciple: 1. The seeking heart (8/20/2006)
How to be a disciple: 2. The teachable heart (8/21/2006)
How to be a disciple: 4. The faithful heart (8/23/2006)
How to find good teachers (6/6/2007)
How to fish – seeing candidates with the eyes of faith (4/18/2006)
How to journal (1/9/2006)
My discipleship definitions (part 1) (7/14/2006)
My discipleship definitions (part 2) (7/15/2006)
Selecting Disciples: the FAST way (3/15/2006)
The best discipleship curriculum (3/21/2008)
Using the workplace as a discipling venue (8/17/2006)
What does “feed my lambs” mean? (7/8/2006)

Identity issues

At peace with my limitations (2/6/2007)
Eldredge on our identity in Christ (1/18/2008)
Feeling accepted by God (5/6/2008)
Finding your identity in Christ (9/28/2007)
How to become a human being (3/17/2007)
I care about the approval of men too much (3/8/2008)
I’m a misfit and that’s OK (6/10/2007)
Identity in Christ quiz (2/29/2008)
Learning to trust others (6/12/2007)
My crazy life (11/19/2007)
My search for significance (2/7/2007)
Roles should shape but not define your identity (5/7/2008)
Stop comparing yourself (4/2/2006)
Things learned while circumnavigating the globe (5/4/2008)
Welsh teen suicide epidemic – this would have helped (3/1/2008)
When an authority figure puts you down (9/27/2007)
Your identity vs. your role (1/17/2008)

Spiritual coaching

6 foundational principles of spiritual coaching (4/13/2006)
A great reading list (2/15/2007)
Barriers to spiritual coaching (4/25/2006)
Debriefing in paradise (7/29/2006)
How I found a mentor (11/1/2007)
How to become a spiritual coach (12/13/2006)
How to find a mentor (11/2/2007)
I’m going to go with the goers (5/17/2006)
Jesus as a spiritual coach: the example of Peter (4/12/2006)
Jesus learned dependence and so must we (7/5/2006)
Making champions (1/5/2006)
Pastors need to become spiritual directors (10/2/2007)
Spiritual coaching (2/28/2006)
Spiritual direction: advice from a soul friend (9/14/2007)
Surprised by relationships I wasn’t looking for (4/25/2008)
The blessing of a negative debrief (6/28/2006)
The man in the arena (6/29/2006)
The role of a discipler in spiritual growth (6/26/2006)
We all need a spiritual coach (3/30/2006)
What advice do you have on doing devotions? (5/7/2006)
What do you say to someone in pain? (7/27/2007)
What’s the difference between a mentor and a spiritual coach? (10/31/2007)
Where do I find a spiritual coach? (4/19/2006)

Spiritual formation

4 Aids to personal growth (4/3/2007)
4 Lies we tell ourselves (2/21/2007)
4th of July – let’s celebrate our dependence too (7/3/2006)
5 Barriers to personal growth (4/2/2007)
A good mission trip should disturb you (12/22/2007)
A World Racer talks about real hunger (7/2/2007)
Brokenness: One woman’s journey (12/8/2007)
Coming to faith (6/8/2007)
Difficult people are God’s grindstones in our lives (6/12/2006)
Fasting – wrestling with your mind and body (8/4/2006)
How do you learn to trust God? (5/24/2007)
How to end a long fast (9/11/2006)
How to minister: Imitating Jesus (2/16/2007)
How to minister: Learning to grieve (2/20/2007)
How to minister: Mourning with those who mourn (cont.) (2/18/2007)
How to Minister: Touching Jesus the leper (2/19/2007)
Interpreting Scripture – a few things to consider (1/29/2008)
Is fasting always a private thing? (8/3/2006)
It’s not biblical (1/28/2008)
Led where you don’t want to go (8/31/2007)
Looking for the ghost of Ted Danson (7/22/2007)
On being spiritual (8/7/2006)
Pattern living (8/11/2006)
Richard Rohr: A conversation (12/13/2007)
Serendipity or divine appointments? (9/7/2007)
Should short-termers benefit from their mission experience? (5/25/2006)
The difficult road of reckless abandon (part 1) (5/23/2006)
The difficult road of reckless abandon (part 2) (5/24/2006)
The importance of humility (12/15/2006)
The problem with independence (2/28/2008)
What do I do for devotions when I’m uninspired? (5/11/2008)
Where is God in the midst of pain? (8/19/2007)
Why does “abandon” need to be a part of your discipling curriculum? (5/26/2006)
Why Jesus is the ultimate radical reformer (1/13/2007)
Why we must learn how to abandon (5/22/2006)

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