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Free leadership training resources

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The world of missions has changed radically in a generation. Whereas the American Church used to carry the lion’s share of the load, the rest of the world has swept past us with a great swoosh of the Spirit’s wind. In India alone, thousands of national missionaries a…
By Seth Barnes

The world of missions has
changed radically in a generation.
Whereas the American
Church used to carry the
lion’s share of the load, the rest of the world has swept past us with a great
swoosh of the Spirit’s wind.

In India alone,
thousands of national missionaries are reaching one billion of their countrymen
with the hope that Jesus offered.

So what role does that leave for
the American Church?
One of the most obvious ways we can come alongside nationals overseas is
with an Ephesians 4:12 ministry of equipping them for works of service, and
especially leadership training. EQUIP is
a good example of a ministry that does this.

I personally write a lot on the subject of leadership (for a list of my blogs on leadership, go here). And I’m continually looking for free leadership
resources for nationals (in countries where they can’t get them). For example, here is a free set of
commentaries and a spiritual gift test.

The best free leadership resource I’ve
seen so far is available at this link. Or click on any of the following articles. A missionary who trains leaders in the bush in Botswana uses them and told me about them. Many are by George Patterson, a leadership guru.


Autocratic Leaders


Deal wisely with
leaders accustomed to high level authority

Balanced Ministry Triangle

[Pastoral Work]

of relationships in the Trinity, applied to disciple making

Balanced Church Life

[Pastoral Work]

Harmonize the
ministries of a church or Christian organization

Bible Models

[Character Development]

Tell stories
to help people to follow good biblical examples

Bible Models with Role-Plays, and Guidelines

[Pastoral Work]

Develop healthy
flocks by teaching with role-plays.

Bible Stories


O. T. stories introducing
basic spiritual truths, listed with related New Testament stories:

For all Bible stories and
applications, download

Appendix from

Shepherd’s Storybook

Bible Readings

[Family and Small Groups]

Bible, stories for children, discussion questions

Cautions for Field Administrators


common errors of green or careless field supervisors.

Cell formation


Good and bad routes
to take to form small groups
(a diagram, MSWord document)

Cells and House Churches, Get Started

[Pastoral Work]

summary of what to do.

Cells, Reach your City with Cells (Home Groups)

[Small Groups]

researched. Thorough treatment.

Cellular Church Body, Analysis of Development


Form small churches within a larger congregation.

Child of Peace


Work with a person of
peace like Levi, Cornelius or Lydia
to enter communities

Children, Caring for during Worship


children to work with adults during worship

Children Participate Seriously in Church Life


Children disciple younger ones and serve with adults.

Church Multiplication–

Can we Take it too Far?

[Church Planting]

misconceptions, false idealism

Church Multiplication Guide Explained

[Church Planting and Leadership Training]

that reproduce

Church Reproduction, Spontaneous


study: George Patterson, Honduras

(pdf file).

Church Planter’s Checklist

[Church Planting]

list of vital church planting tasks, to remind one what to do

Church Planting Myths

[Church Planting]

‘sacred cows’ that paralyze the work by exposing myths

Communicate the Gospel to Muslims


non-argumentive approach to sharing Christ wih Muslim friends

Community, Christian, Developing

[Pastoral Work]

to build healthy church bodies and cells

Congregational Progress Chart


of vital ministries, to train shepherds

Congregations Serving Each Other

[Church Body Life]

interaction between cells & churches

Coordinating New Church Work in a Large Region

[Mission, Church Planting
and Leadership]

Mobilize new leaders

Development and Relief

[Mercy Ministry]

command to love our neighbor in practical way

Discipleship and Intimacy with God


outline, Neil Gamble, renewal

that balances Relationships, the Word and Ministry:

See Balanced Ministry

Education, Christian


traditional religious education, its problems and solutions

Theological, oriented to obedience:

see Obedience Oriented Education.

Empowering Shepherds


How mentors make
new leaders’ ministry more effective

Evangelism, working with a ‘Son of Peace’


to penetrate a new community

Fifteen Facts
of Life and Death,

see Life and Death

Formal Course,

See Mentoring for Ministry

Freedoms that Churches Should Enjoy


Free believers & flocks from paralyzing traditions

‘GlobaLocal’ Church


‘Double vision’
focus on both local and distant outreach

Healing in Jesus’ Name

[Mercy Ministry]

testimony by a medical doctor, Klydi Vampa, M.D.

Idols of any Kind Grieve God


God’s love
compared to a mother’s broken heart

Jesus’ Major Commands


Bible studies,
to make disciples who obey our Lord’s commands

Jesus’ Commands, Short List


A brief
list summing up all that Jesus commanded

Jesus’ Life and the Good News


A brief
summary, based on the Apostles’ testimony



What the Koran teaches about Jesus (a ‘bridge’ to build relationships
with Muslims)

Leaders Empowered


How mentors can make
new leaders more effective

Training by mentoring:

see Mentoring…

Man of Peace:

‘Child of Peace’

Mentoring, Applications (different purposes)


Strengthen flocks, families & organization.

Compared to Classroom

Brief Analysis�Complete Analysis

[Leadership Training]


Mentoring, Assertive and Purposeful


tied to action aimed at


Mentor for Ministry


Formal course for seminary credit or
certificate: 7 modules, content & aims

Mentoring, General Guidelines


Aids for
training new Christian leaders


Information Chart


information from trainees (MS Word� Doc)

MentorNet Messages


Brief articles on a
variety of issues and problems that mentors face (Page)

Mentoring New Leaders–

Who Should Do it? [Training Leaders]

Enlist trainers
among new leaders

Menu-based Training


then select studies that fit needs of each trainee’s flock

Ministries Check List


A chart of
church activities that the New Testament requires



ministeriios que Dios requiere que una iglesia haga

Mission Theory and Practice Integrated

[Mission Training]

Add action to mission courses

Muslim Work


Communicating the Good News
to Muslims

New Shepherd’s Identified


for identifying pastoral workers

Obedience Oriented Education

[Pastoral Training]


and Evangelism by Extension (


‘One Another’ Commands


Help believers
and congregations to serve one another in love

Priorities Chart


Help mentors to know
trainees’ strength and needy areas of focus

Religions, Non-Christian, Dealing with


in pagan societies―what to do and to avoid

Renewal–Repair Rusty Organizational Structures


Freedom from restrictive rules

River of Grace [Pastoral Work]

Resist power-hungry controllers and
legalistic rules.
A short story.

Role-plays (an
extensive list, arranged topically):

See Demonstrations.

Routes that churches take�good and bad�to grow


Small groups, diagram (MS Word�)

Self-support Issues


Mobilizing many
volunteer workers. See also Voluntary Workers.

Church: See ‘Globalocal

Sin, original. Eve Tells Cain & Abel How Life Was before the


Eve laments the great loss

Small Groups, Starting


Start cells that edify believers & reproduce new cells

Small Groups,
good & bad routes that churches take to form cells (diagram):

See Cell

Spiritual Gifts – Biblical Models


gifting: compare one’s interests with persons in the Bible

Spontaneous Reproduction of Churches

[Missions, church

Case study and guidelines. George Patterson (pdf)

Stories & Skits


Use stories, skits
and role-plays to teach God’s Word more effectively

Suffering, for Twelve Years


woman’s thoughts, who was healed of a hemorrhage.

Teaching Integrated with other Disciplines


truth and task; defragmenting theology

Team Formation


Missionary Team Formation.

Train Leaders Like Jesus and His Apostles Did


Supplement lectures with mentoring.

Trouble Shooting Chart

[Church Planting]

Helps for
common problems

Writing Studies to Train Leaders


to write simple textbooks that result in action



Globalocal Church


Workers Mobilized, Activating Invisible Resources


Mobilize more workers for missions

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