A few months ago, teams from the January 2012 C Squad got to help make a young missionary's last wish come true. They partnered with Be Like Brit and Mission of Hope International in Haiti to build a new home and school for 66 children. And they learned what it looks like to see people fully living out their callings from God. This is their story:

"I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies it will produce many new kernels–a plentiful harvest of new lives."
John 12:24
From updates.theworldrace.orgBritney Gengel, a 19-year-old student at Lynn University, came to Haiti in January 2010 to love and serve the nation's orphans. She and her group spent their first day visiting an orphanage, and she sent her parents this text message:  
"They love us so much and everyone is so happy. I want to move here and start an orphanage myself."
A few hours later, tragedy struck the small country of Haiti. The earthquake of January 12, 2010 devastated Port-au-Prince, and Britney lost her life in the rubble of Hotel Montana. Her body was recovered 33 days after the earthquake.
When the January 2012 World Race C Squad arrived in Haiti in February 2012, they met Britney's dad, Len. He's a big, funny construction contractor, and he's making his daughter's final wish come true. Normally, children get to live out their parents' legacies, but in this special case, Britney's parents are living her dream in her place.
From updates.theworldrace.org
On a hill overlooking the beautiful Haitian coastline stands Britney's orphanage. The Gengels chose to keep Britney's spirit and memory alive by establishing a non-profit organization called Be Like Brit. They are building a "B" shaped orphanage in Grand Goave, Haiti for 66 children. 33 girls. 33 boys. The number of children represents the days that passed before her body was found. Because Britney lived a selfless life of passion for others' needs, 66 children will have a loving home. The Gengels' dream is to open the orphanage on the three year anniversary of the earthquake and Britney's death.
From updates.theworldrace.org
Several teams from C Squad got to take part in building Britney's legacy. They spent part of their month in Haiti laying the foundation and pouring concrete at Brit's orphanage. 
Racer Abby Steverson wrote about what it was like to help water the new seeds of life that came from the tragedy of Britney's death:
"Our primary goal has been to finish laying a foundation of concrete for the Be Like Brit orphanage. Without a fancy concrete mixer/pourer, we form a bucket brigade and pass the concrete, pour it, then pass the bucket back. The labor is challenging yet rewarding, as I truly believe in the work being done by this organization."

From updates.theworldrace.org

"We watched a video about the Gengels' journey, and I could not keep the tears away. Britney looked so full of life in each picture we saw of her in Haiti. Len told us that burying a child is the most unnatural event a person can endure, and he took every chance possible to encourage safety on our adventure. 
Knowing Len, working on the rooftop of the orphanage, seeing the beauty of Haiti below–it was all so powerful. The chain of events that led to Be Like Brit was full of tragedy and beauty. Len's love for his daughter brought him to Haiti. 
What I have been given this month is inspiration. To see people fully walking in their callings has been an invaluable gift–one I am incredibly thankful to receive. "
**Photos and information by Abby Steverson, video by Johnfrank Dieguez**