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I’m called to make disciples as Jesus did and then to help those disciples come together to form community. And I’m looking for other people with a similar call. For those who think they may share this call, you need to read a short treatise that I believe will make things clearer for you…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes
I’m called to make disciples as Jesus did and then to help those disciples come together to form community. And I’m looking for other people with a similar call.
For those who think they may share this call, you need to read a short treatise that I believe will make things clearer for you. Wolfgang Simson just published it for free. Download it here.

If you like it, then download the 541 page book and read it (password is “ok”). 

Here’s a book review by a church planter in Latin America.

Starfish Manifesto is simply too radical. It assumes Jesus should be
first in all areas of our life, and our citizenship should be
transferred from the competing kingdoms of 1) self, 2) our
organizations/denominations, 3) our nationalities, to absolute and
total allegiance to Jesus and His Kingdom alone.
While many of us
assume we have already done these things when we gave our life to
Christ (and even serve Him in various ministerial capacities), SM blows
all of these naive, watered-down versions of following Christ, out of
the water. It calls into question too much of our Western, comfortable,
individualistic, contemporary-Evangelical-lifestyle-cocoons.
To align
ourselves fully with Jesus teachings, apostolic principles and values
as outlined in the Gospels, Acts, and Epistles, is simply more than
most of us are willing to deal with. Our lives are pretty set. Our
ministry plates already full. We have convinced ourselves, we are “OK”
as we are. Few of us are ready for anything that might call into
question the life we have set up for ourselves.
There are many other areas also needing realignment with the
King/Kingdom before the church will be positioned to bring in the final
great global harvest. Simson even assumes 1st century apostolic signs,
miracles, casting out demons, and wonders should be normative. Why then
are they not? Why do we continue to try to do God’s work in the power
of our own efforts with minimal results? Simson spends many pages
attempting to answer these very questions.
I was at a conference several years ago where Simson described working on this book. His theme of a worldwide movement of Christ-followers sparked my imagination. Let me encourage you to see why – download the book for free and see if doesn’t move you to action.
I’m a part of this movement and want to invite you along for the ride. Whatever else you’re doing, see if it matches up to what Jesus is doing for sheer excitement. Jesus is bringing the kingdom around the world – let’s join him.

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  • In a conversation with the Lord a few months ago He spoke to me regarding this issue:

    “Look” He said, “Look at all these church leaders busy doing things for the kingdom.They have great ministries,great projects,and many followers but if I asked them tonight to sell everything they have, to leave their church, ministry without saying a word, to slip away quietly in obedience to me…very few would do it.”

    “Very few have actually laid down their life for me. Their ministry, their projects and the “fame” they have amongst christians are now idols in their lives. They nolonger hear me, neither do they really seek me. I am not Lord of their lives, even though it may look like it. Their heart is not in total submission and they nolonger act as a servant of mine waiting to do my bidding”

    “If I asked them to leave it all in a moments notice, many will not even hear me yet others will be like the person who “wanted to go back and bury their parent first” before they will serve me”

    All I would say to anyone is make sure NOTHING over takes God in your life. He must remain central at all times and there must be a “daily lay down your life and take up your cross”. Dying to self on a daily basis is crucial to stay in touch with God.

  • Hi Seth,

    The radical calls to be a disciple will get nods of the head and a “YES!” from just about everyone. It is the seduction of the head nodding.

    My morning devotional was Ezekiel 34.

    Any ministry leader who has not read that in the last year is well…deluded.


  • WOW! Every subscriber to this blog must read that book. But be forewarned, it will completely revolutionize your whole perspective on what it means to seek the Kingdom of God. Also, it could force you to make some radical changes in your life.

  • It’s a great book. I call it a book but actually it’s more of a blueprint for multiplication and discipling the planet within 12 years.

    Am heading off to an apostolic-prophetic training seminar all next week because of this book.

    If anyone wants to join me in a Starfish Manifesto discussion group (to process all the ideas and teaching from this book…as you said it’s 500+ pages) click the discipleship button at the top and indicate your interest.

  • St. mark of the Cross

    Could this be the Body of Christ…? Could the valley of dry bones be rattling? Yes, Lord, I will speak to this valley of dry bones in church buildings and say “live!” I see it! the bones are being connected by sinew…a great and mighty army! My soul doth magnify the Lord!

  • hey seth,
    simson lives 5 minutes from my house. his kids go to BFA here in germany and one of them is in my daughters class.
    come see us sometime. i’ll get you a couple of speaking gigs.
    (we met at the nywc in nashville in 2008)

  • I just finished reading this catalytic book. I’m really motivated by the message.

    My spirit is open to His saying, “What now, Lord?”

    I’m excited to see this develop in the nations!

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