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Haiti orphanage, trauma & the critics

The closing of the SOG orphanage yesterday made headline news. But the news is not all good. A group of NGOs we’re a part of had a place for the orphans to stay all prepared.   Ten volunteers whom they knew and were comfortable with were standing by, ready to help them make a smooth tr…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes
The closing of the SOG orphanage yesterday made headline news. But the news is not all good. A group of NGOs we’re a part of had a place for the orphans to stay all prepared.
Ten volunteers whom they knew and were comfortable with were
standing by, ready to help them make a smooth transition. We’d been
preparing months to do this right. Our people love the kids like their own.
Yet when it became international news, it wasn’t us who took the kids, it was police. The pictures accompanying the article tell the story of how traumatic that was.
The story is still being played out and needs your prayers.
Of course the alternative to prayer is apathy or criticism. Over on MSNBC, that seems to be the standard response to the situation:
Laura says: “The problem is that we just can’t help all needy children.

It seems that when we provide assistance to these situations they
only become bigger problems. We feed the children and the number of
children increases exponentially. People try to take these children
into their homes but they are so screwed up from their orphanage
experiences that they can’t adapt to regular homes and families.”
Swordwoman says:  “When are we going to stop helping other countries and start helping our
own people? We have people starving and living in the streets here in
the US yet we donate so much time/money/resources to others and ignore
our own!
I would rather be an ostrich and not know about their suffering.”

The Cyrix Lord says: “sounds like a hostile business takeover by American missionaries who want to bring more reluctant orphans to jesus.”

S. Anderssen says: “So: where are all those “pro-lifers” when there are so many children in
orphanages, and in these conditions!?!?!?!? I don’t see them caring or
helping in situations like these…”
What do you say?

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  • There are no easy answers….no simple solutions….except to take a “media fast” from MSNBC….and remain faithful in word & deed. Thank you Seth…your efforts to join Him in offering healing to a broken world, are not in vain.

  • I say pray, listen, go, stay, & pray more-following his presence & where he leads. If he came to heal the brokenheartead and set the captives free, then it sounds like we have a precedent in hand. Go as far as he leads; stop when he stops. Pray always. Love ridiculously.

  • My response is one of grief…My thoughts are a bit jumbled so I expect my response may also be jumbled and not clearly articulate what my heart senses.

    I guess the words for me are missional evangelism…and I hate even using the word evangelism because of what those who don’t passionately love Jesus have defined it as, you can read it for yourself in the above comments.

    And grief that the predominant world view is one of selfishness and ostrich head hiding.

    So my question is, how many Christians living out a faith that centers on sacrificially serving Jesus do these media folks see? I bet not many; I don’t see many and I know where to “look for them.” The broader culture has defined what Christianity is, and it isn’t pretty, just read Kinneman and Lyons UnChristian.

    So we know there are those of us seeking to change the perceptions, but when a Pat Robertson graces the airways with his views, in my opinion, he has just set the mission of sharing Christ’s love back into shove it down their throats evangelistic tractdom. The great stories, and this was one, get hijacked and the message is buried…I guess this is the current day persecution we were promised as followers of Christ.

    So the question is, in my personal life, what can I do about this? Start with the simple things, check my own heart, pray for de planking in my own life, wear another cloak of humility and dare to step out.

    I am going to contact MSNBC and in humility, share a different perspective. It may not matter to the situation, but it matters to God.

    I appreciate all you do, Seth, and pray for a more peaceful journey through persecution. Maybe you could send gala tickets to the MSNBC folks?


  • Oh Man, my heart breaks for these kids.

    I know you did the right thing, sometimes it doesn’t end the way we see it played out or the way we think it should go, but God still reigns, He is sovereign over the situation.

    As for what should you do now, pray, and then go to the authorities and let them know you have a safe place for these kids. We have a responsibility for what God has revealed to us and the children at risk that He has put in front of us.

    We cannot stop fighting for the freedom of these kids. Obviously it is not over. I hear God saying who will stay and fight for theses kids?

    Standing with you in prayer for God’s Kingdom reality.

  • the authorities were involved in the planning process and know about the safe place – we had an agreement. sometimes politics supersedes the plans you’ve got in place.

    thanks for praying. I’ll keep you updated.

  • What do I say?…
    To God: Thank You for Seth Barnes and for all the seeds planted in him and through him.

    To you: “Whatever is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, reputable, excellent, praiseworthy… think on these things.” You live on Earth, not in Heaven so you can’t expect everyone to be on board but you can’t let them steal your joy.

    To the naysayers and wannabe detractors: Join the parade or get out of the way… Kingdom’s coming!!

  • I say that those comments are probably out of ignorance; and they come from the mouths of those who need a little more Jesus. God is in control and we just need to focus more on bringing Jesus by the way we love. I love the reporters and pray that they are overwhelmed with the love of God for them. The most important thing is to bring any child to a place of safety…. in Haiti or here in America. I would ask that one reporter what he is doing to help the poor here in our own country….. and then I would love them:)

  • Take heart Seth.

    God knows what you intended was for good and he knows of your love for the orphan and the hurting. The story isn’t finished being told.

    Those who don’t know Christ can’t be expected to understand the message of the cross. Their words can cut to the core, but knowing they have no knowledge of our Savior King, those words are just noise.

    Hold your head high, press on towards that higher goal!

  • They don’t understand. Either the love of God or the real circumstances, but how can you understand or feel compassion when the news feeds us so many lies and mistold stories written just to tug on our heartstrings?

    Well Seth, I really appreciate all you are doing for these kids and this situation. and I know the real situation of what is going on in Son of God, and I know those kid by name and I was friends with Pastor and Madame Hyppolite when I was down there. Thank-you for your heart to push for this bad situation not to get any worse. yea… that’s all

  • I agree with much of what was written before me and Kathy’s post regarding Kinneman and Lyons book UnChristian. Much of the perception of what the world sees of Christianity is very un-Christ like. But, we can take heart that the story is not finished, the Lord is in control, and as we continue to stay faithful and love, the Lord will show himself faithful and strong.

    Prayer, prayer, and more prayer is key.

    Luke 18v7-8: “And will not God give justice to his elect, who cry to him day and night? Will he delay long over them? I tell you, he will give justice to them speedily. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?”

    Thank you Seth and everyone else involved for your work for justice, stay faithful regardless of criticism.

    PS: The comment, “I would rather be an ostrich and not know about their suffering” breaks my heart too.

    It sheds a whole new light on the words of William Wilberforce: “You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.”

    Oh, for hardened hearts to be softened! Oh, for the heart of our Father.

  • We must keep on doing what is right in the eyes of our lord, Jesus Christ, even in the midst of criticism from those who have no understanding of the love and justice of Jesus. Thank you for doing God’s work. The prayers of many will avail much. I hope that there will be many prayers going up to the heavens concerning this issue.

  • “I would rather be an ostrich and not know about their suffering.”

    This kills me.
    Not looking at suffering doesn’t mean it is not there. It doesn’t change the fact that people are dying. It just means that we are calloused and uncaring about humanity. Sad.

    On the rest of it….

    I see where she is coming from when she makes the point that we need to help people in our own nation. Yes, that is a NEED. There are people who need in the US. But that doesn’t make the need in other nations any less great or any less pertinent. We’re all people. Being of the same nationality does not make people here more of a priority.

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