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Heidi Baker expects miracles – so should you

Heidi Baker and her husband Rolland have seen the dead raised and the power of God fall in Mozambique. I want that, and many of you do, too. While in the Philippines, my son, Seth Jr., lived in the gap between what the Bakers describe as reality, and his own experience. It’s a heart-rending pla…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes

Heidi Baker and her husband
Rolland have seen the dead raised and the power of God fall in Mozambique. I want that, and many of you do, too. While in the Philippines, my son, Seth Jr., lived in the
gap between what the Bakers describe as reality, and his own experience. It’s a heart-rending place to be. He prayed for an eight year-old Filipino
boy to be healed of meningitis, and instead the boy died.

In contrast, Heidi Baker has seen
so many blind eyes open that it’s become normal. Seth Jr. isn’t anywhere near where she is, so
this morning I’m checking out her experience.
I ordered the Baker’s new book Expecting Miracles, and I did some
research online about how it is that she has prayed for so many blind people
and witnessed their healing. I
discovered an interesting thing about God in the process.

As Baker tells it, God promised
her that she would pray for blind people, and they would be healed. Taking him at his word, she began to pray for
every blind person she came across. Each
time, her experience was exactly like Seth Jr.’s. She’d finish praying, and when she examined
the blind person, they were still as blind as ever.

After praying for the first dozen
or so blind people, she was still shooting blanks in her prayers. Had she missed God? Who could blame her for thinking, “What
gives, Lord?” But still, she kept

It must have been hard for her to
have faith when time after time no one was healed. But one day, she saw a blind
woman and continued to trust God’s original word to her over her experience. As she describes it in the book, “I sobbed my heart out until God touched this lady… Looking down at her, lying in the dirt, I could see her totally white, unseeing eyes. But as I continued to stare, I saw her eyes turn from white to gray to beautiful brown, and she blinked as God restored her sight. I was so excited. As she realized she could see, she began screaming in excitement, too. She didn’t get up off the floor; she just lay there shouting in amazement.”

You can read the story on pages 159-160 of Expecting Miracles. Subsequently, as she prayed for others who were blind, God opened the
floodgates and many were healed.

This principle of persevering in
trusting God despite discouragement is a secret that John Wimber discovered,
praying for hundreds before God released his healing power. The Vineyard movement resulted. It’s a principle that gets repeated every day
and it’s something God wants all of his children to learn.

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Comments (17)

  • Good stuff… Seth Jr will not give up, he knows the Lord spoke it, and every one that doesn’t get healed gets him closer to the one that will!!!!!

  • “…and these signs shall follow them that believe…they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover..” Real-Christianity?

  • Awesome blog. It’s the place that we have been walking. Before I returned for our hiatus, I was the speaker for a church camp in SA. I felt the LORD saying that on Sunday morning, HE wanted to demonstrate HIS power & I was to tell the people of HIS plan and then speak in faith that it would happen. I was immediately impressed with 2 Cor 2 where Paul says “I was with you in weakness, fear, & much trembling & my speech & my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, that your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.” That morning I spoke in weakness fear and trembling but at the end I told the people that God wanted to demonstrate the power of HIS spirit. After praying for back aches carpel tunnel & depression I looked up to see a lady on the front row grinning from ear to ear & motioning me to come over. An orphan boy who had 90% hearing loss had been healed. No one laid hands on him. No one had specifically prayed for him. The LORD moved in a sovereign manner to demonstrate HIS power and to give testimony about HIMSELF. What the LORD spoke to me was that our prayers do move the heart of GOD but HE is still GOD and HE will follow HIS plan. We shouldn’t be surprised when we see the miracle but the fact that we don’t see a miracle every time we pray doesn’t make HIM any less GOD. He is looking for people who will continue to pray in faith that the character of GOD & HIS Kingdom will be made manifest in the earth even when we don’t see the physical results. It will always be about HIM and not us.

  • EEEEEEE!!!! Heidi Baker is amazing. My friend Janelle studied with her at their Holy Given school in Moz. Reading her book, Always Enough, planted the seeds of truth in my life about God and miracles.

    I love, love, love her testimony about how God promised to open blind eyes…it ended up being a year before she saw breakthrough.

    it makes what we do in america look like child’s play. we half-heartedly pray for suzy to get healed from cancer, in the back of our mind wondering if God can really perform miracles. then we are disappointed when He doesn’t do it.

    Someone like Heidi Baker is a true testament to faith & holding on to the promises of Godeven when it seems like He isn’t delivering!

  • Thank you Seth.

    God is God and we are not.

    The BS thrown around by pretenders quickly goes away.

    I am thankful for a quarter century of knowing you.

    With a friend’s heart,


  • I’m struggling with Seth Jr., yet I do believe that God’s called me to pray for the gift of healing to be at work through me. This story gives me the reminder to pray and not give up. This morning I read a story to my boys about a man who prayed for 3 years for somebody to come and explain what it means to walk with God. He had lead his family to Christ simply from a dream and the Bible, but wanted somebody to explain it all to them. Three years! I struggle with praying for a year. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • So Heidi is witnessing the dead raised, but her husband goes back to the US so docs can treat his illnesses? Ironic.

    The only amazing thing about Heidi is that in the 21st century she’s able to pull the wool over the eyes of countless others, do so with claims of miracles that only seem to happen in places removed from technology that could actually verify the validity of her claims.

  • I found out that one of the children we take to church from an urban outreach ministry is blind in one eye and partially blind in the other. When his mom told me this I wondered how his blindness might contribute to his behavior problems.

    It wasn’t until later, while spending quiet time with the Lord, that I realized God want to heal this boy (duh!).

    With the intent to bring him forward for prayer at church during our prayer minstry time, I asked God, “Who has faith to believe for his healing?”

    The answer surprised me cuz it was someone NOT on the prayer team. The answer was the boy’s older brother (4th grade) who recently received Christ and was baptized. (This boy is the real deal too!)

    When the praying time came, the older brother was under severe attack. He was crying in church, very upset and did not know why. He wanted to pray for his brother anyway.

    I laid hands on the boys eyes and prayed. The boy gasped twice. It seemed a God thing. Then he looked around and said he could see better. I knew God was doing something, but I wasn’t convinced he was healed. I thought he may be saying what we wanted to hear. His eyes did appear to turn from cloudy and red to clear though.

    I wish I could say God healed him that day. I did an eye test in the van on the ride home and the boy could see nothing out of his blind eye.

    I was disappointed. My greatest hope was that his healing would lead people to Christ.

    Luke 18:42 “Immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus, praising God. When all the people saw it, they also praised God.”

    God had been speaking to me all week about this boy being healed. I’m going to keep asking. I’ve seen a man completely healed of lung cancer. It did not go into remission. It just vanished and he had no chemo or radiation treatments. The word I got for him while praying for his healing was “Keep asking.”

    So, I will keep asking for this blind boy too.

    I’m so encouraged by Heidi Baker’s testimony. Thanks for posting it.

  • We all, in surrendering to Christ to be used need to be
    a. cleansed of ego strength
    b. need to be willing NOT to be associated with the outcomes lest we, at some level, are hoping to get credit as being a “super Christian” — UNLESS God really tells us to use our name as a form of testimony
    c. fully realize that “what is born of flesh is flesh and what is born of Spirit is spirit.”
    WE just then MIGHT be used of God like nurse midwives to help facilitate the type of healings that are commonplace in some ministries.
    We also need to ask God to show us any area of our lives where we are wedded to a spirit of death.
    Also, we need to ask God to show us all the strongholds that we believe at some deep level that run counter to what God says he can and will do. E.g. Follow all the thoughts that start with “I believe, but….” If we embrace the but statements over and against what Jesus says, we have to ask why. They all may emanate from something bad or negative in our lives which made us doubt that God can and will do what He says He can and will do. These strongholds cause deep unbelief in us. We may need inner healing and deliverance to dislodge them from our deep level psyches.
    We need to see how this unbelief (from a negative event) is not ultimately from God but from the usurper who has come to steal, kill, and destroy all that God would give us.
    We may, too, have to adjust our theology from a past even where we blame God for having caused it vs. God having allowed it.
    Big difference.

  • Please send someone you know that definitely has the miraculous gift of healing to Louisville, KY to cure Sarah Lapp’s and my mom from cancer. Don’t delay. Contact Sarah and we will make arrangements.

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