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How to find your call

I believe you were made for a purpose and God is calling you to it. I can’t prove it to you, but if you take some time to look inside yourself and listen for God’s voice, you may begin to find it.   I believe you’re on this planet for a reason. God has a dream and he wants you to embrac…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes
I believe you were made for a purpose and God is calling you to it. I can’t prove it to you, but if you take some time to look inside yourself and listen for God’s voice, you may begin to find it.
I believe you’re on this planet for a reason. God has a dream and he wants you to embrace it. He’s a creator and his creative process begins with the dreams that he shares with us. And when he does, if we’ll listen, we get to participate with him in the creation process.
We get to incubate his dream. It’s an incredible thing when it happens – it’s a bit of divine magic when the dream of God takes on form and becomes reality. And when we give expression to it,
we join the angels in heaven as they give praise to God for his gift. I think it’s a spiritual transaction.
The idea that all of us
have got something inside that cries out for expression is an old one.
Philosophers have long identified our sense of purpose as a proof for God. They call it
teleology. Because purpose and design appear to exist in nature, it points to a designer.
Many of us need help discovering our call. We know the world is broken and feel powerless to do anything about it. But it doesn’t have to be. The world needs us to find and commit to our call as much as we need it. And when we do, we can’t help but feel God’s
Have you discovered your purpose and your call? You’ve got one; we
all do. There’s little in life more important than finding it. To find your call it helps to ask and answer a series of questions in four general areas. 
  • The World’s Needs
  • Your Passions
  • Your Skills
  • Your Plans
At Adventures, we try to do this with our staff. We’re committed to helping our staff discover God’s call on their lives. We do it through a conversation over time, asking and answering the questions listed below. It takes patience, but it’s so worth it.
If you’re looking for purpose, let me encourage you to set aside time with a journal to think about the following list of questions. What could be more important than finding the call of God?

World’s Needs

  • What needs lodge in your heart? Why?
  • Was God speaking to you?
  • How do you know?
  • How does God feel about the issue?
  • What would it feel like for the problem to be addressed?
  • What opportunities are represented by those needs?
  • What would the Kingdom coming look like?
  • How would the captives be set free?

Your Passion

  • When did you begin to feel strongly about the issue?
  • What do you need to learn about it?
  • Why did it impact you that way?
  • What is God saying?
  • What degree of commitment do you feel toward the issue?
  • What would that commitment look like if it were expressed?
  • What does it look like in terms of time and effort?
  • How have you expressed it so far?
  • What is your track record with commitment?

Your Skills

  • What relevant skills do you have?
  • How would you rate them relative to what you need?
  • What skills do you need?
  • Why do you need them?
  • What is your track record for starting something and serving others?
  • How would you use them? How would you grow them?
  • What difference would they make?
  • What is God saying?

Your Plan

  • Is it in writing?
  • What does research show?
  • How detailed it is?
  • Who should help you write it?
  • Who wants to help you?
  • What feedback have you gotten?
  • What feedback do you need?
“There are 3 stages to every great work of God: First it’s impossible, Then it’s difficult, Then it’s done.” J. Hudson Taylor 

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  • Isn’t it amazing that many times God sends through his disciples, either a song or a writing like this, that just seems to come on the right day at the right time? I have been working through most of these questions in the last month, but there are a few listed here that I still need to answer. b Thank you for sending this today. I am just about to begin my morning meditation time. This is perfect for today’s unveiling.

    I thank you and all of the AIM missionaries for everything that you do, every single day. You guys are truly angels here on earth.

  • I hope you get further revelation about God’s call on your life, Ken. Thanks for the comment.

  • Thanks so much, Seth. I have a blog outlined on the bathroom mirror about “When I___, I sense God’s pleasure”…very much in line with what you’ve written!

    Going to print this one off & press in.

  • I love the “what is your track record?” question… except that’s where I struggle the most! this kingdom stuff is tough work.
    but thanks for the reminder that it’s worth it.

  • Thanks Seth for the reminder. For me life has been a series of “phased passions” wrapped around a core calling. The life book is revised and sometimes often. You have been there like a faithful planet on the low sky at dusk. For that I am thankful…always.

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Seth Barnes

I'm motivated to join God in his global reclamation project. He's on the move, setting his sons and daughters free from their places of captivity. And he's partnering with those of us who have been freed to go and free others.

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