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How to Transfer Your Inheritance to Your Kids

I’m concerned about inheritance. Inheritance is the giving of what is valuable from one generation to the next. My kids are grown and my parents are dying. I’m at a stage where I’m asking, “What do I have that is valuable and how will I pass it on?” That’s why I blog. I’ve been blogging sinc…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes

I’m concerned about inheritance. Inheritance is the giving of what is valuable from one generation to the next. My kids are grown and my parents are dying. I’m at a stage where I’m asking, “What do I have that is valuable and how will I pass it on?”

That’s why I blog. I’ve been blogging since 2005. That’s 3,000 posts – a lot of words. At an average of 500 words per post, that would be well over a million words. The equivalent of maybe 20 books.

If I can’t get it all said in a million words, then something is wrong. When I want to boil it down to essentials, the Bible helps. Look at Ezra 3. The focal point for the Israelites identity as a tribe was the temple and it had been destroyed. What to do? They decided to rebuild.

Weeping and shouting
It says, “many of the older priests and Levites and family heads, who had seen the former temple, wept aloud when they saw the foundation of this temple being laid, while many others shouted for joy. No one could distinguish the sound of the shouts of joy from the sound of weeping, because the people made so much noise.”
They were happy in part because they had resurrected their inheritance. Before I die, I want to be a part of a community making that kind of noise! Weeping and shouting because inheritance is taking place.
In America, we used to have the village commons, a place where the town folk met to talk over the day. A place where they connected and found a common identity. Yes, we’ve got the internet and communities meet on websites, but we’ve lost the sense of belonging to one another that used to exist.
Jumpstarting Inheritance
We’ve experienced the breakdown of our inheritance process in America. My generation is failing to give what it values to our kids. And at least we need to talk about it.
The irony is that, though they are often not talking, my generation and my kids’ generation really want to connect.
I’ve been fortunate in that God has shown me how to connect deeply with others and with himself. It’s a secret I am actively giving away to others. It’s inheritance.
We have to leave pseudo-church if we’re to find the deep connection of real church. Pilgrimages in community are a fantastic venue for the deconstruction that must happen if we are to abandon the pseudo-church of our fathers. It’s the process Jesus led his disciples in. It still works, whether it’s called the World Race or something else.
The bottom line: Giving young people a venue and sometimes even the language with which to connect deeply jumpstarts the process of inheritance. We need the conversations that pilgrimages trigger that ultimately lead to inheritance.

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  • Keep it up Mr. Barnes! I am so glad to see that you are still pouring out your praise to our Heavenly Father through the ministry of blogging. Thanks for never giving up on who God has called you to be and, in that, making a way for so many of us to learn to do the same. The world race has changed my life forever!

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Aaron. You are running a good race. Your team looks strong to me as well. Thanks for following Jesus so well.

  • Thank you for sharing Seth! Thank you for being a father to our generation. Thank you for putting yourself on the line over and over for the sake of giving an inheritance to the generations under you! Blessings from Cambodia!

  • Hi Seth
    Most of the time I feel so busy that I only take time to do the most immediate thing. That seems crazy at my stage of life but that’s reality. We need constant input and re-evaluation of our priorities to help us focus on other important things like “inheritance”. I say keep blogging.

  • Hello Seth! I love the words that you speak straight from your heart, “God has shown me how to connect deeply with others and with Himself. I long to give that away to young people before I die”. This is the cry of my heart as well…and I believe that this burns in both of us because it is the Father’s heart. One of my dear brothers passed away last weekend, and I feel as though there were regrets in his heart. I don’t want to have any regrets! Let’s go boldly into this season that the Lord has given us….a season like never before…to raise up world changers…preach the gospel boldly, see blind eyes opened and deaf ears opened and the opening of the prison doors for those that are bound. Praying for supernatural wisdom for you as you lead the ministry.

  • You have been amazing at giving yourself away to the people along the border of Mexico, Richard. Thank you for your example of resilience.

  • Hey Seth. Thanks for writing. I always enjoy your words. I met with a group of young men this morning and we were discussing the same kind of things in regard to church and three-dimensional connection versus much of what is talked about as connecting today. It’s a word so overused that it has lost most of its meaning.
    As far as laving an inheritance I jokingly tweeted a few months ago that someday people will really be excited when they discover these dinosaur bones.

  • Thanks for sharing, its really powerful. Its such a blessing that you send out teams to minister to the unreached especially here in Zambia, we are grateful.

    Thank you Seth.

  • Seth, words matter and yours are so often passionate, prescient and prophetic. I’m grateful that for almost forty years we have known each other. Much love and respect my tenured brother.

  • Hey Seth! Great blog. In my 30s I attended a week long seminar of Covey’s 7 Habits. Your writings and efforts at Rethinking Retirement have me reflecting on that seminar. It emphasized “Live, Laugh, Love, and Leave a Legacy”. Your writing is a great reminder that we have a Kingdom legacy (inheritance) to leave. Our challenge is “will we leave it in better or worse shape than we inherited it?” Keep pressing into the journey, Seth. Fruits of the spirit are showing in the next generation.

  • I’m glad you blog and I’m thankful for the way you encourage others to think. The inheritance question is vital!

  • Thanks, Morgan. Hard to believe that I have now known you for 12 years! You would expect that anything I have to pass on, I would have imparted it by now. But God keeps giving us new stuff all the time… and in that sense, inheritance can flow both ways.

  • My life changed about ten years ago at 3am when, in desperation, I googled the words “spiritual fatherhood” because I felt I was living in a wasteland of superficial connection. I needed guidance. I needed something more than what I was getting.

    Your blog was the first link to come up.

    I poured over your entries for the next two days and knew someone in this world understood. And when, in desperation, I reached out to the person behind those words, he reached back out to me in connection.

    Please keep writing Seth. Please keep answering your emails. Please keep calling us out to something more. Please keep encouraging us toward a life lived full and abundantly.

  • Absolutely keep blogging, Seth. It is the voice of the day and inspiration to young people….and old ones like me. You are dealing with the living word and experience to build up the body, encourage and challenge. You see the fruit of your labor by the comments written. Stand fast and firm in the Lord. We know you seek Him. You listen. You express. Yes, do not let the enemy of your soul and ours shut you down. This is a medium of the day that reaches thousands +. Good job, well done Seth. Love to the family

  • Thank you, Shirley. You were there in 1968 to share Christ with my mom and me. You have impacted so many thru that simple act of obedience. I will take your counsel to the bank!

  • Proverbs 13:22 says to leave an inheritance to your children’s children. We as parents and grandparents should have that on our mind. Inheritance is not just money. It is leaving a legacy of godliness. The fruit of chasing after Christ. The fruit of healthy families. Seth your vision for creating the World Race and gap year has been a huge part of the inheritance given to my children. Sending my kids on the race was about making my children Kingdom minded. About building a legacy of godliness and chasing after Him in their lives, their families and their communities. God is using the vision he gave you to create a legacy of young adults and middle age adults that are pursuing God. Chasing after the father. Seeking to please the father. Keep writing. Keep dreaming dreams. Keep pursuing Him and his plan for this generation. I’m so thrilled with what God is doing in my sons and daughter. I thrilled with what God has placed on my heart. Our inheritance as joint heirs to the throne…..His Kingdom!!!!!! For we are a royal priesthood. We are sons and daughters of the King of Kings! What an inheritance.

  • Isn’t it just like Satan to do everything possible to shut us down!

    Words have power. Glad you didn’t let a detractor stop you !

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