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I know a miracle when I see one

Steven Reed, a recently returned World Race alumnus from the July 2011 W Squad, tore his ACL in the first month of the Race. He decided to tough it out and continue for the next ten months. His teammates prayed faithfully for healing, and a year later Steven is seeing the fruit of those prayers i…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes

Steven Reed, a recently returned World Race alumnus from the July 2011 W Squad, tore his ACL in the first month of the Race. He decided to tough it out and continue for the next ten months. His teammates prayed faithfully for healing, and a year later Steven is seeing the fruit of those prayers in the form of a miracle. Here is his story.

This story starts in Ecuador, nearly a year ago
From updates.theworldrace.orgIt was two weeks into Month One of my Race in Huaticocha, Ecuador. My teammate, Glenn, and I had decided to go on a hiking "manventure" with one of our little Ecuadorian friends. During the hike I fell off of a 60-foot-tall waterfall, landed in the river below, suffered some pretty nasty cuts, and smashed my left knee on a rock on the way down. It was swollen for a few weeks, and when I got back to Quito I had an MRI done to confirm that I had a torn ACL. 
I've torn both my ACLs previously in high school and college, and this was just as painful, if not worse. For those of you that don't know, once an ACL is torn, it requires arthroscopic surgery to be fixed, as it is impossible for it to naturally fix itself. 
But, once it is torn, it is torn, and the risk of reinjuring it is not too high, assuming I learned my lesson and stopped falling off waterfalls. After talking to my surgeon back home, my parents, squad leaders, and spending a lot of time in prayer, I decided to stay on the Race. God just wasn't done with me yet. I stayed and continued to Peru with complete confidence that God would protect me and that his purpose would be fulfilled for me. I knew I wasn't supposed to go home. I planned to have surgery when I got back to the States in a year.  

The next 10 ½ months were injury free, thankfully, and my team and others on my squad spent significant time praying for healing for my knee. We saw no change in my knee, but we believed in God's ability and to heal me and prayed expectantly for it to happen.
It's crazy how God used the knee injury on the Race for good and to fulfill his purpose for me and those around me.
From updates.theworldrace.org
I've always been athletic, and sports have been my go-to form of ministry and interaction with kids on the field. God took this away from me, and I learned so much about doing ministry aside from sports, whether it was sitting on the sidelines and playing with toddlers, or sharing with an onlooker who was also unable to play. The opportunities I would never have had to impact someone's life seemed to happen all the time as God placed different people in my path. I learned so much about being relational, meeting people where they are, and letting go of what I see as my strengths in order to serve His greater purpose. 
I returned home in June, and the following week went to the orthopedic surgeon to have my knee looked at again. Yup, it was still torn. The doctor felt my knee, looked at the MRI, and confirmed as much. However, he suggested another MRI be taken since the previous one was a year old (having been taken in Ecuador). Two weeks later I went back to have the MRI, and then I went back two days after that to get the results. I had cleared my schedule for the following week, ready to have surgery once I confirmed again that the ACL was torn.
Here's the conversation I had with the surgeon:
Surgeon: "Steven, how are you? How is the knee feeling?"
Me: "It's been doing pretty well, honestly it hasn't bothered me a whole lot. I haven't tried to play sports or anything though since I hurt it."
Surgeon: "Well, are you still planning on having surgery next week?"
Me: "Yes sir, I want to get it done as soon as possible so I can get done with the recovery sooner."
Surgeon: "Well, after looking at your new MRI…umm, I can't exactly explain this, but your knee looks fine. Your ACL is completely healed. You don't need surgery anymore." 
Me: "Whaaaaaat!"
At this point my jaw had pretty much dropped to the floor. I was shocked. There must be a mistake…or had God healed me? Ever the skeptic, I needed to ask more questions.
Me: "Sir, do you have an explanation for this?"
Surgeon: "Umm…well, no. It is medically impossible for the knee to heal itself. There is no blood flow to the ligament. My only thought was that maybe the image wasn't…maybe it wasn't clear the first time. I thought I had the wrong knee, to be perfectly honest. As far as I'm concerned, you could walk out of here and go play basketball right now."
And at this point I interrupted him, needing no more.
"I've been praying for this knee to be healed for a year. Sir, that was God!"
I know a miracle when I see one.
From updates.theworldrace.org
God healed my knee. There is no other explanation. God is still alive and moving yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I went to the gym last week and did one of my favorite things in the world – I played full court basketball for two and a half hours for the first time in a year.
It's funny because after I got home from the Race I felt myself almost give up on God healing my knee. I had prayed for the knee for 11 months, and nothing happened. I was on the World Race–wasn't this where miracles were supposed to happen? Maybe they only happened to other people. To little kids in the African bush or to a woman dying of cancer in Cambodia. Not to me, right? Wrong.
God did not need to heal me. I could have had surgery and recovered in due time, but God chose to heal me. For me, this is an incredible reminder of his continued faithfulness in my life. Whoever is reading this, I encourage you to continue to believe that God is active and moving in your life and wants the best for you. He isn't done with you yet. 

Pray without ceasing. Pray expecting God to show up. He does.

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  • Praise Jesus! Seth, I love how you have had numerous blogs on healings overseas and here in the states. It is encouraging and strengthening my faith to read more stories over and over again like this.

  • My son Troy Holston who plays basketball for South Florida recently tore his ACL in his left knee. He is on the road to being a 1st round draft pick and was expected by the entire coaching staff to have a HUGE year!!! Then this suddenly happened. It has been like a mourning session over the past 3 weeks. I am truly believing God to SUPERNATURALLY heal Troy’s ACL where he will not miss 1 game in this up coming 2015-2016 season. Since everyone is expecting him to red shirt this year, the program will not pay for him to join the team on their trip to Spain this August. He feels so hurt and left out. I am ready to pay the bill myself so he can attend. The Team athletic trainer doesn’t recommend Troy go on such a long flight of 14 hrs in fear of his knee swelling. The entire weekend when this 1st happened i kept coming across Mark 11:24 over and over again. I know it is not by accident! The Lord is reminding me He is more than able! It is His will to heal! I am standing on John 14:14 where Jesus said You can ask for anything in my name and I will do it. This will not be the 1st miracle the Lord has done for us and I know it wont be the last!

    I am so thankful to have read your story! And I ask that you stand in agreement with me in prayer believing the Lord to SUPERNATURALY heal Troy’s ACL. Nothing missing nothing broken, made completely whole like new without surgery!!! I want the Lord to get ALL the glory! not by the hands of man, but by the awesome power of Almighty God. By His stripes we were healed! It was already done and Jesus said IT IS FINISHED. He is the Author and finisher of our faith! I am believing Troy to not miss 1 game this season. Thank you so much for your prayers and sharing your testimony! To God be all the glory! Please post how your race went! I would love to hear more about it.

    Monique Holston-Greene Troy Holston’s mom

    • I pray in Jesus’ name for Troy’s healing. I agree in faith with Monique that his ACL will be knit back together. We ask that Troy’s destiny and his future be safeguarded. He is a covenant child and a son of the most high.

      Thank you, Lord, for a mother who believes you and does not waiver in her faith. Encourage her as she intercedes for Troy.

  • I cant thank you enough for such a wonderful prayer! My heart is even that much more encouraged. Your testimony is officially a part of my journey, Troy’s journey! I truly cant wait to post ALL THE WONDERS and MIRACLES GOD WILL PERFORM FOR TROY !!! Bringing continual glory to the Father thru His awesome son Jesus Christ!!!!

    John 14:13-14

    Jesus said ANYTHING!!!!!! not once but TWICE!!!!!!

    God Bless you Seth!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pastor Caspar you preaching real good and with the power of the Holy Spirit! Thank you so much for your message! I pray it becomes REAL to ALL that shall lay their eyes upon this post.

    The pressure is on by University of South Florida and the Coaching staff as they need a resolution as it has been 5 weeks. Well the Dr. has agreed to order another MRI which will take place tmrw 7/30/15 at 11:40am. We are believing that God already healed him! and it will manifest in that MRI again without a medical explanation since again there is no blood flow to that region making it impossible for it to heal itself let alone in 5 short weeks. But we cover Troy with the blood of Jesus which flows!!!!! YESTERDAY TODAY TOMORROW & 4-EVER MORE! To every part of Troy’s knee! For By His stripes we and he WERE healed!!!!!!

    Thank you again for all the wonderful prayers and post bringing glory to the Father thru His Awesome Son Jesus Christ.

  • Heres an update. As I was walking out the door to go meet with Troy as he invited me to go with him for the 2nd MRI, The University medical dept called to say the machine was down and it could not be taken at 11:40am. So as I am sitting here awaiting them to call back, I get another call just now wanting to schedule a pre op for Troy to have surgery on 8/12/15. I simply told her we are not going to do that as we are awaiting to take the 2nd MRI. And again they will call us back. All I can do is sit here laugh and smile knowing our prayers have been answered! Praising the Lord in adavance that HIS WORD CANNOT COME BACK VOID!

    Thank you for allowing me to share.


  • Good Morning Seth,

    Thank you for following up. Well the journey did not go as I thought it would. Troy had the surgery as the 2nd mri came back pretty much the same. Troy then decided he didnt want to wait any longer. So he has red shirted for the 2015-2016 season and will be back on the court this 2016-2017 season with the South Florida Bulls which the season begins in November. I am a bit perplexed that it went this way, border line upset , not at God, but because I placed a demand on the word as I have in many times past and this time no miraculous result. I am sure He is healed, just not supernaturally. I dont like talking about it much because i start to feel a kind of way about it and feel that because i put such a strong emphasis on what the Lord was going to do, i feel like i have somehow caused ppl not to believe in God’s word the same way. Im sure alot of ppl simply think I really am just nuts. Either way, I still appreciated your prayers and this post and your continual communication. It’s very kind of you. Hope you are doing great.


    • Thanks for the follow up, Monique. It’s a process, isn’t it? God is on his throne and cares for Troy and is healing him!

  • I agree in prayer in the name of Jesus, I stand with you for your sons complete healing. Nothing missing nothing broken, made whole and new again! By His stripes we declare and decree Michaels healing!!! In Jesus name Amen!!!

    Please be sure to send us the praise report!! God Bless!

  • Hmmm? I have had a bum knee for the past couple of years. I run and it hurts, but I just deal with it. Then two days ago, I ran and woke up yesterday to a swollen knee and full of pain.

    MAY I ASK ALL OF YOU OUT THERE TO PLEASE PRAY FOR MY RIGHT KNEE? It may sound a bit odd, but I think this is a great place to ask for another knee miracle.

    I have had two knee surgeries on the left knee and no longer have medical insurance, as I have just quit my teaching job to do full time work with Wipe Every Tear. To see the Holy Spirit come now would be just great!

  • Steven, It’s a God thing. Perfect Healing for His Plan and His Purpose. Praise Jesus! Kenny I will pray for your right knee to be healed. Patience comes to those who wait upon the Lord. 11 months serving the Master in a totally different way has given you wonderful grace. God Bless

  • Seth i lv reading yr stories i send it to friends and post it on fb to show people CHRIST IS ALIVE.Thanks and MAY CHRIST BE WITH U TO SHOW US MORE MIRACLES.

  • This is very inspiring story and I believe it. This is so timely as I need to strengthen my faith this time! I think receiving this blog and reading it is God’s way of telling me never to waiver on my faith in him.
    Thanks Steven for sharing your story, and thanks Seth for posting it. I am sure there are readers out there who will be inspired by this story!
    There is somebody asking to pray for his right knee,yes, I will!

  • Woah! Steven this is awesome!!!! I remember you telling us about falling off the waterfall when we met up in Romania. I am super encouraged to hear about your healing. I tore my rotator-cuff on the WR and now have new zeal to pray for it to be healed. Thanks brother. =)











    Acts 5:29 Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men.


  • Thank You Seth!

    Thank’s for your testimony. God will send you a word at a needed time. My son was just recently diagnosed with a torn acl and meniscus in his left knee. We were so devastated as he is entering his senior year and he is running back on the football team. We first thought of immediately having the surgery but we then thought of the awesome God that we serve who is able to do all things. We have been praying daily for such a miracle as yours. The season kicks off in two weeks and we are praying for a divine healing. I must admit that my faith has been a little weak when looking at the nautural but I find a way to regain it. I am asking all of you that know the words of prayer to get in agreement with us on a healing. He said when two or three get together his name my name, that he will also be in the mist. Thank you all and I will keep you all posted. My son’s name is Desmond.

  • All we can really do is trust in the Lord, humble ourselves and worship Him. Which brings miracles! Read Daniel 3

    How amazing is it that the Lord of all creation would adopt us into His Holy family and then allow us to partner with Him through Jesus Christ of Nazareth that this and greater things shall we do according to John 14:12

    So it seems to me that Papa God’s part is to perform miracles, healing, and to provide for us, our part is to stay in faith and trust Him always for everything.

    May Desmond enter into the Glory of God now and be a living testimony. May our Lord heal him completely in the almighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth as well as anyone else who is suffering and needs a touch from Almighty God. Be blessed, Blessed them all Lord Jesus.

  • Thank you for your prayers and to God be the glory! With the protective hedge of God, my son Desmond played his first game on Aug 17th, 2012 with a diagnosed torn acl and meniscus. He wore a brace and rushed for 105 yards and a touchdown without any setbacks. We are claiming that it is HEALED in the name of Jesus. God is an awesome God and he will reward our faith. Please continue to keep Desmond in your prayers as he prepares for another week. Thank you all! Will keep you posted.

  • Prayer Warriors!

    Desmond made it through another week with no setbacks and we are now 2-0! Glory be to God! Please stay in agreement with us. Thank You all!


  • Oh wow! God is great. I tore my ACL in February this year and I have been praying for it to be healed there is no sign that it is healed and my surgery is scheduled for November I am still trusting God for a miracle and your story has given me hope.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • I am so encouraged and blessed to read your testimony. I am at present suffering with ACL torn and Bucket Handle Tear in meniscus…doctors have adviced me to go for arthroscopic surgery soon but deep inside me I don’t want to but am believing God to heal me and miraculously repair my ACL n Meniscus. Please pray for me, I am a homemaker,have small children and two teenage nephews to look after.my gracious and loving husband is doing a lot as I am unable to do much.I need a miracle and want it to be a testimony to the three doctors in India,who checked me up and also many more for His glory.

  • It is the overwhelming love of Christ working through us as we appropriate His Word that appears to be the main ingredients to see healing and miracles happen in the almighty name of Jesus. I pray you be healed now in the almighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. We read the Lord Jesus said in John 12:32,” And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” As we get drawn to Messiah Jesus/Yeshua we are also drawn to the Father through Him, because they are inner – connected.
    In this fallen world, there will be challenges and we need to stay connected to the Lord Jesus if we are going to be victorious in Christ. Jesus said be of good cheer as you face challenges, as He has overcome the world.
    Prayerfully understand and see yourself connected to God as described in John 15:5,” I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.” Just as you must plug into the power source to run your computer. Stay attached to the true power in Christ where all things are possible.
    I pray the Lords supernatural peace, healing, provision and protection cover you always with oceans of agape love in the almighty name of Jesus/Yeshua!

  • Pastor Casper….Amen to all you said! It’s siso amazing how God confirms His doings thru His servants. The Lord us speaking to me in the line of thoughts as you shared. I am spending more time reading n meditating on His Word and I have told Him that I can’t do anything without Him.I know He is pruning me and purifying me and I want Him to have His way in Him.I am going to wait on Him n abide in Him.Let His resurrected life flow thru me and accomplish His plan in me n thru me. Thank u so much for praying.

  • Pastor Casper….Amen to all you said! It’s siso amazing how God confirms His doings thru His servants. The Lord us speaking to me in the line of thoughts as you shared. I am spending more time reading n meditating on His Word and I have told Him that I can’t do anything without Him.I know He is pruning me and purifying me and I want Him to have His way in Him.I am going to wait on Him n abide in Him.Let His resurrected life flow thru me and accomplish His plan in me n thru me. Thank u so much for praying.

  • When we study the Holy Word of God speaking about healing, righteousness, and salvation, we must begin to also understand the Lord’s will is that we experience these things personally in our lives today. Otherwise what good is it that Jesus Christ of Nazareth suffered for the sins of this world and carried our sickness if we could only be ‘legally’ or spiritually’healed? If the Lord Jesus/Yeshua is truly the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow (Hebrews 13:8) then He is still performing healing miracles today. Sadly too many professing Christians seems have this unfounded perspective that treats the Holy Scriptures merely as an intellectual exercise with no real power to bring it to pass, rather than a life-changing Word from the Lord. For example we read in Psalms 107:20,”He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.”
    We read in Matthew 8:8,”The centurion answered and said, Lord, I am not worthy that thou shouldest come under my roof: but speak the word only, and my servant shall be healed.” In this particular case of the centurion’s servant, the Lord Jesus sent His healing Word even without being there in person. This ought to answer the question about praying for the sick even when they are separated by many miles from the one praying. Considering there appears no walls in the spirit world. Our healing is in the Word of God in our Holy Guide Book to the Supernatural. I encourage you to stay in the Word of God so the Word of God will stay in you.The Lord Jesus/Yeshua said in John 10:27,” My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:” Fight back overcomers, trust Papa God for every detail and stay in faith! Jesus said in Luke 21:15, “For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.’ I say hallelujah! Because “All”, things are possible with God! I pray the Lord’s supernatural peace, healing, provision and protection cover you always with oceans of agape love in the almighty name of Jesus/Yeshua!

  • One thing is absolutely sure God will never break His covenant with us and not honour His Word. He is also faithful to complete the work He has begun in each of us as the Holy Spirit will guide and direct us and help reproduce in us Godly characteristics that will remain for all eternity. With that in mind if there is any breach it is always on our side, which is why we must continually seek the Lord our God, His Kingdom and His righteousness. Matthew 6:33,” But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. 34 Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” We are to seek after the Lord Jesus eagerly and His righteousness, because we all desperately need Him each day just to be able to deal with whatsoever we are facing today. Preparation for the future is not rebuked by the Lord, but fretting about the future certainly is. So again we must learn to have control our thought life by applying the Word of God moment by moment.
    As I been sharing for some time from the Scriptures, how amazing is it now to observe that the most recent scientific and medical research is showing that your DNA actually follows your consciousness; that basically every thought you think is going to greatly impact how your DNA will function in either a toxic negative way or in a healthy positive way! That our Lord certainly understood what He was doing thousands of years ago when He caused His Holy Word to be written to instruct us to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. (2 Corinthians 10:5)
    Because your thought life has extraordinary control over your genetic expression, which basically determines the level of your health, which means your mind and your thought life is the best prevention of any type of sickness or disease!
    This again is why the Lord tells us to mediate on His Word day and night and it will be healing to all our flesh. (Proverbs 4:20-23) The Lord Jesus/Yeshua said in John 10:27,” My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:” Fight back overcomers, trust Papa God for every detail and stay in faith! Jesus said in Luke 21:15, “For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.’ I say hallelujah! Because “All”, things are possible with God! I pray the Lord’s supernatural peace, healing, provision and protection cover you always with oceans of agape love in the almighty name of Jesus/Yeshua!

  • Hi thank you for sharing this. I have been praying for the full healing for 10 months already. I am recovering from the ACL surgery but I’m still praying for the healing. Your testimony brought so much encouragement to me, thank you for believing!

  • Hello Seth and pastor Casper,
    Very happy to read these articles. I have been suffering with a ligament tear for the past 1.5 months. My knees swell if I strain even a little bit. My physio has asked me to reduce climbing stairs. After reading these messages I am very convinced that Lord will heal me too as he has inscribed me in the palm of his hand. I don’t have any one to lay their hands on me to pray. So please pray for me. My only doubt is should I continue going to physio for treatment or should I stop and only pray for healing. My knees are very weak and all my daily activities are very affected. Very depressed. I want God to lift my spirit.

  • Karpagam, I’ll be sure to pray that God heals your ligament tear. God is a healer and he sees your pain and wants to heal your knees.

    Please let us know what happens.

  • Hi seth,
    I am from India and i am a cricket player.I tore my acl ligament while playing football in december 2015.I took rest and trained hard and came back to cricket few maonths back.but last month while playing again my knee popped up and was in severe pain.Now am training hard.everyone is suggestinh surgery.but i cant afford a surgery now.I beleive Jesus will heal me.I have got a job in oman and i am going there in a weeks time.I need to play for the company too..so please pray that my knee will be healed in time and i will be able to play well.I want to be a testimony of my faithful and loving jesus

  • Im a medical student from India. I am set to appear in the final mbbs exam this coming december. I am also a soccer n badminton player. I tore the acl and meniscus of my left knee exactly two months ago. The science i learn says it needs surgery and a long rehab .Bt as my exams are near i cant do anything right now. And this thought is killing me . I am totally depressed crying every night . I wake up to study bt read a few pages and cry over my books. Every step i take im scared my knee will giv away again. I used to walk around with my books and study bt now i cant . I am really scared about how i will give my clinical exams at the bedside standing for a long time. My family is far away and i practically have no one to talk to. I pray rosary every day but still end up crying. And even if i do surgery after i pass these dec exams i will hav trouble doing rehab as my compulsary internship will start from january. I am totally depressed. Please pray for me. The exams are by themselves really a big trouble . And i am fighting two big battles at the same time. Please pray for me..

  • How is the knee? I ask you for your prayer for my daughter and myself knees that have been injuried. Thank you. Be blessed.

  • Dear all,

    Thank you for sharing your faithful and sometimes painful stories. I’ve also recently raptured my ACL on my right knee. I’m beyond despair and in a depression due to other illness. I’ve been praying for God’s miracle and mercy in healing me. May I ask you all to also pray for me that I don’t need surgery. I pray that God will heal my soul, body and trouble heart. Bless those in similar situations and that we are healed with his mercy, grace and love.

  • I have severe left ankle pain due to ankle ligament stretch and partial tear. I am a dancer and a badminton player, very extrovert in nature. this pain makes me feel very much depressed and pained and worried whole time. Please pray for my healing and complete recovery… I believe in Jesus and his healing power

  • I think my 24 year old son Michael has torn his MCL in his knee (he can barely put any weight on it) and he cannot afford to pay to have MRI or a doctor visit. Believing God still heals, I looked for testimonies of God healing such injuries and found this site. I believe Michael’s greater need is to re-discover God’s agape love for him (he experienced a taste of this when he was 14-15 years old) and an overcoming faith in his Heavenly Father.
    Over the years, his life has not gone the way he hoped. I believe God has a purpose for Michael (as he does for each of His children) and my greatest desire is that he walk in it –whole and healed–and experience the great peace, joy & love of God. I am believing for God to heal him and bring him back to dependence of Jesus, into a deep love for Jesus and His precious Word. He needs to experience God’s faithfulness again. He also needs deliverance from anxiety & alcohol.
    If you feel so led, I would love and appreciate Holy Spirit inspired prayers for Michael.

  • A very sincere thank you, Seth, for your words. I was immediately uplifted in my spirit. Jennifer

  • Monique – good to see you on this thread again after a year! How is Troy? How did his last year go?

  • Dear Seth and others who read this, I haven’t damaged my knee but have suffered for 11 months in my left ankle and under the sole of my left foot with severe pain from tendon ligament and nerve injuries which just don’t heal and seem to be getting worse. All the hospital and physio work isn’t helping and I am almost immobile and housebound. I am a Christian but sometimes it’s so hard to pray when I’m in such pain and my prayers are all in desperation. Please help me by joining in to pray that the Pain goes forever as well as the cause behind such pain. I will certainly update you on my progress. Thank you. Jackie

  • Jackie,

    I understand for certain. I suffered a stress fracture and it has been a trial. I found Andrew Wommack’s teachings to be uplifting and educational in knowing the victory and authority we have through God’s Word for healing in the name of Jesus.

    I did not have good results with physical therapy either and had a lot of trouble feeling in a praise mood, just because of pain. Had a good bit of cortisone, too, it can help, but the relief is temporary and in my case hid the stress fracture for two months until an MRI was ordered.

    Progress has been there, but I wanted some acceleration in healing and
    I looked to stem cell treatment and took a treatment a little over a week ago, says it takes about 2 weeks to starting seeing results that are tangible, have had some improvement and am able to rest from work for a bit which will aid in that. Perhaps research some of that for yourself. There are many ways it can be done and it is an ethical thing, abortions are not in the mix of treatments concerning umbilical cord donors, etc…
    There are about 3-4 ways these treatments can be done.

    There are many good things you can listen to and watch on youtube to edify your spirit and I have done this myself and continue to.

    I pray for your spiritual, mental, and physical well being. “By His stripes we were healed”. Healing is for today and I pray that you will be able to renew your mind and pain will lift.

    I do understand that this is difficult. Know that God loves you.

    Please do consider listening to some of Wommack’s teaching and others who teach scripturally on healing.
    God never puts things on us to “teach us a lesson” or any of those things. Don’t let anyone tell you this even if they think they are being benevolent as there is a lot of false teaching out there in religious tradition.

    God bless you, be healed in the name of Jesus and I stand with you in taking authority over all symptoms.

  • I coach high school girls basketball and have had 4 ACL tears of my best players on each team for the last 4 seasons. Coming into this season, our best player has already went through surgery and won’t be cleared to play this season. Well, last night our post player tore her ACL. I’m thinking how much more of this can honestly happen?! This kid is a great person and Christian, and works so hard that it seems unfair. She goes for an mri tomorrow to confirm the ACL tear and I’m praying to God for a miracle. I have faith even though we’ve had so much injury the last 4 years. Please help me pray for Bailey.

  • Please pray for my left knee. 33 years ago, I suffered a sports injury and had to have my entire knee reconstructed – all ligaments torn with no cartilage remaining. No pain prior or forewarning. Just a loud pop and I went down. I was in the hospital for a week with surgery, cast for 6 weeks, crutches for 3 months and physical therapy for a year. The doctor cleared me to go back to regular routine after a year. I did and five years later, the same thing happened to the other knee. Exact same procedure and therapy for a year. This time, the doctor felt it could be congenital. Through the years, I’ve had episodes of flare-ups with swelling due to minor things and have had to be confined to my bed with crutches. Recently, I stretched my leg and woke up the next morning to a swollen knee. So much so that I can’t walk. I’ve been on crutches and in a wheelchair for the past 3 weeks and still unable to walk. MRI showed that there is a lot of damage to the bone from arthritis over the years. The doctor mentioned a knee replacement and I don’t want that as I am asking God to heal me and I do not fare well from surgeries. I recently have been looking for a job to get back out into the workforce and help my husband out. I homeschooled my kids and have 2 in college and one in public school now. I desperately need to help my husband and was interviewed at Choose Life and hired for part-time as well as a sub job at a church working with children which I love. I’ve had to turn both down due to this recent episode. I feel helpless and I am praying for God’s ultimate healing with both knees. I am thankful to God for all He’s given me and done for me. I attended a conference before all this happened to be a part of a Good News Bible team going into the schools and sharing the Gospel with kids who are unsaved. I would still like to be a part of that. Please join me in prayer and agree that God can heal my legs, that He is the great Physician and nothing is impossible for Him.

  • Kim, be healed in Jesus Name from all knee issues now. Divine healing in the natural without medical intervention. God is no respect or of persons and divine healing is his very best.
    In Jesus Name, Amen

  • Please pray for my left knee I think I tore one of the ligaments
    Please pray for my neck I’m pretty sure i tore a muscle and both my shoulders and left ankle basically my whole body

  • By the power of the Holy Spirit, let your mortal body be quickened and all physical pain leave now in Jesus Name. May there be no evidence of injury and a testimony to all who knew of the injury, in Jesus Name, Amen.

  • Praying in healing in knees. Past injury of patella femoral syndrome and now another injury with pain, swelling, and inflammation. Had an x-ray and MRI before, an x-ray a few days ago, and now waiting for another MRI. Praying for supernatural healing and that I can live a long life of healthy knees as I am still young with no children yet.

  • Be healed now of all of that in the name of Jesus.
    All pain be annihilated and all strength return to you.

  • I am very thankful and greatful for seeing this thread. I googled “ACL miracle healing” just now for hope because I recently tore my ACL and Possibly MCL and had been reading many articles and experiences that made me feel that I was in a very hopeless situation. I read of retears etc. I am a backslider actually and this injury and being immobilized for the last week, experiencing pain, made me ponder how fragile and frail humanity is. It made me consider that despite all our bravado and false faith in things, we are fragile, susceptible to death, illness, and injury. In my hotel bed last night before my orthopedic appointment today i thought about how I served God for over 10 years and how now the last 3 years, even with my life away from following Him I still needed Him and how I could still cry out still. recently also I suffered my first ever panic attack that awoke me from a sleep & i was terrified. I said to myself a song we used to sing in church, “at the name of Jesus, demons flee, by the Blood of Jesus, we are free..” So anyway, I remembered last night that God could heal me and so I laid hands on myself and asked God to heal me, to knit my ligaments and joints together, and also that I still believed in Him and loved Him and would consider my life. I have a MRI scheduled for two weeks and am going to believe God. I especially was touched by the testimony that God can heal me, not just others: That I could touch the helm of his robe and power to heal would touch me. I am thankful for God dealing with me and for me to be able to share all this now because earlier I was crying. I am a single parent and my kids are in pre-teen to teen years and I had gotten into an argument with my son. I began to feel scared about the stress of my injury on my family and also that I felt like I could lose touch with my kids. I need God more than ever now. Not just to heal me but for my home. So thank you for your testimony and for all the others. please also pray for me.

    • Be encouraged , Simone. God does heal. Caspar, who writes below, is a friend of mine. His heart stopped and he died and then was raised from the dead by a man who believes God for healing. God can touch you in the same way. I pray that it happens.

  • Hello everyone and God bless,

    It has been some years now but just wanted to let everyone know that God saw Desmond all the way through his senior with no issues as he rushed for 1300 plus yards and 17 touchdowns. He had a successful surgery after the season and is doing well now with his first son (Desmond Jr) two weeks all. Thank you all for your continued prayers. Will you all please continue to pray for us as we will do the same for you. Our God is an awesome God!!!!!!

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