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I’m back. Here’s what’s next

I'm back after two weeks of no blogging. Did you miss me? It's been nice to not have to write a blog post. And I've enjoyed the time to think about what needs to change. But, yes, I've missed you. OK, so here's what I think. I'm going to keep posting on this blog …
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes

I'm back after two weeks of no blogging. Did you miss me?

It's been nice to not have to write a blog post. And I've enjoyed the time to think about what needs to change.

But, yes, I've missed you.

OK, so here's what I think. I'm going to keep posting on this blog once or twice a week. And I'm going to re-ignite a community that has lain dormant for some time on the Wrecked.org website.

I'm particularly interested in the subject of how we need to take risks if we're to become the man or woman that God had in mind when he dreamed us up in the first place.

I'm interested in what holds us back from going for it. I'm appalled by the conclusion that the producers of 56 Up come to, that most people go through life and never do their dreams. They die full of regrets. Their series of documentaries follows a group of kids who grow from seven to 56. Every seven years, a new documentary. And now this one shows people approaching the twilight of their lives and realizing, "I probably will never get it done."

That's one way to get wrecked.

Another way is to recognize what Peter Gabriel calls "the grand facade" before it's too late. We can pull back the curtain on that facade by realizing that society feeds us lies we don't need to embrace. For example:

You are your stuff
You are your career
You are your relationships
You are your accomplishments

We grow up never questioning these ideas and we begin to believe them. We begin to live our lives according to them. And we become estranged from our true selves. We begin to live lives that deny our dreams.

Those of us who follow Jesus understand that he defines us in terms of what we mean to him. And he gives us precepts to keep us in alignment: To give is to get. The first shall be last. The least shall be greatest.

But to embrace those truths means embracing risks – taking a wrecking ball to the parts of your life that are aligned with the lies. Lies that say you're ordinary and that ordinary is good enough.

The truth is that you're special and that your dreams are beautiful and that the world needs them.

But embracing that truth means being wrecked for the ordinary. Jeff Goins wrote a book about that process and for six years, I've dreamed of building a community of people who were committed to go through the wrecking process together to find their true selves.

Going through that process requires no small measure of courage. We do it on kingdom journeys of all kinds. We do it as we embrace authenticity and simplicity and the truth that sets us free. It's a beautiful thing to see when it happens.

I'd like to help encourage people who are willing to take the risks that will get them there. And I'd like to see us shine some light on the path that will get people to God's dream for their lives.

What do you think? I'm headed to Thailand for a week tomorrow and hope to launch the blog after that. What ideas do you have that might improve this? If this is going to work, it'll need to function as a community. So I'm looking for your feedback and advice. Thanks in advance!

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  • Seth, I’m sitting here in the Hope House in Metro Manila, Philippines on a Sunday afternoon. Our team has all returned home to the USA. After two weeks of exposing them to the atrocities of the sex trade up close and personal, and even spending overnights in our safe house with our girls to feel, understand and hear their stories, they are all appalled at why they have only seen one missionary group on the streets and in the bars to reach the thousands of these precious and beautiful women.

    They are in the process of being wrecked for the ordinary, and they are wondering if they can can see their new found dreams become reality.

    Great things have happened as I have taken them to the hell holes lacking hope and that are full of depravity, brokenness, and women in captivity. I’m committed to doing everything I can to see their dream realized.

    I look forward to seeing what God is doing in you, so that we can work together to get this done!

    “Oh God, please come upon Seth now in this hour…”

  • This is a hurting world and backseat, pew sitting Christianity is just not enough to let us glimpse the face of God and know who we really are and what destinies await us.

    It sounds good Seth.

    You are getting ready to open many more doors to join the narrow path.

    It’s the only path worth being on.

  • st. Mark of the Cross

    wrecking ball…hmmm Our home was arsoned by a brother in Christ in July, our mission trip to Germany was canceled by the devil’s 3rd attack on Debbie of breast cancer, our home of 16 years was taken from us during Christmas season, Debbie having surgery, chemotherapy, moved to an upstairs apartment leaving the farm life & home meetings we had. all the life we knew for 16 years – good/bad – changed. Went from work/salary bringing home about $8,000. per month (which in our area is very good) to $1,400. per month to live on. Here we are, Lord, send us… Love you bro
    PS. “the pit is never so deep, that God is not deeper still..”

  • Wow, Mark. Sounds like a year from hell. There’s the wrecking that God allows to get us in alignment. And then there’s stealing, killing, destroying the enemy wreaks as a counterattack against those like yourself who are a genuine threat to him.

    I’m praying that God surrounds you and gives you the encouragement and grace you need to continue advancing the kingdom in your neck of the woods.

  • Glad you’re back! I’d love to participate in such a group. I struggle with the idea of “calling”. Is there a “right” dream to pursue? I can use those gifts that God has given me in a local homeless shelter or in Honduras. Which one? Is my calling specific or more general and somewhat up to me? I’d love to explore “calling” as part of dream pursuing.

  • All I can say is that it’s time to take back the dreams that have been stolen.

    Too many Christians enter into the promised land but do not fight for their inheritance. It’s a battle! And we must fight for them. We must be willing to give all our hearts, souls, minds, and strength to it.

    I just talked with a 48 year old dreamer this week who has a story of 25 years of preparation for this next season. She feels it in her bones…but, she doesn’t know the “what” or the “how”.

    I say, let’s get that bicycle rolling in a direction and let the what and how work itself out as God steers.

    It is time to risk being wrecked.

    Let me know how I can help…

  • Seth, as always it is great to hear your heart! It has been quite some time since we shared hearts. Upon returning from SA, I am reminded what the great challenges of Americans are to live this idea of community. We have been raised in a society of individual rights and single family dwellings.

    After 2 years of living with others before getting our own place recently, it became clear how our “rights” get in the way of living communally. My experience has been “this is my house” and if you do x, y and z all will be well. It is amazing how you can live together and still not relate openly and honestly. Relationship is attacked at every level in community. My heart was exposed as we lived with people who seemed to have more “law” than grace. My heart withdrew from those people.

    I, too, wanted community desperately. My heart has grown a “bit cool” to the idea. It is a dying process that most Americans can’t seem to find with our upbringing. I have reduced my desire to finding a few who simply want to pursue the Father in prayer. I can’t find them.

    Community is one of those things that is ” spiritually romantic” but hard as hell to live out without allowing a dying process. My heart hopes you find the kind of community you are looking for to bring “a wrecked life”.

  • I recommend looking at your passions. Our dreams come from our passions. And if you’ve not been on an extended kingdom journey, I recommend going on one. They are a great tool for aligning our passions with God’s heart.

    Consider taking this short course: http://calling.kingdomdreamers.com/

  • Love your blog and so glad you’re back, if only a few times a week. I/we are in transition between one phase of life and the next, and we’re looking to see what God will bring. We’d love to connect in this process if we can help… or participate if that’s right. Most importantly, we love community and the Kingdom of God and we want to do what He is doing!

  • Glad you’re back. My husband is disabled. I was unemployed for a year and a half, then got a job that, though I have 11 years experience, I am being paid minimum wage. I know God wants me to write a book, but fear of failure is keeping me from writing it. I have Jeff’s book and need to finish reading it.

  • Seth,

    I think the people don’t want to leave their safety (comfort) zone. I think for some it’s a lack of faith; i.e., they’re not sure God will show up if they venture outside their comfort zone. Instead of asking God to increase their faith, they get busy doing a lot of good things inside their safety zone.
    For others, life keeps them in check. Whether it be family issues, health concerns, etc., their risk is in facing these issues head-on and remaining faithful. They want to change the world, but no one tells them they are changing the world by the example they set for those around them. Just my humble opinion.

  • It’s a beautiful process you’re engaged in. I want to make the tagline for Wrecked: “When ordinary living collides with supernatural reality.” That’s what your team experienced.

  • Hey, Seth- And Teri-
    YES!!! Teri and I prayed last year how we could help reignite Wrecked… so grateful to see the Lord working that out! PLEASE let us know how we can help and contribute!

  • So glad to see you back! I’ve really missed this blog and I’m looking forward to the future of what it becomes. I’m ready to be plugged in and to contribute in any way possible 🙂 Have a great time in Thailand!

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