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Welcome to the re-launch of this blog. Behind the scenes, we’ve been organizing it for several weeks now.   Over the life of the blog, it has turned into more of a community. I regularly receive requests for…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes
Welcome to the re-launch of this blog. Behind the scenes, we’ve been organizing it for several weeks now.
Over the life of the blog, it has turned into more of a community. I regularly receive requests for help. In general, people are looking either for prayer, for counsel, or for discipleship. Thankfully, a number of our regular blog readers have stepped up and have reached out. I’ve come to the conclusion that it was time to better empower them in their areas of ministry. You can read about it in this blog.
I asked for volunteers to help. Here are the ones who have stepped up so far.  I know and trust them all. I’ve screened them according to their gifting and call as ministers and followers of Jesus. I’ve asked them to send me their pictures and a short bio. If you know of people who need prayer, counsel, or discipleship, they are available – just click on “Send An Email” at left. 
I’ll continue to blog as I have in the past, though perhaps not as frequently, and sometimes augmented by one of our blog ministers listed below. We’ve divided them into two teams.

The values of this blog are authenticity, vulnerability, and caring. We try to follow Jesus’ model in this. Together, we’re dreaming of lives lived more openly, becoming more human as we aspire to the divine.

Kenny Sacht

I live in Boise, Idaho with my beautiful bride and 6 children.  I love watching the Holy Spirit show up in love and power as he changes hearts and minds.  God is breaking my heart for the things that break his: the poor, widows, orphans, and needy throughout the world.  Having coached for many years, I now lead athletic mission trips to the slums of Manila, The Philippines to disciple kids and help wipe tears on this side of heaven.  I enjoy praying for the sick and the broken hearted as well as challenging, discipling, and encouraging others to think (and act) outside the traditional American church model as they grow in their kingdom walk with Jesus and others.

Gabe Landes

Heidi and I live in Dayton, Ohio, and have four young children. I was a pastor for 14 years before I started my own business in 2003.  Two years ago I went through a crisis of faith when I asked myself if I was really, truly, a Christ-follower.  Or was I just a “Jesus-believing, church-going, comfort-pursuing, nice guy pursuing the American dream?” That marked a turning point. Since that time, God has led me into His kingdom, something brand new to me.  I’m still waking up, and have a passionate urgency to help others find the King and his kingdom.

Patti Radzik

Patti R’s passion is to help hurting people find healing and hope in the grace of Jesus Christ, and to “act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with God” (Micah 6:8) in the process.  My dream is to love, serve, and breathe life into the orphans in Swaziland, Africa and to see God raise them up to be world changers.

Patti Blakley
Blog Edits & Admin

In January, God called out to me and said stop! He has shown me that my relationship with him needs to be up-close and personal. I needed to be just me ; the widget would no longer be the center of my world, He is. My passion is to help the youth of today discovering the role that they play in sending the word of God out to the world. I have been married to the love of my earthly life Stew for 25 years, we have 2 wonderful daughters, Jaime 27 and Sheryl 22. We live in Dacula, Ga.

Carol Chambers
Prayer & Blog Admin

Carol Chambers is English, married with one son and living to the east of London.  Her passion for Jesus finds its most natural expression in music as a musician, worship leader, writer and arranger.  She’s spent time working on street outreach teams in the northwest and south of England and loves helping people look up and see Jesus.  She has a degree in Drama, Music and Religious Studies and likes the way the creative arts can slip past prejudice and surprise a heart with the love of God.

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  • Hello Dear,Greetings to you and your family.how are you today?I know this email will look strange and surprising telling somebody i don’t know about my life but there is need for that in as much as my own family wants me dead so telling somebody i don’t know my life might save my life,please bear with me.i will really like to have a good relationship with you and i have a special reason why i decided to contact you,I decided to contact you because of the urgency of my situation here,I am Master,Asiedu Montfold ’25years old boy from Ghana,the daughter of Late Dr.Montfold Asiedu,a business man and Executice Director Moltlink Gold Mining Company.My father died of a poisonous substance which was planted in his food by my uncle.because of greed so he can inherit his properties and funds.As God may have it,before my father’s death,he sumitted all the vital document including a copy of his WILL to our family attorney for safety and for keep untill i decide on what to do with it all!being the only child.I am constrained to contact you because of the maltreatment which i’m receiving from both my uncle and my extended family members,because of the said assets.they are planning to have me dead so they can take away all my late father’s treasury and properties from me since i’m the only child and lost my mother during my birth.25 years ago Meanwhile I wanted to escape to the Europe,America but can not begin this process without your assistance,since i have to rely on someone to help me get this funds out of the country for keep before my arrival to his end.I wish to contact you personally for a long term relationship and investment assistance in your Country,It might interest you to know that my father of blessed memory deposited the sum of US$ 2,500.000.00 in the Bank with my name as the next of kin.please it is important that you never diclose this subjects to any other person to know about this money,please my multives of contacting you should be kelpt between you and I.However,I shall instruct my family attorney to redirect all papers work to you as my co beneficiary so you can have the funds deposited in your Account until my arrival.He would also forward you with the necessary documents on confirmation of your acceptance to assist me in the transfer of this money to your account for me to start coming over and continue with my studies over there.Be inform that you will also help me in an investment purposes,It is my intention to compensate you with 25% of the total money for your services and the balance shall be my investment capital.This is the reason why I decided to contact you.Please all communications should be through this email address only for confidential purposes.As soon as I receive your positive response showing your interest,I will put things into action immediately.In the light of the above,I shall appreciate an urgent message indicating your ability and willingness to handle this transaction sincerely…as you kindly furnish me with the following informations: Country of Origin:………….Full Name:………………..TeleNo:…………Awaiting your urgent and positive response. Please do keep this only to your self please i beg you not to disclose it because of the unknown persons.Yours Sincerely, Master,Asiedu Montfold

  • One of the great things about following Jesus is to remember He asked us to do this in community. The good news of new life through faith was never meant to be internalized and made some solitary quest. We need each other.

    This “blog ministry team” is an expression of that mandate.

    And I am grateful.


  • The teams are together as a community and we are willing and able to reach out to all of you if needed. If you want to contact us, click on contact Seth and we are only an email away. Blessings to all for a wonderful weekend.

  • Long live this Team!!
    I’m a direct beneficiary of the grace
    God has poured out on you guys. My life and
    ministry has taken a new curve… upward.





    we write in confidence believing that if it is the wish of God for you to help us and complete this orange that we are building , you will definitely do. We hope you are not embarrassed since there is no previous correspondence held with you.We have been very much hopeful that you will assist us irrespective of the fact that the present world is full of dishonesty and distrust. We are Sister’s of a mission catholic center here in Cameroon . So when we came here we worked for the mission and discovered that there where many orphans here so we had no choice than helping them so we Started building up an orphanage here in Cameroon and we are althourised by the ministry and also by the catholic mission for this and as we were carrying up this we had some shortage of money and had already spend a lot to this close to 10million CFA and also the project hasn’t even done half and we are short of money at the moment,so as see where caring this out we had shortage of money so we need help our mission is to help as many orphaned children as possible, through any means possible. We wish to accomplish this mission and we are very much in need of help from any one that want to offer help out of your free witch anything you can offer we will be very grateful and also the good lord will reward you handsomely and may the good lord bless you.

  • Dear sir/Madam,
    Greetings from ndia.
    We are looking for generous people to support the Victim children of Christian Persecution of Kandhamal,Orissa,India.
    If interested please write
    at [email protected]

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