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Is being “slain in the Spirit” biblical?

A couple of days ago I wrote a blog entitled A skeptic visits the Lakeland revival.  Justin asked a great question and Melinda responded.  It’s a provocative issue and their exchange I thought was worth bringing up with a broader audience.   Justin asks:  I saw someone “…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes
A couple of days ago I wrote a blog entitled A skeptic visits the Lakeland revival.  Justin asked a great question and Melinda responded.  It’s a provocative issue and their exchange I thought was worth bringing up with a broader audience.
Justin asks: 
I saw someone “fall out” for the 1st time last night at a tent meeting
in NC. I had volunteered to be an alter worker so I actually caught the
guy when he fell (that was one of my jobs). I still doubt, yet I saw
and even felt this happen. For me, even seeing isn’t believing.

Seth, where is falling out in the Scriptures? Or is this a new movement
of the Holy Spirit? Why? It doesn’t make sense. I understand healing,
but falling out?
Melinda replies:  
Justin, I am in the thick of preparing a team to minister in Mozambique, so
please forgive me for not taking the time to answer your question with
extensive references.

I will tell you though that ‘falling out’ is nothing new. Many times in
Scripture when people came into the presence of God, they fell to the
ground. They were overcome. Throughout history, if you read of revivals
in the 1800’s and 1900’s, there were many reports of people ‘falling
out.’ Jonathan Edwards addressed it once as it was ‘outside his
theological experience’, but he came in contact with it and deemed it
real and gave some strong Biblical reasons for it. After I return from
Mozambique in late August, I can send you references if you’d like.

The first time it happened to me, no one even touched me. I wasn’t
inclined to such things, but I was ‘open.’ Being open is more than a
mental assent though, it means actually putting yourself in places to
explore that openness. (I am glad Allison is having the courage to put
herself in unfamiliar territory.) I went to a meeting where I knew no
one, and the preacher called my name out. I had not signed my name on
anything either (my skeptical mind first went there…as I thought
maybe he lifted my name off a sign-up sheet, but I didn’t register for
the meeting…), so I went to the front, and will admit to having some
fear and trepidation. The preacher kept calling other people out, and
as different ones came up to the altar, I decided to deal with my
‘nervousness’ by closing my eyes and singing worship songs to my Lord.
I thought, “I can’t go wrong if I am seeking Him first, so I am going
to just concentrate on Him.’ Well, as I was doing this, I suddenly felt
like I was being lightening-bolted. It was as if I had stuck my tongue
in an electrical outlet. And at the exact time I was experiencing this,
the preacher, who could not see me at all, interrupted what he was
doing to say, ‘Melinda! Melinda! Where is Melinda?! God is doing
something in you right now. Just let Him have His way.” Well, I ended
up on the ground and God clearly ministered to me while I lay there. I
can give you specifics in August if you want. (Seth can give you my

Of course, just as someone can close their eyes and mimic ‘being in
prayer’, there are people who can ‘mimic’ falling out. Don’t judge them
too harshly though. Many are just hungry, and inclined to do whatever
they think might help move them closer to God. That’s not a sign of a
bad heart though. I hunger after the genuine, but I know there are
strongholds in our minds that can keep us from giving the heart chances
that the mind doesn’t understand. Jack Deere used to say that God
sometimes offends the mind to reveal the heart.
Having been a
valedictorian and honors student in higher education, I’ve discovered
that my mind sometimes needs to be shaken from its place of
pre-eminence. Please don’t hear me saying not to use your mind. Just be
careful that you don’t let it be the ‘be all and end all.’ That is a
position for God and God alone. And let me tell you, having traveled to
more than 50 nations, I’ve had my mind and beliefs stretched way beyond
their original borders. Thank God! Though my upbringing with a Western
rational worldview has its benefits, it is not without its shortcomings
as well. Will Willimon says it best:

“Just when I get my church all sorted out sheep from the goats, saved from the damned, hopeless from the hopeful, somebody makes a move, gets out of focus, cuts loose and I see why Jesus never wrote systematic theology.


So, you and I can give thanks that the locus of Christian thinking is
shifting from North American and northern Europe where people write
rules and obey them, to places like Africa and Latin America where people still know how to dance.”

I remember hearing a wise preacher at a large conference comment
on some of the ‘unusual’ events going on 20 years ago in Toronto and
elsewhere. He said “Only 60% of what is going on there is of God.”
Almost everyone at the conference made a kind of ‘Whoa’ response, as
they were surprised he would publicly make such a statement, even if he
privately believed it. But what he said next, caught people by
surprise, but they had to agree:

“60% is sure better than the 30% that we’ve had.”

It made me think, ‘How many people sit in churches thinking about what
they are going to eat after the service, if they’ll beat the crowds to
a restaurant, if the preacher will finish before the game starts on
tv…yet because they are sitting quietly and staring ahead with a
docile smile on their face, we think God was honored in that church.

Bottom line, God is most concerned with your heart, and if you’ve ever
been in love, you know that sometimes love can be ‘messy’ and go
outside the lines you’re used to.

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  • Praise God, It’s happening here in Sacramento, CA too!!!

    We too have been catching the FIRE!

  • Awesome quotes, Melinda! I have never been slained or fell our or anything. I have had dreams and prophecies, though. I had a friend who thought that those gifts weren’t for this age and went to a chaotic conference where he didn’t like what was going on but decided to worship any way. He fell on the ground and started speaking in tongues. his church condemned him as a liar or possessed (and later sincerely apologized after he left. They just didn’t know how to process it).

    I’m a deep thinker and am rarely in a moment so maybe God will lead me through a time of knowing how to connect with Him in a moment and clear the way for His Spirit to totally connect with mine – even more than He ever has.

  • All of the above is true… I seek to add a different perspective to a great discussion.

    I worry a bit about this signs and wonders movement. I believe in and have been a part of miracles. I know we will do even greater things than Jesus. AND not all miracles are of Jesus. The demons and their spirits in men can preform miracles too. The spirit of divination will masquerade as prophecy, and witchcraft as healing etc.

    I would like to see us encourage young people to SEEK THE LORD with all their hearts, greater and deeper in the Holy Spirit, Jer 29:13… I use caution in pushing to seek signs and wonders. There is a balance. Rather see the Lord with everything you have, and the signs and wonders will come.

    I would rather see us teach them to listen to the Holy Spirit, fine tune their discernment, rather than encourage “openess”.. IF they are seeking God and asking for discernment… God will wreck them in His way and in His timing. I have all too much knowledge of the New Age spirit and was once very easily deceived due to lack of discernment, it was the very “hunger” without proper shepherding that got me in trouble. I was a a “healing” meeting once where the woman leading told us to “be open and just receive”… only to find out later she was a actually a “Rekie Master” (a demonic form of healing). Several years later and a tough deliverance and I am finally free from all that 🙂

    So I just add a word of cation my friend. God is good. He knows your heart. If He wants to put you on the floor, He will, as He has me. But don’t go chasing after signs and wonders… just chase after God with wild abandon, ask for discernment… He will add the rest!

  • signs and wonders are a part of the package as you are seeking God! He loves to demonstrate Himself this way!! Keep after it…

  • Good Lord’s willing we’re going down Sunday to check this out for ourselves. We’ll be there for 3 days. In search of the Spirit and truth.

  • Yes signs and wonders are real.The first miracle though is not healing,it is the salvation that Jesus Christ died on the Cross of calvary for.Then all these other benefits of healings,goodness of His Love and His mercy is renewed to us each day. Yes I have beheld with my eyes the blind to see, the deaf ears opened the unbelievers to come to know Christ through signs and wonders.Christ said “in the last days He would pour out His spirit not for men to show off but He would use any vessel to do His work for the Glory of the Kingdom. Being an 80 Year women an knowing this Wonderful Saviour since childhood.Having the Holy Ghost and yes falling out under the Power of the almighty God MAY I REASURE YOU IT IS REAL SO REAL. SO DO NOT BE SKEPTICAL.SEEK GOD IN EVERYTHING HE HAS FOR YOU.REMEMBER JEREMIAH 29:11 HE HAS A PLAN. JUST THANK HIM THAT YOU HAVE HEARD ABOUT THIS OLD TIME RELIGION FOR IT NEVER GROWS OLD.PRAISE THE NAME OF JESUS.

  • Seth,

    I was in Mexico with AIM back in 1995.
    (Matamoros, at the white house)
    Helping with the camp and various summer mission projects throughout Mexico. (Definitely one of the most defining points of my life.)

    Now I am married and have kids. We live in Tennessee (near Gatlinburg) where I see you were recently.

    Anyway, a friend mentioned your blog on her site and I was reconnected. (It really is a small world.)

    I love seeing all that AIM is still doing in Missions around the world.

    I saw this entry and thought I would respond with some recent scriptures that were brought to my attention about this very subject.

    These are various different scriptures dealing with falling down (what we may call being slain in the Spirit.)

    I too have experienced this before. A few times where no one touched me. I was actually praying for other people at the time. I fell back and so did the person I was praying for.

    It inspired faith in quite a few people who were watching. When they saw this they were able to receive from the Lord because of His demonstration of power.

    Mark 3:11
    Whenever the evil spirits saw him, they fell down before him and cried out, “You are the Son of God.”

    (God’s demonstration of Power to unbelievers.)
    Acts 26:14
    We all fell to the ground, and I heard a voice saying to me in Aramaic, ‘Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me? It is hard for you to kick against the goads.

    (Reverence and Worship)
    Revelation 5:8
    And when he had taken it, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb. Each one had a harp and they were holding golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints.

    Revelation 5:14
    The four living creatures said, “Amen,” and the elders fell down and worshiped.

    There is another references too-where Ananias and Sapphira fell down and died.(Matt 5)

    It is a little different – I would have to say that they were literally SLAIN in the Spirit.

  • i have generally considered myself to be open minded but have always been skeptical of stuff like this. your post has helped me to have a more accurate perspective of it. thanks!

  • Please note the following Scriptures that are often used as “proof” or justification for being “Slain in the Spirit”.
    2 Chronicles 5:14,Matthew 17:6,Matthew 28:4,John 18:6,Acts 9:4-8, Revelation 1:17 In only one of these cases was there a falling down because of things that happened during a worship service or a church gathering [reference 2nd Chronicles5v14] and that was the start a new phase in the divine covenant with the JEWISH nation. In none of these cases did it happen because anyone laid hands on or said prayers over anyone in the context of a gathering of the New Testament Church.With reference to TODAYS occurrences is has to be noted that many of these occur in highly charged and emotive where people almost expect to fall down.Please read carefully the following eyewitness account of a gathering at Lakeland….quote”The ON-STAGE DANCING throughout this conference was a good example,which had a rather ‘wild’ aspect to it which truly made me uncomfortable in my spirit. One came across like a sensual ‘Harem’ dance. Much of it really felt “off”,”Worship” had a very “tribal” feel and soon they were doing dance items with loud voodoo-style drums only – leaping around in a frenzied circle making weird cries to the super-amplified beat. The feeling was oppressive and “pagan” during this and I could hardly even bear to stay in there. One main prophet got up and said “people may feel uncomfortable with such “pagan” type dancing, but that it was originally God’s type of dancing and we were just now ‘stealing back’ what the pagans had stolen from God”!
    What could be more blatant? What kind of ‘spirits’ do are being transmitted to people who open themselves up to that? There is no discernment in this movement AT ALL”….Unquote .This came from a former Pastor involved for 11years with the Toronto Blessing and Lakeland revival movements!!

  • It’s pretty simple. There is NOTHING biblical about slain in the spirit. Who Says ? None other than Billy Graham himself. Don’t believe me ? Go to his website and do a search on “slain in the spirit”.

  • John Douglas: I actually read that same article yesterday while researching critics of the revival. Andrew Strom was not writing about Lakeland. He was writing about his experiences at The Kansas City Whitedove Conference in 2004, in an article entitled “WHY I LEFT THE PROPHETIC MOVEMENT.” Just wanted to make that clear.

  • Do not be deceived; as has been sated already, scripture has no instances of the laying on of hands resulting in anyone being “slain in the spirit”: however, I understand that such an experience is not uncommon amongst those involved in occult activities. When scripture records people falling down it is most commonly when evil spirits are involved and it is probably the response of these spirits to the presence of the Holy Spirit that causes the person to fall. [Lu 9:42 And as he was yet a coming, the devil threw him down, and tare him. And Jesus rebuked the unclean spirit, and healed the child, and delivered him again to his father.] What is often seen to take place at “charismatic” events has no apparent purpose other than to amuse or entertain those present. In all things God has a clear purpose. God does not play games with us. We are aliens in this world and His is the battle, not a game!

    If you look for signs and wonders you may not be disappointed but you will very likely be deceived. Remember when such things take place that our God is not the author of confusion. [Jas 3:16 For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work. {confusion: Gr. tumult, or, unquietness}]. Confusion (or tumult) is to be found in many places in the OT but always in a negative sense and frequently in the activity of His, and our, enemy. It is also often found at many of the highly charged “charismatic” meetings.

    When signs and wonders are witnessed they are either of Satan or they are of our God, not both. Remember that our God does not give His glory to another. Either it is His glory or it a deception that seduces, if it were possible, even the elect.

    Be Bereans and use scripture to be profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. If it is not in the Holy Word of God……DO NOT TRUST IT.

  • Slain in the Spirit

    falling out is real

    I have been saved a term which means I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior for almost 12 years

    The first time I fell out I was at home watching TD Jakes on TV and he said reach your hand out and I did touched the tv and I went out .

    I had not thought about it for years until 2000 when I underwent deliverance , I mean I am out and demons are talking

    had to call my parents ,to findout what was what

    As I walk closer with God I am learning that God put us , the flesh out so he can talk to our spirit.

    I would rather be slain in the spirit than trying to rationalize what is going oh because I know I am getting clarity for my walk with God

  • I know Benny Hinn gets a bad rap at times but that is because he is misunderstood
    anytime a person is a true threat to the devils kingdom they will recieve persecution from the world.
    Ive been in his services and they are amazing ,at one service he gave impartation by laying on of hands (which is biblical 2Tim.1:7,Acts6:6)my wife said it looked like i did a flip ,afterwards i had the most beatiful communion with the Holy Spirit ,for days I could hear the Lords voice w. such clarity.As far as being slain in the Spirit, I couldnt have stood if I’d wanted to.Granted it may be overly sought after(the falling down) in the Church when what we should be seeking after is a closer walk with God but dont dismiss it, the Spirit will move as He wills in whatever manner He chooses.(1Cor.2:4)The preaching of the Gospel is not in the wisdom of man’s words but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power.

  • This falling spirit is part of a charismatic movment. It is not scriptural. Ths instansces recorded in the Bible where men or women fell in the presence of God are falling in humility. They always fell forward or collapsed, not fell down nicely in a way that they will not be injurred, or with the knowledge that someone is there behind to hold you.

    In the new testemant church non of the apostles or Paul or any body else fell. Or no body fell when they leid hands on others. Are we saying we are spiritually superior to apostles or Paul?

    Remember evrything we do or say, we will be accountable to God one day. If I ask Jesus one day in heaven, “Jesus what do you say about falling spirits?”. He will ask me “What does the Bible say? Did you obey God’s word, or you followed somebody else?”

    Please do not mislead people. If you want to fall, do it but don’t preach it as a doctrine to others. You will have to account for your actions to God one day.

  • You don’t need falling to demostrate phisical manifetation of the Holy Spirit. Jesus already has promised that where 2 or 3 are gathered in His name He will be present in their midst. We just have to accept His words by faith. We do not have to demonstrate in a congregation that the Lord is present by falling. Or God does not ne our help tp prove His presence by calling for people to fall out.

    DL Moody, Billy Graham or any great men or women of God such as in the early church, Peter, Paul, James, not of them fell.

    Phisical manisfestations do not prove or dispoove God’s presence or absence. The only manisfestation of the Holy Spirit is given in Gal 6:22, “the fruit of the Spirit”. Christians are to be seen by others by what they are inwardly, the fruit of the Spirit. Jesus said in Mat 5:16 “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven”. We are not glorifying God by falling. In fact the opposite effect takes place.

    Remember God is not a God of disorder, but a God of order. Also the scripture says that a man’s spirit is within his control.

    If a person is filled with the Holy Spirit, He does not make him fall. Only when a person is possessed by an evil spirit, he or she falls.

    We don’t have try to hep God by adding physical manifestations! Just be yourselves as true Christians.

  • Take the catchers away and faling out will stop. It has happened in many churches. The same ones “falling”every week,never seem to change, I suppose “falling ” doesn’t work for them??If this was truly a work of the Spirit it wouldn’t be termed “carpet time ” by those in authority of the service.How Irrevrent!!!!! I have dealt with this for over 30 years and have never seen or touched anyone , myself included, truly touched by God. An awful lot of pushing going on, Throwing towels?? come on, show me where Jesus touched anyone and they fellout? Don’t include the garden, when they fell back, it was by the omnipotence of His being, and they imediately stood up,anytime anyone spoke with an angel they went prostrate face down and spoke, and the angel commanded them to arise to their feet. God is more interested in speaking to you on your feet than on your back!!! In the churches that encourage this, it happens, almost like a sign of spirituality, in chuches that do not , it doesn’t happen. It has been accepted as a sign of power and credability by pastors and evangelists and when someone comes up, they are persuaded that it is unspiritual if they don’t fall, real or not.

  • 1 Kings 8:10-11 (King James Version)

    10And it came to pass, when the priests were come out of the holy place, that the cloud filled the house of the LORD,

    11So that the priests could not stand to minister because of the cloud: for the glory of the LORD had filled the house of the LORD.

  • Thanks for the sincere posts!
    I’ve been thinking about this all day yesterday. Last night I asked the Holy Spirit to teach me and show me the truth. I’ll back up…My daughter came back from a conference where most kids were slain in the spirit. THe catchers weren’t too good and three times she fell and hit her head on the floor. (Twice going backwards and once forward falling on her face. ) All times it hurt her and gave her a terrible headache. When she was young she had a head injury and was healed. Her docs said never should she get her head hit, as it would be bad. I don’t get how God would heal her and allow her to have her hit her head hard on the floor? Also a poor girl had to be taken to the hospital as her neck was twisted by another faller. Also one of the catchers was hurt by a falling man. Anyway, (In answer to my prayer) I got a dream last night that pointed to the error of being slain. (Long dream) After pondwering the dream, reading this blog, and other articles I have changed my opinion from pro- to against believing it’s from God. Falling down w/ reverence though is natural to me and never do we need catchers. I’m still pondering and have an open mind toward the Holy Spirit’s teaching. He’s able to teach me more…
    Blessings to all!

  • Thanks for the comments, RL. Helpful testimonies there. I doubt it’s all one way or the other. As I grow older, God shows me the importance of being OK with not having definitive answers to debatable issues like this one.

  • The original question at the very top of the page was “is being slain in the Spirit biblical”? The answer to that question is “no”. The biblical references people have posted do not match what people call “being slain in the Spirit, or falling out in the Spirit”. These terms have been made up by man and are flawed.

  • All I know is being Slain in the Spirit is real. I am not one that easily believes in phenomena or that such things are real. Until it happened to me I used to think that this was fake and the people that it happened to were either faking or self hypnotized. I am a girl who was raised by my parents to be a lady at all times. My mom and dad would never let me wear pants and I always had to be properly attired when leaving my room except when I turned in for the evening. I say this to state that I was always self-conscious of what I did and how I sat since I was always in a dress or skirt and to great care not to run my nylons.

    One night I went to church with my boyfriend, who was a Pentecostal, and when I first got there I was more interested in being with him and my thoughts were mostly about spending time with him after church service. At some point after the preacher started talking, I began to listen and began to feel like I was missing something in my life. After listening more, I began to see that the missing part of my life was a personal relationship with Jesus and the more I heard, the more I wanted it. At some point the preacher came off of the rostrum and walked toward me as he continued preaching. Next he stopped at the pew where I sat and looked directly at me as he continued to preach and say that Jesus was waiting to accept me and save me. Then he extended his hand and I just got up and walked into the aisle and stood in front of him. As he continued to talk he asked if I wanted to received a touch from the Lord. I had started crying by this time so I could not answer his question. He then raised my hands and touched me on the forehead and I felt something like an brief but powerful electric shock then I felt like I was falling then finally landed on a bunch of very soft fluffy pillows. As I laid there I felt a wonderful presence that was warm and comforting then I felt a joy that was indescribable. I was so powerful that tears flowed and flowed. I could not tell how much time had passed and I didn’t care. At some point I sat up and some men helped my to my feet while a couple of ladies held something tight around my waist then they helped me to a nearby pew. After a while I began to regain my senses and even though my eyes were still closed, I felt a cloth draped over my lap and legs and then noticed my shoes were off. After sitting in my seat for a little while, I opened my eyes and my boyfriend was sitting right next to me, the pastor and the pastor’s wife along with another girl were standing around me. The preacher that touched me, and his wife, were also standing there. The pastor’s wife brought me my shoes and my boyfriend handed me my purse. I slipped my shoes on and went to the bathroom to wipe my face and fix my makeup. When I returned I looked up at the clock and saw that over three and a half hours had passed since I had gotten up in response to the preacher. When we left church and got into the car my boyfriend filled me in on what had happened. He said that when the preacher touched me I screamed as I fell to the floor. There were no catchers and not ushers around me when I fell. He also said that when I fell, I kicked my legs repeatedly and writhed on the floor to the point that my shoes flew off my feet. When I heard this, I became concerned about the disposition of my dress but he said that it did not rise and I remained decent while one of the ladies came over and covered my legs and lower body with a sheet.

    Responding in this way was counter to the way I would respond normally. I’m normally to prim and proper to fall on the floor, especially in a short dress.

    I know this is of God and now one can convince me it is not.

  • I have read the comments on getting “slain in the Spirit”,
    and because this has happened to me on numerous occassions, I feel I must reply. I am a Christian woman who is very sincere in her walk with God, and I have often asked God to keep me from being deceived in any area. I have not asked God to manifest His Spirit in any certain area,but have found that He has chosen to do so in His own
    way. I think of the scripture that states that His ways are not ours, and His thoughts are higher than ours are. We Christians tend to be so uptight in our thinking that we become stale and offensive to the world. The bible actually says that “the joy of the Lord is our strength”.
    I do not believe that everything that happens in these “revivals” are from God, but that does not mean that we should “throw the baby out with the bathwater” either.
    I believe that the most offensive person in the whole Sunday morning congregation is the one who is unaffected by the worship, wishing they were anywhere else, proud that they had “fulfilled their obligation” and wishing the pastor would hurry up his message so they can get to the restaraunt before the others get there. That to me is “walking in the flesh”. As for the laughing while “the world is crying”. Many times it is the Christian who has cried for the world in her quiet prayer times that the Lord is blessing with an extra measure of joy. God says if we do things in private, He will bless us in public. What we are seeing is God moving in the hearts of people who have been weighed down by the cares of the world, and usually by concern for others, who need the “joy of the Lord that is our strength.” I see the laughter as a sort of medicine (as it states in the scriptures, by the way)
    that helps us to refocus, get encouraged, and get empowered to truly be a light to a hurting world. Do we really think the world wants what we have if we are depressed, discouraged, and joyless? If now we see laughter as a sin, and not as an emotional release that God knew we would need in these dark times? I beleive there is a danger to believing that things that are evil are of God, but an equally dangerous thing is to believe that things that are of God are evil. I have been “slain in the Spirit” numerous times, never seeking that manifestation, nor running from it. Since that time, I have fallen more in love with God, not less. I am still in the same church I was in 20 years ago. I still pray, read the word and fellowship. I have been married for 34 years and have great kids and blessings from God. I am not flaky. I am not silly. I am a deep thinker who has finally learned how to enjoy my life and my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. In Him I truly live and breathe and have my being. By the way, some of the people who were opposed to some of the refreshing of the Lord that began in our church years ago have either dissappeared and are not attending church anywhere now, or have stayed and have become some of the meanest people
    around, embracing a sort of legalism that I am sure God is not happy with. The best thing, I believe, is to keep our relationship with God real and close, and to ask Him for discernment, and when we do that, we can’t go wrong.

  • I had a salvation experience when I was eight years old. That was 67 years ago. I have never been slain by the Spirit, spoken in tongues or any other manifestation. I believe it happens but I am not sure how to qualify for all these experiences. My main goal in life is to be all God wants me to be. I concentrate on Bible study and prayer and I, too, evaluate everything by relying on God’s Word. There is an answer in the Bible for everything if we study and dig deep enough. The thing that bothers me is that I have never heard God speak to me. He has never spoken to me in a voice like I would talk to you. I have sought Him in making decisions and have failed to get guidance. I am very confused about a lot of things and I know the Bible says God is not a God of confusion. When I get confused, I remember that but I still fail to get answers. Oh, I know God has led me but sometimes I don’t know if it is Him or me I am listening to.

  • Peace,mercy and grace be unto all saints that are in search of the one true God not for power but for God beening God.being slain in the spirit is real peter was slain in the spirit(trance)when God told him whatever he made clean must not be called unclean.listen saints judge the tree by the friut it bears we are walking with God he is the one that gives us wisdom we need to apply it to our daily life.the spirit realm is a different level from the visiable.and it opperates differently because it comes from the heavenly realm not earth.if it is satan you would know because God doesnt share his glory with anybody and satan is not going to lead you to God.so if slain in the spirit is not the holy one then the fake one is doing a bad job because who are slain gives God the glory.satan would lead you away from GOD not aid you into devine fellowship.and as far as deciption goes the ones that has God in a box is being deceived God is God he could do whatever he wants to do and to whoever he wants to do it to donot call the holyspirit an accurse its blasphemy and unpardonable.stay blessed.

  • I was slain in the spirit tonight at a Church of God camp meeting in Kentucky. I have been thirsting for the spirit of the Lord, and seeking him daily. Tonight I went up to be baptized in the Holy Ghost, and I fell onto the floor and could not get up at all. I was crying and could not move, but felt the spirit of the Lord. I got up and stumbled and fell again. I am 6-2 1/2 and 195 pounds and Ive never done anything like this in life. However I have been praying for the more of the spirit to help me in my recent call to preach the gospel. It was REAL tonight in me, and to me confirmation of just how powerful the Holy Ghost is. This is from the heart.

  • I have been slain in the spirit before a few times. Last night I went up for prayer with such a sincere heart, wanting to surrender my all to God, wanting breakthrough, with an attitude of expectation to receive from God. I didn’t doubt in my heart. While the church prayed for me, I felt light headed and overwhelmed. I was aware that I was surrendering and fell. There was no catcher and I was aware that I fell hard, I lay on the ground for a few minutes praying in tongues. I believe and thank God for breakthrough.

  • Amen,took my sister to class she is believer but holding back ,well. God made her do a jig,unwillingly…lol. It was funny to watch I kept praying Ok sue let go. give yourself To God…yield To Him….and she got zapped by the Holy Spirit thankfully she had a catcher….July 22,2012. .I. Watched Bill Hamon DVD ,and gave everything I am mind,body spirit to God…filled with Holy Spirit and given gift of tongues…rebaptized(catholic)July 26…going to. Ministry school. Wild journey…given words…wow,stepped out in prophetic conf.been healed double bulging disc,degenerative disc dis. No pain…since started school. God is Awesome

  • I just read excellent article about this very topic: http://www.biblical-pentecostals.org/slain.htm
    Being slain is non-biblical.
    Demons are the ones who knock people out in order to try to possess or control them. In many cases to keep them from submitting to God or to distract them from true repentance. People tend to believe that God has accepted them when they fall out and go right back to their seats assured that it is done. In truth it was done at the cross and only true repentance and worship before Christ is what matters. These shows are also very damaging to those who are truly repenting or to children who are honestly worshipping God and then feel as if they are unaccepted or unworthy of this so called “blessing.” Our God is not the author of confusion.

  • Its not about being “uptight” but rather the Word tells us to test all things. Our own logic does not make something unbiblical holy or acceptable- like laughing in the spirit or being slain. Discernment is for the purpose of applying Scripture to our daily life and situations. To deny the Word is to reject discernment. They go hand in hand. The fact is the Bible does not tell us that this is a sign of the Holy Spirit. Try rebuking in the name of Jesus the next time people fall or even the next time people speak in tongues. You’ll be surprised by how many spirits flee and how the nonsense stops. Remember Satan has a habit of presenting himself as light and God will allow it in order for us to seek Him and the truth of His Word. We are all tempted by religion.
    “It happened that as we were going to the place of prayer, a slave-girl having a spirit of divination met us, who was bringing her masters much profit by fortune-telling. Following after Paul and us, she kept crying out, saying, ‘These men are bond-servants of the Most High God, who are proclaiming to you the way of salvation.’ She continued doing this for many days. But Paul was greatly annoyed, and turned and said to the spirit, ‘I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her!’ And it came out at that very moment” (Acts 16:16-18).
    We have a duty as Christians to silence the witness of demons.

  • Y’all need to actually read the Bible properly and do some research on a man named Benny Hinn, you know that millionaire con artist who said Jesus would physically manifest at his crusades and other garbage? Yeah he was a forerunner on this crazy phenomenon which is just another way to make money. If you are so desperate for God’s healing just pray to him! You don’t need to fall to the ground paralysed. Frankly it looks like people have been demon possessed and the phrase has the word “slain” in it.

  • Amen, I am a Berean and God’s word is my only authority and final authority. Not only does God the Father say He is not a God of confusion and chaos, but of order. The only time that you see being slain in the spirit is when they came to arrest Jesus where Judas, and the Romans came to arrest Him and they inquired of Jesus and when He said, ” I AM”. They fell back to the ground. I also see that the comments use scripture for this signs and wonders and urging people to be open to that. Jesus said don’t chase miracles they will follow you . He is the Author of our Faith, therefore the only Spirit I want is the Holy Spirit, I noticied that the scriptures they used for this slain in the spirit thing was demons, Hello, that is a big clue that if this is the spirit that fell down you need to start testing this spirit.
    As for the tongues , even that too, read the Holy Scriptures you will see these men were not drunk, slain or acting like fools, they spoke in different tongues that was understood by those who heard it in thier native language, the Word never says that they were drunk, it said that those who were scoffing believed that, so the fact that they were scoffing showed thier disbelief. I agree with your post, if you can not find it in the scripture, than you should discard it.

  • Being raised Pentecostal I’ve seen many instances of this and was even slain twice. Once in a youth service and once alone in my room. From what I’ve seen many are reacting to emotions, what they think they should do or a “push”. I experienced the latter last night. Now I do believe this minister to be a man of God but he’s simply doing what he’s seen or was taught.

    I’ve experienced some really rough times for awhile. Because of circumstances as a child I found it very hard to trust. But with a serious need of finances and last night’s sermon I went up for prayer. Richard had his hand on my forehead and I felt that little “push” like trying to get me to just give in and fall back. Yet I didn’t feel any falling back and actually caught my balance as he gave one final stronger push. Yet without him knowing a particular situation I face at this moment in a court battle he spoke over me to not even speak but let God win this battle for me. For each he prayed something different not just a rote speech.

    All I wanted to do though was just concentrate on thanking God for a recent shift in my spirit. A new found “trust” where I’ve finally stopped fretting and have slept better than I have since re-accepting Christ 4 years ago.

    I recall as a young teen in a youth revival being on my back with my arms stretched to Heaven speaking in tongues. I could sense this but only partly. The other part was elsewhere. And no one had touched me. The next time was as an adult who’d recently turned back to Christ. I was on my bed in prayer when overcome by a vision of someone I dearly loved ready to commit suicide. I was so overcome by this vision I couldn’t remain on my bed and immediately fell onto the floor face down pleading intervention for I have no idea how long before the burden suddenly lifted.

    But I believe the biggest signs and wonders aren’t being slain or speaking in tongues.

    So financially strapped currently, God has bailed me out at the last minute several times when I didn’t see a way out. Including 2 sudden very large bonuses within a 6 month period from a job that never gave bonuses in the 10 years I’d been there. I’m facing bills again I cannot pay, behind on daycare payments. But I was prepared last night to just trust God and have no more fear, anxiety or stress.

    I grabbed my cell this morning as I woke because I wanted to seek the truth on being slain in the Spirit. As I turned it on I was faced with a text message of an unexpected large child support payment, after no payment for 7 months, being deposited to my account last night.

    I thank God for true signs and wonders. For He knows my need before I ask. And He is my provider. My Jehova Jirah.

  • I was raised in a charismatic church where instances of falling out under the power of God were soo common especially durring conferences and youth meetings. Seeing such a phonomena made me curious and I wanted to experience it too. So I started going up for alter calls Everytime they were made and one time a pastor picked me out of the crowd and laid hands on me but absolutely nothing happened. After going up for soo many altar calls I gave up and started to believe that it was all fake or completely demonic and I was against it. But it changed when I went for a camp last year, people were testifying about how they had felt God’s presence durring the camp and I begin to desire an intimate experience with the Lord, I wanted to receive a touch from Him and I prayed about it, I asked Him to touch me in a unique and amazing way. Later that night, there were people praying down on the dinning hall and I decided to join them. There was a guy, on the campus ministry team that was praying for people and they were falling over. I remember thinking, “Lord, if it’s of you, I want to experience your power”. So I walked up to him and asked him to pray for me, he told me to stretch out my hands and immediately, without him touching me, I felt power hit me and it thrust me backwards. He walked towards me and it felt like there was a holy power and presence about him and when he placed his hand on my shoulder, I felt it flow into me. Suddenly I felt myself float, I couldn’t feel anyone touch me but I knew I was falling. I begun to shake and he begun to prayer over as the Spirit led him, I knew it was the Spirit because he was praying over all the relevant aspects of my life, as though God was showing him exactly what I was going through and all the questions I had been asking. And the moment I got up, I felt fresh and energized, plus my spiritual life has never been the same again, I feel soo much closer to the Lord.

  • God’s word commands us to be sober but Hinn and his ilk say be drunk?
    1 Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:
    Should we trust our heart?
    Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?
    Hebrews 13:9 Be not carried about with divers and strange doctrines. For it is a good thing that the heart be established with grace; not with meats, which have not profited them that have been occupied therein.
    Proverbs 10:8 The wise in heart will receive commandments: but a prating fool shall fall.
    Proverbs 19:21 There are many devices in a mans heart; nevertheless the counsel of the LORD, that shall stand.
    We are to edify our brothers and sisters and not seek after things unto ourselves! This slain in the spirit and drunk in the spirit, and tongues etc. is vile is all about those who do it. This is not a servants spirit!
    1 Corinthians 14:26 How is it then, brethren? when ye come together, every one of you hath a psalm, hath a doctrine, hath a tongue, hath a revelation, hath an interpretation. Let all things be done unto edifying.
    I can not understand how people are so deceived by these ravening wolf preachers?
    Matthew 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheeps clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
    They come to healing services and no one is healed! Their itching ears are scratched by the wolves!
    We are to question all things and study the word!
    15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 16 But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness. 17 And their word will eat as doth a canker: of whom is Hymenaeus and Philetus;
    Ephesians 5:15 See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise,
    I can only pray that people will study the word and find the Truth. None of these vain practices that Hinn, Copeland, Meyers,….. preach can be found in Scripture! It is FALSE!

  • Ray, you are spot on in much of what you said. This is all a deception. There is no either or here. The elect of God can easily discern this. God does things decently and in order. He is not the author of confusion. Period. Satan is deceiving and leading people astray with this behavior and is attempting to mock God. Being so called “slain in the spirit” is not of God and is not Biblical.

  • thank to all who wrote the article and all comments
    I just would like to quote in Luke 10:20
    “Nevertheless do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rejoice that your names are recorded in heaven”
    Howerver it is more helpful to understand scripture when we read the whole passage Luke 10:17-24.
    Hope in Him,

  • I use to be skeptical about people falling out in the spirit until it happened to me. My husband and I had been attending a Pentecostal church for a short period when we had a revival. The evangelist was an elderly gentleman from Florida by the name of Maxie Thomas. Rev. Thomas preached about intercessory prayer, and when he gave an altar call, I went up to intercede in prayer for my mother, who was very sick. As Rev. Thomas was praying, he gently placed his hand on my forehead and I became as light as a feather and began falling backwards. There was no one behind me to catch me, and when I opened my eyes, my head was actually under the pew; however, I had no injury from falling. I am a shy person and don’t like to draw attention to myself, so I was as surprised as anyone when this happened. Although I was surprised, I was also in a state of joy because I knew it was real and that I had been touched by God. I have been “slain in the Spirit” numerous times since then, and many times, no one was even touching me. I have even been slain in the spirit in my own home. Recently I was slain in the spirit while waiting in a prayer line to be prayed for. I do not understand this phenomenon, but I do not question it either, because I know it is real and not satanic. God tells us not to lean onto our own understanding anyway. It is a supernatural, spiritual phenomenon, and those who don’t believe in it just haven’t experienced it.

  • I failed to mention that the first time I was slain in the Spirit was over 20 years ago. My husband has also been slain numerous times. If it never happens to either of us again, we will still be as close to God as we ever were!

  • Iwas about 20yrs old Had Epilipse Grand Mal .I hungered for more of God .Some onein the choir also move away & came back and told of how he learned mor and wanted to share if anyone was interested. I was and many others went to the alter (wnted to give my all to God and give upanything that might interfer with my healing from God not meds) I had a new full bottle of meds ,put it on the alter, raised my hands to God in prayer &prais and thanksgiving He had become a pastor/Evangelist came to pray for me lsid his hands on my head and began praying and I went weak kneed and fell to the floor still praying.He asked me what happened I dont know. His first time ever that ever happened Learned latter everyone that night that came forward samething happened. all fell to the floor, I had only 1 seizue after that then no more.I didnt stop or doubt God I praised God & have ever since giving Him the thanks & glory . Pastor told me yrs latter I was the first one He laid hands on that fell. I had never even heard of being slain. I have since been baptized in the Spirit and gave a message in another language and this was under another Pastor in another town yrs latter. & he himself interpreted it when his wife had a blood clot &low blood bressure in bed and other church members were therealso at their home by her bed side. Was healed……….Beleive me its real and I thank God.I remined myself these things when the devil wants me to doubt and worry .. God is real the same yesterday today and forever Miracles still so happen God is able and in control.This is my firt to print this out Hope this will help others…..Praiae God for He truly is a mighty God

  • In none of the circumstances within the Scripture did the people who fell down were in the Holy Spirit they fell due to either reverence or awe. God never touched them, they didn’t loose consciousness, they never had seizures or convulsed on the floor or yell and scream. To those who associate this phenomenon with the Scripture you need to carefully read the context the history the background and the circumstances before concluding that this is Biblical.

    Our God is a God if wisdom when we are in the Holy Spirit we are also intellectually aware not blacked out. Let me ask you this on the of the Pebtecost the ground shook but no one fell yet when a pastor blows into a mic or waves his hand or touch you you fall? I don’t think so.
    Also if you were already “healed” why do you need to keep going back? What kind of God expects you to crack your head open for him? I know for sure not my God. The Holy Sprit enables us to commune with our Father, it guides us and makes us aware of our sins. It doesn’t overtake your body forcefully that’s what Satan does. Remover God gave us free will but Satan overpowers us with his will. The God we serve would never overtake us, Jesus never did this, nor did the apostles or disciples. I’d you require closeness with God or healing why are you depending on Somme crazy phenomen why not open your heart and pray to your Father? The phrase lie
    Yearly as the word “slain” in it, last time I checked Lain was never associated with healing it meant to kill and destroy. I hope you all will thoroughly read the Scriiptures and depend on God and not some phenomen to change your life.

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