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Jesse Duplantis vs. Francis Chan

Zach Parish, a racer who is staying with us, visited our local megachurch today. Jesse Duplantis was the guest preacher. When he came home, I asked, “So how was it?”   Zach’s response was direct, “Well, he said, ‘God wants you to be a spender and talked a lot about himself, his planes, and…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes
Zach Parish, a racer who is staying with us, visited our local megachurch today. Jesse Duplantis was the guest preacher. When he came home, I asked, “So how was it?”
Zach’s response was direct, “Well, he said, ‘God wants you to be a spender and talked a lot about himself, his planes, and his conspicuous consumption. He took up two offerings, the second of which was for his TV program. He said, ‘Are you in debt and want to get out of it? Buy my DVD.'”
Admittedly, it was just one sermon and I wasn’t there (if you’re interested here’s an interview on CBN). I’m sure the guy has done a lot of great stuff for the kingdom and I don’t want to bash him. But we listened to the talk in the video below from Francis Chan this morning and the contrast was fascinating.
Chan takes on that view and blasts it to smithereens. He says, “Money does weird things to people. You stop relying on God – it creates a false sense of security.” He contrasts the response of the rich young ruler to Zaccheus and notes that salvation came to Zaccheus when he gave his money away (Luke 19:8-9). It showed where his heart really was.
Chan goes on to look at the Revelations 3 passage and challenges his congregation, “A lot of you would say you’re lukewarm and that you like to be lukewarm. And it blows me away that you won’t do anything about it.” 
Chan opens himself up for criticism. He looks at a world where half the people live on less than $2/day and says, “I have a sickness and it’s called comfort. I don’t know if I’m strong enough to make it here.” At one point he took a leave of absence from his pastorate just to ask God about that. It was more important that he not miss God and that he live passionately for him than his pastor position or the possessions that life in America affords.
I’d like to get Duplantis and Chan in the same room and hear their conversation. They both love Jesus, but they interpret his views on money in radically different ways. And I’m interested in the contrast and what you think of it. What do you do with this guy Jesus and what he said about money?

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  • I’ve listened to Francis Chan. I find that he is filling in what Arthur Pink weakness was–public speaking. Though same concept. Radical indeed!

  • If you read some of the one star and two star ratings of “Crazy Love” on Amazon, you will discover that many fine Christian people have had their assurance of faith decimated by reading this unbiblical book. It promotes a “super-christian” mentality that all of the average church-going Christians can never reach. This often leaves them ever frantic, doubting whether they were ever saved to begin with. There is a comprehensive review of the book called “Balanced Love” on the Free Grace Alliance site:

    To read about the sad pervasive fallout of lordship salvation teaching like the book “Crazy Love,” see, for example,

  • This is one of my favorite videos of Chan. However, it really challenges me. It really does. But that is his job as a preacher to challenge us, not to be popular or make us feel good. I’ve watched this one on more than one occassion, and it never fails to cause me to reexamine where my heart is.

  • Hey Seth,

    This is an interesting “post lunch post.”

    I’ve spent the past 20+ years as a fund raising and marketing consultant to more than 200 ministries here and abroad, training more than 2,000 nonprofit staff and seeing more than two billion dollars of client revenue achieved through various strategies. I don’t say that for any other reason than to say there are many days where I thought I’d seen it all. And this is a topic close to my heart and life.

    World Vision, Compassion International, Prison Fellowship, Biola University, The American Heart Association, Salvation Army, Todd M. Beamer Foundation, Neiman Marcus and scores of other enterprises and ministries have been clients.

    And at one point our company (TouchPoint Solutions) had the distinction of having worked with Kenneth Copeland Ministries AND Moody Bible Institute. Talk about schizophrenia!

    I could say the ambiguities and various philosophies for marketing, communications and fund development “drove me to drink” but that’s another part of my unfolding testimony.

    I will say this.

    Satan hates it when the hold of money is broken and released on the life of a person as they invest in the Kingdom agenda. And unfortunately we have some self promotional charlatans who see the spiritually hungry and searching flocks in a church or viewing/listening audience as a target for fleecing.

    I hate that.

    So does Jesus.

    A starting point for those who are inviting people to invest in causes which matter and those who seek to be good stewards of their resources is a thoughtful reading of II Corinthians 8.

    By the way, I have an outline and the starting content for a book which is tentatively titled “Holy Crap!: Confessions of a Christian Fundraiser”. It’s not cynical but does expose the “industry” and schemes of those without a conscience.

    I’ll have another post on thislater.


  • Thanks for adding the Duplantis link. I knew you weren’t bashing him, it’s just that my wife, who was also at the Duplantis service, gave a report quite different than Zach’s.

    I’m curious to listen to both.

  • Awesome! This is what I’ve been struggling with post-college graduation. The stress level dropped, yet so did my God-clinging & -focus. The current temptation is to zone-out and relax a bit (okay, a lot!) instead of using this refreshing “free” time to seek God even more. Boo, bad!

  • Duplantis has charisma and followers. However, I personally don’t find his health and wealth gospel to jibe completely with the teachings of Jesus.

    Regarding Poor vs. Rich issue, this is something I struggle with a lot. The very term “rich” is so subjective. I’m “poor” compared to Bill Gates, but “rich” compared to a peasant living in the third world.

    I recently read this book called, “Under the Overpass” about two guys who lived as homeless men for six months. Their point was to learn firsthand about homelessness, but also to experience living “radically” for Christ, watching Him provide for their daily needs. While reading through it I thought, “What about the ‘If you don’t work you don’t eat’ principle?” These two guys basically lived off of others charity for six months. Yet they were capable of working and providing for themselves.

    I guess it seems to me there is an element of living our lives responsibly, providing for ourselves with resources left over to help others.

    “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” Matthew 19:24 (also Mark 10:25 & Luke 18:25)

    Maybe the important thing is for us to be “poor in spirit”, not live “extravagantly”, and remember we’re here for a higher purpose than our own comfort…?

  • Thanks for not bashing Jesse as I am sure he love Jesus (as you stated), even though his teaching must be appalling to so many who have given themselves to helping the poor around the world.

    I have never seen “properity” or the “health & wealth” principles work in the slums of the third world, but only in a rich society.

    Serious Question Here: How about the rest of you that affirm those teachings? Do any of you see that theology “work” for the poor around the world? I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts.

  • Very interesting comparison. It’s not a straightforward issue at all though is it? The thing is, you only know what you know. It can be easy for enthusiasts to pour guilt and condemnation on to your life, simply because of who you are and where you live. (not saying Chan does this!) Jesus chose where I was born, my parents, my circumstances. Sure, I could give it all away and choose poverty instead of the riches I have materially in my life compared to some. I have never felt called to do that.

    But I have many times been called to be generous and to give of myself and my money and my stuff. If all “the rich”, as Chan assures us we are, were to abandon the relative wealth they have, there would be no-one left to minister to the rich who are outside the kingdom, who are blinded to their need by their material wealth. If it is really hard for the rich to enter the kingdom, then the rich need help.

    Like you, Kenny, I have only ever seen the “prosperity gospel” work for people who are already within the more rich societies of the world. I think that is because God promises to meet our needs according to His riches in glory – ie with an unending and generous store of possibilities and practical help – he doesn’t promise to meet what we think we want. I love that bit in Bruce Almighty where Jim Carrey’s character is so overwhelmed by the prayer requests that he says yes to everything and there is total heartbreak and chaos as a result!

    God is a rich God. He is supremely rich. He made Himself poor and humbled Himself in Christ to meet us in our spiritual poverty. That was a choice to implement the needed rescue. But God Himself was not impoverished by this experience. He is still rich. That tells me that you can be rich in every way and yet still be like God. Money is not evil. It is the love of money that is the root of all evil. You’re not a sinner for being rich. You’re a sinner for falling short of the glory of God in a myriad of ways.

    And therein lies the rub. Hot or cold? Lukewarm? It isn’t money that’s the problem, it’s the love of our hearts, our passion. If you don’t have to depend on God for the necessities of life, that’s a huge privelege. But this is not a new thing. God warned throughout the OT for His people not to turn away and forget Him after He had made them prosper. And yes, it was Him that made them prosper materially. The Psalmist prayed that God would not give him riches or he may forget God, nor poverty or he may steal and dishonour the name of God, but just enough so that he stayed in balance.

    I remain deeply unhappy about financial prosperity teaching in the church, but to be honest it is more disturbing that there are so many of us that are blinded by our riches that we don’t see our lukewarmness. By its own definition, it’s hard to break out of. Love or hate are twins but indifference is the real killer.

    I can’t honestly say where my heart is on that scale, so I’m heading back to God again to check it out……….nervously!

  • What an awesome, challenging sermon from Chan! Thanks for posting… How I wish I’d heard it a year and a half ago before I bought the luxurious home I now live in! At the time, I rationalized the purchase knowing I would open my home to missionaries, pastors, and absolutely anyone else needing rest and renewal – and I have done that with great joy. But I am embarrassed by the outrageous comfort it provides me. I also see no real good from it for my kids and hate that I can no longer give at the same levels I was doing before.

    I like what Carol says above. While I don’t feel I have “forgotten” God in the riches, I’ve certainly put myself in a situation to have more temporal stuff to take care of. And that may have lowered my temperature for Jesus. Thanks for turning up the heat!

  • Philippians 4:11-13 (paraphrase) I have learned the secret to being content in whatever circumstances I’m in, having much or having little, I know how to live with almost nothing, or with everthing, whether well fed or hungry, in plenty or in want. I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

    I think Paul is saying that it’s not easy to live in poverty. I comes naturally to question God’s ability to provide for you, because you have so little. It’s not easy, but you can do it, because you can do all things through Him who strengthens.
    It’s also not easy to be rich, because you can start to see your possessions as your security and trust yourself as your provider instead of trusting the one who gave them to you. It’s not easy, but you can do it, because you can do all things through Him who strengthens. Thanks much for this Seth!
    Striving everyday to turn consumers into contributors,


  • Many of you go into the mission field, as we do, for short term trips. Whenever we get back there is always a palpable tension in life. People ask you, “Aren’t you glad to get home and to your world.” They mean stuff, of course. My response is always, “No, I struggle when we return to hold onto what I now know is realty.”

    Having great blessing is as much a test as living in poverty. Poverty makes you dependent on God FOR everything. The test of success makes you dependent on God so as not to become dependent ON everything.

    Daily I wake to great abundance and I am challenged to live knowing I deserve none of it, to raise my children to live sold out to Christ, and to be an example of humility to others. This is life in normal America no matter what your income level.

    I am thankful for men who proclaim God’s blessings and also those who encourage intimate passion for less as they are the balanced ends of the world we must find out way in here in America. We have been born here, unless we are called to move anywhere else; this is the mission field He has given us to attend to. Their voices ring out the mystery that God has hidden for us to discover.

    God has hidden treasures FOR us not FROM us. I love this quote from a Rabbinical sage: “When the Messiah returns His first question to us will be, ‘Why didn’t you enjoy all that I provided for you?’”

    In America the challenge to live with blessing, enjoy what God has given but not become dependent on it is a great mystery for us to discover.

  • Couldn’t the Luke 16 rich man be a reference to the church? “fine linen, purple”. This would be the same as the rich man who trusted in his own riches and self-righteousness (the Pharisees) but also a reference to false converts.

    The Rich Man and Lazarus:
    http://odeo.com/episodes/2151738 Part 1
    http://odeo.com/episodes/2151677 Part 2

    “Instruct those who are rich in this present world not to be conceited or to fix their hope on the uncertainty of riches, but on God, who richly supplies us with all things to enjoy.”

  • I was actually at that service as well. Although I don’t agree with the impression that we should be willing and able to spend with abandon and have everything we could ever possibly want, I do think there was a point that is not only valid, but neccessary for Christians today.

    Basically, you do not have because you do not ask. The message that I took from that sermon is that our Father has offered to meet every need, but we don’t always allow Him to do that. We often write off God’s provision because we are too proud and want to do it our way. I think sometimes, our suffering and lack are due to our own pride and false humility, “suffering for Jesus”, instead of a test from the Lord. I think that God does want to bless us, and I think that He does want to give us good things, and I think that sometimes we need to get out of the way and learn how to receive those blessings.

    I know that I personally struggle with people living in abundance, but if I’m honest it isn’t because I think that it is ungodly, it’s because I don’t believe that God would ever bless me that way and I am jealous. Certainly there are some people that abuse their blessings, but I have decided that I will not deny any blessings that God chooses to send my way. If He chooses to bless me financially, than I will be content in abundance and serve Him with it. If He chooses to bless me by putting me in places of complete dependence on Him, I will be content and serve Him in that as well.

    It’s time for me to start being honest about my motives. I’ve spend far too long judging people based on my personal sense of lack. I’m done. God will bless people as He chooses despite my attitude about it, so I will be joyful in how He blesses me and let others worry about themselves.

  • I was also at the Duplantis 11:00 service this past week, and found out that a different sermon was preached for the 9:00 hour. The 11:00 was the “Prosperity” sermon. While I don’t agree with Rev. Duplantis that God is just waiting to grant all of our desires and wants, I do believe he loves God and does have a ministry to many different people groups. I hope people continue to come to God through his ministries. I also agree with the above post that God does want to bless his children, it’s not always financially. And the biggest blessing is to spend eternity with Him, which I think the “poor” Christians in third world countries cling to and delight in more that we in America do. Rev. Duplantis did have some valid points and his sermon makes you think whether or not you agree with him. I think sometimes people see how God works in their own life and mistakenly apply that “formula” to everyone around them. God has His own ways and plan for each individuals life, and just because everyone is not as well off as others doesn’t constitute a lack of faith or belief on their part. I believe all Christians have additional growing to do, from new believers to the old and faithful. If we were done growing, we’d be in Heaven.

  • I think any sermon that is all about “man” and what ” man” gets out of christianity is a false gospel.It is just humanism. Any sermon that is ALL about God and who God is and just who we are in comparison is the true gospel.

    Humanism places man in the centre and asks God to “make his life better” whereas the true gospel places God as the centre and it is all about what we give HIm.

    Jesus said the criteria is ” if you do not love me MORE than your OWN life then you are not fit to be my disciple”.

    Those who have “tasted to see if the Lord is good” but have not then made his home with the Lord WILL be spat out of His moth. The tasting time is over and judgement will come.

    This is a SERIOUS message to anyone who is Lukewarm. It says in Revelation 5 that God will “ERASE” peoples names from the book of life.

    It is all there in the word of God so no one will be without excuse. The 10 virgins were “waiting for the BRIDEGROOM”….they knew about God and Jesus but they let their fire go out and were shut out with the evildoers. 50% were shut out!!. Church needs to wake up to the lies and deception the enemy has sewn in the church.

  • I think we have come to a time where the followers of these people like Duplantis need to see them for who they really are.

    I went to see Jesse Duplantis at one of his concerts 4 years ago at a church in Lorain Ohio. It’s interesting that even back then, he was talking about his new jet and his debt-helping DVD.

    He was so magnanimous during his intial opening as to suggest that we should give our money to the concert-sponsoring church…rather than to him….(but then, of course, Jesse gets a cut of that as well, doesn’t he.) But, it seems that the suggestion to NOT give money to Duplantis, simply incites the people to give him even more. (Brilliant strategy)

    It made me sick to my stomach to sit there and listen to this man manipulate scripture to equate to “God wants you to be rich….give me your money”

    …then for everyone to start digging eagerly in their pockets and purses…not in the hope of eternal salvation, but in the hope of financial gain.

    Also, I think it is time to stop rationalizing his behavior by focusing on the good things that Jesse touts , because really, those bragging points are at the root of his disception.

    I really don’t care how much video he shows of the starving children he’s feeding, or how many houses he builds for people….

    The reality is, that if it costs him $100K to build a house or feed a village, the resulting professionally shot video of his wonderful contribution to the world will reap him millions in new contributions as a result. Pretty good Net if you ask me.

    At the concert that I attended, he bragged about the fact that his mansion was not damaged by hurricane Katrina. He bragged that God spare him. Then associated that miracle with the money that he gathers from us.

    Not a single breath was devoted to the suffering of the other people along the Gulf coast at the time. Perhaps they didn’t pay God enough money to warrant his attention. They should work on that.

    Jesse Duplantis is mentioned at the top of Luke 16….but not as a good steward of money. Nope…it’s a little further down…right after the word “Pharisees”.

    It is time

  • I go to Newport church, and althought we don’t say it as strongly as jesse about the prosperity message, we believe that God wants to bless you in every way. Spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially. Because we strive for excellence in every area, I believe all Christians need to become blessed to be a blessing. And I’m NOT just saying you only become a blessing by your money but definitely money is included! How else are we going to fund the gospel all over the world? Yes prayer will work but in this world, we need money to take the gospel to big limits. God, the heavenly father, who owns everything in this world, who is the king, we are his children. If my dad is the king, that means me, being his child I also own what he owns. No father wants to see their child poor when they own everything this world has to offer and that same principle applies to God who loves us even more.

  • I watched a message by the heretic Jessie Duplantis it made me sick. All it was, was a mockery of God. He is talking about how rich Jesus was… and all this other junk about how God wants you to be rich and if you have faith you will be blah blah blah. I mean look at Paul, he had been stoned, beat with rods, shipwrecked, had no home, had worn clothes, etc etc. So to say that God wants everyone to be healthy and wealthy is as far as the truth as you can get. God wants you to a servant of His, our treasure is not of this earth, so why would he want us to build up treasures down here…

  • I forgot to add how he (Jessie) said that everything he touched was blessed and everyone that even heard him talk would be blessed. There was no edification of Christ only hiself and how rich he was and how he could bless all these people it was a joke. Anytime I hear a preacher say send me a seed and it will be multiplied I tune out. He even said that that God wanted everyone to have bling and showed off all his gold rings on his hands. It makes me so mad when these guys get up there and give all these people false hopes about getting out of debt and stuff by stealing from them. They are pretty much modern day indulgences.

  • The only thing I would like to add is a reference to Matthew 23. Jesse Duplantis is the personification of that Chapter. I have no problem with people wanting to help others, and no problem with spreading the gospel. But if giving Jesse Duplantis your money is seen as the way to accomplish those goals, then there is something seriously wrong with the gullibility factor of our society.

  • I just recently came on to Francis Chan, and he has revolutionized how my husband and I thought about “christian service”. It is sad to admit that I have been in the church for most of my life, but have never been as convicted about the money I spend on myself as when I heard Chan’s messages. I truly believe he is a modern day Paul,and that his messages are perhaps the most Christ like I have ever heard. I noticed a few of the posts from other viewers seem to question why spending money on ourselves would be wrong. I used to ask this question myself. When one is honest and can ask themself, ‘why does the topic of money and comfort bother me’?, I believe you would find that it is bothersome because you do not want to have to alter the way you live your life. I know this was true with me. And I believe the message of the New Testament, Christ’s message, Chan’s message is one and the same. How can we justify spending gross amount of money on our comfort, on our stomachs, on our “popularity” when children are dying from hunger every day. How can I justify the purchase of a private airplane for my ministry and my traveling purposes with said ministry, when- to use Chan’s example- Jesus is dying all over the world (Mark 25:35-37). If we are to truly live as Christ lived, then simplicity and humility are the answer. If then we question, “well, how can I reach the lost, without the money to get to them?” we are thinking too little of God and his power. Christianity started out with a few dozen poor men, most of whom died for it’s sake. It is now the largest religion in the world. Money is no obstacle for God, unless we make it one. God Bless….

  • Jesse Duplantis would agree with the talk Chan gave in the video. I have listened to Jesse’s sermons, CDs, and DVDs for 4 to 5 years. I have also heard him speak in person twice. Jesse will totally agree that Jesus needs to be your primary focus – that you can not let material things detract in any way from your relationship with him. Material things are not worth having if you don’t have (really have) Jesus first. It did not appear to me that Chan was condemning material riches. He was cautionaing/warning us as believers not to let the material wealth become our source of security. Our society has become so comfortable with our things that we don’t see a need for God. That is where we are disadvantaged as Chan said. I am a business owner and I know without a doubt that God has called me to succeed financially with business so that I can have an impact on the business world and be able to bless others. God and I have spent the last ten years preparing me for that. God will develop your character for the assignment He has for you. I am aware of the responsibility and dangers of extreme wealth. I also have mentors around me to hold me accountable. Jesse has business ventures in addition to his ministry. He is gifted at business also and that provides a great amount of income for him. He does not take a cut of church offerings as mentioned in other posts. I have heard him say on many occasions that his listeners should send their tithes to their local church. If his ministry has been a blessing to an individual then they may send an offering to his ministry. When you look at spending, you have to look at what percentage of that person’s income it is. If you make a million dollars per year, you could give away 80% and still have 200k left over. That’s extreme wealth to most. God’s word does not require a vow of poverty to be holy. Poverty is a curse according to Duet. 28. I have asked many pastors what the “moral” amount of income was – how much is too much? I’m still waiting on an answer from them. The answer depends on your relationship with God and His son Jesus. Didn’t mean for the post to be this long. I could go longer but I will stop. See Matthew 6:33, Proverbs 10:22, Psalm 37:4, Deut. 8:18, 2 Corinthians 9:8-13.

  • the difference in the teaching is that chan showed us the negative side of money.  chan shows us that money is dangerous, corruptive, inimical to our faith whereas duplantis never even mentioned the negative impact of money on us as it pertains to our faith.  it is good that jesse would agree that you cannot let material things detract from your relationship with God but not once did he venture down that path in the sermon that i listened to. 

    never once did he mention poverty, destitution, hunger, orphans, widows or others in need and how our finances can greatly benefit many around the world.  he stood there and attempted to  justifiy being rich without giving reason for being rich.  you cannot expect the listener to know what to do with their money if they have an abundance of it. 

    in fact, the only thing he told them to do with their money was to donate to his improved television show.  yeah, that really opens the listeners eyes and tugs on their heart strings to desperate situations around the world.  that really mobilizes the body of Christ

  • I viewed the “Lukewarm & Loving It” video three times just to make sure that what I heard was correct. I saw Chan, in that sermon, as being very harsh and judgmental to an extreme level. He even intimated that much or most of his own congregation was going to hell. His book, “Crazy Love,” seems to be an extension of and an expansion on that viewpoint; in Chapter 5 he actually makes his own arbitrary list of which churchgoers are going to hell. There’s a pretty good discussion of the book and sermon at a blog site started by a retired pastor. If anyone is interested, it is:

  • Read the blog comparing Chan and Jesse and felt repulsion at
    the level of ignorance displayed by a lot Christians even today.

    Firstly, Zaccheus didn’t become saved because he parted with ill-gotten wealth. I believe his giving was only a reflection of his prepared heart.

    Secondly, you might want to inquire or concentrate more on the consecration, self denial and dedication of people like Jesse Duplantis out of public eye. God promised to reward such openly. Jesus promised his disciples a hundred-fold reward both in this and the next life.

    Jesse has had a walk with God and is a blessed man. “Who Jah bless… no man can curse”

    Christians, preach the gospel. Stop castigating your brothers!


  • Money can’t change you unless you’re stupid enough to let it. When you have money, you NEED GOD MORE. Don’t take that wrong, everyone needs God, rich, poor, in between, but my point… we need to ask him for guidance on how to spend it.

  • One only has to listen to Francis Chan to see the heart of the man so committed to wanting to live every aspect of the Biblical way. Before Chan left his church in Simi Valley at the end of May of 2010, he took no salary from the church at all. He sold his large house at one time and moved into a much smaller one, giving the proceeds to the poor. Cornerstone church gives more than 50% of everything that comes in to the poor. Part of Chan’s vision for the church was to see them meet outdoors, no building and sell the building, again giving the money away to the poor and needy. I agree with Chan in that we need to be willing to “give it all away” to reap the rewards that await us in the presence of Jesus. Nothing but a total sellout to Jesus is what is required of us. Too much are we like the Rich Young Ruler Jesus spoke of. Most of us desire the benefits of God without being totally, passionately, in love with and surrendered to the God of the Universe.

  • I love brother Jesse’s teachings and I listen to his messages all the time. I just listened to brother Chan for the first time and I believe that he is equating leukwarmness to money, riches and great wealth. His views are not biblically sound. Brother Chan may have had some difficulties with regards to putting money and its use in their right perspectives.

    Our perception of money is reflected in the way we view wealth or poverty. I noticed in the gospel that Jesus did not seek after money. He allowed Judas, a thief to be his treasurer. He was maily concerned with the condition of a person’s heart whether wealthy or poor. We must put money and possessions in their right place in our lives.

    I have never read a scripture in the Bible where having great wealth is a sin. I have read where we are admonished to be good stewards of the money in our possession because it belongs to God. A rich person can be either good or bad in the area of stewardship and like wise a poor person.

    We must remember that wealth is a gift from God (Deut. 8:18 “But thou shall remember the Lord thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth”.)

    Remember that poverty is a result of the fall of man. In the beginning, Adam and Eve had a garden in Eden that consisted of the glory and riches of God, but lost it all because of sin. It is not correct to equate leukwarmness with great wealth. There are many poor leukwarm christians. David was truly a man who was passionate about God and the things of God and had tremendous wealth.

    Most of the people in the world who live on $2.00 have little to no knowledge about the true and living God of heaven. The majority of people from cultures, within and without the USA, worship false gods and idols that do not have power to change their lives. It is our responsibility as christians, followers of Jesus Christ to introduce them to the true and living God.

  • First, I have never heard of Francis Chan. I know who Jesse Duplantis is and have listened to him many times. For those of those who are critical of J.Duplantis, do we know everything he does for the poor? I am sure there are many things we are unaware of. I am not rich or poor although I grew up in poverty. If you were to ask me know which I would rather be I would most definitely not chose poverty. Now that I have some money, I am able to reach out to others who don’t have. Living and growing up in poverty my parents were able to give a cup of sugar to a neighbor who had not received a paycheck for the week. So, you can say that rich or poor can give something. If we as Christians are trying to reach out to the poor, do you think they would rather hear the message of Christ from the other poor person? It is the responsibility of Believers to be honest regardless of their financial status. GOD did not make all believers the same as the gifts are referred to. We can do with what God has allowed for us to have according to His will and that includes reaching the rich and poor.

  • I love this message and I understand what he is saying. Some people think they are secure, but there not, just like the Titanic they said the ship was unsinkable. They looked at the materiel ship and thought that God couldn’t sink it. No being rich isn’t a sin but think about this. In the end times after the rapture, (I believe it will happen before the tribulation) there will be a mark that every person living at that time will need. It is the mark of the beast, some people will take it because they want to eat, buy, work and not get killed. Christians of that time will have to be on the run, having barely any food, unless they steal it. They will really have to give up everything to be a christian. The law will be that they will die unless they renounce Jesus. Some will value material objects more then there soul. The people who know the truth will be outlaws. Even now in some places being a believer in Jesus is against the law, so it’s not always giving up material stuff sometimes it’s your life. All the Disciples were killed except 1 I think. Jesus Himself was hated by the people who should have loved him the most.

  • All I will say that they will one day have to answer to God
    & we should not judge. If both are wining people to christ
    then great then that is great

  • It’s just that i’ve read my covenant of promises at Deuteronomy 28: 8The LORD shall command the blessing upon thee in thy storehouses, and in all that thou settest thine hand unto; 11And the LORD shall make thee plenteous in goods, in the fruit of thy body, and in the fruit of thy cattle, and in the fruit of thy ground, and then just to make sure HE was including me I read Gal 3:29 And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.

    So you really have to take all that up with the MOST HIGH GOD!
    Basically you should read your bible instead of remarking on subjects you are obviously not well versed on.

    the bible says we will over come them by the blood of Jesus AND the word of our testimony, Bro Jessie applied the blood and gives his resulting testimony(someone ignorant said that his stories has nothing to do with the gospel of Jesus, rubbish)

  • After viewing the video and reading all the comments I can tell who IS rich and who desires riches by the pattern of statements they have made. People, you need to quit justifying your wealth by passages of the bible whom God was talking to. If lots of money was Gods promise, we would all be loaded with tons of cash ( the ones who STAYED in his will) Think about how many times Jesus talked about the dangers of wealth and the desires of this world.Jesus said, “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal” (Matthew 6:19). The irreconcilable contradictions between prosperity teaching and the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is best summed up in the words of Jesus in Matthew 6:24, “You cannot serve both God and money.”Paul warned Timothy about such men in 1 Timothy 6:5, 9-11. These men of “corrupt mind” supposed godliness was a means of gain and their desire for riches was a trap that brought them “into ruin and destruction” (v. 9). The pursuit of wealth is a dangerous path for Christians and one which God warns about: “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs” (v. 10). If riches were a reasonable goal for the godly, Jesus would have pursued it. But He did not, preferring instead to have no place to lay His head (Matthew 8:20) and teaching His disciples to do the same. It should also be remembered that the only disciple concerned with wealth was Judas.

  • I, for one, do not mind “bashing” Jesse DuPlantis! For whatever reason, out of the blue, I got up from a nap with the thought to go google “Jesse DuPlantis Mansion” and found out he was building a 35,000 square feet mansion, or something like that,,,,,and I also found this link. I’ve read Frances’s book, he’s obviously authentic,,,and I’ve heard DuPlantis “preach”, and he’s obviously authentic too,,,a authentic entertainer that uses the word of God for his material. When he bragged to us that he has a gold plack on his planes wall that says “God loves Jesse” I lost all interest and trust in him. I don’t care what he or anyone else tries to say, there’s no good reason so waste money on crap like that, especially if you’re a preacher and there is a child somewhere in the world dying of hunger. I resent Jesse DuPlantis.

  • I’ve listened to Chan’s redition of how to be rich in the spirit and on storing up our treasures in heaven. I can relate. I believe that God put us where we are in this world for a reason and for his purpose but I don’t believe that he would want for us to live a life that’s either really poor or really rich. There are billionaires out there that take there fair share to live a comfortable life then give the remainder away just like it says in {2 Corinthians 9:7-9 You must each decide in your heart how much to give. And don’t give reluctantly or in response to pressure. “For God loves a person who gives cheerfully.”And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others. As the Scriptures say, “They share freely and give generously to the poor. Their good deeds will be remembered forever.”] If God has blessed a hard working individual that has grown a business into the million dollar business while honoring God with his giving then I see no wrong in having wealth. It’s the love of money and the selfishness that most rich people have for money that ruins idea of being wealthy. This other Pastor took all the toys that money can buy and boasted to the congregation about what he had, I think the bible might have a little something to say about that. [
    Psalm 49:10-13
    10 Those who are wise must finally die,
    just like the foolish and senseless,
    leaving all their wealth behind.
    11 The grave is their eternal home,
    where they will stay forever.
    They may name their estates after themselves,
    12 but their fame will not last.
    They will die, just like animals.
    13 This is the fate of fools,
    though they are remembered as being wise.

  • If you notice and listen to Chan he will not bash anyone. For he knows we all sin we all fall. We all have something we are working on with Jesus. We are so fast to point fingers we dont see Jesus. I dont agree with everything Chan says and he will tell you not to take just one person VIEW what THEY believe but search the word ask and pray find it for your self.

    For unless Jesse or any other preacher is HERE that we can talk to we are talking behind their back. So if you dont agree think they are in error go to them and pray with them or keep praying for them BECAUSE YOU CARE FOR THEM YES? Trust me here JESUS if you..if WE keep praying FOR them Jesus well take care of it and them YES!

    People always love to judge others because their truth is the REAL truth. Look to Jesus 1st seek the kingdom 1st and ALL the rest will fall in place. God our Father does not need you to change anyone. We need HIM. So if you keep pointing fingers keep judging it will come back right to you and you will NOT Like it. This is written.

  • AMen bro. I have been preaching for over 42 years and saying what you are preaching. These TV preachers who ask for 58 dollars seed money and money this money that. Of course they need it to stay on TV but not get rich to the tune of millions of dollars a year salary! The seed if the word and here is the scripture: Luke 8:4-12 (KJV)
    4 And when much people were gathered together, and were come to him out of every city, he spake by a parable:
    5 A sower went out to sow his seed: and as he sowed, some fell by the way side; and it was trodden down, and the fowls of the air devoured it.
    6 And some fell upon a rock; and as soon as it was sprung up, it withered away, because it lacked moisture.
    7 And some fell among thorns; and the thorns sprang up with it, and choked it.
    8 And other fell on good ground, and sprang up, and bare fruit an hundredfold. And when he had said these things, he cried, He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.
    9 And his disciples asked him, saying, What might this parable be?
    10 And he said, Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God: but to others in parables; that seeing they might not see, and hearing they might not understand.
    11 Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God.
    12 Those by the way side are they that hear; then cometh the devil, and taketh away the word out of their hearts, lest they should believe and be saved. There it is Jesus said it! Yes, we need to give to our local church, why does God need money? No. It’s for the ministry of the congregation, help the poor in the community and give the pastor a livable salary not one to make him rich and by jet planes, rolls Royce’s, 8 million dollar homes. Keep on preaching it bro. Since I’ve gotten saved over 42 years ago, I’ve lost a good job, my health has failed me over and over, I’ve been to deaths door 3 or 4 times but Jesus has never let me down. I will be 64 in a few days and just in the last year I’ve been diagnosed with bladder cancer, thank God I’m cancer free now, had parasite called crypto something or another and almost died but I’m blessed in so many other ways. I have a angel for a wife 41 years married, 6 grand children, 3 grown wonderful children but money I have enough to live on and that’s rich compared to most in world, I have a home that’s paid for, a car that’s 14 years old but low mileage. My house is worth about 85,000 dollars and that is if I fix it up a little but I have Jesus and that’s what makes me rich. I was a drug addict, alcoholic, playing secular Rock & Roll, I was about to take my life but Jesus saved me on Oct. 21, 1972 at 7:45 and I have not been the same. I’ve been in hospital close to 50 times, had close to 30 some operations but God’s wonderful grace has left me here. I could have made big money in Rock & Roll and did for a while but I’m rocking for Jesus now and have been for over 42 years. Keep on preaching about us and the church being humble enough to share what we have with those who have not. I’ve been there and there were very few who came to help but thank God for those who did. May God’s blessings and grace be with you and your ministry.

  • Do rich people expect to be governed by poor dictates wanting riches. Riches come without council of the impoverished as salvation does stand with the ungodly. We will not sit in the seat of the scornful. Planted and granted rivers and freshness unwithered. Whatever you wise do shall prosper. Unwise are on sinking sand of criticism. Storms and fiery darts revealed house on rock solid promise. Planted and granted. pure eye is full of light. You know!

  • Be headings are threatened by anti-rich anti-christ women haters imposing retro life on dirt roads and donkeys. Bigoted haters of freedom and liberty only unlimited through Jesus Anointing. Harsh law produces poverty and greedy oppression by dictators hating inheritors of God’s Son and adoption offered by Him. (Jesus). Free from hate to feel think and believe our choice in Jesus as Son without heads rolling. Choose Life and Blessing that you and yours may Live”! Duet. 30. Choice

  • Sick and tired of being poor continued long before you allowed bitter offence toward Rev. Duplantis. Let the lost say Jesus saves. Let the weak say Jesus strengthened. Let the poor say I am trading my poverty for His substitution in our place. You know His Grace in your place became poor so you became rich. 2nd Cor.8:9… & 2nd Cor. 9:8. congratulations will inheritors. On earth as it is in heaven for you. ” As He Is So Are You In This World”. Little John.. Risen did rise up. Day done risen yup. R U listnin’ when I’m talkin’ too ya boy?

  • Jesus died as perfect ransom in our place so the bankruptcy of your dead sacrifice remains unacceptable. The sacrifice search ended with Jesus not you and your dog. Sorry we missed your dead works. Get behind me Satan… you like mans sacrifices not Gods once and for all. Blood Brother

  • Jesus is Just as Justifier of His Righteousness. In your place Righteous. Your Righteous human spirit became new wineskin for comforter to abide. If out of comfort zone be born again in spirit wineskin sadsack. The comforter will only come to spirits renewed aright within by permanent everlasting life eternal. Incorruptible seed spawned you unless you are reprobate with that power pole in your blind eye. Ditch ahead blind guide. Holy Spirit Comfort guides and leads to all truth and reminds to comfort. Stand corrected and Comfort will return. Standing in Grace by trust. To your credit, Benevolence.

  • He traded His sorrows.. He traded His pain… He traded your life in Jesus name. Yes Lord Yes Lord… You bore my pain. Divine nature partners. 2nd Peter 1:3. New… New Nature… New Will & Testament of sound mind and body renewed. Present and transform new and proven… Romans 12:1&2. New. Who knew. You know! Be new renews. U

  • If you clean your plate of food, will it remove the guilt of starving ISOL murderers? Your merciless sacrifice will not empower prayer. Neither in walls of wailing Mecca nor in Halls of Justice. Jesus Government substituted the campaign to elect “king” operated by Judas Iscariot treasurer.(Undetected Satan present at last supper). The accuser of Brethren is Satan Lucifer Devil Diablo not you hombre. Oh. Remember? Awake

  • Fishing businesses ran for years by associates with multiplied catch while itinerant ministers imitated Jesus without lack of tunic money or parchment bible as they stayed in unexpecting homes for free as you board preachers of all kind in your place because you care and understand what preachers need to continue ad you have. Just like you. Like you? A cup of cold water to Rev. Duplantis may have fetched some unrecycled water for you. Did you drink the water or cool aid Einstein?

  • Self promotion is not for you. Stick with Jesus instead of riding on shirt tails of success. Bootstrap per ain’t preacher. Same measure back at ya. Mirror mirror

  • Apples and Orange comparison not wise. Taboo and forbidden. Low level men compare. He Has Spoken By HisSON. Hebrew ONE and ONLY. These days His Son speaks. Who are you? Who.. Who..? I really wanna know. Not really. Know the Father and Son sent is eternal LIFE. Life and peace. Tis. Like it or not the better part will not be taken from sitters at Jesus feet. Cook. Clean. Scrub, but it will not be taken from hearers by janitors. Go janitors.

  • Boy vrs Jesus could sue for damages of 5000 loaves and stinking fish. He only gave five but produced 5k. You 5 cents didn’t fill the jet fuel tank. If your 5 cent pleased the Lord to lavish you extravagantly the prodical has come home to health and wealth instead of the house of Cain the hater of offerings to death. For which of these do you kill me? Who said we should have given to poor? Judas the thief and murderer. Rev. Jesse was rich before you 5 cent tip. Rev Copeland was pilot B.C. They invested before ministry property uncovered Texas Tea” oil beneath. Mineral rights paid even more later when natural gas was discovered there. All along the verse ” Planted by rivers of water was written to people in Rev. Copeland books. “I feel like oil is beneath us while hunting with friends”. Whatever you set your hand to prospers David…Jesus…Copeland… YOU! Even you? Yes! Psalm One. Planted next to multiplied blessing investments. Do you still want your 5 cent rotten fish back. Make mama proud, give it to Jesus and dont bully the ABEL’S who give like children innocent enough to trust fearlessly. Jesus won’t ” put one over on him by pulling sheep wool over the eyes”. The boy vs. Jesus case is dismissed. Seed feeds birds who don’t understand words. Or THE WORD produces even for immature parrots who trust Father in Heaven. Truly, Five Cents Worth.

  • Invitations require daily transportation self sufficient for travel. Helicopter and Jet were only access to hurricane Katrina areas. Preachers were first on scene to help supply until President arrived with approval and army core of engineers. Body count began with preachers known by president. T.D. Jakes included. If you had a flight crew you would have helped. The gospel begins the help and supplies the means namely, Jesus Holy Spirit of Grace. Peace be multiplied to you. Peacemaker

  • Children of Israel , sons of Abraham, Moses as father living in the Holy land are disqualified if foreign gentile blood is within. Aliens to covenants of promise and Commonwealth of Israel. Jesus is only hope for Gentiles even pretending to be pharasee hypocrite actor as Jew. A race in place without Grace is self righteous (Gal.5:4). You gentiles only have Jesus for salvation adoption as Abraham’s children by faith in Jesus substitution. Not from Israel? Not Jewish blood? Jesus is hope of Glory for gentiles. There remains no other sacrifice for any! Kim Hill sings Good God Jesus songs. ” Be still and know… Great song. He Is God our Gracious Father.

  • If opinions were like being rich you would give yourself and practice what you preach by giving away much more than opinions. Record giving to poor and open books to public opinion. Same standard is required and expected by us the public. Low percentage tip is not tithe or tenth. Prove me for open heaven has conditions not in vain. It does profit to bring to Gods storehouse…. Or have you robbed me by being cursed under Adam?. Stingy gentiles want laws without tithes of Abraham and Judah to Jesus forever as Melchizedek priest. Why do rich people tithe? The word tithe means rich in Hebrew. Widows mite is more than critics give. Public won’t initiate your giving allowing us others to chose to give what is prompted willingly from within. Private personal for others but public financial record for you. What is your net worth? Mr fisher of men???? The tables have turned in Hebrews 7. Overseen alter Is seen to by High Priest Jesus Forever. God loves a cheerful giver without hearing or seeing sad sack tight wads. Who’s prayer was heard? The private closet prayer is heard. God can’t hear you. God can’t see you. God can’t trust you who don’t trust Him First. I never knew you. Cast out devils, heal sick, raise dead and tell that Jesus was poor to substitute for you poor managers of talent. Fearful outcast accuse god of cursing with poverty instead of devourer serpent allowed by people. God will meet you in cool today. Get the serpent of poverty debt lack and missed opportunity out of your bank and job garden today and be cool with God. You are in control of authorising Gods involvement. Tithe and sow seeds. Cool? We’re Cool!! Cheerful

  • Wow thats too bad. What..you gonna walk on the grass cuz the streets are GOLD in heaven and the gates are pearls and rubies and onyx and all kinds of precious gems, and everthing was made of gold and silver overlay or pure, as per Gods instructions to Moses. Jesse just taking after his father. You know we are made in our Fathers image. Solomon, Job, Abraham, Isaac, Joseph everyone was rich in the bible. After ther Prophet visited the starving widow, she was set for life financially. Why is it so hard to believe that my DADDY the KING of kings who owns a cattle on a thousand hills doesnt adore us soooooo much that the wealth of this world was for us. Money makes a horrible master but a valuable servant. Jesse seeks first the Kingdom and wealth is added unto him, its working like its supposed to work for all of us. I recieve it in Jesus’ name. My root is in Jesus, not money…so it doesnt have to be evil..blessed until all the nations are blessed. Do you know how much it costs to take a team and preach the gospel all over the world to the starving and hopeless people in Africa, Asia etc.? Lots of cheddar my brotha!!!
    Brother in Christ lets not argue,

  • When deciding to go into All the world to preach the money started to flow to meet flight plans etc. Agree with God decide a thing and decree for the establishment of decision. Job 22:28. Go ye. Supply is yours. Believing believers. Peace

  • Agree with you I know people who aren’t rich with money and still have a love for it
    Financially wealthy people will never prosper if they love money more than God.
    The word is the truth and if you seek and obey his word you will prosper. God cannot give you want you don’t ask and believe for . Francis and Jesse are just messengers. God is the truth you have the ability to make the right decisions for yourself if you truly love God and his work. It is your journey and no one else’s but please remember our job is to bring salvation to the lost sheep with what we are achieving in life and the question is are we? I want to financially help others and teach them to do the same because I have seen what lack of money can do to people esp in my own family and being able to provide in the short term gives us great satisfaction through God’s grace. God has given us the opportunity to build a multi billion dollar business and we can help others to do the same through Gods grace. I thank God for his messengers!!! If you don’t like what they preach then move on. The devil loves it when you are not certain and not relying fully on Gods word.
    God Bless you all

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