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Looking for your dream

From one of my favorite World Racers, Scott Molgard: When I was told by Trompie that I don’t have a dream, it was a direct affront to my self concept. Since that day, I have asked God to make my dream become more clear, I dreamed of having a dr…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes

From one of my favorite World Racers, Scott Molgard:

When I was told by Trompie that I don’t have a dream, it was a direct affront to my self concept.

Since that day, I have asked God to make my dream become more clear,
I dreamed of having a dream, and asked God to help me pursue a dream. I
have had a vague dream growing for years, but in the last month, this
dream has become so real I can see it and taste it. God has given me a
dream that I actually can feel in my body the need to pursue it.

I feel that the most important concept in the pursuit of dreams is
God. Who is your God? Who you live for, how you make decisions proves
who your God is. As christians we often make decisions based on what
other christians think. Other christians are our God, and I believe
this is accentuated when a person has grown up in a church.

God and pursuing one’s destiny may actually appear more than
irresponsible to some, it may even appear
rebellious, though the words responsibility and stewardship are often
used to shoot down a person’s fledgling dream. Obviously wisdom needs
to be maintained here, every selfish appetite is not what I consider to
be a dream, but I believe God will even use selfish motivations to
encourage a person to pursue the destiny He created them for.

I believe God created us with a destiny in mind, and has given us
the ‘charge’ to pursue this. In fact, we have a responsibility to
pursue the dreams God has put in us, as these dreams can only succeed
through God’s will. I believe that the terms ‘responsibility’ and
‘stewardship’ are religious terms we cling to, to excuse living in fear
and disobedience to God. In fact true irresponsibility is seen in
Jesus’ parable of the talents. The one who hid his talent was called
wicked and lazy. In my understanding, hiding behind a career, pursuing
a paycheck, pursuing comfort, stability, and security is truly wicked
and lazy.

Understanding that God wants me to pursue the dream he has instilled
in me, I now need to determine what that dream is, and I need to
determine if I can truly trust this God. I guess for me, my dreams have
become more clear as I have pursued different impulses and I have seen
God work. I believe God does speak clearly, but
my experience has been that God puts a passion for something in me to
pursue, and that finding out who I am and who God truly is, has been
through trial and error. Some pursuits have been awesome, some were
only cool in my ADD brain.

So, where do I go from here? I have been given an awesome vision in
my mind. I have shared this vision with some others. I believe I need
to learn who I am sharing visions with. Different people’s opinions
will be weighted differently. In getting advice, I have learned to
value most those who are successfully and passionately pursuing the
vision God has given them. We need many people’s voices, but for me, it
helps to surround myself with people who are pursuing dreams. Those who
are not pursuing dreams usually have the gift of pessimism or doubt. I
can’t see any room for pessimism or doubts, especially in the dreaming
stage, and that is where I am.

Most importantly, like Nehemiah did, fasting and praying are where I
am now, laying all this at God’s feet. It will only be God who can make
these dreams come to fruition, and God has dreams for us, so by
surrendering a dream like this, I will learn whether it truly is from
God, or if God has something bigger and more exciting for me. For God’s
thoughts are way above mine, and if I want this to be MY dream, then I
could be missing out on an even bigger and more IRRESPONSIBLE dream
which God has planned.

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  • I thank Lord Jesus for article it helps me i believe I started looking for my dream now.Can
    you go on in helping see it clearly?

  • I needed this today, Seth (& Scott). Thank you. Thank you.

    Weary of being “Clueless in the Flint Hills”,
    (And Third Day’s “Cry Out to Jesus” rolls into my playlist as I write. Must shut door and finish lunch with Him.


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