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More Sunday prayers – last week of September

Our heartfelt prayers for consolation go out to Cody’s wife and family He passed away early Monday morning. This link tells us more: http://tribespahr.blogspot.com/. Feel free to refer to last Sunday’s blog for additional prayer requests and please add your own below. Thes…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes

heartfelt prayers for consolation go out to Cody’s wife and family He
passed away early Monday morning. This link tells us more: http://tribespahr.blogspot.com/.

Feel free to refer to last Sunday’s blog for additional prayer
requests and please add your own below. These are just the new ones.
If I may add this personal one: Please pray for Karen and I as we
travel to Cambodia to debrief the World Racers. Pray for safety, sleep
along the way, and good connections (we have to make it through seven
cities). And we’re hoping that God shows up in a big way there during
our time together. Also, pray for Leah. Although Emily and Casey are at
home, these long trips are toughest on her. And for a talk that I have
to prepare and give at a Youth Specialties conference in Sacramento
when we return.
1. Pat Burrows writes: Thank
you for praying for Fa. She is a dear friend -43years old- diagnosed
this summer with bilateral breast cancer- (stage 3). We’ve done the
mastectomy and now midway thru chemo to be followed with radiation.
Last week I shaved her head for her. We cried, laughed and prayed thru
it all. Last night Fa was the worship leader for our Saturday night
service where the topic was ‘Rejoice in All Things’- Phl 1:18-21. Fa,
with her shiny bald head stood in front offering prayers and words of
praise to God for allowing us to know Him in the thick and the thin. I
don’t even know what she sang- she just shimmered in God’s light with
beautiful sounds swirling around her. What a witness. What an amazing
moment of standing in His presence.

God is so good.

2. Angi writes: Please
add David Smith to the prayer list. He suffered a massive stroke a few
weeks ago, and his family is struggling through making the best choices
for his care.
3. Amanda writes: Please
add Clarke Doyle to the list – he has been fighting cancer that has
moved to his lungs for the past 2 years – and is continuing the fight!
4. Julie writes: Eileen
is from Kansas and has breast cancer that has metasticised to her liver
and it is now in her bone. I don’t know how much time she has. She has
3 beautiful kiddos. www.caringbridge.org/visit/eileenhuffman.
5. Denise writes: These
prayer requests are so difficult. I’m so sad for the people that are
struggling with the illness and for their loved ones. One thing I can
say for me is that after losing my mother to heart disease is I wish
she had written me a letter for after she was gone to be with the Lord.
Even though I know she loved me so much it would have been nice to get
a letter of encouragement in the Lord restating her love for me and
reminding me to be strong in the Lord and that she would be there to
greet me when I take my leave of this earth. When she died 3 plus years
ago, I felt and still feel like if I want to be close to my mother then
I need to worship the Lord in spirit and truth because then I worship
with the hosts of heaven and yes, my mother.

I do pray that God would heal these people and spare their families
sorrow, but if He choose not to heal then I pray for His comfort.
6. Carol writes: Update to Bob (inoperable brain tumour, given
only weeks to live). He is still alive, sight diminished a lot now and
failing. His prognosis is still poor. In good spirits still though.
Please continue to pray.
Also Mark (44, inoperable bowel cancer, 2nd time around). Mark is
now on another bout of chemo, which will last until just before
Christmas. Some of his secondary tumours in the lungs showed signs of
shrinkage on a recent scan. He is having pain in his leg from a tumour
in his bone currently. He is in good spirits but dreading the scan at
Christmas after this chemo set which will show if there is any hope or
not. The Drs said a recovery would be “remarkable” at this point. We
are hoping for the remarkable.
A boy, 7 years old, who was born at 25 weeks and we met in hospital
when my son was born at 29 weeks back in 2001. Always been close. They
are not yet Christians. His name is Jamie and he has been just diagnosed with ALL (Acute
Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. Prognosis debatable at this stage. Prayers
welcome for the wee boy.
Thanks for standing with my friends in this. Bless you, dear ones.

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  • Update on JoAnne and Helen:

    JoAnne – pancreatic cancer. The cancer has continued to grow, she has stopped chemotherapy and is prayerfully considering experimental treatment options. Her body is weak, failing but her spirit, faith is stronger than ever. Please pray for JoAnne and her husband Thom, children & grandchildren in these days and weeks ahead.

    Helen – multiple myeloma and renal/heart failure. She has been moved to a care facility. Please keep Helen, her husband and family in your prayers.

    Blessings to all!

  • Please continue to pray for Heath Sammons. He is a 20 year old friend who is in end-stage osteosarcoma (cancer of the bones). According to recent scans there are tumors wrapping around all of his major organs, including his heart and stomach along with his lower back and sacrum area. He is currently having palliative care through hospice and Moffitt has sent him home giving him 3 weeks to live.

    Heath needs a miracle. His mother wears a bracelet that says I Believe! I pray the scripture in Mark that reads “NOTHING is impossible to him who BELIEVES!”

    Join me in praying for healing, strength, and God’s peace over Heath and his family.

  • Seth,

    Please add my mom, Pearl, in Florida. She has to have several surgeries on her eyes starting this Tuesday. She has gone almost blind. She thought at first it was Cataracts and put it off till Medicare, but now come to find out it is much worse than that!

    I totally believe in the power of prayer and healing. I believe in you Jesus!


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