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New ministry launches: Kingdom Dreams

I've had a dream for many years now to see a generation fully alive. It's a dream of my children's generation seizing the opportunity to wake up to the greatness within themselves – God's kingdom dream for their lives. And it's been a thrill to see that God has been speaking t…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes

I've had a dream for many years now to see a generation fully alive. It's a dream of my children's generation seizing the opportunity to wake up to the greatness within themselves – God's kingdom dream for their lives. And it's been a thrill to see that God has been speaking to other people like me who share this dream.

Since starting the World Race, I've watched that dream, like a jonquil in spring, unfolding. And today we took another step toward it. A team has been working behind the scenes to build a ministry that helps people realize their dreams.

The ministry is called Kingdom Dreams and today we went public with its first web site.

Kingdom Dreams will help young world changers (and maybe some older ones) in a number of ways:
  • assessment
  • coaching
  • networking
  • dream development

God created everyone with a dream – a dream of making this world a better place, bringing the love of Christ to those who haven't felt it. Unfortunately, most people stop short of realizing theirs. But we believe that no one should miss their dream. We believe this world needs you to dream God's dreams.

So what is a kingdom dream?

A kingdom dream is the idea or thought that makes your heart skip a beat. A kingdom dream is that passion you've had since you were a little boy or girl. A kingdom dream is what you would give your life to… if only you had the time, the resources, or the security. 
A kingdom dream brings health to the sick, food to the hungry, life to the dead. A kingdom dream is God's will manifested on earth. And Kingdom Dreams wants to make sure everyone of God's dreams can be realized.
Take a look at the web site and let us know what you think. You may have a dream – let us know about it. Or consider joining us in making God's dreams come to life.

Comments (22)

  • So exciting! Every thought that has passed down into my heart. I can’t wait to grow into this and lay myself out for whatever God wants. Bring it on!

  • Just went to the website…


    The pic on the opening page is extraordinary!

    Clicked on everything & read it.


    Wish I was a 20something right now!

    Thanks for this really cool & challenging new vehicle for this generation to find expression of their hopes dreams, & longings.

    Lemme know if I can help in any way.

    (Did I mention I think the website is a WOW! 😉

  • Super-“Like”

    Looking forward to working together even more and empowering more and more to move in the direction of their dreams!

  • Exciting for those of us, too, whose Kingdom dream is to see the next generation’s Kingdom dreams come to life and fulfillment!

  • 1Pet 4:10 “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.”

    Thk you for being a community that seeks to release God’s grace to the world in it’s various forms! May God bless your investment into God’s plans to reach the world. His plan is His dreams through His sons and daughters. So he gets the glory! No one church, ministry, or people has a corner on God’s expansive creativity to reach the world. This ministry could be a small part of joining God in what he is dreaming! How exciting!

  • When we help ignite the God given dreams for another person we are engaged in very sacramental work. This is a wonderful next step Seth and it will touch the world in new ways. Blessings always…

  • I’m praying for this ministry and am committed to its success. This is the cry of my heart. I wonder how my pursuit of my Kingdom dreams would have been different if I had a “mastermind” group in my corner? I have just turned 50, yet I still have a half dozen dreams in my heart.

    The difference now is twofold:

    1) The ultimate goal of my dreams is to glorify Him and point to His Kingdom.
    2) Money is needed, but it’s not the goal. Financial success is only a consideration to facilitate the continuation of the dream.

    When I was a young man, I sought to be a millionaire by 30, then 40. Now, I realize that I have the riches of His Kingdom…what more could I want or need?

    Lord, use me to help young Kingdom dreamers seek first your Kingdom. You’ll take care of the rest.

  • YES LORD – I am so excited about this!

    “Lord, please cause those hearts to skip BIG beats! Bring passion and excitement like never before. Oh Jesus we ask that you do this – all for the credit of your name…”

  • Ah man, if only I had the vocabulary to describe how awesome this is! This is exactly the kind of thing that the Kingdom needs. I’ve actually been wishing for something like this, hah! My heart actually lit on fire when I read through it! And the website is gorgeous. Very well made. This is such a wonderful thing you guys at AIM are doing for this generation. I haven’t seen efforts quite like yours.

  • I need a team of coaches to help me narrow to a SPECIFIC dream, lol. Supporting an orphanage in Swaziland sounds meaningful and significant, but I’ll be excited if we can get this weekly evangelistic Bible study off the ground at my apartment complex.

    I want to share a recent quote from Dave Goetz (author of Death by Suburb) regarding what he’s learning in middle age. It about Being vs. Doing and the Grand vs. the Mundane. It caused me (a young man) to pause and think:

    “The ability to accurately assess how I’m doing spiritually doesn’t seem to come standard with the original equipment at conversion. I paid scant attention to this interior banter as a young man. I exhausted myself corralling the sins of the flesh (lust, ambition, and greed). I spent years absorbing all the information I could about the earthly expressions of faith: friendships, church, Bible study, mission trips, and other forms of Christian service—all important to establishing a beachhead on the shores of faith.

    So much of my pursuit of God was conflated with my anxiety about significance. When my wife, Jana, and I said our vows 20 years ago, we felt a sense of marital destiny: God had brought us together for a purpose. It’s a holy emotion and universal, I suspect. But 20 years later, I discern our gliding trajectory and think, Did God have something “bigger” in mind than our suburban story? Is caring for an aging parent in a memory unit significant? Or threatening your oldest repeatedly on Sunday mornings with cell phone oblivion just to motivate him to attend church? A life of significance as it is lived out is simply different in kind from how it is youthfully envisioned. Many of my ideas about significance during the beginner years of faith were at least one part grandiosity, cloaked in the guise of serving God.” (http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2010/december/22.50.html)

  • I stumbled on an ebook written by you back in 2011. It CHANGED my life! I’ve been dreaming with God ever since. Thank you!

  • I have had a similar vision of being able to help others plan and launch their projects so I am super excited about this!

    I am looking forward to finding out more about your vision for Kingdom Dreams and how I can help be a blessing to others.


  • Looking forward to seeing and being a part of this work. As believers we are one body and each part has a role.

    Father – guide us in our role so that we may be effective agents in building your Kingdom.

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