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I read lots of World Racer blogs every day. Other guys play golf – I read these blogs. I do it because I love these guys and because I love to see the way God is using their experience to change their lives. This blog from Jenny Willis pierced my heart – Jenny is one of my favorite Racers. It…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes

I read lots of World Racer blogs every day. Other guys play golf – I read these blogs. I do it because I love these guys and because I love to see the way God is using their experience to change their lives. This blog from Jenny Willis pierced my heart – Jenny is one of my favorite Racers. It’s so easy to feel what she feels, and she does a good job of describing that here.

I’ve gone into the mission field
before and have come away appreciating the things I have at home. Like carpet.
I love the soft feel of carpet beneath my feet in the morning when I tromp from
my bedroom into the kitchen for my morning cup of coffee.

Ohhh, and I love my
cozy goose-down comforter! I can crawl into bed and sleep like a baby under
that warm comfort!

But I can honestly say that I hadn’t yet been truly wrecked
by the things I have seen. They have come as a shock, no doubt, but I haven’t

changed by them. Well, until now…

After debrief ended, our teams were given the reins to find ministry on our
own. Our little Media family loved this since we’ve been separated the majority
of the time thus far.

Telfer received an email from his Real Life Leader,
Cassie Morgan, with an instructional plea to find a little girl named Donzola.

Cassie had spent time here in Swazi loving on this particular little girl and
wanted us to pick up where she left off. So, we did.

Over a week ago, we set
out to find this precious little orphan girl. We stopped at a couple of Care
Points, but no one had heard of a girl by the name of “Donzola.” Then
Pastor Walter (the man we’re staying with) told us he might know how to find
her. He took us to his church the next day and spoke with one of the women who
served there. And guess what? She knew Donzi! She told Pastor Walter how to get
there, so we piled in the car again and drove to her property.

Donzi has one of the most precious little faces you’ve ever seen. Her eyes
smile whether her mouth is or not and she carries a sense of playfulness in the
way she carries herself. That day we first set eyes on her, she walked
confidently up to us in her red galoshes and fell into our arms to be loved.
This was the little orphan girl that God sent His church to love and care for.
This little girl with no mommy and no daddy is being told by the Lord,

will never leave you nor forsake you. Though your mother and father may fail
you, I never will.”
It’s not just Donzi; it’s all the kids we’ve held
at the care points. I was holding a little 5 year old girl named Daly when one
of the Go-gos (Grandmothers) told me that she had no mother.

No mother? I held her close to my body and watched her breathe as
she slept with her mouth wide open and drooled a little onto my jacket and
thought, “

no mommy?” That’s when my heart began to

I grew up with a beautiful and
loving mother. I still remember falling asleep in her arms, rocking in the
chair as she sang me to sleep. I remember her love for me and how safe I
felt with her. All these memories came to my mind as I held this
little girl in the same way, but knowing that she doesn’t have a mom to run
home to broke my heart. So I did what the Lord was doing and held her
and kissed her and told her she was beautiful and loved. I told her she was
precious and innocent and free to dance and be loved. I told her what the Lord
was telling her. I was His voice, His arms and His heart telling his precious
daughter how very much He is in love with her.

My heart felt a multitude of emotions; sad and angry at the
injustice of this

and filled with an inexplicable and all-consuming
love. If I can be the arms of His tenderness and the voice of His compassion so
that He can show these precious children the fullness of His love for them,
then I will give up everything I can to do so.

I have never experienced
something more precious and selfless than when He uses me to display His heart
to the world. And to think, they are so many more children waiting to be held
and waiting to know the Father’s heart for them!

That’s the Great

That’s the Heart of God!

That’s why David danced
naked in absolute abandonment and worship. And

that’s why we give up our
lives, take up our crosses and follow Him.

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  • Just when it seems my heart can’t be more broken, it breaks a little more… hold them for me, too… they’re in my prayers… and so are you – the arms of God…

  • Thanks to all the WRers who are being Jesus with skin on, and may those of us on our home mission field (for truly there are needs everywhere), seize these opportunities as well. Praying for you guys as you love on those our Daddy/Abba brings your way…
    Blessings and peace, Diana

  • Yes, knowing Jenny, this is truly her heart. How precious! I actually read this on the WR page, but could not stop reading it again here…

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