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Our new commercial – waddya think?

We just put together this commercial. Please have a look and let us know your thoughts.
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes

We just put together this commercial. Please have a look and let us know your thoughts.

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  • LOVE the lead up. But then the teaser at the end feels too short. If you didn’t know anything about the WR, I don’t think there’s enough substance (meaning length or web URL hangtime) to convince you to check it out. I think it needs 5-10 seconds more WR content at the end.

    But this IS awesome. Really quality work.

  • Pretty amazing stuff really.

    But, I completely agree with Jen/jeremy/Glen about the ending needing more of the WR and Also more time to sign off with WR contact info.

  • I agree with Jen. Not enough World race info. The lead-up highlights the down side of growing up, but doesn’t offer an alternative. Keep going … refine … it will yet be a great commercial.

  • Think it’s a great start, but agree with what’s already been said here… needs a bit more at the end, to quick of a drop off, it needs a few more seconds

  • LOVE this commercial and agree with the need for more time on WR end, otherwise I think it’s brilliant and will be very effective.

  • Very good lead up, but of course the end of it where it shows the website is like a split second, not even time for people to understand. Maybe a longer show of it and then a quick fade out.

  • I agree with the other comments. The ending was abrupt enough to make me wonder if it was cut short in the video. Expand the end more and entice me into the “more.” As it is I was not sure what I was being offered or encouraged to do. If the end has as much excitement as the beginning has grey-boredom, it will be incredibly effective! I agree with Michael, above, “keep going!!”

  • I like it with a but: from a pure commercial standpoint the “point” needs to be more clear and quicker. You are asking an audience to listen for a minute, we do live in a sound bite world and that is how people are conditioned to listen. I have been given to believe that two 30 seconds are better than one minute. By the way I am not a marketing/advertising expert. John N

  • As a high school teacher, I have regularly showed the World Race promo’s to my kids to get them thinking beyond college. This one leaves one thinking that there was a technical problem that didn’t allow for the commercial to finish. I would show my kids the other promo’s over this one.

    I REALLY LIKE the black and white factual portion, and like when it transitions into color. Here is where I anticipated the World Race promo-like portion that touches the heart. Put that in there and you’ve got a winner!

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