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Paying the price for her daughter’s life

Brandy Chaffer, a leader on the World Race, posted this when she was in Cambodia. What a great story of a mother’s love.     “Brandy…she’s scanning the van for you.” Sam said. I immediately slid across to the window and began searching the crowd for her. The instan…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes
Brandy Chaffer, a leader on the World Race, posted this when she was in Cambodia. What a great story of a mother’s love.
“Brandy…she’s scanning the van for you.” Sam
said. I immediately slid across to the window and began searching the
crowd for her. The instant our eyes met, smiles swept across our faces
as our hands frantically continued to wave.
Goodbye Lita Lou.
Lita is the 4-year old adopted daughter of Sun, the woman who ran
the kindergarten in the remote Cambodian village we were serving. Lita
is beautiful and precious gem who radiates with His love. She twirls
with the innocence of a child while carrying the testimony of a old
When Lita was only a few months old, her mother, dying from HIV,
made the desperate decision to sell her on the streets of Phnom Phen.
Sun learned of the little girl and desired to rescue her from the fate
of the streets. She was interested in adopting her but only if she did
not have HIV. She met 6-month old Lita and immediately fell in love. Sun
took her to the hospital to have her tested.
She waited…she prayed.
The doctor delivered the news.
“I’m sorry, this baby has HIV.”
Wanting desire to overrule reality, she had her tested again.
And again.

HIV Positive.
With the results
placed before her and the baby in her arms, the choice was hers. Return
Lita to the streets to be sold – or pay the price. The $200 monetary
price her mother demanded…the sacrificial price of raising a baby with
HIV. Was she worth the cost? Was she deserving of life’s most precious
Lita was bought with a price. Sun loved her too much to let her go.
Sun returned to her village with Lita in tote and offered her the
only two things she knew to give… unconditional love and prayers. The
few Christians in the predominantly Buddhist community began to
faithfully pray for Lita’s miraculous healing. Day by day, night by
night, they continued to pray.
When Lita was 18 months old, Sun returned to the city to have Lita re-tested for HIV.
She waited…she prayed.
Please God let the words that come out of the doctor’s mouth
not be ‘I’m sorry’ – please Lord let him say ‘Congratulations – your
daughter does not have HIV.”

She waited…she prayed.
And then came the doctor…followed by the words…
“Congratulations – your daughter does not have HIV!”
Today Lita is the picture of health and product of love.
God’s greatest love story…for Lita…for Sun…for me…for you.

For God so loved the
world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him
shall not perish but have eternal life. – John 3:16

Lita pictured with Sun and Soca
Soca is another little girl Sun has taken in, along with her mother — who were tragically left homeless in the village
If His eye is on the sparrow, His heart is on you.


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  • wow! this brought me to tears. What an AMAZING God we serve! The God of restoration, miracles, unconditional love.

  • Who said God is not in the miracle making business? This is a precious testimony of how God takes care of the little children overseas and all over the world….”Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so…”.

  • Yes, the Lord makes all things new!
    He is the same yesterday, today and forever and still today, moves across the earth with signs and wonders, for His glory.
    Thanks for sharing Lita’s story.

  • How absolutely Beautiful is this! Thank you for sharing and thank you for the Pictures as well.
    The pictures made it even more real for you SEE Gods love in little Lita’s eyes.
    She will grow up to tell of His love and mercy to many people. This is for sure.

    We truly have and awesome God who just plain LOVES!

    i am Rachel Hartman’s mom ( Jan. 2009 Worldracer )


  • Often times babies born to HIV/AIDS infected moms can be born with HIV and not actually be infected permanently with it.They can carry their mothers HIV antibodies and therefore test positive but the signs of infection and the antibodies disappear usually by the age of two. Not to say this was the case with this little girl and in no way would I want to pour water on this miracle because regardless… its a miracle of love and health but, its something to keep in mind if you are ever faced with a situation to take in an HIV infected baby…its possible the baby is not carrying its own infection but that of its mother. Sun did not know this and she took the baby home in faith, hope and deep love. That all by itself is so beautiful. Nothing else matters what we do except that we are motivated by love.

  • One of my favorite blogs! I think reading it the second time was even more powerful! Thanks for posting it Seth for more people to read!

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