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People don’t reject Jesus – just Christians

People don’t usually reject Jesus – they reject the people who say they are following him.  When you look at some Christian music videos, you can see why.  Here, from the bottom of the barrel, are three videos that show you just how far Christian culture can sink. Should be worth a good…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes
People don’t usually reject Jesus – they reject the people who say they are following him.  When you look at some Christian music videos, you can see why.  Here, from the bottom of the barrel, are three videos that show you just how far Christian culture can sink. Should be worth a good laugh or snicker at least.
Thanks to Mark Oestreicher for posting these and Mark Riddle for finding them.  So, here ya go, folks, I’m taking your votes for “Best Bad Xtian Music Video.” 1. Lil Markie,  2. Rod Boucher,   3. Sonseed (Be sure to go to the 1:08 mark on Lil’ Markie’s video to get the full effect).

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  • I vote for 3.

    and oh my gosh number one was just painful… couldn’t even get through it all when super sethy sent it to us earlier today!

  • These are TERRIBLE!!!
    Absolutely laugh-out loud terrible. Oh my goodness. 🙂
    My jaw DROPPED at 1:08 on the first one…I just stared at the screen in shock throughout the rest of the song. I can’t even vote….Oh dear. 🙂

  • Wow…. Uh, I guess I’ll vote for #3, although they were, I would have to agree w/Sarah, painful. Now I’m going to listen to my iPod as I fall asleep to make sure “Jesus is a Friend of Mine” isn’t there when I wake up (good thought and lyricbut the tune!?). Thanks for the laugh, Seth!

  • I really hope that the lead singer of Sonseed sought wise counseling and therapy after that one. Poor guy, I hope he’s found his masculinity since then.

    Here’s hoping these dated videos were less sad in their day.

  • Praise God that the days of Christians neding to put their faith in a cutsie show are passing, and that God is giving us the courage and direction to show His face through our real lives in this world.

  • Oh my! At least in the last one he did say that Jesus still loved him when he wasted his time writing silly songs.

    You must see this … you have to *watch* it, don’t just listen …


    And I’m going to apologize in advance if the song gets stuck in your head … unfortunately that seems to a side effect.

    I vote for this one … but if I have to choose one of these 3 here I choose #1 as the worst … I almost fell out of my chair at 1:08!


    p.s. Hi Seth – This is Brandon’s wife 🙂

  • At least the third group was fun and slightly enjoyable…. one and two were just frightening. I can’t decide which one is more disturbing

  • Haha! I laughed and cried when Danny and Seth sent these to us earlier. And yet, at the same time I am anxious and excited for the excellent media creations He’s calling me too – to be above the bar and wow people by simply showing them His true Amazement.

  • #1 Lil Mike for sure! What is more amazing is that the audience is not laughing!!! Im not sure I could have sat through that live and have not chuckled…..Tami

  • Man and I thought some of the stuff I listened to in the mid 80ies was bad. Wow. Number one was horrible – shows we will clap at anything.

  • Wow! I saw the third one before, which made me bust out laughing, but the other two really take the cake as well. I’m still trying to understand the whole child voice thing…just simply bizarre. There are so many good, normal Christians out there that it is sad that these people bring them down. Well, on the plus side, they do have a very high humor value.

  • Oops, I forgot to vote! I say video 1, just for the outlandish child singing that was incredibly hard to get through. Video 3 is the very close runner up, though. I just can’t get over the balding, dancing guitar player. The whole thing is just too hilarious!

  • I’ll admit that one of the reasons I first became a Christian was the lives of the Christian around me at the time a strong influence on me, but after all these years the only thing that keeps me a Christian is Jesus, not any one person. The bloom is off the rose so to speak! And I say that in humility, as I know I’m far from the example and life I want to be living…but I’m taking baby steps each day. Probably Markie was too. 🙂

  • Excuse me while I go throw up… LOL. “He taught me how to praise my God and still play rock and roll.”

    They are all equally terrible but I have to vote for Rob Boucher because of his crazy eyes.

  • Wow, who knew bad music would bring such a strong critical spirit. I would agree that none of them should ever have preformed those songs in public, but ouch.

  • ha ha a friend just posted the 3rd one on her facebook page, a non Christian friend saying just what you talked about on here…. and as I listened and laughed again I had the words about him “zapping us whenever he can” or something like that….how sad to have a view of God that he is out to “zap” us.

  • Wow. Just wow.

    “Sonseed” is the worse, in my opinion, by far. At least the other two are solo acts. Somehow the whole group in the last one was deluded into thinking that was good enough to perform in public.

    By the way, if you ever start a list of worst Christian films ever made, please, please, please start with Left Behind 2. The only good thing I had to say about that one is at least it made Left Behind look almost watchable.

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