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Photo Contest FINAL

The Photo Contest has come to an end! Thank you to all of the participants, judges, and supporters of this contest. The winners are listed below, but first, a note from our judges:   “We were all impressed by the range of high-quality images submitted for the contest.  Judgin…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes
The Photo Contest has come to an end! Thank you to all of the participants, judges, and supporters of this contest.
The winners are listed below, but first, a note from our judges:
We were all
impressed by the range of high-quality images submitted for the
contest.  Judging was difficult, so we tried to stick with the criteria
for this particular contest, which were:  “the image should capture a
soul, a moment, a place and a ministry.”  Virtually all of the images
submitted by our 29 finalists did a terrific job of capturing a “soul
and a place”.  So we looked for portfolios with a high percentage of
pictures that captured a “mission and a moment”.   We also appreciated
the technical quality and the variety of techniques used in the
portfolios we selected as winners.

there were so many outstanding pictures, we also selected 15 Honorable
Mention pictures from among the portfolios of those who did not place
in the top 5.

Thanks for letting us judge this contest; we feel blessed to have had the chance to work with such talented photographers.”
The picture they liked the best out of all entries was of the child being tossed in the air by Jacob Maentz below. And the two photographers who got the most people’s choice votes were Natalie Montgomery and John Fracker. Congratulations to all our photographers for their excellent work! We are sending out $5000 in total prize money to the following:
And the winners are…
#1 Katie Rowland (Photographer #128)
#2 Megan Hale (Photographer #102)
#3 Jacob Maentz (Photographer #114)
#4 Natalie Montgomery (Photographer #129)
#5 Ryan Stewart (Photographer #131)
We also have 15 Honorable Mention Photographs from different participating Photographers:

Sean Smith.
April 2008, Antigua Guatemala, Standing on ruins giving praise to God. 
Darin Dueck.
July 2008, Dominican Republic, Haitian man worships on bended knees and with outstretched arms.
Loretta Wang.
April 2009, Swaziland, An AIM participant (Sarah Keppinger) sharing her water with the children from her CamelBak. 
James Milling.
2008 Aden, Yemen A friend praying over the people in the land. 
Steph Connors.
March, 2009, Calcutta, India. A Hindu man attempting to absolve himself of sin by washing in the Hooghly River.
 Paul Turner.
Sept 2008- Mozambique- Taken during a pastor’s meeting. 
Lauren Morris.
January 2008, Philippines. Beautiful dump-dwelling children finally smiling amidst the trash.
Lauren Morris.
Cambodia, October 2007. VBS children play games with a World Racer.
Nick Derington.
June 2009, Mozambique, Africa. A World Race member ministers to a child at a school 
John Fracker.
Romania 2009, Gypsy Baptism Service, water rolls away from the Old man to bring in the NEW! 
Allison Johnson.
February 2009, Freetown, Sierra Leone. They asked for some change, but received so much more: a lesson
about Christ on the beach. 
Steven Siwek.
July 2007, Singorwet, Kenya outside local infirmary, baby waits his three month check-up clad in colorful clothing.
Jimmy McCarty.
February 2007, Guatemala, Crosses overlooking Antigua.
Tim Miller.
May 2008, Rast, Romania, Gypsy girl praying during vacation bible school.
Marissa Vignola.
Feb 2007, Swaziland, orphan boy crying.

Comments (15)

  • Those are all wonderful pictures. Congratulations to everyone! Delightful to be able to see such story telling images. Thanks everyone.

  • Beautiful photographs – and congrats to the winners! Wonderful moments captured of God’s Kingdom come to earth …

  • Congratulations to Katie and the other winners! I used to go to Katie’s church in Boone, NC back when she was a wee lad and my wife & I followed her world race journey (as facebook friends) over the past year. All the photographs were stunning and very expressive. I agree that they’d make a very pleasing coffee table book.

  • praise God!!!
    and thank you, AIM, for the blessing you have been to kt over this past year, and the encouragement you have provided through this contest. her life and ministry have been greatly enriched by the Lord through the World Race and AIM. blessings to you all,
    pat rowland (katie’s mom =)

  • These are all wonderful pictures.
    May God bles You and all Aim Adventures Mission work.

  • You people are so f*cking FAKE, I can hardly stomach it.

    Self-righteous and egotistical, *you are nowhere near God* as you delude yourselves to think,
    just as the people posing on the ruins (#6) were clearly *nowhere near* the quake when it happened.

    Face reality:

    You’re not God’s favored.

    You’re just like everyone else
    because you’re selfish,
    and your pretending to be godly is akin to a drug addict “getting high.”

    The only difference being that the addict will probably more easily get into Heaven, because he didn’t turn God into an excuse for his own *Vanity.*

  • Bryan,

    May I ask why are you trolling? What do you have to back up that these people are fake? Do you know them?

    All I see is heavy trolling and empty claims. Bryan if you have nothing better to do than troll on other people’s forums, I suggest you find another means to voice your arrogant and pathetic comments.

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