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Photo contest winners – Round 1 final list

Here are the winners of Round 1 of the photo contest. There are 32. The names were withheld from the judges, but now we can make them public. Because we struggled to decide on a few (and didn’t hear back from a judge who went on vacation), we will probably post a few more before week’s end. If, a…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes
Here are the winners of Round 1 of the photo contest. There are 32. The names were withheld from the judges, but now we can make them public. Because we struggled to decide on a few (and didn’t hear back from a judge who went on vacation), we will probably post a few more before week’s end. If, after reviewing the 3000+ entries, you’d like to suggest one that we missed, please give us the URL in the comments below. If enough of you agree, we’ll post one or two “people’s choice” candidates. Stay tuned for Round 2: The Portfolio Round (each winner below submits a 20 photo portfolio).
Nick Derington.
San Juan streets. A local elderly woman begging for pocket change.
Sean Smith.
Care point in Swaziland. I took photo as the children were eating.
Sharon Woods.
Tanzania. Longito missions compound. There were over 200 underprivledged Maasai children praising and worshiping the Lord. (Maasai jump when they worship). That day these children received a meal, and had a time of worship and a Bible story. 
Marissa Vignola.
AIM base in Swaziland, orphan boy crying.
Matthew Cramer.
Francis Gaskin Orphanage Home in Liberia, Moses shows who loves him.
Jacob Maentz.
Sapak Farm, Cebu, Philippines. A young child looks up while being served lunch at Sapak Farm.
Steph Connors.
El Doret, Kenya. Walking to a crusade. 
Mandy Busby.
Canaan Malnutrition Clinic, Montrouis, Haiti. Malnutrition patient grasps hand of missionary clinic worker.
Loretta Wang.
Swaziland. An AIM participant sharing water with the children from her CamelBak.
Daina Norusis.
Gawad Kalinga village in Bacolod, Philippines. Sister caring for her younger sibling.
Jimmy McCarty.
Arroyo Palenque, Mexico. Excited girl meeting World Racers.
Stephen DeVries.
Free Clinic in Cap Hatien. Boy who had a terrible infection in a small village was picked up and taken to the free clinic in Cap Hatien to save his arm.
Tim Miller.
Calea Spre Cer Church: Rast, Romania. Gypsy kids praying during vacation bible school.
Becky Haverkos.
Kibera, Kenya.  My husband, Dan, and I were on our honeymoon/mission trip with AIM.  We were working with the students at the New Adventure School.  In this picture, the girls have just won in soccer against the boys.  The women laughing the forefront is their teacher.  She was so proud of all of her students.  
Stanley Leary.
Diane Zuma plays with water at well in Koudougou, Burkina Faso.  There are two types of wells in this area: one which is open and not safe to drink from and this one which is deep and is covered and much safer to drink. 
Deborah Berruti.
Cedarville, South Africa. A hungry child drinks soup given to her by Christians who run the Crossroads Children’s Home.
Jennifer Mitchell.
Jerusalem. Playing with refugee orphans who fled Sudan.  Many of their parents were killed when trying to cross the border.  This picture shows the heartache that the children still feel, even on a fun and happy day, smiles sometimes escape them. 
Darin Dueck.
Soto, Dominican Republic (Church service at Iglesia Cristiana de Soto). On bended knee with hands raised.
Lauren Morris.
Tando Dumps, Manila, Philippines. Beautiful dump-dwelling children finally smiling amidst the trash.
Katie Rowland.
Sihanoukville, Cambodia. World Racers Josh Bruce and Johnny Pratt have fun playing with local kids atthe beach during our Race debrief.
Natalie Montgomery.
Malawi, Africa. Women sing praises in the corn fields.  
Blayne Kelly.
Manzini Carepoint, Swaziland. Noxolo is extremely curious about Daniels facial hair, she’s not shy about it either!
Neil Bruinsma.
Maasai highlands in Kenya, All the men from the Oct 08 World Race team
on top of a mountain screaming to the Nations during MANistry.
Megan Hale.

Kibera, Kenya, children observing our mission team for the first time.

Steven Siwek.
Gale’s Point, Belize walking to the beach, missionary teen takes her newfound friends out for a relaxing sunset swim.
Sarah Shreves.
Awer IDP Camp Gulu Uganda, curious little boy reaches out to my friend Amy.
Paul Turner.
Mozambique. Taken during a pastor’s meeting. Many walked for days to attend and were excited to be there.
John Fracker.
Baptism in Romania, Gypsy Village Easter
Service April 2009. Just as he washed away the old man and rose new you
can see the drops rolls from his face and peace set in!
Allison Johnson.

Freetown, Sierra Leone. They asked for change but got so much more. A lesson about Christ on the beach.

James Milling.
Yemen. My friend and I went out to pray on the coast that day for the all the lost people in that land.
Ryan Stewart.

Near Palenque, Mexico. World Racer Jon Hiebert just after being baptized.

Drew Nelson.
June 2008, the orphanage Casa de la Esperanza in Mexico, playing on the merry-go-round.
Congratulations to the winners! Now they’ll begin to compile their portfolios for you to view (instructions will be emailed today). We’ll be framing and selling the top photos signed by the photographers. They will keep all proceeds from photo sales. I think it’d make a wonderful gift.

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  • Shew…man, what a way to start a day by looking at these photos…reminders of several things:
    1. there are other people in the world, there really are
    2. they are not experiencing life like I am today, they are really not
    3. there are people with eyes to see them, there really are
    4. life is made up of moments, not monumental events, it really is
    5. God is everywhere, He really is

    i’ll be revisiting this post often:)

  • I see Jesus!!!!!!! He is in these pictures…and so in the lives of those who lived these moments.

    I am so grateful that you have done this contest and posted these photo’s, Seth. Thanks to you, the judges and the photographers, but most of all, thank you Jesus, for your big kids and small.

  • Wow, these pictures are AMAZING. I felt like I was transported into the nations and to the people of the nations just by looking at these pictures. It’s hard to choose one picture, to be honest! I feel like all of these together depict a narrative of what christ is doing all over the world and His amazing love of humanity, His creation.

  • Man oh man! You all have a tough one on your hands! These pictures truly capture the very essence of Missions!

    Great job everybody! Blessings on you!!!!!!!!!!

    How do we vote?

  • These are exceptional and exquisite and beyond my personal vocabulary to describe.

    One other photo that speaks Christ to me is the one at the top of Dave Brown’s blog (www.davebrown.theworldrace.org) It’s a photo of a young man (Dave) crouched down in the dirt, fingering small rocks and looking at something or nothing outside the frame. Sitting in his shadow is a small child, crouched in the dirt, fingering small rocks and looking at something or nothing outside the frame. Just hanging out. Sharing presence and shade.

    I have no way to judge the technical qualities and I don’t know who took the photo, but it tells me a story of a personal Christ who offers presence and ‘shade’.

    This is a breathtaking collection. Can’t wait to see what else is in the portfolios.

  • Praise God for all the people in the photos and photographers!!!! You are an eyewitness to God’s love touching the real lives…He is a personal God…and Jesus’ words are true when He said He’ll send the Spirit to earth after He departs to be present everywhere at once…to be with His children at all times. wow! I feel that looking through pictures and I’m inspired…my heart is filled and I will do what I can in my corner of the world! God bless you all and look forward to more of all of your photo postings! 🙂

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