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Praying and watching cataracts fall off

One of the ways we increase our faith is to see what it produces when others have it. I've shared an example of Jess Davis once before on this blog and especially love the following story because of its specificity. She was in Mozambique and had this experience with a blind man: As I w…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes

One of the ways we increase our faith is to see what it produces when others have it. I've shared an example of Jess Davis once before on this blog and especially love the following story because of its specificity. She was in Mozambique and had this experience with a blind man:

As I whispered "Good evening” to the man in Portuguese, he smiled. I looked into his large light blue eyes.

Cataracts had taken them over. The white in his eyes was stained with yellow, and extra clear and white tissue covered the rest in large clumpy layers. They prayed. 

I looked into the man's eyes. I was shocked at what I saw in front of me. The cataracts and extra tissue covering his large eyes was beginning to fall off. Almost seeming to melt away and fall like large heavy tears down to the African dust in front of him.

The village was in complete amazement. Many people came running just to know this Jesus that could heal the ones they loved. As we watched and waited, the man said he could see some blurry figures. He had not been able to see anything before.

I wanted to leap out of my skin! We knew then that something was happening beyond our control or doing. This night was getting interesting! We prayed again. And each time, more "gunk" would fall from the man's eyes and the more defined those "blurs" would get.

A few minutes later, I looked again into the man's eyes, and the bluest of blue became grayish brown. It looked like he had put contacts in. We watched as his eyes went from blue, to grey, to brown. Each time they would change, he could see more and more.

By this time, we did not have to ask how he was doing. He made sure to give an instant update each time. "I can see!"

God heals people if we'll have the faith and patience to pray for it. I want faith to see God heal like that. How about you?

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  • Amen! I want the faith to see God heal like that and I want the faith to be able to heal people in his name. I shared with you my experience where I thought that was happening, but it apparently did not. I continue to pray for this person in the hope that she is really healed. I will pray through it.

  • Sure, this is great and not surprising of what He can do. I just have to remember the miracle of changing a heart of stone to flesh. Is anything too hard for the one true God?

  • We must be “fools” and pray and pray and pray. Yes, I love it that you paused, evaluated, and then prayed some more. I’ve found that to be very effective. At times, I will ask “so, do you feel or sense anything”. If they say yes, we focus on the areas they were “feeling” or “sensing”.

    If they say “no”, it doesn’t bother us. We just keep praying and asking God for direction in how to pray. At times, God will speak to others in the room that may lead to a break through. KINGDOM STUFF IS FUN!

    If “nothing” happens, I don’t let it negatively effect us. I always inform others that are praying that what we are doing is not worthless. We just keep on doing Kingdom stuff and allowing God to be God.

    Good stuff Jess. Keep it up!

  • Jess’ website and booksite come up empty-handed now. Are they doing mission ministry anymore? I know she married and is pregnant with baby #2, but kinda weird that there are so many links on the web to go to her non-profit org and links of where to buy the book, but they dead-end w/o even a new website to be redirected to. Since you mentioned you mentored her previously, figured you might know what the latest is. No worries if they are doing something different, but just hard to follow a ministry if it is no longer there- or is it?

  • Melinda,

    I’m not sure what is going on. I suspect that the weight of caring for a premature baby has taken all of Jess’s energy and she’s probably had to set overseas ministry down for a while.

  • Thanks Seth. I would have enjoyed just looking through her old website so kind of a bummer you can’t even access it now but I definitely understand how God can call us to care for family when we hadn’t seen that agenda on the horizon. He often has plans we don’t perceive, but He guides us through it all, be it caring for the suffering at home or overseas.

  • I am being healed each day from cataracts in both eyes, my vision is getting clearer. I am believing in 20-20 vision. I give all praise to God, I am praying into root, the time my eyes were troubled. I give all thanks praise and glory to Lord our God. Amen

  • Hi christine ainley , any updates you want to share, I’ll love to hear your story, and Cory P? has your eyes improved or healed?, pls share, I have cataracts on both eyes and glaucoma and some optic nerve damaged and visual field damaged… Please pray for the healing for my eye disease, especially for cataracts because I am due to have surgery next month that I do not want, I want to keep my natural lens. I have prayed and prayed and cried about this disease. Thank you for your prayers!! I need it, cannot see well, blurry, foggy… thanks.

  • In Jesus name I had a detached rentina last year. it course me to have cataract in the same eye.son of David heal me wash me in the blood. all is we’ll deliver my eyes god I call for restoration in my eye and life Jesus jesus

  • I know that God heals wonderfully.I have cataract and my Doctors said that there is no cure but through surgery. I promised them that I shall come back with God’s healing.I ordered for CAN-C Eye drops from America,but my money was refunded saying that they do not ship to my country. I don’t want surgery and It is now one year.I just came online and typed “God heal my cataract’ and that was how I came across this testimony.I believe I shall give mine within a moment of time.Cheers

  • I have level/stage 3+ cataract in both eyes and can no longer see the road signs clearly. I am a career woman in her early 50+ going blind day by day. Please pray for God to heal me so my entire family will believe in Him !!

  • I have been diagnosed with cataract and believed God’s total healing because I don’t want their surgeries. Thank God for that wonderful testimony. I am waiting for God’s visite like this guy and I will have it in JESUS name. Amen.

  • I want my daddy to be healed of cataract naturally. I strongly believe in naturally healing without a doctor.He is not believing Jesus and stuck with Hinduism. He is doing exercises, yoga and natural food. Its improving , but slowly. However, God’s healing is fast and eyes are needed.I even told that a pastor I met personally had been healed of cataract naturally by faith in Jesus after he could not afford for a doctor.I myself am searching for Truth and meanwhile I want my daddy to see naturally. So many strange things have happened in my family and I am searching for why many strange things happened. I am searching for people who had cataract healed naturally. I got into this site and pray that my daddy gets healed naturally. Also, I do want that my daddy believes in the real God and not harm anyone ever again physically. He loves family a lot and then after times with relations/neighbour/temple visit, his behaviour suddenly changes and love changes to hate for no valid reason and strange incidents happen.In Hinduism, I also was changed by many evil swamis in india who went to the extent of trying to kill me for my money like RK Mutt, Brahmakumaris, etc who want money only. They made me hate my family and leave family to get god. I had to turn to Jesus to be safe first.

  • Miracles are still happening today. Faith and Trust in our God through His son our Lord Jesus Christ is all we need. Do not underestimate the power of God. Trust Him!

  • Please agree with me. For Cataracts to fall off of both eyes in Jesus’ name.

    Thank you. I know He is a healer.

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