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Raised from the dead or a hoax?

One of our missionaries brought a story back from her travels to Muslim nations. But when I checked www.Snopes.com there was this statement: “no news reports have surfaced in Egypt about a man’s murdering his wife.” When I questioned my coworker on it and reported the Snopes.com comment, sh…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes

One of our missionaries brought a story back from her travels to Muslim nations. But when I checked www.Snopes.com there was this statement: “no news reports have
surfaced in Egypt about a man’s murdering his wife.”

When I questioned my coworker on it and reported the Snopes.com comment, she said, “We know the facts,
and the person who told us was in contact at the time with the people who
experienced this and had the true facts.”

So, I’m not sure what to believe. Sometimes, we Christians, in an effort to be more zealous in our faith, buy into absolute hoaxes. On this one, I’ll let you decide for yourself. Let me know what you think. Here’s the story:

One of AIM‘s missionaries
recently returned from the Middle East having heard the following story while
there: I just got an email today from another source sharing the same story.

A Muslim man in Egypt killed
his wife because she was reading the Bible and then buried her with their
infant baby and 8-yr old daughter. He buried them alive. He then
reported to the police that an uncle killed the kids. 15 days later, another family member
died. When they went to bury him, they
found the two little girls under the sand – ALIVE!

They brought the case before a magistrate, and apparently, the country is outraged over the
incident. Word is that the man will be executed.
The older girl was asked how she had survived. “A man wearing shiny white clothes, with
bleeding wounds in his hands came every day to feed us. He woke up my mom so she could nurse my
sister,” she said.

She was interviewed on Egyptian
national TV, by a veiled Muslim woman news anchor. She said on public TV, “This was none other
than Jesus, because nobody else does things like this!” Muslims believe Isa (Jesus) would do this,
but the wounds mean He really was crucified, and it’s also clear that the child
could not make up a story like this, and there is no way these children could
have survived without a true miracle.

So… what do you believe? Could this be real?

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  • I am new to this story but before I comment let me say this, it is the incredible and unbelievable that makes God the GOD and the LORD of the universe. If God does ordinary things mere mortals can do or understand, then He is no more than a weakling. He does things to confound us. He is called God of signs and wonders. He lives to wonder who He is.
    Back to the issue, for us believers, Jesus told us that with God all things are possible (Mark 10:27, Matthew 19:26). God leaves us in wonderment. But this type of story is not peculiar to the Christian faith alone, I have read certain instances of supernatural occurrences in the Muslim faith also. Back to Nigeria, it was reported a native doctor died on 5th September 2022 (very current) in a quiet Angalu community of Toto Local Government of Nassarawa State. He resurrected 2 days later as he was about to be buried. This man was not even a believer but he narrated his experience in heaven and wished he never came back. Now he has vowed to serve the Lord Jesus for the rest of his life.
    God does whatsoever pleases Him and He is not accountable to anyone. He chooses to whom, where and when to show His power and the why is because He is God. Fear Him!

  • Not surprisingly, there is not a single shred of evidence to support the story. I could find no credible news reports about such a miraculous rescue, nor any information about an Egyptian man who murdered his wife and buried his children alive. Naturally, if true, such an amazing event would have certainly garnered a great deal of media attention, not only in Egypt, but around the world. And a miracle like the one described would also have been thoroughly investigated by both Muslim and Christian organizations. The total absence of any credible confirmation of the story along with the absurdity of the claims mean that the story is surely a work of pure fiction.

    Even if entirely fictional, religious parables have their place and can serve to strengthen the faith of believers and effectively illustrate a particular worldview. However, rather than being a parable designed to reinforce a Christian ideal, this particular piece of nonsense seems more intent on denigrating and undermining the Muslim faith. In a world troubled by faith-based violence and misunderstanding, false stories such as this can only add to existing divisions and circulating them will serve no good purpose.

  • Seth,
    I believe this most likely happened and we will see more! God is wanting to pour out His Spirit, but unfortunately anytime reports of such things happening there are many who refute it. A woman was raised from the dead in this country last week and AOL was the only report that I saw. The family had contact with someone who had been to Lakeland and nine family members have come to Christ. What is wrong with people that we have to have a big debate over if it’s God or not? If He is getting the glory then He can use it for His purpose!!!!! Come Holy Spirit come!!!

  • I’m not sure if this story is true, but I certainly believe it is possible. I’ve read posts on other websites about this event…that it’s impossible to live 15 days without water, or oxygen. One man even suggested that if Jesus (he refered to him as jeebus) was real why didn’t he just dig the people up and stick around to prove the athiest like him wrong. Let me be the one to tell you that if you think you can’t survive 15 days in the care of Jesus Christ without food or water, then you don’t know MY Jesus Christ! As for the athiest wondering why he (Jesus) didn’t stick around to prove the athiest of the world wrong….Well, stick around Mr. Athiest… your days is coming.

  • this is absolutely true. a good friend told me about this story and i got goose bumps all over my body. I believe Christ is just looking for ways to poor out his love for the world to see but some are to lost and blind to see it. also the muslim girl would know nothing about Christianity because it is no taught in those counties . she was just discribing it as a man who had holes in his hands and shiny clothes. but of corse its only jesus who fits this discription. if only these people could see the truth.

  • I tried to check this out when I received it in an e-mail, and then I felt guilty for not just believing it. However, I don’t think that Jesus needs our fabrications to do His work, and I do know he could do this. One posting I read asked if He was keeping them alive and waking the mother to nurse the baby, then why didn’t He just dig them out? I wasn’t able to answer the writer, who is a self-described atheist, that Jesus does what is needed, not what we want Him to do to satisfy our doubts.

  • Terri,

    I find that it’s always the same issue between God and we humans since the dawn of time. Adam had the opportunity to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil or bow down at the tree of life. At the end of the day, trying to understand God and his ways without humility is a fool’s errand.

  • I believe it is false. Why do we as Christians feel the need to accept the most outlandish characterizations of non-believers in order to feel good about out choice to serve God? There is no EVIDENCE that this happened (burying your own shildren alive because their MOTHER was just reading a Bible) and furthermore people are actually denying it. No wonder we have so much trouble witnessing to Muslims and others. First, it seems we have to demonize them and make them the epitomy of evil, then we have the nerve to tell them of the love of Jesus!

    Because we embrace the “miracle” portion of the account and ignore the part that totally bashes and insults another’s love for their children without any proof whatsoever, doesn’t excuse us for being so willing to accept that a father would do such a thing.

    The love of God doesn’t need any help from spurious propaganda and made up miracles. God is soverign, God is omnipotent. He doesn’t need nonsense like this. Son’t spread rumpors; “Go into all the world and spread the Gospel.”

  • i think it is true because there can always be miracles and in this case i think it was one of them its like they say god works in magical ways i dont see how people can do such a cruel thing like that but may god be with all the innocent people…

  • i believe that this story is true and very incredible…God works in wonderful ways! i just want to address duane’s statements- first of all i dont know why he/she finds it so unbelievable that a man would do that kind of thing to his wife and kids…people kill each other every day here in the U.S…the heart of man is desperately wicked duane! Second of all you speak as if this story demonizes muslims and nonbelievers, but if it those demonize anyone that would be the father alone. third of all get your facts straight because there is evidence that this happened…look before you talk and brazenly dismiss God’s miracles. you seem to be bitterly talking about a past experience you have had and trying to connect it to a totally harmless phenomenon!

  • I believe 100% this story.Jesus said in his words I am the way,the truth and the life……Man in all his might tend to hide the truth but the truth is always glaring.God shares his glory with no man and does not need the propaganda of man to win the lost.Jesus spent forty days and forty nights in the wilderness with out food and water and came out victorious,He is still God and remains God.Moreover who is man to question God’s authenticity or his works….Beware or else you are doomed.
    Today you see in the word,these fanatics blow themselves up in the midst of women and children,We see these fanatics and lunatics propagate violence and then you ask the question why would a man do this to his wife and children….Hold on to your belief whoever you are but beware………..

  • I arived at your blog because I was verifying this story that a friend sent me.
    This story was not on any local or international press release and allso not on egypt national tv.

    I am a christian, but not a fanatic.
    And my opinion is that stories like this are not helping people like me to be strong believers. of course its good propaganda for people who are allready fanatic believers.

    In fact I think its feeding fanatics all over the world to stand against each other.
    I don not think the bible teach us that.

  • I received an article in my e-mail about this, and I thought it needed verifying. It says ‘Thursday January 24 2008’, and the heading is “NOTEBOOK”. It seems to be a newspaper article, but I doubt newspapers use italics all the way.

    I am a christian, and half believe it (the story), but I couldn’t find evidence that it actually happened, and I do not know if it is true, or some weirdo person did it.

    It also says some things about please let this story be shared. If it’s in a newspaper, why would they want people to share it?

  • Peace and be upon you in the universal greetings.
    I have read this back in 2004 when it was published, this is very old news. This is right up there with the two Caucasians finding the shrine wraps of Jesus Christ back in the 90’s.
    The story presented is basically a hoax, or fib without no substantial evidence. I as a Muslim will not speak on the mental aspect of the person who wrote this or started this, but I do question the mental fanatical rhetoric that push this propaganda. It’s almost like being beguiled to ” If you aren’t believing in Christ Jesus you will not make it to Heaven”. The Bible made it very clear to be righteous and believe and do righteous deeds you will enter The Kindom.

    PROVERBS 21:21
    He that followeth after righteousness and mercy findeth life, righteousness, and honour.

    Muslims believe in Jesus/Yeshu’a/Isa Pbuh the Son of Mary very much so, that he was a mighty messenger[he gave the GoodNews/Gospel] and a Miracle worker,[Healing, multiplying food etc], the miraculous birth from Mary and a wonderful Prophet,[Prophetic sites] this is said in the Qur’an. Allah gives proper knowledge to this man and what happened to him in his time. No one else of other faiths believe in him not even the Jews, who are so called ” the Chosen People” yet they suppose to be of him. That’s another topic. It is a misconception that all Christians have the same take on Jesus/Isa pbuh being God, Son of God, part of the Trinity etc. I have learned this through my experience as a Muslim and through thorough schooling with scholars and doctors alike. So again, I say Muslims believe in Jesus/Isa pbuh and whoever don’t understand this is in great error. We differ on the fact of him being crucified as the Qur’an say he wasn’t killed or crucified, so that is where we differ. So the reason I brought this up is to bring facts to the table not what someone said, this mere story is a fabrication of an individual. We as Muslims follow the very Commandments of the Old Testament, if you study Islam as Muslims study Christianity and Judism you will see the similarities that are exactly identical. Jesus/Isa himself said he followed the law/Old Testament.

    Matthew 5:17-20
    17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.

    18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

    19 Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach [them], the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

    20 For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed [the righteousness] of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.

    I can bring up so many points but individuals who would like to know just ask, and we can have a valuable discussion on facts of what I have said and the knowledge of it in a wonderful conversation. A man asked Jesus/Isa pbuh how can he obtain eternal life[Salvation] and he told that man:

    Matthew 19:17
    And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? [there is] none good but one, [that is], God: but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.

    Now ask what is the greatest law according to Jesus/Isa pbuh?

    Matthew 22:36
    36 Master, which [is] the great commandment in the law?

    37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

    38 This is the first and great commandment.

    Then Again Jesus/Isa pbuh him said again in the Bible:

    Mark 12:28-30
    And one of the scribes came, and having heard them reasoning together, and perceiving that he had answered them well, asked him, Which is the first commandment of all?

    29 And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments [is], Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord:

    30 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this [is] the first commandment.

    So lets see what Qur’an say in the Matter of One God/Allah:

    1. Say: He is Allah, The One and Only,
    2. Allah, The Eternal, Absolute,
    3. He beggeth not nor is he begotten,
    4. And there is none like unto him.
    Bible Verse to back up Qur’an.

    Isaiah 45:21
    21 Tell ye, and bring them near; yea, let them take counsel together: who hath declared this from ancient time? who hath told it from that time? have not I the LORD? and there is no God else beside me; a just God and a Saviour; there is none beside
    So in essence, Muslims believe the first commandment that there is only One Lord Allah as Jesus pbuh did also as the Bible presents. Jesus/Isa pbuh in fact didn’t call the Creator God[Anglo Saxon origin], but called him Elah, Or Elohim. Elah and Allah if you look at the two are basically the same, no so God. This is the first pillar of Islam to believe in One Deity who created the heavens and the earth in six days[periods], just like the bible say. I can go on and on, but I had to let those who don’t know anything about Islam know a few things. If you want to know more, just email me, no problem.

    One who is claiming to be Muslim would be insane to believe in killing someone over reading the Bible. Let me tell you, I have 11 different bibles, and study with various Muslims and scholarly Christians alike, am I dead? NO! Haven’t had one death threat. Imams in Islam study and read the Bible, do you hear any claimed factual stories of Imams who are the leaders in Masjids around the world coming up dead? NO! I myself have 11 different Bibles ranging from Arabic to English, 14 Bible Dictionaries from dates of 1838 to modern times, and I haven’t been threaten not once because I read and study them. In Islam we are encouraged to study everything we get our hands on, The beloved Prophet Muhammad pbuh said study also. So if this was true, there wouldn’t be any Muslims around, we would all be dead. Common sense should kick in once they said the 8 year old said “a man in a white sheet took care of us”. Common sense should of kicked in, 15 days under the earth and lived? An eight year old, being young and lungs not a full size plus panic, the child would of died instantly, in minutes, that would be a psychological horrid for a child of that age to bare, let alone a BABY! You can almost laugh at the folly of the story but truth be told this is not funny, this is very serious.

    Lets say that this 8 year old child did see Jesus/Isa pbuh, why would she describe him in all white with hands bloody? It’s been two thousand years since he descented to Allah, wouldn’t he have cleaned up by now? Plus it was alleged the girl said he woke up her mother to fed the other child. Stop! Red flag! If he fed the 8 year old, why would he wake up the mother to fed the infant? He could of fed both! Once you are dead physically and never come back you are spiritualized as Jesus pbuh said himself in the Bible. Yet the mother remain DEAD because it shows no reports she was alive only the two girls.
    Short and simple “WHERE’S THE EVIDENCE”. In court you can’t have a case by mere hearsay, you must produce EVIDENCE! If you don’t have evidence you will lose your case. So I ask, how can you believe something if there is no evidence? Show evidence of the Egypt papers and documents of this happening. If you can’t show it, then, you will waddle in falsehood.
    Be careful what you read, everyone is entitled to their own belief, if you have a problem within your own belief that’s something you would have to take up with the LORD and yourself, I am perfectly where I am suppose to be and blessed, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Again if you have any questions just ask and I will respond.
    Jesus said
    “The truth shall set you free”

    “Truth will make falsehood perish, the very nature of falsehood is forever perishing”

    My personal quote:
    “An enslaved mind will believe in anything and question nothing”

    My thing is if Christians need to mission themselves to someone, it shouldn’t be the Muslims, we believe, it’s like trying to teach someone righteousness when they are already righteous. Go to those that DON’T BELIEVE IN JESUS/ISA PBUH AT ALL!

  • Peace be upon you Seth.

    I just wanted to say, this is a wonderful site you have here. I hope in the future the Muslims and Christians can have wonderful dialogue here and share knowledge.

    [email protected]


  • Jesus is ALL powerful and I have heard many testimonies of miracles like this. He is so good!
    I have a favourite quote:
    “For those who believe no proof is necessary, for those who do not believe no proof is possible”
    FAITH itself is a gift from God…and we need to ask for more. We cannot take His wonderful grace for granted.
    Jesus is my KING

  • Whether or not this story is true. Everyone who is a true Christian needs to ask themselves, does this change anything in my life? If you don’t have enough faith to begin with then hearing this story or any other like it will do nothing! When Christ lived as a man and the pharisees wanted to see some sign to prove to themselves that He was and is the Christ, did He show them? No. Instead He rebuked their unbelief, their hardness of heart. All the evidence one needs to make an educated decision to either serve the Lord our Creator or to follow after their own imperfect will is in the Bible. The choice lies with us. Who do you love more… yourself? or God? I implore you to follow after the Lord to live as He intended for us to. That we may reside perfectly in His will through our Savior Jesus Christ. As Christ said: who of us, by taking thought, can increase our height in the slightest amount. Remember you did not create yourself nor do you sustain yourself daily but that the Lord is love does He allow us to live.

    Also, to the Muslim man who wrote that you can get into Heaven by doing good deeds. Rebuke your selfish and evil ways for you ARE NOT RIGHTEOUS. For Jesus said Himself when one called Him “Good Master”: Why call you me good? For there is only One who is good even God. We as man are wholly evil and there is no salvation in mankind. Obviously! Look around you for five minutes at the strife that is in this world. Ask yourself what does God allow me to do. God has only given us the ability to discern between right and wrong, good and evil. With the ability comes the choice. Since we can discern we are allowed to choose and experience the consequences of our actions, whether the consequences are delayed or immediate matters not. Moreover, we as humans are born such that our hearts, our passions and inclinations, are not at peace with God… thus we sin. For verily verily I say unto you except a man be born again he will in no wise enter into the kingdom of Heaven. Christ said this, He knew that naturally we are at war with Him. Since every single person who has lived (save Jesus the Christ) has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God we must all die. For the law (the Decalogue) states if you sin (do contrary to the perfect will of God) you MUST die. The “degree” or magnitude of the sin does not matter for sin is sin period. Now at this point our race is in quite a predicament seeing as we cannot save ourselves and that all of our “good works” are but filthy rags in the eyes of God. Therefore, this situation obviously points to the FACT that there is a Savior needed! For a better understanding of how our good works or righteous ways cannot save us read the book of Job. It is Christ Himself in the whirlwind who rebuked Job for thinking that he was righteous! There are only 2, that’s right, two religions existing. The one class of religions are those which men have invented, in all of which man saves himself by ceremonies and good works. The other is that one religion which is revealed in the Bible, and which teaches man to look for salvation solely from the free grace of God.

    Can any person except for Christ truly say that they have constantly and continually done those things which please God, and have never sinned? No.

    Remember and keep in your mind foremost; perception IS NOT reality! I implore all to humble themselves and find the Lord for He is not far from any one of us. Have faith in Christ our Lord, true faith. For true faith begets repentance. And true repentance leads to a change in lifestyle. The fact is we only have 2, that’s right again only two, choices of whom we will serve. It is either Christ, or Satan. Our Creator, or a like creation who seeks glory for himself. Personally, I choose life and the Lord our God!!

    May the Lord bless every one who reads this with His Holy Spirit and convict them of their need of Him! May the Lord bless you and keep you and be gracious unto you now and forever more.

  • Justin, wow, I am in shock. So you are telling me I am going to hell huh? That is one of the reasons I left the church. You know what’s funny Justin, You don’t know your bible well. You are just qouting verses as though you know it. I can say as a well learned Muslim man you don’t know that book. I can tell you know and ask you questions and I bet my life on it, you aren’t doing anything Jesus/Yeshua pbuh did. Let me let you in on a little secret, there are things in the Bible jesus didn’t even say it was “PAULS” idea. You keep yelling “CHRISTIAN THIS AND CHRISTIAN THAT”. I am hear to tell you, In jesus time there was no such thing. He never taught in a Church, he never was a Christian and what he practiced was Islam. he was a Muslim. Everything Jesus pbuh him did Muslims do. he even said there would be ” A Spirit of Truth” who is a man to come after him and people are to follow that man.

    John 16:13
    Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, [that] shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.,

    If you study the Greek, the word is Paraclete, which the means “One who is Praised worthy” which in Hebrew is “Ahmed” which Muhammad’s pbuh name comes from which is FACT! You can check history. Greeks put a corrupted word of Paracletos, from Paraclete.

    There are six He’s and one Himself, showing these words are masculine pronouns. There isn’t another verse in the 66 books in the Protestant Bible or in the 73 books of the Catholic Bible with seven masculine pronouns, or even seven feminine pronouns, or with seven neuter genders. Now can seven masculine pronouns fit the characteristics of Ghost or Spirit?

    Men and women are spirits covered with flesh. You do remember God said in the bible John 4:24 “God is a spirit and THOSE that worship him must be in spirit and truth”. Who was that referring to? Pigs? Goats? Fish? MAN! men and women, must worship in spirit and truth, it didn’t say flesh. I can go on and on, and I will, now if you can prove me wrong then I would love to see you try that.

    Even though You said I am not righteous though I make prayer to Allah/Eloi/Elah who Jesus pbuh called and not God, I will still say Peace be upon you, in the universal greetings Jesus used and Muhammad and all the Prophets pbut and I can prove that in your bible also.

    Peace be upon you and may you sleep well.

  • Justin let me ask you a question are you serving God or Jesus or Elohim? I wanna hear this. Which ONE do you serve. There is Only ONE LORD!

  • Rahim,

    Firstly, no I am not telling you that you are going to hell. I judge you not, it is not my place.

    Secondly, I serve Jesus Christ and God. How can I serve them both? For they are of the same will. Jesus the Son of God perfectly reflects the character of God and God gives to Christ all of His power in Heaven and in Earth because of His perfect reflection!

    You say that everything Christ did Muslims do. This is obviously not the case through your own words. Yes Christ cared for the poor and fed them, healed them, and helped them. Not only the poor but anyone who needed His help. This is not the miracle though. His true miracle was releasing mankind from the bondage of sin by being the perfect example of what we are supposed to be. Christ, the Son of God put aside His infinite power that God has delegated to Him only, stepped down from His high position in the universe and came to live as man. Why? That He may show us the truth. His life is a testament that we in fact are never forced to sin. In other words there is never a need to. He showed us that no matter what our emotions are no matter what our circumstances are we never HAVE to sin. You claim to know a great deal about the Bible. Yes, you may have knowledge of it but you have shown yourself completely devoid of it’s wisdom. Did Christ not say that the only way to God is through Him? Right there in plain sight (in the Bible) is put forth the ordained pathway to God. It is not through our works. It is through Christ’s merits, through His works, His righteousness, His holiness. Why? For it was He who through God’s power created all things and it is He who reflects perfectly the will of God. Can you say the same of yourself? That you constantly and continually every moment every second of every day only do what God wants you to do? I cannot remember who but it was either Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob that said on his deathbed: short and evil have my days been! All three of these men were accounted exceedingly righteous in the sight of man, it matters not who said it for they all realized the same point, there is nothing in mankind to recommend us to God, we are not righteous. For who can say that they are on the same plane, the same level as the Lord? We are nothing compared to God. Every one of us needs God daily to give us life and even to be righteous. We absolutely cannot be righteous without the Lord. Put it far from you to compare yourself to God.

    After the tragedy that Job went through and the ensuing conversation that followed with his
    three good friends and Elihu; Job, in his dialogue, says that he cannot understand why God has forsaken him because he always fed the poor, the widow, and kept care of everyone needful. What did God say to him when He answered him in the whirlwind?

    Job 38:1-7 “Then the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind, and said, Who is this that
    darkens counsel by words without knowledge? Gird up now thy loins like a man; for I will
    demand of thee, and answer thou me. Where wast (were) you when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding. Who hath laid the measures thereof, if thou knowest? or who hath stretched the line upon it? Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? or who laid the corner stone thereof; When the morning stars sang together, and all
    the sons of God shouted for joy?”

    The Lord proceeds to ask Job more along the same lines, I implore you to read the entire dialogue. But let us skip ahead to when He requires an answer from Job. (For your own edification the ending “eth” = “s or es” ex: contendeth = contends)

    Job 40:1-5 “Moreover the Lord answered Job, and said, Shall he that contendeth with the
    Almighty instruct him? he that reproveth God, let him answer it. Then Job answered the Lord,
    and said, Behold, I am vile; what shall I answer thee? I will lay mine hand upon my mouth.
    Once have I spoken; but I will not answer: yea; twice but I will proceed no further.”

    Our good works will not save us, there is need of a Redeemer and this is the reality which we
    are born into. Am I advocating not doing any good work period? No. Absolutely not. But none
    can perform any good work of himself. Except that the Lord put it in his/her heart to begin
    with. We have not ordained what is good or what is evil. But through having faith in the Lord
    our Savior are we able to essentially start our lives over and live in Him and keep His commandments and His precepts and live as He wants us to. The bottom line is being a righteous man does not mean doing good works. It means that we must try to live how God created us to but not only just try but actually live how we were made to for Christ gives us the power although every one of us is completely and utterly undeserving.

    The fact is is that your religion relies on nothing more than faith in mankind itself and is therefore completely empty as all other religions are. Truly your religion fits the bill of being a “form of religion but denying the power (Christ) thereof”.If you truly thirsted after righteousness God would bless you with His Holy Spirit and show you, from His perspective (true reality), how much of nothing every single one of us is compared to our Lord.

    You may say:
    “I can say as a well learned Muslim man you don’t know that book. I can tell you know and ask you questions and I bet my life on it, you aren’t doing anything Jesus/Yeshua pbuh did. Let me let you in on a little secret,…”, “I can go on and on, and I will, now if you can prove me wrong then I would love to see you try that.”

    If you truly had God in your life you would not be self-righteous. You would not say I know this and I know that. For who allows you to have this knowledge? Nay! Who gave it to you and created it? For it was not you. You would realize your own unworthiness to even live, eat, breath, sleep, or have any pleasure or joy of any sort! A little fact for you… only you can defile your own soul, no one can make you sin. Therefore, you will be held accountable by God for every single one of your decisions and actions. But if you grasp onto Christ through faith and live and reside in Him then and only then will you be saved. For then you have an advocate in Heaven to plead your case with the Almighty!

    Unfortunately for you, you are not fighting with me. You are fighting against your own Creator. This is not my knowledge or wisdom. For the Lord of all has given me these abilities. I realize my own unworthiness to even live. But I am not in despair for I have an advocate in Heaven and blessed be the name of the Lord. It is not my righteousness that will save me but the Lords mercy upon me (and you, if you so choose)! The choice is simple… and it is left to you. Rahim tell me: Do you love God more than you love yourself? Who are you currently serving yourself or God?

  • Justinvery nice response … I don’t think Rahim has an answer yet. I think he is still figuring out who he is serving…

  • By the way I truly believe Jesus can do anything. I believe this Miracle has occurred in Egypt May the Lord open their eyes and hearts.

  • We humans are just so complex. Why even have a debate over such an issue. It’s not a matter of whether it’s true or not. I cant say i believe it happened or not. But the most important thing is that this kind of miracle is even too small for Jesus that we doubt if He did it or not. I assure you that this kind of miracle is a small fry for Jesus. If he brought back dry bones to life by adding flesh and putting His breathe, then what is it that He cannot do? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

  • Its not a question of when and where it happened, I beleive it 100%.

    Its not a new gist that Jesus can raise the dead and help the helpless.

    He’s the same yesterday ,Today and Forevermore. He will still do much more than you can imagine…Have Faith

    This should not bring a contest between Christains and Muslims cos we all know the resultant effect…VIOLENCE.

    We’ve had enough here in Nigeria, we don’t need more

  • Faith should proceed the miracle … signs follow for those that believe this story will do little and soon be forgotten Believers will believe it and unbelievers will say it’s a fabrication … conversion is a personal thing and usually comes as a quiet confirmation and feeling of peace in the heart that things are true … strongly emotional things are always looking for the next extreme emotional fix

  • Hi Sharon, read your comments above. Welcome.

    You chose a curious text to refute a Christian with. As I understand it, the Gospel of Barnabas is such a late work, Spanish or Italian, depending on which scholars you prefer, but never accepted as an orthodox Christian work. The slant of its arguments suggest a very strong Islamic background, which I imagine may be your own background too?

    To also equate Jehovah’s Witness theology as a good proof argument suggests no-one has ever explained to you the huge difference between that and orthodox/evangelical Christian belief. These evidences you quote carry little weight outside of a Muslim context, but do strongly echo the traditional Muslim view that Jews and Christians distorted the orignal texts of the Bible.

    I am delighted to read that you think God is loving. Not all Muslims would name that as a primary attribute to the “unknowable Allah.” Your faith requires more than mine – to believe God is compassionate and loving without seeing the demonstration of that in the flesh of Christ. You are so right that God is loving and His love right now is towards you as you read this. Bless you, Sharon. xxx

  • Dear Sharon,

    I am sorry for making an assumption about your background from your writing. As you say, you have only written about the areas you have studied so far.

    My stance is a simple one – Jesus said He is the way, the truth and the life and that no man comes to God the Father except through Him. His love is for the whole world, regardless of background or religion. Criticism is not the intention at the heart of a follower of Jesus, but expressing His love for the people He made.

    True Christianity is less of a religion, more of a relationship with the living Christ in person. Jesus doesn’t look down on Muslims and neither do I. He loved and died for them the same as for me. I found as I studied it myself that His claims were impossible to ignore – either Jesus was crazy to make such a big statement, or He was deliberately misleading us, or what He said was true. Mad, bad or God?

    Keep studying – it’s a rewarding thing to do. And may the loving God you are so drawn to show you more of Himself as you do.

    Bless you, Sharon. Carol xx

  • I am not the best person to comment if this is true or not as i am not Christian, but I strongly believe that Jesus is above religion and HE Loves every one the same way.

    I dont think people who have faith need any justification of whether Jesus ever existed, nor the person with no faith will start believing just by reading this in his email or some blog.

    Love you all,

  • I for believe the story to be true!
    Ask yourselves these questions? Does God protect his word? Does he watch over his word? Does his word return void? Is he the same God he was yesterday? Will he be the same God tomorrow? So basically it doesn’t matter if I believe it or not. He will perform his word without my approval!! This woman was reading HIS word in a brutal enviornment!!

    So we should all check ourselves and not become like the religious leaders back in the day!!

  • Hi Sharon,
    You diverted from the subject matter and went into another argument altogether. I am so disgusted and feel sick that you call yourself a christain and make ill comments about other denominations in christianity especially the Catholic church.

    Its a shame that you claim to be studying the Bible and dont know much about it. The Bible is not a NOVEL, so you need the guidance of the Holy spirit to understand it. To say that catholics worship saints shows the extent of your naivity and primitive thinking towards christaindom. I suggest you desist from making unguided comments especially about the catholics if you dont know what you are talking about. You are not in any position to judge any Church and should keep your silly thoughts to yourself.

  • Lawrence, we as Catholics can certainly contribute to, and help others who are seeking the truth in the above discussion about Jesus Christ, His miracles, His Church (Matt. 16), His works, and His Words of Eternal Life contained in the Holy Bible, by 1st getting down on our knees and praying for them.

    Then we, as Catholics, might suggest to them to check out how the Bible came into existence by reading the actual Council of Rome 382 AD, long before Muhammad came into existence. The Council of Rome also demonstrates that the Bible did not just appear one day like Manna falling from Heaven.

    We can also help them understand that Jesus Christ placed all authority in His Church (16th Chapter of Matthew) and that 1 Tim. 3:15 states that the “Church” is “the Pillar and Foundation of Truth.” Oh yes, the Church is filled with sinners, like you and me, but this is precisely why Jesus Christ founded His Church – to heal us and save us from our sins & disobedience to the One True God in Christ Jesus, who said, “Whoever has seen Me has seen the Father.” However, the Church cannot herself be in error, because it was founded by Jesus Christ, who rose from the dead, and is “The cornerstone and Head of the Church.” (There is still much more to learn and teach about the infallibility of the Pope in matters of faith and morals – yet he remains a sinner in need of confession just like us – through the sending of the Holy Spirit who will lead Christ’s Church into all truth.)

    Thus, one cannot separate Jesus Christ (who is the Truth) from His Church (Matt 16 & 1 Tim. 3:15). And yes, there are many websites that discredit and misrepresent Biblical facts & Christ’s Church, but let’s continue to pray, because the Word of God, in the 4th Chapter of Eph. commands all who dwell upon the face of the earth to be of “One Baptism, One Faith, One Hope, One Body (known as the Church in Col. 1:24), One Lord Jesus Christ, One Holy Spirit, & One Heavenly Father over all.” – these verses are spoken of as the “Seven Unities of the Kingdom of Heaven” by the Fathers and Doctors of the Church.

    Jesus performed miracle, after miracle, after miracle, up to a certain point in the Gospel Message. But despite the light of Christ’s miracles shining forth…man did not believe, and kept asking for more proof. God does not have to answer to anyone! He is the Creator, we the Created.

    We, mankind, must give a “Yes” or “No.”

    Humility is everything!

    Jesus groaned deeply from the depth of His Spirit, and said, “Why does this generation ask for a sign? Truly I tell you, no sign will be given to this generation.”

    Finally, whether the story of the Muslim man, his family, and the miraculous appearance and saving help of Jesus Christ is true or not, what counts most is that mankind “CHOOSES” to believe in Christ, His words and works, for the Bible states that “It is impossible to please God without Faith.”

    “Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved; whoever does not believe will be condemned.”

    Of course, the Church, which came into existence through Christ about 350 years before the Canon of the Bible was decided upon (Matt. 16), also teaches that striving to know and live the truth counts for much at the final Judgment – the Last Four Things. For there may be many Catholics (in name only) who did not seek the truth and live the faith that may perish as well.

    Peace and Truth of Christ to all.

  • I scarcely know what to say. I found this blog, as many others did, because of a story being circulated. The story was sent to me with the request to share.
    I have a blog of my own and nearly cut and paste the story, but I wanted to verify it first.

    I wasn’t trying to verify it because I didn’t believe it could happen, but because everytime a christian does something silly, like posting a story that isn’t so, it makes all christians look silly. Being that I am a christian, that is to say that I believe in Christ as my personal saviour, I find falsehoods very unamusing.

    One argument I see in here is the question of which means more, works, or faith. The Bible tells us that works without faith is dead. After all, if you believe something to be the truth, don’t you act on it? If you give works without faith, how can it be for the Glory of God?

    Who here believes in the Power of God? Then let him know that God owns his own word. To make all of this even more interesting, I am a decendant of Edward Lively. He was appointed by King James1 to assist in the translation of the Old Testament. I do not believe that these men completed such an awesome task without the Power of God.

  • Here are a few questions/thoughts for eternal torment believers:

    1. Of all the humans that have lived and died throughout the history of the world…..what percent% will make it to heaven and how many to hell(Jesus eternally tormenting with fire)???
    my mum and bro say about 5%heaven (or a handful as the bible says) 95% hell.

    2. If there is even a 1% chance that my beautiful child will end up in hell because of a wrong decision (decisions made from watching the madness of religion) what is the incentive to bring more human life into this world???

    should not christians protest against bringing new life into this world(at least if aborted they instantly go to heaven) , and making those lives have to choose?

  • It’s hard to believe because our carnal mind doesn’t want to believe. Whether or not this story is true, doesn’t mean that it is not possible. Christ does anything that our minds are unable to understand. I Corinthians 13:7 says that love believes all things. To take a step of faith and say, “I believe it” is to show our true faith in Christ. “For verily I say to you, that whosoever says to this mountain, be thou removed, and be cast into the sea: and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he says shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.” Mark 11:23. That’s God’s word!!!


  • I for one believe that Jesus is all powerful and he can do things like this and much more.

    As to whether this is true, that is another story. For me it does not matter if this particular story is true or not. What I will say though is Christians do not need to resort to propaganda to call attention to their faith.

    Just live a life pleasing to God i.e. loving your neighbour as much as you love yourself then you will call attention to your faith and possibly lead others to God.

  • Hello all!

    Of course Jesus can do these things (that were told in this story) and even greater things. He said WE CAN DO EVEN GREATER WORKS THAN HE DID! THAT IS IN YOUR BIBLE!

    I love you all and do not intend to offend anyone!

    First let me say I have PERSONALLY experienced miracles and believe in Jesus Christ, The Holy Ghost, and His teachings! I take commDAILY (He said “do this often in remembrance of Me”) To me often means just that. Not just the third Sunday of the churches convenience or budget.

    By communing with Him daily I have gained great peace and prosperity in the tangible sense. For example after six months behind on my mortgage, my home is now paid off and I am practically DEBT FREE! I have been delivered from death, diseases and other problems as well. All of this took place supernaturally! (Trust me banks do NOT love you!) There is no logical reason for me to be as prosperous as I now am. This would not have happened without my faith and belief and love for my Lord Jesus!

    O.K. On to the warning! This story is most likely FALSE and a LIE! Just like when crusaders LIED saying they had to KILL non believers to get Jerusalem ready for Jesus to return. Jesus NEVER said to Kill or bother anyone in any way who did not believe. He said to brush the dirt from your shoes and go along with your own business and tell others about Him…RIGHT?!!!

    By the same thinking, Jesus does not like LIES spread in His Name to spread His Holy Word! Here is the real scoop on this fabrication! It boils down to this…The Love Of Money is the root of All Evil!

    Understand I have over 25 years tech experience and work with internet security and such. Unscrupulous people and businesses love to generate vast e-mail lists. These lists are worth a great deal of money! Particularly if the lists are TARGETED. Meaning, in this case a list of people who have an interest in Jesus Christ. The list is brokered and sold to many other people who will be include your e-mail address into their marketing campaigns. Of course there are other UNSCRUPULOUS uses for a list like this as well!!!


    The “hook” to the story is the word “Muslim” because of 911 and such people are more likely to read an e-mail that has a title with this word in it, particularly if it is anti-Muslim. The emotional impact is undeniable! So you see, You have all been scammed and sold at the click of a mouse button at the speed of light, across the internet and around the world!!

    Another dead giveaway that the story is bogus and a marketing ploy is the insistence that “you mail this to everyone you can” It is called VIRAL MARKETING because YOU act as the VIRUS by spreading this e-mail!

    some OF YOU MAY SAY, “what’s THE HARM? it’s A GOOD STORY!” The harm is that it is a LIE! Jesus does not condone lying!

    Another dead giveaway is the message is ambiguous. No names of anyone involved and no way to corroborate anything said in the e-mail! True accounts of supernatural events are not that hard to VERIFY! For example the bank had NO REASON TO LET ME KEEP MY HOME AND LAND, AND EVERY RIGHT TO TAKE IT AND PROFIT FROM IT! I did what God instructed me to do and said what He instructed me to say to them. Even though the people involved NEVER MET ME BEFORE they gave me EVERYTHING I ASKED FOR INCLUDING.



    In addition, I had no money at the time to start a business with. Most businesses fail within the first year! Most businesses do not turn a profit for at least a year! I followed the Holy Ghosts instructions and my business made money, real profit within 30 days! In about 5 years my mortgage was paid off! I paid cash for my last 3 cars as well!

    I could go on to tell you of other tangible supernatural deliverances I and my family have experienced. Including TOTALLY FREE SURGERY FOR MY SON (about $40,000) who is now a healthy happy young man teaching abroad. Totally free surgery for my sister, who is now healthy happy retired and SOLD HER CONDO IN CALIFORNIA, EVEN IN THIS DEPRESSED REAL ESTATE MARKET, FOR NEARLY $400,000.00!

    Yes! God is Good and miracles ARE real!

    Do not be surprised by the flood of unsolicited e-mails you will begin to receive in the coming weeks, months, and YEARS.

    When you forward e-mails like this you are only helping unscrupulous people who do NOT LOVE JESUS to profit from His Name!

    I hope none of you are hurt by my words. I love you all. But you need to know the truth and the truth, even if it is painful will set you free! Remember He said “My people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge!”


    God Bless you all.
    In Jesus Mighty Name!


  • I came here initially to see if the story was true or not. I ended up reading everyone’s comments. Whatever your ‘RELIGION’, it is comforting to know that God, Allah, how ever he has revealed himeself (‘a rose by any other name is still a rose’)…the almighty has manifested himself in many ways so that we, as different as we are, will find ways to worship him. We have taken our own vanity and self righteousness to condemn others, and sometimes even ourselves and corrupted God’s methods. Jesus, Mohamed, and many others sent by God have tried to teach us that this is not the way. Be tolerant, humble, loving, and worship the creator, father. If you strive, and it will be difficult, to possess these qualities from your heart he will reveal even more to you. Reading will help but be careful…there is too much out there, and you can become in a worst shape than when you started this journey. Love each other and the most high. Be humble and ask for all you desire, knowing that he will give it to you if it is good for you. And that includes wisdom and knowledge of who he really is. One day it will all be reconciled and we will wonder “Why didn’t we see this. It’s so simple. So obvious”. All of our faults and sins, when you look at them, are as a result of selfishness. And that includes being so selfish that you think “I must be right and others wrong”. Me before others. Do you think our great creator would want that? I don’t know but I’m guessing a big NO! Let what we do be our legacy and testimony. Not what we say. Often we say what we say to justify what we do.

    Bert from Barbados

  • snopes only states their interpretation that it is false because they cannot document that it did happen. Truthfully, they should state “unknown” because they can’t find proof either way. That has become a blight in this email world today, with people forwarding stories that no one can prove, and websites like snopes only making things worse by stating it is false because they cannot document it either way. It does NOT mean it did not happen, only that they were unable to document it.

  • If the story is true, it will bust things wide open.
    If the story is false, or only partly true, it will be a loss of cred for Christians.

    Therefore, it’s very important that it be verified before sending it viral all over the internet. Records are, tho, this has been making the rounds since 2004. The one I got said it was “broadcasted in CBS”. A quick check there revealed nothing, as I suspected.

    There is not one SHRED of info in the story that can be verified. Good journalism includes who, what, when, where, and why. Nothing in the story supports it.

    It is a very BAD thing to keep spreading a false story, just because it has Jesus’ name in it. That doesn’t make it true!
    We have already been warned about False sightings etc. in the Bible per End times eschatology. WE HAVE BEEN WARNED!!
    Our job is to be watchful, not spread hoaxes because we believe, “YEAH, I can see my God pulling that off”. That is pure crap, from the Devil! Even he believes, but he’s not above using all kinds of dirty tricks to discredit Christians and their Faith. He hates God because he totally rejects the Divine plan of Creation, which means he also hates us, even the atheists and satanists. Don’t be fooled by him again!

  • Thanks Mr E for confirmation on what I already suspected. I found this site also looking for information about this story after a Christian friend forward it to me. I NEVER send anything on unless it can be absolutely proven to be authentic. I also send those emails back to the sender with the information found on either http://www.snopes.com or http://www.truthorfiction.com (snopes:false, truthorfiction:unproven) and suggest they do the same back up the line and so be accountable. As Christians we are required to speak the truth, not just repeat “nice stories”. There is much deception in the church today with questionable signs and wonders, Lakeland being a classic example, leaving so many hurt and bruised people. I find it amazing how many undiscerning Christians fall for this stuff and yes, Jesus IS the same yesterday, today and forever confirming HIS word with mighty signs and wonders.

  • I would like to believe the story to be true because I do believe in HIM and that HE can really make wonders, but I couldn’t verify its authenticity. True or not, one thing is certain here, that there is nothing impossible for HIM. I would like to add, though, that the good thing about this email is that it revitalizes one’s faith in HIM – as I have experienced. Hence, if this were a hoax, sorry to its creator if he intended to dilapidate the Christian’s faith, for it did me otherwise.

  • Do we need fake stories to revitalize our faith? The bible is full of the wonderful miracles of God and He is still doing miraculous works today, however not the false signs and wonders and psuedo miracles of the heretics and new age counterfiet imposters promoting their rubbish via the internet and TV. Our faith should stand firmly and only on the Word of God and genuine verified miracles today. How sad our Western mindset is so desperate for signs and wonders that we willing to push aside the Inspired Word of God and believe a lie. Whhen our faith is bouyed on a lie it is built on sand and when adversity comes there is nothing solid to stand on. “Call unto me and I answer thee and show you great and mighty things, which thou knowest not” say our Mighty and Faithful God Jeremiahy 33 v 3.

  • For a God who literally raised up the dead, who walked on water, who gave sight to the blind, who made the lame walk, who cleansed the leper, who commanded the storm to be still, who fed a 5,000 people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes, who turned the water into wine, who healed the sick, who Himself was bodily raised from the dead and who now sits at the right hand of God the Father, the reported Egypt Miracle is TO HIM A SMALL MATTER. For He is able to do greater miracles in His name, the name above all names. The greatest name of all….JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH, THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD, the GOD who came into the flesh to save mankind from their sins and free them from its power.

  • Yes, it is true, Jesus can do wonderful miracles, I would never deny that, but how about we have a good look at this story. The Jesus of the Bible was compassionate, especially where children were concerned. It was He who said, “Let the little children come unto me”. Do you really think this same Jesus would leave a little 8 year old girl alone in a SAND grave, in the dark unable to breath, for 15 days, only visiting her to feed her and wake the mother, who incidentally was dead and would be starting to decompose, to feed the baby. (did he burp and change the baby’s nappy too) Can you imagine the absolute terror of a child being buried with her mother, in the dark, cold and suffocating? Another question, where did he bury these people, in a family grave where the next person to be buried would reveal the bodies of the children, or if in a secret grave then how come a relative was buried in that grave?? What does such a story prove, only that some Christians are so gullible that they will believe anything without testing and proving that which is true, or untrue, I believe the bible calls it, chasing after fables. Sadly most Christians lack discernment and forward this rubbish on to believers and unbelievers thereby bringing reproach on the wonderful message of salvation through repentance, baptism and the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Let God be true and every man a liar. Are you one who strains out the gnats so you can swallow camels in an effort to believe this lie?? WAKE UP CHURCH AND STOP PROMOTING LIES!! However, if anyone can provide actual substantiated facts re this story, I will gladly send it to everyone I know.

  • the sory – is it true or not? well it just depends if you are a christian or not. there has been many miricles in our days. but people just dismiss it. it is up to you to ask for forgivness,spread the word and live as Jesus did. when you can say you have done all this,then you tell me what you believe. all you have to do is have faith and see what happens.

  • margie (post #52) brings up many important questions. i’ve asked all of those same questions myself, including these: eight year olds are fairly intelligent. did it ever cross the little girl’s mind to ask the man to pull her and her sister out of the sand? were they buried up to their necks? was the sand over their heads? (if so, have any of you given thought to what oxygen deprivation does to the human brain? it might be the real key to the strangeness of this story.) did the little girl consider getting out of the sand herself and just following the man?

    seems that if a child has the presence of mind to note and report the activities in which she was involved during this understandably harrowing fifteen-day period, she’s probably enterprising enough to get help. and why is there a statement to the effect that it’s “clear that the child could not make up a story like this”? children are universally known to have lively imaginations. why couldn’t she have imagined a man in white with bleeding wounds coming to her aid, even if she has no knowledge of christianity?

    and more important is something several others have mentioned. why is it necessary to accept as fact any fascinating story that’s been tagged a “miracle” if it has the name of jesus attached to it? if you truly believe in him, you don’t need to close your eyes to the possibility that someone made this up. the story lacks so many of the standard characteristics of a newspaper article, things that should make anybody question its veracity. why no more details on just where these children were buried? the story is far to vague to have been printed this way in a newspaper.

    i’d say the true miracle in this story is that any compassionate being, especially jesus, could find two children buried in the sand and come by regularly to feed them but not get them out and find shelter for them.

    and another thing: are any of you aware that it isn’t possible to find out the name of the newspaper in which this story appears? also, consider where you’re hearing this. It’s. The. Internet. can you say “photoshop”? like several others, my research turned up the fact that the story has been making the rounds online for at least five years. mine came to me in an email that had as its subject line, “it’s time to wake up!” indeed.

    please understand that no matter how you interpret the story about adam and eve being forbidden to eat from the tree of knowledge, willful ignorance can be a dangerous thing.

  • tara: “. . . for the lord loves us all that anyone who believe in him shall be protected”

    really? do you suppose that any of the people who died trying to escape hurricane katrina were believers? could it be that little kids who are raised by christian parents and are abducted and brutalized do not pray to god to save them and get them back to their parents? and how about the prayers of their devout christian parents? is that how god shows his love? by pretending not to hear while those who belive in him pray for the safety of their loved ones? or could it be that keeping some from harm isn’t a part of “god’s plan”? and of course there are the wars that are waged (often in god’s name) by the men who run this world? when they don’t see eye-to-eye, countless others lose their lives. and i don’t suppose you’ve heard about the interesting things going on in taiwan right now.

    perhaps i’m being presumptuous, but i think you’re probably one of those people who will close your ears to any statement that doesn’t “give god the glory”.

    i have a suggestion for you and anyone else who believes that story about the little girls being left in the sand for fifteen days. read your bible. not just the parts your minister points out to you, or the ones that you’ve come to rely on to give you comfort in times of need. read it all. the whole thing. and read it with an open mind and an open heart. that is the only way to know god. read the book that was written by “god-inspired men”. that’s how you’ll know what god really is.

    i will say again that it isn’t necessary to believe absurdities in order to believe in god.

  • I personally think this story should not be a subject of a debate. Since none of us can concretely say we saw the whole thing happen. I think it is better to leave it that way and not bother trying to figure out whether it happened or not. The most important thing is that Christ Jesus can do that and more if the situation warrants.

    Now to the muslim Rahim who wrote so much about the Bible, I find it astounding that with all the knowledge he claims to have he has forgotten that when Jesus said the Spirit of Truth will teach us all things and remind us of the things Jesus taught then, He meant that the teachings will not vary. So, if Jesus taught that divorce is not right, why did Mohammed and the Islamic religion accept divorce as okay? If Jesus taught that there will be no marriage in heaven, why did Mohammed teach the concept of a sensual heaven with unintoxicating alcohol and wide eyed houris? If Malachi spoke by the Holy Spirit and said it is wrong for a man to beat his wife, why did the quran teach that a man can beat his wife? If throughout the whole of the old testament, there was no law where Moses wrote that when a man is caught stealing his hand should be amputated, but rather that he should restitute, why then does sharia prescribe amputation? If Jesus taught that the primary thing God demands from us is love for God and for others as Rahim proudly quoted, why did Islam tell us five pillars and none of those pillars include love? Jihad, zakat, ramadan, five times prayer, holy pilgrimage? The five pillars of islam! No righteousness, no love, no holiness? If Jesus taught that judgement is by the book of life (other books will be opened but the book of life is the main determinant), why does islam teach that people’s good and bad will be weighed and they will gain points (thawab)for their good or bad so that whichever outweighs the other determines one’s final destination? If Jesus taught an eternal hell, why did islam teach a temporary one which will last for a while and people will be transfered to heaven? If Moses’s law called a second wife ‘a rival wife’ to show God’s distaste for polygamy, why did islam say a man can marry a mximum of four wives? If Jesus taught that there is a standard for determining whether a man will make heaven or not, why does islam teach that a person will only be able to know where he is going after his good and bad has been weighed at Judgment; and that allah only can decide what weight a good deed carry and what weight a bad one does? So, how can it be true that paraclete was used to replace paracletos? Some false islamic teachers wanted to fool the muslim populace and they had to teach something like that. Were they there when the replacement was done? Besides, islam only started so many years after Jesus advent to the earth. I guess, Rahim and other muslims will say I am a follower of Paul. That is what muslims have been made to believe; that Paul invented the ‘nonsense’ we read in the Bible. Do they think God is not capable to watch over his word tha no man corrupt it? Oh they think God only woke up to that reality when the quran came up? Let the faithful muslim question his religion and study all of the ‘holy’ quran before reaching a conclusion on his religion. I have questioned so many things in the Bible just to gain an understanding and I have found out that nothing is better and I repeat, nothing is better than the Bible! The Holy Spirit is my teacher and He lives in me. You cannot compare the teachings of islam with that of Christ and the Church, the varaition is very great. Can you refer to God as an ‘it’? Can you refer to His Spirit as an ‘it’? So, the only option Jesus had was to refer to the HolySpirit as ‘he’ and he said he will comfort the disciples who had died long before Mohammed was born about 500 years later. I guess Rahim and his teachers have decided to pick out those places in the Bible that seem manipulable and seem to suit them and discard as lies other explicit places that cannot be manipulated by them. Look at the facts, the teaching s of the old testament and the new testament are widely at variance with that of Mohammed, the quran and islam as a whole. I think muslims should pay attention to their quran more and see the errors they follow sincerely rather than try to get support for themselves in the Bible. Even some hinduists do such. Every true muslim should ask himself these questions after all they were advised to seek knowledge. Or are they accepting the teachings of Paul are far better than Mohammed’s (since they claim all the additions in the Bible are Paul’s)? (which incidentally is the truth).

  • When I mean ‘which incidentally is the truth’, I mean Paul is a far better teacher than Mohammed and not that the additions in the Bible are Paul’s. I further desire that Rahim and other muslims investigate matters for thermselves rather than allow some deceivers trying to grab at anything just to support their religion from the Bible lead them astray. If you check out a greek dictionary for the word Paraclete and Paracletos, you will find out they mean exactly the same thing i.e. comforter and not ‘one who is praiseworthy’ as Rahim and some other followers of the cynical religious dogma of Ahmed Deedat and co. ‘One who is praiseworthy’ in greek is akin to the greek word ‘epainos’ and all you need do is google up greek dictionaries on the net and the answer will not be far away.

    The major problem of gullibility, illiteracy and naivity follows the religion islam all around and I challenge muslims with earnest love to question what they follow with an intent desire to understand and they will see that they are sincerely on the wrong path. God loves them and he really wants them saved.

  • @Sam#57 (& many others). This story is NOT the subject of the debate.

    The real issue is whether Christians are willing to repeat the unsubstantiated words of someone that they do not even know & who may not even be a Christian.

    The author of this story is anonymous and none of the supposed facts of the story can be verified. If we move this from the email/Internet into everyday communications, then repeating such “tales” would be equated to giving a false witness.

    Jesus said, (John 3:21, NIV), “But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.”

    Someone commented near the top of this list that the story was “incredible.” Although they seemed to mean that in a positive sense, the literal meaning is more correct – “In-credible” – meaning it has no credibility!

    Reading through these comments (and the ones on my website http://chiefshepherd.com/2008/04/children-buried-alive) is enlightening about people. Too many Christians confuse belief in Christ with having to believe every story that mentions His name (1Ti 1:4).

    I believe that one of the hallmarks of a Christian is INTEGRITY (compare Job 2:3). We should live (and speak) things that are TRUE.

    It would be difficult to absolutely disprove that such a story as this ever happened. But if it cannot be substantiated, Why should a Child of God repeat it since it MAY be false.

    This story is not a quote from the Bible. The Bible was written by men who were inspired by the Holy Spirit. And even the writers of the Bible identified themselves and gave proofs of what they said (compare 1Co 15:3-8).

    For my part, I believe that integrity REQUIRES me to say and do things that are true and that bring Glory to God. There are too many TRUE (and credible) stories of God’s omnipotent power for me to spread rumors that may even prove to be false.

  • to ray who posted on 10-27-09: yours are among the most intelligent, enlightend comments to be posted here. i just hope someone was “listening”.

  • Thank you Kitty for your compliment. I published an article on this subject well over a year ago and I did a good bit or research about the legitimacy of the story and found that it could not be substantiated.

    Then I asked myself “If that is so, then why do people keep forwarding this story?” Then I came to the conclusion that the “forwarders” are good people with good intentions but woefully ill-informed.

    I certainly wish that the story could be supported. I believe that miracles still happen. In 2006, I was visited in the Dem. Rep. of Congo where I HELD a baby that had been dead but the local pastor and his wife prayed earnestly for the baby to be restored to life. One hour later, warmth returned to its body and it revived. That story can be substantiated but this one cannot.

    The Internet is such an easy way to “share” stories with almost everyone we know – Christian or non-Christian. It SEEMS that forwarding such a story would be a simple and easy way to testify of the awesome power of our God.

    The reality is that God does not need our help if it requires us to do something that is QUESTIONABLY HONEST. Unless we are CERTAIN that what we say is true, we should remain silent.

    Whether you believe in “speaking in other tongues” or not, the procedure found in 1Co 14:28 seems to be appropriate in this case.. “But if there be no interpreter, let him keep silence in the church; and let him speak to himself, and to God.” If there was no interpreter (or some means to explain, support, or substantiate the matter), then the speaker is to remain silent.

    In Christ,

  • This story sucks, and is beyond the part that is obviously complete fabrication, I’m almost positive the basic premise of the father killing his whole family over the reading of the bible is b.s. too… just invidious slander aimed at producing even more hate and distrust towards muslims and middle-easterners.

    No… as far as fiction goes, I actually prefer the bible more. At least it’s authors used their imagination a little, yay?

    Merry Solsticemas, everybody!

  • Well, I really believe that our God is a God of miracles, and that he does many mamy things for his children or for his creation, He has the power to do whatever says in the many versions of this email.

    But I really don’t believe that this story is real, cause you don’t find a bit of evidence in any news site. A real news story also don’t use general words like “A muslim man” (no name) “Middle East” (No exact location) No date, No news agency name, ETC,

    Once again I really don’t believe in this particular story, but I do believe in JESUS CHRIST as a HEALER, as someone Capable of RAISING PEOPLE OUT FROM DEATH, etc, etc.

    But I believe this story is made up. A phrase that says that its a real story cause the girl would not lie….mmmh. Why someone has to say “THIS IS REAL, BELIEVE IT OR NOT” A real story don´t need this…


  • I agree with Amy…I am not sure whether the story is true or not but one thing: I do believe, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE for God. Lord Jesus is still the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. HE is the only way to Heaven, only by His Name we are saved, no one else…may be at the beginning, You doubt whether He was exist or not but when once You accept Him as Your Savior in your heart, you will experience the peaceful and thankful life and you won’t be like Thomas who just believed by seeing…
    God Bless You all…

  • The story says there’s a whole country outraged. Fine. An outraged country, as a rule, doesn’t happen silently. There are protests, news articles, videos. Show them. Let’s see them. The story says a man will be executed. Fine. What’s his name? Provide the court records, the date of execution.
    The story is a crock. And I say that as a Christian. But it is. And, AS a Christian, I am insulted by those who think they need to come up with this drivel either to support–or, FAR more likely, to undermine my faith and its testimony in the world.
    The Truth isn’t served by lies.

  • Hi Ken Sears,
    How right you are. This story has been around for many years. As with most scams there are no names, legitimate places, dates or reliable information to check, it’s a good test for all those forwards friends keep sending! Please send it back to whoever sent it to you with information that can be found on http://www.snopes.com, truthorfiction.com or hoaxslayer.com, and encourage people to stop spreading malicious lies more likely written to smear muslims, whom God loves also, or make a mockery of the true power of the gospel to all who will believe. Post No. 44 by Mr. E gives insight into the reason some of these emails are created.
    Viral Marketing may be behind the promotion of this kind of rubbish and other such stories. “Hooks” such as “Muslim” or “little children rescued by Jesus” get gullible people in. I have found many emails I get have so called “local content” i.e. in a car park near where I live such and such happened, send this on to all your contacts, but when I check the main story it originated in another country years ago, they are so wicked they even provide phone numbers which don’t connect anyway. (I rang my local police station after an email was sent to me and the police were in “crisis mode” because of a fictious story. Our wonderful police are there for the community and don’t need this malicious rubbish. I sent this information back to the sender and haven’t had another one since. Sadly, Christians, who should know better, are the worst offenders.
    I have said previously that if someone tried to convince me about Jesus with a story like this, and when I investigated, found it to be spurious, I would NEVER TRUST THEM AGAIN or THEIR JESUS!!
    Preach the Gospel and make disciples of all nations was Jesus command but liars will not enter the kingdom of God, be careful what you (allow your ears to) hear.

  • Hey Seth! I know you!!! How funny – I got an email from my uncle in Alabama about this story, so I googled it to see if it was true and on the second page of Google results, there was a name I recognized! “Seth Barnes.” I was one of the ten on Matt’s team at Pastor John Claudes home in PAP, Haiti for the June trip! Anyway, small world. I will go read all the blogs you got and see what I think. I am certain it could happen . . . Hope all is well with you and your journey is happy! Take care, Jackie

  • I could never doubt Jesus and God! For what i’ve read in the bible becomes my source of energy. My cousin told me about this back to 2009 and even if i did not know about this, i still believe Jesus will do some miracles. Back to 2004, during the tsunami attack in Jawa and Pulau Phuket, i heard some interesting stories about people experiencing the miracles of Christ in times of trouble. If you ask me if i believe this story? my answer is ‘yes’ even if i never saw the pictures of even the witness…. I believe in Jesus even if these stories are not even told to me….. 🙂

  • just believe Christ, do not Jugde. it does not matter if this happened or not. to be save we must believe.
    I see too much animosity in the world today, so much hatred.
    we must remember that jesus died for us, and on third day he arose to tell us the good news, that those who trust and believe in him shall have a place in his father mansion.let us not judge one another, but love each other.
    it does not matter what our religion is, the main thing is to find jesus at the right moment. we must give up all our worldly possession in the name of the lord, for where we go, we will not need. the world today is so full of tempting materialistic things that we are anchered to our sins. I do love jesus, HE IS MY SAVIOR

  • its amazing,God is love he teach us every single day in every single day to day activities but we afraid to believe that,he will be beside us if we love care & good to one another.look around in the world love,piece,every good things is far from us.Jesus is our lord,we cant remove that whether we believe him or not.if we believe in Maiam, she can fix eveything.
    wow the father is evil,and there is no way an 8 year old girl is lay & think deeply how can they survive?

  • As a muslim I believe in Isa (Peace be upon him), in his miracolous birth, healing of blind and leper and his ascension into Heaven. But not that he is God or son of God but that he is one of the mightest prophets of God. And I also dont believe that he is still around here but with Almighty God.
    So does a few verses from Bible says

    According to John 9:5 Jesus says “As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.”
    Mathew 17:17 “then Jesus answered and said “O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you?”
    John 16:5 Jesus says”But now I go my way to him that sent me….”
    Again John 16:7 “…….For if I go not away the Comforter will not come unto you,……”

    Think about it……

  • Dear Muslim,
    Actually, you are the one who needs to “think about it”, and to do so far more intelligently. Really, your handling of the Scriptures is unbelievably shallow, manipulative (I do not presume you WANT to be manipulative, but at the very least this is clearly how you have been trained/programmed to think) and distorted. Dear Muslim, if you want to “think about it”, then think about THIS: “I am with you always, to the end of the age”.
    Actually, it is very mysterious WHY you would quote ANY of Jesus’ words, since you obviously don’t believe in the reliability of the Scriptures which report His life and works. I mean, the same Scriptures say over and over again that He is one with the Father (note: ONE God, not three – this is why Christ is ONE with the father; Islam’s propaganda simply pretends that Christianity believes in three gods, preferring to oppose a “straw man” than honestly, intelligently address REAL Christian teaching); the Scriptures talk about how Christ, THROUGH the Holy Spirit (the “Comforter” referred to in John 16:7) INHABITS his people spiritually (“I and my Father will come to him and will make our abiding place in him” – “him” being the person who believes in Jesus Christ and follows him). There is just so, so, SO much in the Scriptures that clearly illustrates the Incarnation of God in Jesus Christ, and you think that just because you write a post on the Internet, snipping out a few passages that happen NOT to mention the things YOU don’t like, suddenly the entire Christian revelation will come crashing down in smoke and flames. How incredibly, pathetically, stupefyingly naive of you. And that’s putting it kindly. If you’re not naive, but rather HOPING to fool those who simply have never opened a Bible and read it for themselves, then you’re worse than naive – you’re purposely and evilly deceitful. Which is it, Muslim? Naive or evil?
    Think about it….

  • Dear Muslim,
    You say you “believe” in Isa. That is too easy, and not really honest. Islam rejects the most fundamental things that Jesus of Nazareth declared about himself. You can’t reject those things and at the same time say you “believe” in him, except to make the word “believe” mean, really, very, very little. Such “belief” is simply to believe somebody existed. We all believe in Napoleon and Caesar and King Henry VIII on that same level. But actually, your kind of “belief” is even inferior to such “factual” belief. Your kind of belief is not simply believing Jesus existed, the way we believe Socrates or Confucius existed. Your kind of “belief” is comparable to my “believing” that, in spite of the historical record, Socrates was actually a pizza shop owner living in Hoboken, NJ. Your religion rejects the most central declarations of Jesus of Nazareth (under Mohammed’s excuse that the Bible is distorted… a very convenient excuse, which was necessary to Mohammed, because HOW, otherwise, could he claim to have God’s “final” revelation?), and then says that it “believes” in him. And thus, words themselves lose their meaning. Your “belief” in Isa is disbelief. He says, “I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in me will never die”. You disbelieve. He says, “I and the Father are one”. You disbelive. He says, “He who has seen me has seen the Father”. You disbelieve. He says, “I have the power to lay down my life and to take it up again”. You disbelieve. He says, “The Son of Man will be crucified and on the third day will rise”. You disbelieve. he says, “All authority in heaven and earth are given to me”. You disbelieve. He says, “I am with you always, to the end of the age”. You disbelieve.
    You are an unbeliever.

  • To the person who called himself, “Muslim,” I am very glad to hear that you do at least believe that Jesus was one of the mightiest prophets. Please forgive the mean spirited responses you recieved. I say, “Keep studying the Bible and see what you find.” I believe that the Holy Spirit will lead you to the correct answer. Ken, remember that it is never by fighting with a non believer that you will gain a brother in Christ! It is only by the Holy Spirit, and He’s got this! You don’t need to berate anyone.

  • Jackie,
    You don’t do anybody any favors by mollycoddling them. I didn’t “berate” “Muslim”. Your use of the term “mean spirited” is both inaccurate and, in fact, “mean-spirited” (at least, “mean-spirited” in the sense you use it, which isn’t quite the original sense of the term). Find the place where I maligned, mocked, or, to use childish terms, called “Muslim” names. I addressed him as an equal, on his own level, challenging the presuppositions based on which he assumes all Christians don’t even “think” about what the Bible says.
    “Muslim’s” approach to “honest questioning” is all too common among Muslim “apologists”. It appears you don’t have a lot of experience with this, Jackie.
    We’re all grown-ups. I haven’t been hateful or “mean-spirited”. You can go on being “happy at least” to hear that “Muslim” believes that “Jesus was one of the mightiest prophets”, but you’ll go on keeping your head in the sand. Yes, indeed, you do seem to know very little about Islam. ALL the Muslims are trained from childhood to “believe” that Jesus was a mighty prophet. Our “Muslim” hasn’t ACHIEVED anything particularly commendable here, despite your desire to flatter him in “Christian love”. Your advice to him to “keep studying the Bible and see what you find” indicates, indeed, that you think our “Muslim”, in his “sincere seeking”, has at least come to the conclusion that Jesus was a prophet. Jackie, you’re completely deceived. It didn’t take any reading or seeking or “open mind” for “Muslim” to come out with this statement. This is the indoctrination of Islam he received along with his mother’s milk, and it is the Number One line that Muslims will come out with in their initial conversations with Christians. Wake up, Jackie. I spoke truth to “Muslim”, and, yes, even in love. Love doesn’t always have to sound like a kindergarten teacher talking to her schoolchildren, you know. “Muslim” IS an unbeliever (do you dispute that?) and he HAS distorted the Scripture with his “cherry-picking” method (do you dispute THAT?) to make it sound like the Bible itself denies the deity of Christ.
    Gosh, the more I reflect on it… HOW COULD YOU MISS THAT, Jackie?
    Wake up, Jackie.

  • Dear Muslim, I would encourage you to read more/all of theNew Testament. ALL the prophecies in the Old Testament concerning His birth, death and resurrection were fulfilled to the letter. You cannot believe in someone you acknowledge was born in miraculous circumstances and in the next breath deny He is who He said He is. Yes He did say I must go to the Father so the comforter could come. May I ask what comfort you have? Without the shed blood of Jesus cleansing you of your sins you will die in them and face an eternity separated from God – forever!! did Mohammed die for you, can he save you. Mohammed is dead and lies in the grave awaiting judgement. Jesus sits at the right hand of the Farher and will intercede for you. It is really so simple. Jesus said that if you believe in Him He will give you eternal life. I ask you to repent, and call upon Him for forgiveness of your sins and you will know His Peace, Joy and comfort of the Holy Spirit that He promised he would give to us.. This is a free gift, not bought with money or good works Jesus can only be one of three things – a Liar, Deluded about himself or LORD. I pray you will think on THESE things. Today is the day of salvation, choose today who you will serve!

  • “It appears you don’t have a lot of experience with this, Jackie.” Experience with what??? Proving my superior knowledge and superior faith? If so, yes, I guess your are right, I have the faith of a child it seems. Ken, what favors are YOU doing right now? Let’s be like Christians (means “little Christ”). The bible says we will be known by what? Our superior ranting? No, by how we treat and tolerate each other. . . It’s in the Book. I pray you don’t continue to miss The Point yourself.

  • Um, Jackie, the answer to the question was, “Experience with Islam”. Stop pretending you didn’t know what I was talking about.
    I think I did a favor to “Muslim” by directly exposing the lie inherent in what he said, and challenging him to choose: is he naive about Christianity or intentionally distorting it? Simple question, fair enough (you seem to have a knee-jerk reaction against “fair enough”). You see, Jackie, grown-ups are allowed to talk to each other plainly like that. And, by the way, talking “plainly” tends to be part of “being like a little child”, too. Jesus talked plainly enough to the adults of his time, but I suppose you’d have called Him mean-spirited….
    You ignored most of what I wrote – apparently you prefer just not to think about it. Keeping your head in the sand. “Muslim” WAS running the STANDARD Muslim line on us, and either intentionally, or in his ignorance (hardly believable) playing out a distorted version of the biblical revelation. I guess that’s the sort of thing you think we should “tolerate”….
    “Tolerate”? What on earth are you talking about? Are you really such a mindless-cliche-spouter, Jackie? Please say it isn’t so, Jackie. I guess you want me to be “tolerant” enough to tell “Muslim” that his “prophet” take on Jesus is good enough, just hunky-dorie. “Tolerance”, at bottom, means not killing somebody else for thinking or saying what you don’t like. You’ve bought into the modern lie that “tolerance” means never taking a decisive stand for truth. Funny enough, in our times, your sort of “tolerance” will never be found in the Islam you’re so eager to make nice with. Instead of berating a Christian for calling a spade a spade, perhaps you ought to worry just a bit more about things like the young man who just had his head cut off in Tunisia for becoming a Christian.
    Wake up, Jackie. You’re not doing anybody ANY favors. Except, perhaps, to “Muslim”, who may be patting himself on the back for thinking he’s got a potential convert in you.
    No, you don’t have much experience in these things, Jackie.

  • PS, Jackie – if you’re so almightily offended by a person merely quoting the Scriptures that clearly state who the Person of Christ is (“proving a superior faith”), and, indeed, if you are so offended at even the thought that the Christian revelation – the truth of Jesus Christ – IS superior, well, then maybe you ought to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself whether you’re really a Christian at all….
    The apostle Paul tells us that Jesus Christ is He in whom dwells “all the fullness of the Godhead bodily”. That sure sounds pretty “superior” and “ultimate”. Sorry if that offends you, sorry if that seems “intolerant”, but if so, don’t argue with me – take up your argument with the Bible itself… where you’ll find that “Point” you’re so enamored of.
    Think about it.

  • Ken, I usually don’t weigh in on these debates, but I have to say, your comments seem to display a contentious spirit.

    Are you more interested in being right or in loving others? I’m sure as a follower of Jesus you are motivated by love, but consider the possibility that people may not be seeing that in your responses.

    I do appreciate your desire for the truth. That is honorable. We need to affirm the truth and we need to affirm one another.

  • Seth, I was primarily interested in “Muslim” hearing a direct, clear response to the POINTS he made, without fluff or dithering. I don’t deny for a moment that I was “contending” with, and against, the characterization of Jesus that “Muslim” made, characterizations which are certainly nothing new, but which often impress naive Christians, falsely, as being some sort of “open door” to “dialogue”, when they are quite simply the standard Muslim talking points. You may call that being “contentious”, if you like, but then I’d suggest it is no particular sin to be “contentious” with blasphemy.
    Jackie was certainly within her rights to address “Muslim” as much as I, but I think she is highly misguided when it comes to her view that plainly stating the biblical alternative to “Muslim’s” characterizations of Jesus (or, heaven forbid, suggesting that the faith of Christ is “superior”) is “intolerant”.
    I’m sure “Muslim” is a big boy and he probably “got” what I was talking about much better than Jackie did. And is probably amused to see us bickering over it. Which is a pity. But then, keep in mind that it was Jackie who decided first to go after me….
    And, again, I have addressed her points, calling her out, directly, on the things that she merely insinuates. I take it this is what you feel to be a “contentious” spirit. I suggest to you it is far more honest than anything Jackie is doing.
    We too often think the Gospel of Christ is a Gospel of compulsive “niceness”. It isn’t.

  • PS If I wasn’t clear enough in that last reply, I’ll put it more briefly: it was quite obnoxious of Jackie to go apologizing to “Muslim” on my account. Particularly when her apology was so premised on naivete and ignorance. I really can’t take a charge of being “contentious” seriously against the background of that sort of obnoxious “niceness”. I called it out for what it was.

  • I have no doubt that a fanatic Muslim would have the cruelty as their father is (Satan) in order to spread and protect their religion and a religion person will do this and even worse but not spiritual person. And the testimony that the child confessed, well, THAT IS REALLY MY JESUS CHRIST WHO STILL BLEED TO SHOW THAT HE IS THE ONLY DOOR TO STEP IN TO THE ARMS OF GOD.That in fact.
    by the way, i would love to know about this story more…

  • Ken, I agree with you. We should expose lies to reveal the truth in order to save souls through Christ Jesus who calls all belivers. Jesus was not a mighty prophet. He was God in the flesh. Their is only one way to heaven, through Him. The alternative is hell. We should correct mistakes to let the truth be known.

  • This story has most recently been publicized along with a picture of the buried 2-year-old. However, the girl is obviously dead…the light in her eyes has gone out and dust covers them like cataracts; her skin is white and lips are purplish-blue. I have twins that age and this is senseless and repulsive to me. I am also a Christian who works in the slums to help people out of poverty. We Christians need to use the brains God gave us and focus on more appropriate things and on discovering the truth, which this story is not. I believe that the “purpose” of this story is not to glorify God, but to further divide Muslims and Christians, which is reprehensible. Our God is an awesome God who loves us all. He has shown his face through many a prophet. No faith is more “correct” than another. Pray for wisdom, folks. In peace.

  • This story has most recently been publicized along with a picture of the buried 2-year-old. However, the girl is obviously dead…the light in her eyes has gone out and dust covers them like cataracts; her skin is white and lips are purplish-blue. I have twins that age and this is senseless and repulsive to me. I am also a Christian who works in the slums to help people out of poverty. We Christians need to use the brains God gave us and focus on more appropriate things and on discovering the truth, which this story is not. I believe that the “purpose” of this story is not to glorify God, but to further divide Muslims and Christians, which is reprehensible. Our God is an awesome God who loves us all. He has shown his face through many a prophet. No faith is more “correct” than another. Pray for wisdom, folks. In peace.

  • One funny thing I have realized about you Christians is that you always think you know better. What make you think you know better?. It all boils than to what a man CHOOSE to believe. Just because you CHOOSE to believe in the bible does not mean the bible is right.

  • Where is the justice? Why, if a Christian kills a person, say, Jack of America killed a man, and when Muslim Abu Yahya like some sort of kills the person you spoke in the name of a Muslim and emphasizes that it is committed Muslim!
    Let us turn to the story.
    This man can not be a Muslim! Muslim obedience to God! And knowing that the floor This man can not be a Muslim! Muslim obedience to God! And knowing that this sin is waiting for him Hell, he would not do it. So he’s not a Muslim!
    If you called in Arabic that does not mean you’re Muslim!
    To become a Muslim to do all that is prescribed Musulmaninom.Ubil then you are not a Muslim!

  • I do believe and if it did not get reported in the newspapers come on!!! We are talking about the MUSLIMS!!!! They would do anything so that Our Lord Jesus does not get acknowledged that he is LORD OF LORD AND KING OF KINGS!!! AMEN!!!

  • I know I am being snarky but “a good friend told me about this story and i got goose bumps all over my body” is not proof that this actually happened. This story has been doing the rounds for several years, yet there is absolutely no documentation. Even the writer of the little paragraph that precedes a copy paste of the story says nothing relevant. A story that they say made the news, would be on record, with names, etc. It is not.

  • If you are a Christian, you know that Jesus performed many miracles in the Bible. If Jesus performed those miracles thousands of years ago and he is still alive today, then how is this story so impossible to believe? God is the Creator of all things. Nothing is impossible for him to do in his own world he created. We are the ones that put limitations on His power due to our own disbelief and doubts.

  • Many people did not believe Jesus was the son of God, even though there was substantional evidence that He is. He healed the sick and brought the dead back to life and helped others. In return, he was violently murdered. People are going to believe what they want to believe. They will not know the truth of Jesus because of their hardened hearts, stubbornism and disbelief. Jesus will reveal himself to those who believe him in.

  • Don’t believe this story at all! Why Jesus would come and help this particular children and leave thousands other who day every year all over the world?? Have those children been better?? Do other not need help when starving to death, being raped, tortured etc?? This would almost mean Jesus is cruel for choosing this particular kids over others. I’m not atheist but believing in miracles like above story is just naive. God won’t save us, only we can do it.

  • Man Resurrects 7 days after the burial


  • Snopes is just another format of fabricated media to impose certain thoughts and beliefs on the people… to say you feel something in your heart is a perfectly legitimate reason to believe in it. Any guy can also sit behind a desk and say they did all this research on a subject when they really didn’t… so you are 100% correct… I believe in this story, more than I believe in snopes

  • I am a Christian, but not a “fanatic” but I believe in this. There are plenty of crazy ass murders that don’t end up on the news… the media tells us what they want us to know…. same goes for this story I suppose, but I feel this in my heart, therefore I believe in it… good enough reason for me… I don’t have to be a fanatic to know God is capale of miracles

  • Hi, this story is being re-posted on facebook and I’ve been trying to find legitimate reports on this but I only really come across people’s opinions and arguments. Can anyone provide me with a link where we can see the interview with the child that they mentioned? – “She was interviewed on Egyptian national TV, by a veiled Muslim woman news anchor. She said on public TV…” I’ve searched Youtube and other news sites but have found nothing so far. My apologies if I missed it in the comments above.

  • Such a pity that this site doesn’t give a good biblical reason that this “story” is a lie and a fable!! This is a comment I posted here some time back:(7/7/2009) Even tried to contact a TV station (CNN?)one of the emails claimed had told the story in America. : Yes, it is true, Jesus can do wonderful miracles, I would never deny that, but how about we have a good look at this story. The Jesus of the Bible was compassionate, especially where children were concerned. It was He who said, “Let the little children come unto me”. Do you really think this same Jesus would leave a little 8 year old girl alone in a SAND grave, in the dark unable to breath, for 15 days, only visiting her to feed her and wake the mother, who incidentally was dead and would be starting to decompose, to feed the baby. (did he burp and change the baby’s nappy too) Can you imagine the absolute terror of a child being buried with her mother, in the dark, cold and suffocating? Another question, where did he bury these people, in a family grave where the next person to be buried would reveal the bodies of the children, or if in a secret grave then how come a relative was buried in that grave?? What does such a story prove, only that some Christians are so gullible that they will believe anything without testing and proving that which is true, or untrue, I believe the bible calls it, chasing after fables. Sadly most Christians lack discernment and forward this rubbish on to believers and unbelievers thereby bringing reproach on the wonderful message of salvation through repentance, baptism and the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Let God be true and every man a liar. Are you one who strains out the gnats so you can swallow camels in an effort to believe this lie?? WAKE UP CHURCH AND STOP PROMOTING LIES!! However, if anyone can provide actual substantiated facts re this story, I will gladly send it to everyone I know.

  • I think Jesus did stick around, but as a normal human, they cant see HIM?According to certain cultures, people who are born on a specific date or at a specific time of day, will posses psychic abilities. They will be able to see and converse with ghost and spirits, as well as receive information from “other” sources.

  • The above statement is pointless. Not only Muslim obedience to God! I must say all religious obedience to their God! As i am not a Christian, not a Buddhist or Muslim nor Hinduism etc. But I do believe that’s only one God. We must confess that man do make mistakes. First, we got to demonize them and make them the epitome of evil, so the later can learn form the mistake and make correction.

  • You are a moron. Did you see the status that says “unsubstantiated” (too big a word for ya? It means no evidence to support the claim) or read all the way through? It discredits the email’s allegations about Snopes being biased and providing false information. You must be voting for Trump.

  • Nothing is beyond God. But we should be careful to report it for what it is…a story we heard without substantiation.

  • You are indeed a disciple of Christ. That was exactly my thought.

    Believers don’t need fables to win or convert souls for Christ: all we need is to live as light, salt and spread JESUS and HIM crucified.

  • Any time i read “unsubstantiated’ or “unproven or undetermined” on Snopes… I pretty much know there is LOTS of truth to it… Snopes has been Snoped many times.

  • You must be a colossal fool to think that if Snopes says it’s undetermined, that means it’s true. Fine, forget Snopes then. If you say this is true, the onus is on you to provide proof, not on others to disprove it. If I claim that you punched me in the face, it’s up to me to prove that you did it, not up to you to prove you didn’t. So cough up some evidence that this happened or go back into your cave and shut up.

  • oh,, SIL LE or is that SILLY? you protest too much re: Snopes.. do you critique for them? Proof? I did not say this was true or false. I wouldn’t punch you in the face, shame on you… but I would ask for proof you have a brain,, because I can’t see one,, doesn’t mean you don’t have one… I have nothing to prove… (no , i will not be following this SILLY trail… … TRy JESUS… if you don’t like him,, the devil will take you back! God Bless!

  • Remember that the atheist ‘ job is to try to create doubt, so asking a question that you may not be readily able to answer is a part of his quest. HOWEVER, MIRACLES is what My God does. No one knew that the husband had killed his wife or buried her and the children, so if Jesus simply resurrected them and they returned to the village, who’d believe that any of this happened. But when they are discovered still buried and ALIVE 15 days later and the child has this truly amazing story to tell, how can you find any doubt. Surely, the child could not have fabricated such a tale. The devil and bis followers are tasked with trying to take away the joy tbat we find through Christ, but he is a LIAR!! I serve an AWESOME GOD!!! BLESSINGS.

  • How is it possible for people to be this gullible and make it through life without falling for Nigerian prince scams or being sold bridges everyday? There is literally ZERO evidence that this happened or that these people even exist There is an incredible amount of amazing things that are TRUE in the world. Is your faith so fragile that you need to resort to believing such obviously false stories? I used to be a born-again Christian. I became an atheist because I finally realized that something that has, and requires so much belief in, so much obvious bullshit absolutely fails to stand up to scrutiny.

  • SIL LE ,,, that’s a shame your faith didn’t withstand. Ones I know that became unbelievers thought God has abandoned them. Devil likes to get one to think that. Don’t let the latter win! Even the devil trembles at the name of Jesus. No,, I don’t fall for the Nigerianyouwonamillion scams. Bridges aren’t usually for sale. What’s some of the amazing things you have seen? Had you seen the burnt cars/houses with the Bible not touched? I have faith that others Have seen things from personal experiences they have shared.. God Bless!!

  • Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
    Jesus Christ was sent here on earth by God so as to teach us about the good news which we must follow. He was crucified and died and he rose from the dead as it was prophesied in the old testament!!

    He rose and was uplifted to Heaven!! while a multitude watched!!

    He then sent the Holy spirit to strengthen the apostles!!

    Does the Koran have that??

    The Jews must accept that their fore fathers killed the Son of God!!
    Jesus Christ did forgive them while on the Cross!!

    Yes Mohammed was a prophet in the old testament!! Nothing wrong with that!! It is that the muslim religion has been hijacked and some people kill in the name of Allah while they are working for the DEVIL!!

    We live in a world with so many religions!! The choice is yours!!

    Many are called but few are chosen.:)

  • Even if this story is true as its was placed on social media, Jesus was not one who visited them, Jesus does nothings on his own, GOD the almighty who created Jesus himself was the one who perform such a miracle, God has Angels monitoring every things we do, we act on good or bad he God sees you.

    My last words do not be carried away by these failure,bloody liars, rapist, and Skinner.

  • Should we hate the man because, of his belief? His act? Should we glorify One and despies the other? Should we simply be grateful that The moral of the Story Is..the Children were spared such a undeserving death, the Mother Lived too? I’m not sure since the Story isn’t Clear. Life is important, no man gives Life, only the action to procreate even that isn’t his nor his alone. Death is so greedily, folks always Feeding it. I don’t hate the man, nor his decision regarding his Chosen Faith. I dispies the ACT (action) he willfully performed. The moral of the Story ( this is my opinion) No one has the Right’s To Take Another’s Life. In the midst ALL Thing’s..LIFE LIVES.
    LIFE is The Spiritual Revelation.
    Their is no Glory in Death…But In LIFE.

  • Should we hate the man because, of his belief? His act? Should we glorify One and despies the other? Should we simply be grateful that The moral of the Story Is..the Children were spared such a undeserving death, the Mother Lived too? I’m not sure since the Story isn’t Clear. Life is important, no man gives Life, only the action to procreate even that isn’t his nor his alone. Death is so greedily, folks always Feeding it. I don’t hate the man, nor his decision regarding his Chosen Faith. I dispies the ACT (action) he willfully performed. The moral of the Story ( this is my opinion) No one has the Right’s To Take Another’s Life. In the midst ALL Thing’s..LIFE LIVES.
    LIFE is The Spiritual Revelation.
    Their is no Glory in Death…But In LIFE.

  • You weren’t a Christian. A true Christian is someone who has come to the spiritual knowledge of the TRUTH. It’s impossible to come to the knowledge of God and then discredit it. True Faith comes from within and is a gift from God that is so supernatural that one can never deny it.

  • I believe it could be true. For Jesus is alive and there is nothing impossible for Him, God is one, In the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Amen.
    Come Holy Spirit, Come Dear Lord Jesus Christ and save us from evil and it’s followers

  • Jesus walked this earth in human form before, and I have always believed that he has walked amongst us many times since then. When miracles occur, why do we need to question them?

  • I don’t think that arguing and fighting with other people is going to be too beneficial for the Kingdom, and I think we’re for the most part supposed to share the Good News. However, I’ll throw out this quick excerpt from a book I read, showing how “radical Muslims” are really the “Muslims who follow the Quran”:

    These are some verses of the Quran that was highlighted by “Mark A. Gabriel, Ph.D. former lecturer of Islamic History at Al-azhar University, Cario, Egypt”, who wrote a book titled “Islam and Terrorism”. He was a former Muslim, newly transformed into a Christian.

    p. 33

    “We find jihad as a command to all Muslims enforcd by the Quran. The focus of jihad is to overcome people who do not accept Islam. In Muhammad’s day, jihad was therefore practiced against Christians and Jews on a regular basis, as well as people who were idol worshipers-anyone who did not convert to Islam. (See Surah 2:217; 4:71-104; 8:24-36; 39-65.) Let’s let the Quran speak for itself.

    Those who reject Islam must be killed. If they turn back (from Islam), take (hold of) them and kill them wherever you find them… -Surah 4:89, The Noble Quran

    So, when you meet (in fight-Jihad in Allah’s Cause) those who disbelieve, smite (their) necks till when you have killed and wounded many of them, then bind a bond firmly (on them, i.e. take them as captives). -Surah 47:4, The Noble Quran

    O you who believe! Fight those of the disbelieves who are close to you, and let them find harshness in you; and know that Allah is with those who are Al-Muttaqun (the pious) -Surah 9:123, The Noble Quran

    Allah commanded the prophet Muhammad to enforce killing rather than taking prisoners.

    It is not for a Prophet that he should have prisoners of war (and free them with ransom) until he had made a great slaughter (among his enemies) in the land.” -Surah 8:67, The Noble Quran

    Muslims were told to prepare themselves to fight against the unbelievers.

    Let not the Unbelievers think that they can get the better (of the godly); they will never frustrate them. Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of Allah and your enemies, and others besides, whom you may not know, but whom Allah knows. -Surah 8:59-60, Ali translation”

    People might argue that Christians in the Old Testament killed pagans. But just read Galatians 3:23-26:

    “Now before faith came, we were held captive under the law, imprisoned until the coming faith would be revealed. So then, the law was our guardian until Christ came, in order that we might be justified by faith. But now that faith has come, we are no longer under [the Law], for in Christ Jesus you are all sons of God, through faith.”

    Thanks to Christ Jesus, we’re free from the Law, we’re slaves to Jesus, and we live and preach compassion and love for our neighbors and God. That’s Christianity.

  • This is sheer rubbish. Why are we arguing on something silly and stupid. As stated already there had not been any authenticity in this story.

    When the Gospel of Barnabus and Jeehova witness itself says that Jesus was not crucified, can we expect the others to beleive that Jesus was crucified and that the child dreamt he had bloody hands.

    Pls stop this. God is so loving. We dont need to spread this type of rumours.

  • Dear Carol.

    How mistaken you are. I am not from muslim background as you assume. I am presently studying all the versions of the Bible and it is not surprising that you catagorize me to be a muslim as I have written only what I have studied about.

    I still dont understand the view of the orthodox christians and then what about the catholics. There is such a big difference when it comes to all the saints that are being worshiped by them.

    As a student and adult I dont want to argue on any other religion nor condemn any. But I still dont understand why that we christian always look down on muslims as you have stated unknowable Allah. Lets follow our religion and let them follow theres. We dont need to be critizing any since what ever has been revealed to us in the old testament are being strictly followed by those of the muslim faith. After all we are all from God who is loving.


  • Of course this could happen. God is alive and well! There’s no one like HIM. God can do anything. The only thing He cannot do is fail. However, when a story like this starts to circle it would need verfication. For me it doesn’t matter whether this happened or not, I know God can perform any miracle, so nothing like this can take me by surprise. He is able to do above all that we can ever ask, think or desire.

    I just love Him,

  • When it comes to sights, wonders and miracles, and the source it the bible.
    Then the bible is our reference.
    What does it mean in situations like this?
    Well the first thing is; any sight, wonder or miracle done by God, is always transparant.
    There is no sight, wonder or miracle done in secret, vague, or something like;
    I heard from a friend/someone/somebody,
    is not in any way, how God works.

    But if the bible is our reference, how?

    In this matter, God says it in His Word the bible:
    Matth 7:22-23
    22. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
    23. And then will I profess unto them , I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

  • I agree with Sharon that this type of arguments needs to be stopped. It is a waste of time.

    When the world is facing crisis such as food, war, financial etc we are arguing unnecessarily.

    Lets all unite and work toward uplifting mankind.

    As we all know that the loving God is with us if we do the right thing.

    Lets be sensible. Think of the innocent people suffering today.

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