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Searchlight: Getting a life after the race

If you could do anything in life, what would it be? At some point in our lives, we need to ask and answer that question. Because it’s a big, daunting question, we need help asking and answering it. The World Race can help with part of the equation – it wrecks its participants for smal…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes
If you could do anything in life, what would it be?
At some point in our lives, we need to ask and answer that question.
Because it’s a big, daunting question, we need help asking and answering it. The World Race can help with part of the equation – it wrecks its participants for small dreams, but then what? As hundreds graduate, I’ve struggled to figure out what we can do to help them not only dream, but to begin launching out and doing their dreams.
Searchlight is what we came up with. It’s a free post-race program for alumni needing help in making sense of life as one who is wrecked but looking for illumination on where to go next. We’ll start the first one on January 8 here in Gainesville.
Some racers have jobs lined up upon their return home, some go
directly back into ministry, and some come on staff with AIM.  However, many are left wondering what to do next.  SearchLight gives participants an opportunity to address these

For two weeks, participants live in community and seek God’s direction.  Using 5 key areas of development, they assess skills, traits, desires, and opportunities. Here’s what we tell them:

Self-Assessment: On both a spiritual level and a
competency level, you will review your strengths and weaknesses.  These
will be thoroughly examined and refined, and combined with the
interests and desires of your heart, will be used to formulate your
life plan.

Career Options: In finding a job, the saying “it’s
not what you know, it’s who you know” is true more often than not. 
Whether you want to be a financial consultant or open an orphanage in
Cambodia, it never hurts to know people in that field.  Using AIM’s
network of supporters, you will be given a point of contact in
your chosen field as a resource.

Fit Assessment: Combining the results of your
self-assessment and career options, you will zone in on what’s out
there and how it fits with you.  Know what you want, see what’s out
there, and decide which is the best fit.

Community: After the race, everyone misses
community.  It’s great to have your own bedroom and bathroom again, but
the novelty quickly fades, leaving you with an emptiness and longing
for community.  And when it comes to seeking the Lord, prophecy and
encouragement are crucial.  SearchLight participants will all live in
community together, continuing to live in a spirit of worship and
Why you should go
We all need help in finding our purpose and place in life. Years ago, when I attended the Center for Creative Leadership’s course in Greensboro, NC, I found the time extremely valuable. The CCL course provided the kind assessment, instruction, and personalized guidance that Searchlight provides. A five-day CCL course costs $7500-$11,000 (plus transportation). Our hope is that Searchlight will be at least that valuable. We bring in a range of speakers and workshop leaders who have a wealth of wisdom to impart. We house you and feed you for free and surround you with people who love you and want to make you better.
Occasionally in life someone who has walked down the path on which you’re walking offers to join you and help guide you. Looking back on their help, you see it for the gift that it was. If the World Race helped get you started, then Searchlight can be the perfect next step down your path.

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  • Did you say FREE post-race program? Awesome! I know of a re-entry program open to all returning missionaries and it is $1836. p/p, for one week. I’m sure it is worth every penny, but who has money when you are leaving the field? Thanks again, Seth and all those who are sharing the spotlight…or in this case, Searchlight to help others in a much needed area! Blessings!

  • Great idea. Who’s coordinating the whole thing?

    I think that having a specific time of focus with some guidance and support will be very helpful. Answering that question of what I would love to do with my life has been one of the hardest questions I’ve ever been asked. I don’t think I’ve ever really gave myself permission to dream when I was younger, and now I feel like I forgot how.

    I think having that input from others could be very instrumental in helping people in that search, especially combined with an atmosphere that limits distractions and avoidance and promotes spiritual hearing.

    Even better if participants can then find somebody to connect with to continue mentoring them and encouraging them as they seek to fulfil that dream.

    Can’t wait to hear how it all goes.

  • Seth I was excited for this initiative as soon as you shared it in October. I predict it will garner traction quickly and become a prime resource for recruiting new staff. Assume you have the rights to my Rolodex. I offer that.

  • Hi from Guatemala, Panajachel, It was a blessing to work with the world race Teams this year and want to just bless the teams and vision of world race for the new Year to come. I hope our participation has been a blessing and look forward to any future participation to assist in the Holy Fire that burns within…May God bless you all

  • Wow, what a fantastic concept and initiative. This reminds me of the week-long debriefing that summer missionaries went through when I served (in the US), but on steroids. I remember the crossroads I faced at the time. Sarchlight may have been life-altering for me in terms of “next steps”.

    What a blessing for those serving in this capacity–leaders and participants alike.

    You are a visionary and God is using you to accomplish great things in His power and for His glory. Blessings on this new work in His name.

  • awesome seth! i love how this has come to fruition and pray it launches people well–i can’t wait to hear how it goes. you’re definitely the right man for the job–always a networker/connection point for people. thanks for pointing us in the right direction!

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