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Taking the gospel to the taliban

Brother Andrew, famous for bringing the gospel behind the Iron Curtain, now is taking it to the Taliban. In this report from Joel News he describes how: “I just go there. I find out where they live and show up at the doorstep. They ask what I come for, and I tell them about Jesus. We’ve become…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes

Brother Andrew, famous for bringing the gospel behind the Iron Curtain, now is taking it to the Taliban. In this report from Joel News he describes how:

“I just go there. I find out where they live and show up at the doorstep. They ask what I come for, and I tell them about Jesus. We’ve become way too diplomatic and careful in our approach. Next week I hope to visit the Taliban again. They now say: ‘Anne, this is your second home.’

“One day I visited a large, notorious Qur’an school where 90 percent of the graduates immediately join the ranks of the Taliban and al-Qaeda. A war factory of human weapons, targeted to wage war against the infidels. I arrived at a square where hundreds of these students waited in line for military exercise. The head of the school and a minister of the government gave a short talk, and suddenly the microphone was handed to me: ‘Anne, it’s your turn.’

“I was surprised as I only came to visit. … I told them about Jesus. I believe every Christian should be able to speak about his faith in Jesus unprepared for at least 15 minutes. It would be pity to waste such an opportunity.

“After my talk, the leader of the Qur’an school, also a high official in the Taliban and government circles, came up to me and said: ‘Anne, would you please come back and tell us more about Jesus, also to our graduate class?’ I asked the leader how many guys he had in his final class, and he said 1,300. This is an amazing mission field.”

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  • This is wonderful mission work in Taliban.We will be praying for Anne and all her mission work.This is time God will change their mind and they accept Lord Jesus Christ as their personal saviour.I will pass this request to my prayer team also.They will pray for Taliban.

  • I remember when I got to see Brother Andrew speak in person. He mentioned similar things but under much different circumstances. I think he may have been held captive. Stunned and perplexed, someone asked, “Weren’t you afraid?” Brother Andrew replied, “When you love someone they cease to be your enemy!”

  • Dear Jesus, in your wisdom please raise more warriors like Anne to pierce the darkness with your light and love among others like the Taliban. Create a hunger in their hearts for your word and ways.

    Thanx Dad for sharing.

  • uhm, Uche… the last time I prayed that prayer, guess who God asked to be & do the thing I was praying about?


    be careful what you pray for 😉

  • I love Brother Andrew. I have read Secret Believers and am currently reading Light Force.

    Uche- My prayers echo yours. I also pray more would take up this prayer. Would we all pick up the battle that is raging, not one of flesh and blood, but one for the souls of those who do not yet know Christ. What better fight is there?

  • Just want to thank all of you for the great mission you accompling for the musulms and I promise to pray for you

  • Thanks to all of you who poured out your heart. I needed to read all of these, its a hard time in my life and everyone of your comments have encouraged me to press in, no matter what is happening to me. Thanks again to all of you.

  • hmm givin a talk to taliban for 15 mins about jesus, dude seriously the talibs know jesus christ better than you and they not only know about him they even revere him. they wear long robes like jesus and wear beard like jesus and also pray like jesus (prostration. None of you christians in today’s world can claim to be living like jesus or life according to jesus. all u christians say is we believe in jesus.. well muslims believe in jesus too but not as god or son of god. atleast read the quran and check about the birth of jesus son of mary in it. u may have given a talk in some afghan school which is not a madrassa that’s for sure, because every kid in madrassa knows about the abrahamic religion which is the true religion and islam fits perfectly to monotheism.

  • As I was falling asleep, I was praying tonight that the Taliban accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. I prayed and could almost connect with an Afghan person although I live in Colorado. I felt a warmth which I could not explain and it was good. I also had the image of the devil or satan, the big horns and everything, come to mind. This evil being was angry because he has a hold on the Taliban and does not want to lose it. However, with poeple like this mission worker who I just read about and the prayers of people like you and me, we can bring Jesus Christ to the Taliban. Please pray with me that this happens soon.

  • Wow! To have that kind of faith and the depth of love. I love what Chad said, Bro Andrew said,”When you love someone they cease to be your enemy.”

    I needed to hear that right now because I have hate for certain people here in the border region of Mexico. I know it is not holy or of God, and this just brings me to tears almost, knowing God wants that hatred to turn to love.

    Seth, thanks for posting this. I love Bro Andrew and have read several of his books. This is simply, “God”.

    Thanks, Chad, for sharing that quote. It’s burned in my brain now.

    peace and grace

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