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The Heavenly Man comes to Georgia

Today I’m going to go see Brother Yun, author of the 2003 book of the year, The Heavenly Man. He’s speaking at a nearby church here in Georgia. If you haven’t read the book, I recommend you do so – all things being equal, we need more evidence of the power of God here in America, not more ske…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes

Today I’m going to go see Brother Yun,
author of the 2003 book of the year, The
Heavenly Man
. He’s speaking at a
nearby church here in Georgia. If you
haven’t read the book, I recommend you do so – all things being equal, we need more evidence of the power of God here in America, not more skepticism. And hey – where else are you going to hear a Charismatic talking about the miracles of God in a large Baptist church in this day and age?

Yun’s testimony of God’s miraculous power is hard to discount. As one reviewer says, “It was as if I
was reading something from the Book of Acts. Unimagined miracles side by side
with heartbreaking hardship – happening daily half a world away.”

Inevitably he has attracted his share
of detractors, but co-writer Paul
is known for his careful research on the underground church in
China and has documented the many miracles the book describes. The evidence is credible – I believe it. Here’s a summary of a few key scenes in the book from Tyler Ross:

In a time where anyone found with one
of the few Bibles in all of China would be publicly beaten and humiliated,
Brother Yun cried out to the Lord, prayed, and fasted on only a bowl of rice a
day, for one hundred days, for God to give him a Bible.

Miraculously, Brother Yun received his
precious Bible and immediately memorized entire chapters at a time. He then
devoted his time to the Lord and preached in secret
home churches, simply reciting Bible passages from memory. His on-lookers fell
to their knees and hundreds were brought to Christ.

Eventually the Public Security Bureau discovered the
clandestine church services and, at the age of 17,
Brother Yun was arrested for preaching the Gospel.

In the years to follow, Yun would be
beaten a countless number of times and followed constantly by the Public
Security Bureau. Though he had electric prods stuck inside his mouth, was
kicked on the ground for hours at a time with steel-toed boots, and was even
used as a dummy for martial arts training when he was incarcerated, Brother Yun
said, “The more pressure there was, the more fire and love there was to preach
the gospel.”

Further thoughts on the Heavenly Man tomorrow.

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  • aaaahhhh man! I am soooo jealous! This truly was one of the best, most fire lighting books I’ve ever read! Can’t wait for your next blog!

  • I saw Brother Yun yesterday at Black Shear Place Baptist Church. His story is something everyone should listen to, or read his book. I don’t know how he lived through all that he did! His story will inspire anyone that hears or reads about it. I know he is the Heavenly man for sure.

  • Awe, I can’t believe I missed that. That book was a huge faith builder for me. I’m looking forward to reading your blog.

  • I finished reading this book about a month ago and it is amazing. Such an inspiration and testimony that the Holy Spirit is alive and well!

  • i love his book so much it became one of m favorite how i wish he will also visit the philippines

  • I read the book and here are my thoughts

    GOD does not condone violence, and vioence and suffering are not the instruments HE would choose to bring us closer to HIM. Violence and suffering exist today, because of us turning our backs to GOD. If and when we are faced with violence, torture or worse and in the darkest moments of our existence, Christian would reach out to GOD, asking him to sustain us through these evil moments.. but to ask us NOT to pray for the stop of persecution of Chinese House groups according to the book.. is that right? Or asking GOD for stronger backs to endure more torture? GOD is the GOD of peace not GOD of violence.. that was not his Plan.. Let’s go back to basics.. in the Garden of Eden there WAS NOT VIOLENCE, GOD did not create violence so that we could be with HIM. Unfortunately, violence and torture exist and we should pray as Christian for a cessation for these horrible events.

    In the book, it states we want to pull down major religious houses, the unintended consquences would be religious war. Evangelist should provide the good new of the Gospel. GOD has given us free will.. It is that free will humanity could exercise..

    May I ask you as followers of Christ, question what is placed before you.. question again in your prayers.

    I do not doubt Brother Yun’s zeal and steadfast in his discipleship. I do not doubt for one moment his faith and conviction.. But I question that the validity of what he is preaching – radical & millitant evangelism.

    Is that what we want in an enlighted Christian World. Above all. is that what God want?

  • Dear sister in Christ, could I say something here- think what the pharasies did to Jesus ? What did they do to the Jews …..God sent the Angel of Death through the city and killed everyone who did not have blood of the lamb on their door ? God will do what he needs to do in order to save HIS CHILDREN. God knew brothers Yun desire to serve HIm- he was created to be a WITNESS!

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