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The Long View

“Let this be written for a future generation, that a people not yet created may praise the Lord.”        Ps.102:18   In light of this verse, here are a few questions to meditate on: What are we doing to ensure that after we are dead and buried the …
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes

“Let this be written for a future generation, that a people not yet created may praise the Lord.”        Ps.102:18


In light of this verse, here are a few questions to meditate on:

What are we doing to ensure that after we are dead and buried the Kingdom of God continues to advance?

What slow-growing apple seeds are we planting that may one day be someone’s orchard?

Have we made provision for a generation not yet created?

Maybe it’s something as simple as asking people questions like these. I wrote them in my journal nine years ago while working in Africa. I’d love to know your thoughts.



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  • It is for this that we were made. Every interaction should be measured against this goal. Children are one of our greatest seeds and watching them grow into mature Christian adults our greatest joy. Mine is currently in Africa serving with Adventures in Missions.

  • As we all know, here in the USA, the number of us (per capita) who call out to Jesus is decreasing year after year. At times, this race is discouraging and seems impossible.

    Yet in this “impossibility”, I am encouraged by those who are dissatisfied, the malcontents, and those tired and weary of “church”, as I see them stepping up to the plate to say “here I am” to reach out to the hopeless around the world.

    I am pouring my life into this generation in hopes that springs of new water and hope are coming, that they will pass on a torch much brighter than mine.

    “Jesus, we need you now more than ever…”

  • Love the verse you opened with. Since this was our first full day back in Mozambique, your questions caught my attention. Thanks for prompting my spirit with them.

  • Thanks for the insightful question.I made up my mind few years ago to train believers to reach out and make disciples.

    • Seth,

      This a reminder of the bigger picture and takes me back to last august when I wrote a statement at project light on my life’s calling.

      “To build an organization that initiates men into true manhood.”

      It was something that flowed out of me in a supernatural way. I read it out loud with out thinking. The immense weight of responsibility that comes with this statement hit me like a ton of bricks. It made me intensely uncomfortable. I had dedicated my life to God before, but now I had just dedicated it to something that will literally take a life time …. or more. It’s “a 100 year plan.”

      The audacity of it shocked me. Who am I to claim such a thing? I asked the question men have been asking since garden.

      “Do I have what it takes?”

      I’ve been learning what it means to be truly awake to the kingdom of God in me ever since. God began speaking more clearly since then. I think it’s because I recognized what God called me to and accept it. I know my role in the Kingdom and everything I am points to it.

      The only response to such a call comes from the lips of the perfecter of our faith.

      “Your Kingdom come, You will be done.”

      In the long view I see Men…

      I see a generation of Men serving the Kingdom of God and initiating other men that men not yet created might praise the Lord.

  • Amen! A thrilling vision, Bryan. Part of my plan is helping you, just as I seek to help Andrew and he seeks to help you as well.

  • Thank you for asking this question. We are always so focused on the now instead of affecting future generations. When we view our efforts as able to have a muc larger impact on so much more, we take every day so much more serious, yet we have the patience to look for and follow the Holy Spirit where He is building. Because what we make will surely fade away. But the work we do along the Holy Spirit will last. Thank you for that reminder and to have patience and wait on the Lord while we work diligently.

  • When I transitioned from Operation Mobilization to Adventures in Missions, I got some good advice from George Verwer, founder of OM. He said,

    “Distribute Christian literature, and you will double your ministry.”

    Wise advice. He’s right. I’ve seen it. We should always be prepared to give someone something to read (even if they aren’t literate, they’ll find someone who can read) as we interact with people all over the world. God’s word is “piercingly sharp”! (And still working long after we’re gone!) 1 Peter 5:13 “Always be ready…”

  • So many times when I’ve gazed upon various plaques, signs and slogans imploring us to ‘leave the world a better place’ I’ve wondered how many people are thinking things like ‘build a park’ or ‘clean-up a older neighbor’s yard’ or ‘coach little league’ or ‘teach math’. All these things are ‘good’ and I suppose thru them one can bring Kingdom, but it must start with that thought, that we are to be about bringing Kingdom first and the rest is just details.

    Thanks for the question, and thanks to the other commentators for the additional thoughts. I pray God uses us all better tomorrow than yesterday.

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