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What are you thankful for?

We have so much to be thankful for. I begin by thanking God for being in my life and for giving me family and friends like you. What a blessing many of you are to me. And from there, the list of things I’m thankful for stretches on and on.   I heard this on the radio this morning, “A n…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes
We have so much to be thankful for. I begin by thanking God for being in my life and for giving me family and friends like you. What a blessing many of you are to me. And from there, the list of things I’m thankful for stretches on and on.
I heard this on the radio this morning, “A new study shows that giving thanks is good for your body. The catch is you need to do it more often.”
So much of life is not about our circumstances. It’s about the attitude that we bring to them. In this Thanksgiving season, let me encourage you to bring your thanks to the Lord. If God has blessed you, I invite you to share it with the rest of us today. What are you thankful for?

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  • Here in Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving earlier in October. How wonderful to be reminded again by our friends to the south to ‘give thanks’. My list could be very long but when you asked what I am thankful for the first blessing that came to my mind was FORGIVENESS.
    What a costly gift.
    Blessings to you all

  • I’m thankful for a my heritage of faith.

    A 27 year marriage to my best friend where we lovingly encourage each other to grow in Christ.

    Three incredible children that have chosen excellent mates and are practicing family with joy and integrity.

    As a family I’m thankful that we all pursue God’s universal purpose but also our individual destiny in Christ.

    I also love my home, my memories of raising those precocious delicious children of ours. I’m thankful for the hope of many grandchildren 🙂

    I’m especially delighted in our grand daughter who is a little drama queen and we all love being her audience.

    My 5 sweet animals and their example of love and loyalty to our home.

    I’m thankful for my authentic and devoted friends.

    I’m thankful for the freedom to go to church and the church that we do attend.

    I’m thankful for my call to love and raise up the next generation.

    Those are just the highlights….. so much to be thankful for.

  • I am thankful for my Lord and Savior, sweet Jesus. I am grateful He makes all things new!! I am thankful for His presence in my Life and that He calls me into partnership with Him. I am thankful I am His beloved and He is mine!.

    I am thankful for my husband of 24 years, for what God is doing in and through us, together.

    I am thankful for our four children and the two older children’s spouses. How God has brought us all together and how He has bound our hearts together.

    I am so very grateful for my granbaby Titus.( I know this is part of my calling to be a grandmommy). I am thankful for the plans and the purposes God has for my children and grandchildren.

    I am thankful that God has brought together women who have the same heart to minister to other women through this blog!

    I am thankful for the prospect of my future and the things the Lord has whispered in my ears.

    I am so very thankful that there is always enough of whatever it is I need in Jesus.

    Happy day of giving thanks! May we live each day with a heart of gratitude.

  • Im thankful for a father who loves me and walks with me through trial&error into these peaceful times when life is joyful.

  • I’m thankful that God has brought me out of a emtpy and dead existence and into a life full of love and relationship with him.

    I’m thankful for my beautiful wife and the daughter that I haven’t even met yet. For God’s wonderful provision and for a church body that is more family than I ever thought possible. I’m thankful for my Pastors that continually challenge me to press in to God and not let the enemy steal, kill, or destroy the promises that God has given me.

  • I am thankful for Jesus and His tender love I am thankful for the hard times and trials and pain – for they have been the route to a deep intimacy with the Lord that I would not have come to any other way.

    I am thankful for the way God has used those times to work out His will – how He has brought together (through you, Seth) a group of women who care about helping other women heal and seeing God restore the purpose and destiny for which He created them. I am thankful for the many people God is bringing into my life that need His healing touch… for the opportunity to use my pain for good in someone else’s life…

    I am thankful for the heritage of a family who loves God – and I’m praying everyday that is being passed down to my sweet girls in all kinds of ways! I am thankful for a family who loves to laugh and have fun – we have 11 of us gathered here this year and already laughing up a storm – (and crying when we share stories from our beloved Africa!)…

    I’m thankful for old friends and new friends – and most of all, for the privilege of being part of God’s tribe…

    Richard Rohr makes a statement that “all that is needed is surrender and gratitude.” Thank God for being part of it all and allow it to happen… I think he’s got a good point. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • This morning I was reflecting on my life from my mid-twenties to my mid-thirties. I spent ten years trying to be someone/something I was not. I tried to be like so-and-so, tried to be a certain kind of leader, tried to be successful.

    It was truly a decade of desperation. I was desperate for God to bless me in seed-form, but seeds don’t grow and multiply unless they die. It didn’t take long for God to “make me,” it took him ten years to “break me.” Somehow that happened in my mid-thirties.

    Anyway, all that to say, I’m truly thankful for the dreams and aspirations that DIDN’T pan out along the way. I guess I’m thankful for my failures, because God had better things in mind. Thank you, God, for saving me and others from myself. Your kingdom is much better!

  • I am thankful for the reality that it is only when we “die” that we can bear “life”.

    Heaven is forever. Casual words and phrases mean nothing without sacrifice.

    I am thankful we have the honor of walking in the footsteps of Jesus.

  • I am thankful to call God “Father.” I am thankful that when my eyes close in physical death, they on opening will see the face of my Savior.

    I am thankful that I have eternal security, am heaven bound, and alive forever.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.


  • I am especially thankful for my husband and the way God is teaching us to seek His Kingdom first. I am thankful for the hearts of faith that I see growing in our children. And as Jodi stated, I am thankful “for the privilege to be part of God’s tribe”!

  • So thankful for my loving Father and Savior! I am very thankful for a God-loving husband who is an incredible spiritual leader for our family. I am thankful that all three of my kids are growing spiritually and they love God and people. Very thankful for the blessings we received from getting to know so many Swazi people. Thankful to God for redeeming my health. Thankful for wonderful Christian friends. Thankful that all of our parents are in good health. I am thankful that my husband has a stable job and God continues to be our Jehovah-Jirah! I am thankful for how God continues to transform us!

  • Pat and I are thankful for our daughter Katie, and the message of hope and salvation in Jesus that she carries today in India’s capital.
    We are thankful for our daughter Kim, and for the work in which she assists– worldwide distribution of OCC gift shoeboxes, through the Samaritan’s Purse here in Boone.
    We are thankful for our son Micah and for the beneficent generosity the Lord has shown him in his sojourn on this earth.
    Pat and I are thankful for each other, and for all our friends and family.
    We are thankful for the myriads of opportunities afforded to us and ours by our Lord Jesus, including the opportunity given to Katie through Adventures in Missions.
    Happy Thanksgiving, to you, Seth, and to your family and your widespread flock.

  • For my wife Janmarie and sons Noah and Samuel. For people like Seth, Jeff Goins and Scott Molgard that see your heart for Kingdom and encourage it. For forgiveness and an eternal perspective. For love.

  • Good day to all,

    My heart is filled with an immense gratitude right now by the BLESSED GIFT of the HOLY SPIRIT entering or better stated; Menoing/abiding in and with me. Living in my heart, soul, and spirit to teach me and bring ALL THINGS TO MY REMEMBRANCE . This is truly an AMAZING GRACE and OH HOW SWEET IT IS !!!!



    THANK YOU with all my heart, soul, body, strength , and mind/spirit for your AMAZING LOVE to all of us, THANK YOU for THE GREATEST LOVE of my life, the SON which has taught me and still is daily teaching me that TRUE STRENGTH IS to let go and LET GOD/YOU deal with all my blessings, concerns, hurts, pains, fears, trials and tribulations in life, ahem…. YOU KNOW dear DADDY, it is the Storms in our lives that at times if we don’t stay FOCUSED in and with you can get clouded by many distractions…

    Thank you for your MERCY, THY TRUTH which has and continues to SET ME FREE! I LOVE YOU AND ADORE YOU and gosh, I LONG TO BE LIKE YOU! I know while in the flesh this in not possible but as long as THY SPIRIT LIVES W/in me I sure can strive to grow daily to die to the old me and grow with the NEW MAN / THE CHRIST that meno’s /abides in me daily by the beautiful HOLY SPIRIT!

    Daddy, you are the COOLEST EVER it is true!!! Please forgive me for the manifold short comings that I have in this earthen vessel, I hate it!! So, many weaknesses, some addictions, stupid thoughts, or lack of discipline at times, distractions etc… I do get it when Paul says,

    What I would do I would not and what I hate/abhor that is what I do, or end up doing … Ooh re-chad man that I am who shall save me from the bonds of the flesh…. PRAISE BE TO JESUS CHRIST ( not the exact words brother Paul speaks of in the Gospel but the thought of what I express is,,,, you know Father) I ask that you PLEASE DADDY HELP MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS in CHRIST OUR LORD grow to bring you TRUE JOY, LOTS OF SMILES, and not pain …


    I know you know this and I shall forever unto eternity never be ashamed and will shout to all HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU AND DADDY~ YOU ARE MY HERO!!!
    I send the BIGGEST HEART HUGS EVER AND LONG TO HAVE YOU HOLD ME AND SIT ON THY LAP… I know this probably sounds silly but it is all I know and understand at the moment.

    Please help me to learn to love as you do all thy children and to forgive them too. You know all my trials Father EL and I put them all in thy hands for I have not done very good with many… I know you will do much better and sorry I took so long to give them to you. HELP US TO BE EVER KNOWLEDGABLE to give an account of the faith that lives with in us to the lost world… May we be a GOOD EXAMPLE as representatives of thy KINGDOM , being CHILDREN OF LIGHT and LOVE, May we never bring disgrace to you… I thank you then , now, and what is yet to be ( ahem, I know it is thy timing and some things we may have to wait for and to always trust in thee and thy PERFECT WILL, not ours or mans ) , as well, I ask these many request boldly and yet humbly in the BLESSED NAME of CHRIST JESUS OUR LORD AND KING… Thank you DADDY

    PS… I give thanks for my lessons in life, my beautiful family , children, grand children, friends , brother and sisters in CHRIST JESUS ( those of yesterday, now and yet to come into the sheep fold ), for all thy cool animals , my pets ~ thank you so much , for your beautiful imagination and the wonderful colors and creation of earth and ohhh how I love the sunsets too ! Thank you for my gifts that you’ve given to me and may I learn how to use them better and help others as thy will be done,Thank you for the new job or business I will have , the house I can call home that I can bring my children and grandchildren to in order to visit and spend the night w/ me . Thank you for my new understanding, love, and appreciation of all my family and friends, as well my family and friends understanding of me too .

    Abba Father, thank you for loving me, for life through Jesus, for given me the understanding and daily teaching me and all our family through thy glorious HOLY SPIRIT!!! YOU are the BEST , YOU ROCK DADDY!

    May we give or bring you many, many , more smiles and laughter, with joy then frowns or pains of disappointments. I pray you are having a most excellent day!

    Your daughter Patti

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