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What God Wants Men to Do

A lot of men are confused these days. We live in confusing times. We want to know, “Who am I and what should I do?”   Here is what God said to Adam and what he’s saying to all his sons.   God’s mandate to men   Genesis 1:28   First, God blessed them – His message i…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes
A lot of men are confused these days. We live in confusing times. We want to know, “Who am I and what should I do?”
Here is what God said to Adam and what he’s saying to all his sons.
God’s mandate to men   Genesis 1:28  

First, God blessed them – His message is, “You are loved. You’re my child. Live that way.” Then, he said, “Here is your assignment on earth” listing these five tasks:

  1. Be fruitful – plant, nurture, harvest
  2. Increase in number – procreate, put godly DNA in humanity
  3. Fill the earth – take territory from the enemy & spread Kingdom
  4. Subdue it – fight the enemy & put the earth under God’s authority
  5. Rule over it – steward creation with godly governance

We may be confused, but our Creator God is not. We would do well to start here at the very beginning of God’s message to man and focus on this five-fold mandate. Take a few minutes to meditate on this and compare God’s word with your own confusing thoughts. I’ve found the clarity it brings to be startling.

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  • Seth, definitely a need to set up sign posts for men of all ages to be guided by. The culture of modern day is so blinded and confused that sad to say most of us men have found ourselves in the midst of a deep and thick fog that brings about passivity, confusion and identity issues. Its time to raise the standards and set the posts that will bring light to men of all ages. We do have an identity to walk in, and we have a mission to fulfill. Thanks for leading the way may we have many who turn around and follow the One who is the only way!

  • That’s it…”The Meaning of Life” in a nutshell:. Reproduce and replicate ourselves in the natural and spiritual.

  • Seth, thanks for the reminder. There is truth and so much nuance with the Biblical mandate “stakes in the ground” it would be a good discussion thread during one of your iconic “Man Hikes.” I will speak about a danger. During my days as a VP for Pat Robertson @ CBN and Regent University I encountered a small but fast growing theological aberration titled “Dominion Theology.” There were 3-4 faculty members who were “Pied Pipers” for graduate school students who in the extreme adaptations were not using any birth control, felt that environmental concerns were misplaced for the most part because Christians had the “right” to slash, burn, drill or exercise “dominion” over God’s creation. Many of the operative metaphors were militaristic like “attacking the culture, penetrating ungodly strongholds, etc.” Given my current concerns about religiously managed white male patriarchy I’m a little careful about these discussions. I will say that if “man” (humankind) was created in the image of God that means we look for the “feminine” too. There is something to that being woven into what healthy, robust “maleness” under God looks like. Being wild at heart but unleashed in other more subtle mysteries isn’t enough. But you know that. In knowing you Seth 30+ years you have always had that positive tension in play of “conquer for the Kingdom of forever” yet with the tender mercies so vital to woo hearts to Jesus. Much love amigo. Todah.

  • Good encouragement, Dave. Yes – we need to share these principles with men in increasing numbers – setting them free to function as God designed them.

  • Yes, Butch, good fodder for a manhike talk. Maybe in the spring? Certainly a tension to be managed. I just see so many men abdicating their responsibilities altogether and leaving chaos in their wake. The first job I give them when I seek to call them to walk as men of God is to repent to the women in their lives for all the ways that they have failed to make their homes safe places.

  • Agreed. That male dynamic and, at the risk of it being misunderstood, a very strong trend for some mom’s wanting or needing to have home, careers, many female friends, etc. makes for a frothy mix. No man or woman can “have it all.” Things give. There is a place for “shared culpability” as you know. There are spiritual diseases abundant and abounding across chromosomal configurations. But like we say in Twelve Step meetings…”Let it begin with me.” Peace. Let’s try again to connect.

  • Clarifying, calming, centering… thank you, Seth…. it is a good word for my heart…from the very beginning He has given us a mandate that we CAN fulfill in relationship with Him… so that I CAN move forward and not be overwhelmed by the enormity of adversity before us.

    • Yes – given the drumbeat of culture, I’ve been thinking about this need to center on essentials, to establish well the foundations. If we are ever to disciple young people, it must start there in identity space.

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