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What price do you put on your dreams?

What price do you put on your dreams? What are they worth? Are they worth your life?   Dr. Richard Kowalske died over the weekend pursuing his. A successful Gainesville chiropractor, Dr. Kowalske, had a dream that God gave him and sold everything to pursue it. Here’s the story in his own…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes
What price do you put on your dreams? What are they worth? Are they worth your life?
Dr. Richard Kowalske died over the weekend pursuing his. A successful Gainesville chiropractor, Dr. Kowalske, had a dream that God gave him and sold everything to pursue it. Here’s the story in his own words:
As I was falling asleep on the night of August 15, 2002, in my mind I was seeing the possibilities of a camp property, and how it could be used so effectively in God’s ministry for the youth of Bolivia, which in time, could affect the whole country of Bolivia. How awesome it would be if I could use all the talents and skills God had given me to be a part of that vision!!

During the night, God showed me what I needed to do to become a part of that vision. I dreamed about the rich man described by Matthew in the Bible. He was a good man, following all of God’s commandments, and asked Jesus, “What do I still lack?” Jesus told him to sell his possessions, give to the poor, and follow Him. The young man went away sorrowful because he had great possessions. He was unwilling to give all to follow Jesus. In my dream, I saw Jesus looking at me…He did not speak, but pointed to me as if asking, “Will you give all to follow me?” I then saw the camp as it could be….dormitories, filled with children from all over Bolivia; sports fields; a modern kitchen; a chapel; auditorium, for presentation of the evangelistic programs; and nearby, missionary housing.

On the morning of August 16, I woke up with a new plan and purpose. I knew my life would never be the same.

Before we left Bolivia, we had made the commitment to sell everything and follow Jesus. Our first work was to be the ministry in Bolivia – to build missionary housing, to help establish a permanent camp facility to reach the youth of Bolivia for Jesus Christ, and to establish our medical ministry as an avenue to bring people to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We knew God would lead us where He wanted us. Our part would be to step out in faith.

Helping Hands Foreign Missions was formed to support this ministry. With outstretched hands, we want to go into all the world, using our skills to help Christian missionaries in any country where we are needed.
Dr. Kowalske shared an office in Gainesville with AIM. This month, on one of his mission trips, he contracted cerebral malaria. It was too late to do anything about it when he checked into the local hospital. And while we grieve with his wife and family, we can’t help but be inspired by his heroic life and the price that he put on the dream God gave him.
May we be as courageous as Dr. Kowalske in the pursuit of the dreams God gives us.

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  • St. Mark of the Cross

    we weep with his family & you his God family…wow Sorry Seth & all…hurts…Love, Mark & All Romans 8:28…yeah I know but it is not a cliche’ with me..

  • It was such a great honor to work with Richard this summer and see his dream as a reality. You could see his love for Bolivia and most importantly for God. You could also see how much the people of Palabra De Vida (the camp he helped start) loved him.

    I got the privilege to translate as he shared the passions God had placed on his heart. He went to Uganda in faith believing that God will fulfill that dream. And I believe God will just as you read in Hebrews 11.

    In verse 39 it says that the people of the verses before never saw what was promised to them. But, God did do as He promised. Abraham did become the father of nations yet he never saw it on this side of heaven.

    My prayers go out to all those effected by his loss.

  • I met him and his wife in Haiti in March. They and their team stayed at Pastor Jean Claude’s house the week I was there with AIM. This is a terrible loss for all the people he served and my prayers are with his wife and everyone who knew him.

  • Ma. Gay R. Maruyama

    This is my dream…to be able to do something for others before I die! This story of Dr.Kowalske so inspired me!
    Thanks Seth for posting his story, Iknow there a lots of people out there who needs inspiration like this!

  • Before I read the post, my gut response was, “dreams are priceless” and they are…but they can also be costly.

    I catch a glimpse of the persona and spirit of this gentleman, and am inspired, and challenged. To dream more, do more, live more and make a difference right where I am and listen intently for God’s call.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for sharing, as Kathy said above, a glimpse of the spirit and character of this man. Condolences to all who knew and loved him and may his life continue to inspire even now.

  • Thanks Seth for another inspiring story of service and radical commitment. I find the people with whom I am most close already seem to have an eager foot in heaven.

  • I think it’s very interesting that it is now Aug 16th – 8 years later from his dream. I pray God uses his story to birth many more dreams – bringing life from death.

  • “Oh God, I ask that you would use this tragedy to cause a fire in the hearts of the dreamers here who are reading this blog. Holy Spirit, please come and fan the flame of the dreams that God has given me and others…”

    To Richard’s family: I am so sorry for your loss. May Jesus hold you close in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

  • Dr. Richard Kowalske gave his life to God, and God gave him a vision. He stepped out in the vision and made it a reality. Helping Hands Ministries was birthed through Dr. Kowalske’s time, sacrifice, energy, and hard work. God bless his wife, Brenda; as she worked by Richard’s side to do God’s work. May God sustain her and provide all that she needs to continue helping God’s children through Helping Hands Ministries.

  • This article was wonderful to read. Hopefully it will inspire people. I am Dr. K sister I miss him extremely but knowing someday I will see him in Heaven is a great reward. He gave his all to Helping Hands Missions doing Gods work. I pray everyday that Brenda and all the others involved can carry out Dr. K dreams.I am praying for u Brenda that u will be able to keep Richards dream alive. I love u Rich

  • Gail, thanks for the comment. You are fortunate to have had him as your brother. What an inspiration his life is!

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