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What vision is guiding your life?

We so often fly the plane of our life at a low level, skimming along just above the ground, not really sure of where we’re headed, but seeing the blur of our days on earth as we rush by.   But we can’t live life that way – we need to be able to pull up to a normal flying altitude of say, 3…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes
We so often fly the plane of our life at a low level, skimming along just above the ground, not really sure of where we’re headed, but seeing the blur of our days on earth as we rush by.
But we can’t live life that way – we need to be able to pull up to a normal flying altitude of say, 35,000 feet, where we can see the big picture of our lives below. All of us were made with the plans of God to fulfill (Jer. 29:11) and a purpose to accomplish. God made us with specific gifts and tasks that require our using them in his service. If we don’t take the time to climb to a higher altitude periodically, taking stock of our lives and where we’re headed, we can find ourselves far off course.
For example, God has spoken to me about discipling a generation as Jesus did, radically and without props. He wants young people to have a chance to trust him and him alone for the important things in their lives. He wants a remnant to wake up to the enormous potential he’s given them to bring the kingdom of God around the world. He sees the way we’ve coddled our children in America and he wants them to be able to stand on their own two feet, confronting pain and bringing hope to the hopeless in the dark corners of the planet. And he’s spoken to me about linking arms with people like myself to embrace this vision – forming life-long covenants with them that give young people a few elders to lean on as they form their tribe.
So when I pull the plane of my life up to 35,000 feet, that’s what I see. God spoke to Andrew Shearman about raising up 100,000 trained leaders bringing the kingdom around the world, and I’m working toward that goal. Andrew often asks, “What will it take for you to die happy?” And I’d like to make it possible for him to die happy – that’s what lies ahead for me as I live out my years.
This morning, 160 young people are waking up over at the AIM base here in Georgia. Most of them will be going around the world for a year, learning to live as Jesus did, taking just a few changes of clothes, ministering to the poor, and jettisoning their narcissism along the way. It’s not the vision I see from a high altitude, but it’s not a bad start either.
We need a vision to guide our lives. It doesn’t have to be grandiose, but it should be something that we feel God gave us, that excites us, and that will enable us to die happy. There are widows and orphans around the world waiting for you to bring them hope. There is a world of pain waiting for you to start believing in the dream God has given you. There is a special reason that he’s given you such great gifts and the ability to hear his voice and seek his direction. Here are three steps to get you there:
1. Know your story – how has God led you so far?
2. Listen to your heart – what dreams could you commit to?
3. Find your team – few of us are lone rangers; you need a tribe to help you.
Let me encourage you to pull up to the high altitudes where you can see your life more clearly and chart a course that will give you stories of God’s grace amidst the risk and adventure of following him to tell your grandchildren one day. And if he gives you a dream that seems overwhelming, commit to it. If I can help you get there, I will.

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  • Thanks Seth for the reminder to aim high and far! I am praying that God reveals to me a dream that is too big for me to accomplish alone.

  • Thanks for the reminder that we all need to soar above the fray……and when we fly there the Father meets us and points us towards the vistas uniquely framed for each one of us.

  • Really appreciated the bit towards the end about everyone needing a vision. Your vision of discipleship is definitely Biblical: the Great Commission!

    America seems to be one of the few places so prosperous many of us have abundant time not being used on survival. This opens up many options for us to be champions for the untold millions who are waiting to see Jesus in the form of someone who truly cares.

    The idea of getting a big-picture perspective reminded me of yesterday:

    Last night – in the chilly air around a bonfire – a Christian man gave us young whipper-snappers a challenging message. He encouraged us to be always living our lives as those who have Hope: the hope of a meaningful eternity with the Lord. He reminded that for us, our Hope is not in the creation but rather in the Creator. We shouldn’t grieve like “the rest of men, who have no hope.” (1 Th 4:13)

    We were challenged to always put all our “light and momentary afflictions” into an eternal perspective, to keep the big picture in mind and be always ready to share with others the “reason for the Hope” we have. (1 Pe 3:15)

  • Seth….you are a amazing man of God and I love reading your blogs!
    I will be climbing to higher hights too return to America in less than 2 days. I will bring the dream thats been laid on my heart and would be more than happy to come and share it with you.

    Proverbs 11:14
    Where there is no wise guidance, the nation falls, but in the multitude of counselors there is victory.

  • Wow this is a really good reminder! Thank you! A vision to always put things in perspective.

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