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Where do place your trust?

It’s election day. It’s a day where a lot of people are putting far too much trust in our political system to solve our problems. Regardless of who wins, the new president probably is going to have a deficit next year that is north of a trillion dollars. He’ll still have Al Queda on one side, Ira…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes
It’s election day. It’s a day where a lot of people are putting far too much trust in our political system to solve our problems. Regardless of who wins, the new president probably is going to have a deficit next year that is north of a trillion dollars. He’ll still have Al Queda on one side, Iran on another, and an economy in shambles on still another.
In the last two elections, people put confidence in George Bush to solve our problems. He ran on a platform of lower taxes and lower deficits, yet as we vote in a new regime, here we are in a pickle.  And, bless his heart, George didn’t exercise the line item veto while growing the size of government every year.
Jesus didn’t come to bring a political solution.  That’s what his disciples wanted.  His answer of “rendering unto Cesar what is Cesar’s” was a terse political commentary.  “My kingdom is not of this world” is how he put it.  He was always talking about the kingdom, but not a kingdom that you could see.
So, it’s worth asking on this day in which the rusty gears of democracy grind to life, what do you trust in? If “it’s the economy, stupid,” then you may want to consider moving to China, where a 10% growth rate has been the norm over the last 30 years.  If it’s a conservative supreme court, then I ask you, what good has it done us with a more conservative court  since Justice Alito was voted in?
“Some men trust in horses, some men trust in chariots,” but as we enter the voting booth today, what do we really trust in?  Where do we get our hope?”
It’s 1:00 a.m. on election day as I write this, a day where our trust is called into question.  What better day to place our full trust in Jesus? He’s more trust-worthy than whatever else may capture your attention.

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  • This radio show is about what is truly at stake in this election, and what we are TRULY voting for. This election can change the mindset of the entire country and could have an effect for years to come. Most people don’t think of it in this way. It’s very surprising. And either way you decide, you will at least be aware and understand the unspoken implications. If you like what you hear, please pass the link on to others who you may think might like it.


  • Seth, You’ve once again hit the nail on the head. We are truly at an intersection with not only America at stake but the entire world will be effected by our actions today at the polls. It’s honestly a bit scary if we don’t have the Peace of God, and even with that Peace we are challenged to exercise it.

    America.. .Are you ready to exercise your faith?

  • I have what I think are well reasoned and pretty strong political opinions, but this election season God keeps bringing the Kingdom to my mind. It really doesn’t matter who wins today. I will still live in the Kingdom of God. And I want the Kingdom infinitely more than one candidate over the other.

  • I think it is a brave man who takes on leading America today, given all that is happening in global finance, the terror wars etc etc. I find the whole US election media circus a little bizarre and excessive from where I am standing, but then I am not an American. We do things differently here.

    I guess the one you want in there is the one that God chooses. That doesn’t mean they will be flawless, just that it is God who appoints authority ultimately – it really is His Kingdom. I have never yet met a politician I can trust further than I can spit, but God has an amazing way of working His will anyway. Your money says In God We Trust. Guess now is the time to test out if that’s more than words. Thinking of you today America!

  • Angi F. (WR Oct 08)

    Seth, there are 13 of us, quite literally half a world away, and we are spending some quality time in prayer. Just praying simply that God’s Will Be Done, today, and every day. We may not be in the US right now, but all of you there are in our hearts.

  • Amen. I am going to vote today because I believe in voting. People should be involved in the system which governs them. But there’s a big difference in voting for someone, and placing your faith wtih someone. I will be voting today for the people that I think have better ideas, but I will be placing my faith in Jesus. Because neither Obama or McCain can fix my problems, but Jesus can.

  • I never see this opinion expressed by other Christians. I completely agree with you. We have made Christianity a political cross that those without Christ greatly resent. Thank you.

  • Seth,

    Last night I had a dream. In my dream I was at a social gathering with friends. I turned around to notice that one of the presidential canidates, I will not mention his name, was behind me. I struck up a conversation with him and began asking him questions with reguards to the world affairs that press upon my heart like poverity, AIDs, orphans etc. With each question I would ask him his answer would come out sounding void of substance and like a cartoon character. He had no solutions only crazy gibberish. All morning I was confused about this dream. Was the Lord just confirming he is the wrong choice for president? After reading your blog today I realized that it is just that. Neither canidate can fix the worlds problems. Folks Jesus is the only answer!


  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for these wise words. I am more sick of the Christian pressure to vote one way or the other than I am of the political ads.

    God will still be in control tomorrow, no matter who wins today.

  • So… my son and I both voted today… for two different people. I encouraged him to vote; it is his right now that he is 18.

    My trust, hope, faith, belief is in the Lord; this is true; however, I fear the judgement coming to America! Righteous people still do suffer b/c of the sins and/or decisions of others.

    I’m letting the peace of Christ rule my heart just the same!

  • Amen. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, and I took some time last night to blog about it. I’m not an eloquent man by any means, and I probably come across as being too simple as well as not the least bit arrogant, but you can check it out at: http://www.trippwalton.blogspot.com.

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