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A couple of days ago I posted a blog that asked the question: After you return home from the World Race (or any life-changing mission trip), what do you do?  Without a plan, the default is to slide back into old habit patterns, inoculated to the pain you’ve seen.   So, this blog i…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes
A couple of days ago I posted a blog that asked the question: After you return home from the World Race (or any life-changing mission trip), what do you do?  Without a plan, the default is to slide back into old habit patterns, inoculated to the pain you’ve seen.
So, this blog is an attempt to begin answering the question.  I’d love to get your ideas for how we can improve upon this – make it an open source effort.  We need to get some more links.  Please contact me with your ideas and I’ll add them to this. At some point soon we’ll spin it off into its own site.
Alumni businesses & ministries
Gear on the WR
Resource exchange (for returning racers giving or selling stuff to future racers)

Post-Race Community
Reunions:  Ignition training / BreakThru Conference (October 17-26, Gainesville)
Community blogs

  • Gainesville
  • CO Springs
  • Phoenix
  • Possibilities: Charlotte
Activities & Ideas
  1. Sign up to interview WR candidates in your area.
  2. Form a local WR alumni chapter
  3. Come staff a training camp in GA
  4. Sign up to help launch a new WR team, traveling with it for 3 months
  5. Form a traveling team and visit churches that have followed the WR to give testimonies
  6. Sign up to adopt a new WR squad and help counsel and encourage its members
  7. Join a regional community, like the ones in GA, CO, MI & AZ
  8. Help build this blog into a community web site posting events and news
    (Email me for more info on any of these

Debriefing Resources
Finding Your Call

Barnes blogs on reaching your destiny


AIM project leadership

Coaches’ blogs
Alumni blogs (still current)
WR alumni count (numbers still being checked)
In full-time ministry – 24
Volunteering – 25
In school – 21
Doing other stuff – 51
Total alumni – 121
(Another 110 currently on field still)
Coffee lovers
James Spano (see Cup to Cup Coffee) started a high quality coffee business in Savannah.  He is open to taking on apprentices and makes this offer: ” come over here to Savannah and spend time with
me. I’d have somewhere for you to stay (probably in a spare room I hope to one
day have) and give you what information you want or need in exchange for
helping me at the shop.”

Online colleges
Squad blog sites

2007 squads    

2008 squads

(If you don’t have the passwords please email home office.

Comments (7)

  • EXCELLENT! Love the stats!

    Seth, none of this could not be possible if it were not for your excellent leadership and God-sized vision! BLESS YOU!

  • tried to think through this a little bit …

    it seems to me that the WR is one big family in lots of ways. similar visions, similar heartbeats, same heroes, similar journeys, etc. etc.

    but beyond shared similar experiences, for the most part we have not connected from squad to squad. Take my Race for example …. We met several of the original Racers, obviously connected with our own squads plus C squad … and then had a very brief interaction with the D squad. Past that … the connections end (except for several individuals that i’ve met through blogs or email).

    I believe so much in this “generation fully alive” stuff …. and i know that squad by squad and individual by individual, others are believing in it too.

    In my HEART, i know that there are 200+ (and counting!) alums out there somewhere … and whether I’ve actually met them or not, i know that i support them and love them. And I know what they’ve experienced (both before, during and after) … but in all REALITY … I don’t know these people at all. i don’t know WHO they are or WHERE they are or WHAT they’re doing.

    I know it’s the spirit of the vision that keeps it alive, but sometimes I wish real life connections were more possible. Almost a NETWORK of sorts. How do we keep WRs connected to each other and the vision? Because if someone finished up the race today and moved to Texas (which is where I am currently), I probably wouldn’t even know about it. And if they needed someone to talk to, i would love to be that for them, but they don’t know me and i don’t know them.

    Aside from keeping up with 200+ blogs (which by the way, i have no idea how you do) or Facebook pages …. how do you connect this generation? How do you know about all the ministries and businesses and needs of our fellow family members?

    How do we facilitate this “generation” encouraging one another and supporting one another? It’s much like your covenant question … how do we do this whole thing over long distance? Obviously it takes effort on the individual level, but how do we help that process along? Gosh … after typing all of that, i’m realizing how hard it has been for even our small team to connect over these past 9 months. ugh.

    ok … so really i’m no help at all ….. i’m just adding more questions to the mix. sorry??? 🙂 Glad to see that AIM is thinking similar thoughts.

    blessings and love. (and sorry so long … i tend to ramble. 🙂 thanks!

  • wow, Michelle. love the thinking here. you’re in tune w/ what i’ve been pondering. I’ll email you directly w/ my thoughts. we’ve got a data base and some ideas. initially, let me encourage any others like Michelle to get in touch with us. we need to start a WR alumni network.

  • Hi Seth! I love this idea!!! I especially like the idea of having a site for regional communities. I could see that being a great resource for Charlotte and the surrounding areas. Gracias.

  • I love this! I love the ideas of keeping connected and making community. Michelle has done a great job of getting A and B squads back together and connected through an amazing long e-mail chain. All I know is that I miss everyone!


  • This blog = goodness.

    I’ll put it out there that I am down to be a Charlotte area alumni contact. Whether that means interviewing possible future racers, hosting prep/post/reparties, having speakers come and doing retreat/refresh/refocus weekends…lets do it.

    Also another idea…phone tree – each alumni gets a name/number once a week to pray for/call/check-up on…mix squads for more connections…


  • Gary from Border River Christian Book and Gift Shoppe

    It looks to me like everyone is having fun! Good for you.

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