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Yes, God Still Does Healing Miracles – Here’s One

If you have gone through a dry season lately – a time where you haven’t seen God, then you need to hear the story of Dave and Chris Carlson and God’s amazing power to heal even the worst of diseases. Their story is remarkable.  One of the highlights of my past year with Global U…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes

If you have gone through a dry season lately – a time where you haven’t seen God, then you need to hear the story of Dave and Chris Carlson and God’s amazing power to heal even the worst of diseases. Their story is remarkable. 

One of the highlights of my past year with Global U has been to work with the Carlsons. They volunteered to help mentor and coach our 19 students. To do that, they met our class, first in Spain, then Thailand, Nicaragua and Georgia.

Chris describes the pain she felt for 15 years: 

“Out of nowhere I just had this lightning bolt of piercing, burning pain.  It was the most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt in my life. It came into the upper part of my left cheek and pierced straight through my face.”  
Chris was 25 when she started having the attacks. At first they lasted a few seconds, but every day they returned, more painful, and more often.  

The faintest touch on her face would trigger an episode.  The pain became so debilitating, she had to leave her job as an engineer and isolate herself from friends. 

Doctors discovered Chris had a rare, chronic pain condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia.  It’s also known as the Suicide Disease.  “Because people just can’t get out of the pain.  And so they will eventually take their own life.”

So, year after year, Chris endured the pain. Doctors treated her with medications, injections, and surgeries, but they provided only temporary relief.  

Finally, with all her options exhausted, Chris asked God to help her cope with the pain.

In August 2012, Dave encouraged her to attend a healing service hosted by a local pastor, Tim McCarthy and a volunteer, Marlene Klepees. 

“She puts her hand on my face and says just a simple prayer.  She’s getting very bouncy and joyous and she’s like, ‘Oh, I didn’t expect that. There it is!’  

Chris began to feel heat in the back of her neck. Up to that point she hadn’t believed in a God who still heals, so she didn’t know what to think. All she wanted to do was get out of there as fast as possible.

As Chris and Dave headed home, a tingling sensation spread throughout the left side of Chris’ face. It felt like something was melting and dripping on the inside of her skull.

“For 25 minutes I had that. And then it stopped; I had no pain!  We were both just confused. Where’s the pain?  It had been 15 years! It was gone.”

Chris was in awe of what God had done. “In that moment I was quiet. The pain was gone!”

Chris and Dave say the miracle made them reevaluate their priorities. When you have just been touched by the healing power of almighty God, everything changes. For years, she was her pain. That was her identity. Similarly, for all that time, Dave was her caretaker. Now everything that had been wrapped up in survival was freed up. Who would they be now? 

Both Dave and Chris had been successful, fast-rising engineers with GM. What would they do? They prayed and felt God calling them to quit their jobs. It was scary, but also thrilling. They left GM and sold their belongings. Today they travel as missionaries and spread the word about God’s healing power. 

“Because He’s absolutely incredible – that I could go from being so sick, to this. It’s just amazing and we have the most blessed life,” said Chris.

What made Chris’ healing even more personal for me is that I know the guy whose church she went to for prayer. The guy who led the healing service is the father of my college buddy, Kevin McCarthy!
This kind of story is a fresh reminder of how much Jesus loves each of us and is working through us to bring healing to the nations. 
So many of us need healing of different kinds in this season of sheltering. Physical healing and relational healing. The divorce rate is up 30% in Wuhan. Marriages have been under strain. Child abuse has hid behind closed doors. People are hurting.
What do you need healing from? God wants to heal us of our afflictions – why not reach out to him today and ask him to touch you?
For more about their story, read this CBN article

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  • Hi! Long time. I needed to read this. My wife and I are separated and she’s wanting to get divorced, but that’s not what I hear God saying. I’m confused on how we got here at times. It hurts, especially only able to see my daughter for a limited time each week. I’m hurting because of that, plus a month or so ago I fell and hurt my hip to where I am still dealing with the pain. My two random jobs I have probably aren’t helping it heal. Either way I am unsure how to get the healing needed. Just trying to improve myself one day at a time. I need a way to make money that gives me time flexibility as well so I can see my daughter more and maybe better heal my marriage. Thanks for the reminder that all things are possible though. Love ya!

  • Michael L Headley

    BEAUTIFUL ON STEROIDS!!! Simple prayer, profound results! Jesus is so wonderful. Thanks for sharing buddy.

  • Chris and Dave are beautiful people and God’s powerful miracle of healing through them….AMAZING!

  • How encouraging. It’s easy to forget he still heals when the chaos seems louder every day. This is such a good reminder that he’s able and he’s willing. I’m desperate for his healing.

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