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A Sunday prayer for those fighting for life

Last Sunday I put out a prayer request for Lambert and Cody, both of whom are waging a desperate battle for life.  In the face of discouraging odds, they are choosing to look to their God and creator.  Today I got news that Lambert was released from the hospital; so, thanks for your pra…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes
Last Sunday I put out a prayer request for Lambert and Cody, both of whom are waging a desperate battle for life.  In the face of discouraging odds, they are choosing to look to their God and creator.  Today I got news that Lambert was released from the hospital; so, thanks for your prayers.
Too often as we struggle, we can feel isolated.  A lot of you who read this blog are wonderful prayer warriors.  I encouraged others of you with friends and family members needing prayer to list them in the comment section. Because many of you responded, I want to ask for your prayers again this Sunday.
So, here below are their names for prayer.  If any of you would like to add a friend or family member to the list, feel free to do so.  If you want to, please feel free to add where they are from and what their illness is.  All I ask is that you periodically update us (on a Sunday) about how the person is doing. In praying to our God for healing in Jesus’ name, we today are the body of Christ doing what only it can do.
Mr. Palmer



Suzi Thornton
Jodi Esquivel
Heath Sammons
Kim Anderson

Anthony Negrin
Elizabeth (lung mass)

Gloria (two brain tumors, lung mass)
Mark (inoperable bowel cancer, age 44, 3 young kids)

Bob (inoperable brain tumor, been given weeks at the most)
Jim Benson (& Kay), Jacksonville, FL

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    Miss Lilly was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma when she was 4 months old. Lilly was born with a tumor on her chest and was mis-diagnosed for 4 months .lilly is the 4th infant to ever have Ewing’s sarcoma and the only living survivor. She has had 4 surgeries and 13 rounds of chemo in her short 10 months of life already. Lilly and her parents are living between the Los Angeles children’s hospital and the Ronald McDonald house. They have lost everything to fight for their Lilly. Jobs, home, belongings, pets everything. Lilly fights to live everyday and smiles threw it all. You would never guess the battle she has been faced with by looking at her beautiful smile. She has one more round of chemo before they do her scans and re evaluate . When this happens the Bumpus family will be free to go home. But will have no home. Please help us give this family a place to call their own. Lilly has lived in a hospital since she was born and deserves a home to call her own.

  • Thank you for praying! My friends JoAnne & Helen already on the list, both are from Metro Detroit area, Michigan. JoAnne: pancreatic cancer which has spread to liver, given a few months. Helen: stage 3 multiple myeloma and renal & heart failure, given 2 weeks to 3 months…is in extreme physical pain.

  • I would ask for prayer for my friends Mark,Everett,myself, and Corinne.All wrestle with emotional issues due to sexual abuse.

  • Father, hear our prayers and heal you children. Give them strength for another day and hope for tomorrow. We know you wait with arms stretched wide for those whom are ready to recieve your warm embrace. Help us to love them well and help them to finish their race without regret.

  • Please pray for my son Ryan. He suffers from the disease of addiction. He is making good progress and with Gods guidance he will continue to heal.

  • God gave my father those last minutes of breath my father “Hector Duran” talked to me last night around 10:30 p.m. ten minutes went by after I said my goodbyes with my dad that he passed away to live with LORD.

    When my father was laying down on his bed he started to pray for everybody that was in front of him and that he prayed these words:

    “Lord please be merciful to all my sons even though some aren’t here and daughters and to my wife.” after that he started to sing a worship song something that my father had never done in his hole life and than when he closed his eyes he had the most beautiful smile on his face for two minutes and than he passed away.

    Praise,praise,praise God thru His Son Jesus Crist.

  • Oscar, That is such a beautiful story… I am sitting here crying big “our God is so amazing” tears before 7am! Thanks for sharing this story of your Dad’s death to this world. I’ll be praying for you and your family for the days that the emotions of missing him are overwhelming and will be prasing Jesus with you for where he is now!

  • Please pray for my brother Jay. He isn’t doing well after returning from the mission field. He is fighting depression and we have no way of helping him other than prayer.

  • My Brother Premchand has Brain Tumour, collapsed lungs and has only months to live – please pray for him that he accepts Jesus into his life and all his cancer illnesses are cured so that God can use him to help others…

  • one of my sons has changed his attitude to his brothers and sister he thinks they hate him its not true his partner had a baby and she has changed too we dont understand why pl pray we all will be happy soon also my daughter and another son has stomach problems doctors cant find any reason or cure please pray they will be cured.thank you Lord Amen

  • Please pray for Sarah Evans~ She is a young wife and mom of 2 small children. She is battling stage 4 cancer. She is in a lot of pain, and struggles everyday.

  • Please pray for Margaret Julius who has suffered a stroke and is paralysed an her condition is deteriorating rapidly.

  • Please pray for my beautiful friend Mary-Claire. She slipped and banged her head last Tuesday night and is now fighting for her life. She has two young daughters who need her very much! She is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. Her smile can light a room. Please pray for her. Thank you God bless

  • Please pray for my friend Mitchell Cody. He’s a 19 year old college student who attends to Universtiy Of Kentucky. He’s a great human being, with a strong heart and a smile that could brighten up the world. He has many friends, and loved by many family members. Saturday morning he was in an accident. He had fallen from two stories and fractured his skull and now is currently in a coma dealing with brain injuries. He had brain surgery but with the swelling of his brain, they are unable to put his skull back on and it may take up to 6 weeks to 6 months. They plan to maybe wake him this weekend at sometime. If we could just say a prayer, and pray that he has a quick recovery and comes out of this being the Mitchell we all love and know.

  • Prayers are requested for my son’s best friend Chris. He’s only 31 and his kidneys and liver are failing. He is being given dialysis treatments, but has just been put on the transplant list for a liver. He is in the ICU at UCLA and is in grave condition, unable to speak, and fighting for his life. He needs all the prayers he can get. We love you Chris. God is so good!

  • urgently pray for my brother peter, 37 yrs, he is fighting for his life in india,was diagonised with stomach cancer in january 2017, went to India BTWN FEB AND JUNE 2017,He flew back to india again on friday 18/08/2018, doctors said yesterday they have given up,pray for his wife. 5yr old daughter and us family members and most important, peters healing.

  • Sister Maria Isabel Arnaiz, OSF

    I was so moved to the posts..
    I thank God i found this site.
    Pls pray for Guy, he has a heart failure, may he experience God’s healing power.
    Let us also include Giselle, terminally ill with leukemia, given a month. She is just 1 years old.

  • Please pray for strength and immediate recovery of my dear friend’s family driver “Alberto Angeles” who is now in the hospital fighting for his life because of acute pancreatitis. He is the only breadwinner for his 2daughters. Dear Lord Jesus please heal him. Amen.. Thank you so much for your prayers.

  • Please pray for Albert Mason my husbands father who has suffered for a year and a half in hospital went in with a kidney infection then had a major heart attack in the hospital and later ended up with 3 infections that led to toxic shock he came through each issue but never came through well enough to be at home …..we are constantly fighting with our prayers to get him better..please pray for him too …and also his wife who has a daughter fighting stage 4 leukemia ….thank you …..God bless x

  • Please pray for my friend. She was a pedestrian that was hit by a car. She is now in ICU fighting for her life. Doctors have done all the can do, So now it is up to her. She has 3 young children waiting for her to come home. Her name is Carman Riley from Lawton, ok

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